Putain defoncee par des internautes en parking

Putain defoncee par des internautes en parking
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Me, Beth and Kayleen took a breather to catch our breaths. Then Beth says to Kayleen, "Now that my husband filled you up by shooting his pearly-white spunk deep inside your young, fertile womb, you're gonna give him a blowjob." Then I chimed in by saying, "And not only are you gonna take it all the way down your throat, but you're gonna swallow ALL of it when I cum. And you're gonna appreciate and like it." "Are you fucking series?" Kayleen asked.

"Jim and I aren't bullshittin' here, " my wife said. "We told you what would happen when fuck around with the wrong family, didn't we?" "And while you're sucking my humongous cock," I said, "you're gonna see how a REAL man eats out a real woman's pussy." "But first," Beth said, "I'm gonna show you how to bob up & down his shaft.

Okay?" "Alright," Kayleen reluctantly said, "I'll do it. I'll deep throat your huaband's cock." "That's a good little twat," I said. "I knew you'd see it our way." And so with that, I got down on the blanket on my back. Then my wife begins demonstrating our naughty babysitter by licking my nutsack a little bit, then she puts her luscious lips around the top of rim of my cock, which has pre-cum already on it. Then she slowly bobs up and down my long, thick shaft.

Then I said, "Do you see what she's doing?" "Yes," Kayleen said, "I., I think I can handle this." At that moment, my wife then raises her head up, takes my cock out of her mouth and said, "Good., now it's your turn to suck." So with that, they both switch positions. Then Kayleen slowly puts her tongue on my balls, teasing it a little. For someone whose either hardly given a blow job or never sucked cock, she's not flirty kittens penetrate the biggest strapons and spray juice everywhere too bad.

Then I asked, "Where bad tushy spanking and dildo you learn to tease like that?" "That's not what's important right now honey," my wife said. "In the meantime, are you ready to feast on your lovely, gorgeous wife of 20 years?" "Honey," I said, "bring on that lovely, aging, seasoned fish I call your sweet pussy." Then my wife said, "You want it, you've got it!" So immediately, Beth gets right on top of my face so I can go to town on her.

As someone once said, 'an older woman is like a fine wine, she gets better with age. So as I start to feast on Beth's pussy, I could now feel Kayleen licking up and down my foreskin of my shaft.

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Then a few seconds later, I could feel Kayleen's lips begin to slowly go up and down my long, thick shaft. At the same time, my lovely wife starts to moan passionately. I knew she was in the zone as well as I was. The three-way oral orgy was on. Kayleen is taking my whole shaft ALL the way in and down her throat, I could here her gagging as she's sucking on it.

Then I said in a passionate response, "Holy shit., did she really just take my giant cock all the way in?" "Oh., oh., oh., oh., OHHH!!!" my wife says in excitement. "Eat me, eat my luscious, sweet, aging pussy honey!" Then I'm moaning now too, as Kayleen begins to pick up the pace a lot.

She's becoming a real-life bobblehead, she just isn't stopping. Then as I'm eating my wife's twat, I said to her, "Hey honey., oh., oh., my., god., she's really., enjoying. it." But in an instant, my wife's pussy was so hot, she then pants hot babes giving footjob blowjob and handjob threesome and freecam, "I., OH., I., I., THINK., I., I GONNA., CUM., OHHHHHHH!" My wife wasn't fucking around when she said that, because her jizz shot out of her and into my mouth.

"Oh, fuck yeah," I said. "You're STILL nice & tasty. You're still the best." Then my wife gets up, then gives me the most passionate kiss and tasting her own pussy juices. But I still haven't cum yet. So after I ate Beth's sweet pussy, Beth helps Kayleen speed things up. Kayleen is still gagging as she's blowing me and at the same time, Beth is licking my nuts.

And it's working, becuase my balls are once again churning and my shaft is swollen stiff in our babysitter s mouth. Then I said to kayleen, " I., I., I'm gonna., cum. Are you ready?" She quickly raises her head and nods, as like she's ready to take my load- and not a minute too soon. All of the sudden I grunted as I began to shoot, "OHHHHHHHH, SHIT!!!! OHHH MY GGGOOODDD!!!" I must've shot countless loads into Kayleen's throat, I can hear her trying toswallow by taking huge gulps.

Beth was next to her as my sweet load begins to run down her chin and onto my hip. So Beth licks what's left after I'm spent in the babysitter s mouth. Finally, Kayleen pulls my cock out of her mouth and takes a huge breather. "Wow," Kayleen said, "I've never, EVER even given a blowjob, much less on a monster cock like your husband's." "So how did my hubby's semen taste?" Beth asked. Then Kayleen replied, "Good & salty." "Well," I said, "there aren't that many guys with huge schlongs like the one you've just sucked and your virgin pussy being tapped and filled by it.

It would still take a few more times before a woman's pussy gets loosen up." "And now honey speaking of that," my wife says, "I want you to stick that giant hunk of meat inside of my sweet, tight, cougar pussy." And so my wife Beth turned around and got on all fours on the blanket so I an fuck her from behind.

That's when I said to Kayleen, "Remember how you ate my wife's pussy a little bit ago while I pounded your pussy?" "Yes," Kayleen said.

Then Private dick nicolette shea johnny sins continued, "I'm gonna give you a lesson on how a REAL woman eats pussy. I'm gonna give you a break in the meantime, let you relax a little." Then my wife chimes in by saying, "But just so you know, you're STILL in the penalty. We're not through with you yet.

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Okay?" "Okay, let's do this," Kayleen said as she's now expecting more discipline and punishment. So wee all take our positions; Kayleen lays down on her back so my wife could eat her now somewhat gaping pussy hole by licking her slit & her clit, then as my wife Beth gets down on all fours, I put my(once again) hard cock at the entrance of her somewhat pussy and slowly So I begin pumping a little slowly, when my wife Beth begins to moan, "Oh, oh oh, Jimmy., don't stop.

Harder., harder., make a real woman all., over., again!" As I'm breaking a sweat again by pumping my huge cock inside of my wife, I said to kayleen between each of must hard thrusts, "You see how a real woman takes it from a real man?" "Oh, oh, yes," Kayleen says between breaths. "That's how it's done," I said as I'm still pounding my wife.

Then I continued fucking and saying, " There's a reason why my wife and I don't do it regularly, because I like her to be nice and tight." And in between my thrusts and my wife's moans as I'm going even faster now and hitting her cervix, my wife says to kayleen, "There's a saying in intercourse, 'If it ain't t tight, it ain't right.

That's the truth." But as my wife continues to eat Kayleen's pussy, her and I were about to reach our orgasms after about maybe ten minutes. Both of us were able to last. But then, Kayleen let's out a load moan, "I., I., I GONNA CUM!!" Alol of the sudden, all three of us were about to have a simultaneous climax.

First, Kayleen cums in my wife's mouth. I could see the jizz coming out through our babysitter s slit. Then immediately, my wife and Mom and teen wants big horny cock both let out big moans- one after another. Then my wife says to me, "Honey, please breed me., cum inside my pussy.

Give the gift of life deep inside my womb." "OHHH., GOOODDD. HERE., I., CUM!!!" I said as I let out a giant grunt. I was able to empty my balls as my baby seed went deep inside my wife to where it all started- her waiting eggs. Then Kayleen said, "Wait a minute, let me get this straight. You mean to tell me you guys want another kid?" "Eactly," my wife tells her.

"Even e older women my age are still fertile. It's in the family genes. Besides, our twins will both be off to college next month. There would just be callie. Callie wants another sibling, so do the boys." "These are lessons you need to know as you get older," I said.

UT were still not done with you yet, the night's still young." "You got that right dad," "See, even Jason would agre., wh., wha. JASON!?" I said in shock. "What the fuck?!" Then my wife and I both looked up and turned ariund, it was my son Jason. Then Beth suddenly asked in shocked, "Why are you and Joey back so soon?" Then Jason replies, "Our weekend trip was put on hold till tomorrow afternoon, due to bad weather that we're supposed to be getting here within the next couple of hours." Then Jason looks over in whore wife cuck hubby cory chase ballbusting and asks a stunning wuestion, "What the fuck is Kayleen doing but-naked and bare-tits., and., WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!??" "Now calm down here son," Beth said, like a good mother would do.

"It's a rather long story, do you boys have a few minutes?" "I'm not talking about you and dad getting it on, that part I get." Jason said. But as he begins to continue, another familiar voice what sounds like Jason's twin brother Joey walks in, saying, "Hey Jason, where are you?" "In here with mom and dad," Jason said. "Oh, yeah, happy anniversary mom and dad," Joey said. He continues ax he walks in on all of us., "Hey dad, I locked u., wa., wh., ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTIN' ME!!??

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE." Then my wife says to both of our twins, "I think you boys need to calm down and have a seat." "Okay," Joey said. Then he calmly asks, "Never mind about dad breeding you mom, that part both Jason and I get. But what's the story with Kayleen and how does this no-good stuck-up drama queen fit into the equation?" And they're both right, they know their mother and I are trying to concieve.

And they've walked in on us having intercourse a few times as they both got older, accidently and intentionally. The reason why Beth and I don't have a problem with that are two things; one is the fact the both their mother and I still have passionate feelings about each other and the other things is that we kinda want them to learn how to be really romantic towards women when it comes to dating.

But now as Beth and I are about to find out, Kayleen's ay be hiding another secret.