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Pretty hot brunette bessi fucks a dick like a champ big dick and blowjob
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Tutor Lessons It was 1:58 and I was waiting for the bell to ring so I could get the hell out of class 'cause I need to get home and play some Xbox Live! I look around the classroom and watch the other students finish their test and pass up their papers to the teacher, Ms.

Marianne. Since I finished up early, I really had nothing to worry about. I search through the bundle of students until I saw a girl who I was really interested in. Her name was Jennifer Celeste, she was hot!

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She was a mix of Latino and African- American, long hair, brown eyes, and not to mention that her body was amazing. Her breasts were big, I mean big enough to fit my entire palm, yet they were so perky. Her ass was so well- rounded, that it seemed like if I smacked it, it would keep jiggling. It doesn't help the fact that every time she comes to school that she always wears tight shirts that make her nipples stick out like spears, and small tight denim jeans that ride up every time she bends down to pick something up.

Needless to say, it was hard not to get a boner around her. The bell rung on schedule and all the kids scrambled to the door, most likely brain dead from the test they took, except two people. "Craig, Jennifer, please stay after class." Ms. Marianne requested just before Jennifer was black teen zoey gets elected after a hot sex to bum rush past me.

After a disheartening groan from my voice, I plopped back down into my seat and waited for Ms. Marianne to hurry the hell up so I could go home.

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"You needed to speak with us, ma' am?" "Yes, I'm glad you're here Craig. But the problem isn't you, it's Jennifer." Ms. Marianne said nonchalantly slowly pacing around the room.

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"What did I do?" Jennifer said concerned. "It's not what you did; it's what you didn't do." Ms. Marianne explained cryptically. "What?" "What I mean Jennifer is that your grades are dropping ever since the second semester and I'm worried that if you keep up at this pace that you won't be able to graduate." Ms. Marianne explained. "So why am I here then?" I asked eagerly. "Craig, you are here because I want you to tutor Jennifer to pass the Quarterly Exam next Friday." "Why do I have to do it?" I said in defiance.

"There are plenty of other people who could tutor her besides me." "I'm asking you large dick enters taut pussy hole hardcore massage you have the highest grades in the class and you don't have any listed after school activity." "Damn," I thought angrily in my head.

"What, I have no say in this?" Jennifer asked questioningly. "No, because you'll pick out someone who won't tutor you, only someone who will probably make your grades drop lower, if that's possible." Ms. Marianne said sternly. "So it's decided then!" Ms. Marianne grabs her belongings and walks out of the room while Jennifer turns to me. "We'll study at my house tomorrow at 5:00 sharp, don't be late." After handing me the note of her address, I wondered if I would be able to survive the night.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I arrive at Jennifer's and ring the door bell to have her come open the door for me. The task at hand was to help Jennifer study for the Quarterly Exam, but her outfit gave me another thing to think about. Jennifer was wearing a small tank top that had barely covered her teal bra which was slightly visible at the bottom, while she was wearing sweat pants that was lowered showing her black lingerie panties slightly.

Her hair was in a pony tail, but slightly messy but she still looked hot. "You want to come inside?" She asked nonchalantly. "Yeah, sure…" I said drawing my eyes away from her chest and attempted to play it cool when I walked in.

Her house was fairly big as the dining room and living was at least about twice as large as mine and the stairway leading upstairs made me think that up there was even bigger. "So where are your parents?" I asked before falling on her big soft couch that nearly engulfed me. "Well they're both at a business meeting so we both got the house to ourselves." She said from the kitchen.

"Could this day be any better?" I thought happily in my head. Jennifer came in with two glasses of lemonade in her hands and set them on the living room table. "I got drinks so you won't have to get up." "Oh, thanks." While Jennifer and I were taking out our books to start studying, I noticed that every time that Jennifer moved in her outfit that her breasts would jump and jiggle around.

No doubt that this set me off for a boner, so I tried to cover it with the Algebra textbook. "Something wrong," She asked me. "No, nothing, nothing at all," I said nervously trying to had the fact that I've got a boner growing. An hour into the study session, after taking several glances at Jennifer's breasts, Jennifer grabs her cup of lemonade and drinks some out of it, except it slip out of her hands when I drop the Algebra textbook on the floor and got lemonade all over my raging boner.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I'm such a klutz!" She exclaimed rushing to the kitchen to get a paper towel. "Crap, I've got to run to the bathroom but I don't know where it is!" I thought eagerly trying to run from the awkward position I was currently in. But before I could get up, Jennifer rushed back in with folded paper towels and began to clean the mess around on the living room table. After she was done she attempted to clean the juiced on my pants, but resisted her attempt.

"That's fine, I can clean it myself, don't worry." I assured her. "No, I got juice spilled on you, I'll clean it up." She began to wipe on the area of the stain, and I tried my very best to hold down my boner, but to no avail. Jennifer began hentai stunner in glasses giving a pov blowjob wipe dangerously close to my dick, making me inhale sharply. She continued to clean until she found my penis and rubbed it slowly at first but switching to a more subtle tempo once she realized what I was hiding the entire time.

"So you've been hard the entire time, huh, I thought you were supposed to be tutoring me." Jennifer said licking her lips while slowly stroking the lining of my dick with her index finger. "I am but your body was just too sexy and I couldn't stop myself." I said sharply with pleasure in my voice. "Well then I guess it's time for me two sexy lassies and two huge strap ons give a lesson to you about control." Jennifer said seductively leading me to her room upstairs.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX When we got to her room I quickly shut the door behind me and began my assault on Jennifer's body. I started by kissing her collar bone and slowly and softly kissing on the neck while my hands wandered her body until I firmly had a tight lock on her breast in one hand and was fingering her pussy with my other. "Oh God," She moaned as she twitched with every slight touch. I fondled her breast, feeling the shape and the fullness of it until switching to pinching and playing with her recently erect nipple.

My other hand was busy playing with Jennifer's pussy as it sexy amateur teen fuck fucking your girl in my pawnshop wetter and tighter with every thrust of my hand, almost like her pussy was sucking my hand in. Jennifer was going into a wild state of ecstasy while she intensely rubbed my fully erect penis in my pants, while using her other hand to fondle her free breast that wasn't used at the moment.

"I'm… I'm gonna… cum…" She managed to say through her moans of pleasure until I felt that I wasn't getting the fun of feeling good. So I immediately stopped before Jennifer could climax so she could begin pleasuring me. "I'm not gonna let you cum without taking care of me first." I said taking my pants and underwear off to show her my fully erect penis she was waiting for.

"Wow, it's so much bigger in person." She said lustfully taking in the scent of my penis. I backed up against the door as Jennifer began take my dick into her wet mouth.

Her tongue was warm and she swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock like a pro and forcefully sucked on it, making me cringe in pleasure. She began to bob her head back and forth on my cock, taking the entire size of it into her mouth while her tongue was licking the tip of my cock and underneath.

I took her pony tail out so her long brown hair could flow down to her breasts. She was sucking my dick so good that I took both my hands and guided her head onto my cock and increase the speed of her sucking.

Her hot wet mouth sucking and licking my hard dick was so good that I just came in her mouth without thinking. "Ooh, I'm Cumming!!!" I said intensely shooting a thick spurt of semen right on Jennifer's tongue. She tried to pull away for a brief moment but I was so busy ejaculating in her mouth I didn't want to her to stop, so I latched her head on my cock and kept ejaculating spurt after spurt until I was done.

"Look, when you're about to cum, tell me!" Jennifer scolded wiping away the last of my semen on her face. My cock stood up, still strong and erect, I to be truthful I couldn't hide the fact that I wasn't done. "Well, my cock's not done yet, got a condom?" Jennifer slipped off her pants and went to her drawer and pulled out a condom and slipped it on for me. "Ready for round two, big boy?" Jennifer lay on her back on her bed and began playing with her wet clit waiting for me to my dick into her pussy.

I entered Jennifer and she let out a loud moan that could probably scare her neighbors. I thrust in and out her tightening pussy as she moaned and tore holes into her white bed sheets with her nails.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming!" Jennifer screamed as she let out her orgasm and her body tightened then relaxed. But I wasn't done yet; I flipped Jennifer over on all fours and fucked her doggy- style. I grabbed her big hips and put my big cock right back into her pussy and pumped her in and out.

"Damn… your… pussy… beautiful teen brunette girl uses her vibrator masturbate homemade so tight!!" I moaned in with pleasure with each thrust. Jennifer screamed with pleasure with every hard thrust. I fucked her big bouncing ass with all I could muster up.

The bed was rocking like hell, knocking countless things over. While Jennifer was holding on to the head board of her bed, slamming the wall with each thrust that entered her pussy. I was getting near my limit, and I couldn't hold back anymore. "I'm… about… to cum!" I moaned with pleasure. I wanted to make this one moment memorable.

I fucked her pussy rough and without mercy while Jennifer moaned to the heavens. I was SO close to cumming that I let go of her hips and used her long hair as reins to fuck her. "Ah!" She yelped with pleasure and unexpected excitement. I could hold it any longer.

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I let go of her hair and used her shoulders to make one last thrust deep into her pussy, hitting her G- spot. "I'm Cumming!" I moaned as I shot my hot semen. "It's so hot… This felt so amazing…" Jennifer said in exhaustion.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX It was Friday afternoon next week; I was waiting outside Ms.

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Marianne's class when Jennifer walked out with her test paper. "Well…" I asked eagerly. "I… aced it!" Jennifer shrieked happily.

Jennifer embraced me in a hug while her boobs pushed up again my chest, accidentally setting off a hard- on for me. Jennifer obviously felt it and grabbed it before anyone could see. "Hey Craig, I also got an English Quarterly to study for." Jennifer said seductively, licking her lips. "Want to help me study?"