Ramming of a tight euro anal hole hardcore and blowjob

Ramming of a tight euro anal hole hardcore and blowjob
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The week had been long and the drive home was a sedative for the troubled mind. It was twenty minutes until 5 p.m, I was within 30 minutes of getting home when Carla called. "is our deal still on?", she asked. You might recall, she and I had made a deal about her bringing me women for sex and I would pay her a bounty.

This was to be her second bounty in as many months. I assured her we were still in a good working partnership and thanked her for the girl she had brought to me previously. She wanted to meet me with her new find in about an hour at the Dairy Mart, so I agreed. At twenty minutes until six, I drove up to the Dairy Mart and went inside. Carla was at the back booth with her friend. I sat down and introduced myself to the girl named Cinda.

She was a thin, quiet, and plain woman of about 25. There was nothing spectacularly beautiful about her, but she was chaming and had the most seductive smile I have ever seen, That and her temporary blonde hair made her somewhat attractive.

Carla and I settled up as Cinda made he way to the womens' roof. Quickly, Carla filled me in. Cinda was on the run because of traffic warrants.

She was looking for a ticket out of Texas. By 6:30, we had dropped Carla off and we we in search of a room.

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The Executive Inn gave us the best price so that was where we hung our hats fir the evening. By the time I had showered Cinda was already on her third Margarita and was lying completely naked on the sofa. She had poured me a Margarita, so I sat of the edge of the bed and began to enjoy it. Cinda moved over next to me and began feeling up my crotch underneath my bath robe. I sat my drink down and began a slow trailing motion with my fingers, winding up at her mousey brown pubic hair.

Easily, I inserted my forefinger into her snatch. Her grip tightened on my scrotum as she slightly shuddered with pleasure. Quickly, she became quite moist from the attention my finger was giving her slit. She easily positioned herself. With her ass on my chest and her brown eye winking at me, she disrobed my hardening spike.With light swabs, she began to lick my balls as she easily jacked my cock.

My tongue had by now acquainted itself with her winking brown eye, while my finger continued to work its magic inside her now creamy cavern. She now had my length deep inside her warm moist mouth, gently, but suredly blowing hot webcam brunette masturbates to orgasm masturbation and fingering main vein of lust. Her orgasms were almost constant as I continued my oral anal assault, as well as my finger fucking of her creamy cavern.

Her pussy was tight, even though well lubed, and I was just about to mention to her that I wanted to fuck her pussy, when she easily got out of her 69 position and turned to face me. "I Really need to be fucked right now," she asserted, as she kissed me on my chest, tits boring into my abdomen, she slid forward and lined up my pole until its head was against her wet womb, then easily inserted my wand into her wetness until she bottomed out with her butt on my balls.

She was very tight as my hardness separated her cavern walls with each of her long sure strokes of lust.

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She was the very first woman that I felt as though her pussy was actually sucking my dick. With about every third push onto my length she would visibly tremble and her twat would squirt releases of her orgasmic juices. She didn't moan or carry on a lot, but let me know she enjoyed the fucking by the way she worked her stuffed pussy.

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Her hardened breasts and nipples barely bounced with each push and pull upon my strangled cock. Reaching up, I began to easily pinch her taut nipples between my forefinger and thumb. This brought about more frenzied pumping upon my stiff manhood. "Silently, she began to repeat the lines, "Oh, fuck me,yes, fuck me deep, oh yes cum in my pussy." Just as my ejaculatory fluids shot from deep in my balls, she fell forward onto my chest and writhed in passionate ecstacy as our juices collided deep into her seething slit, before spurting from around my shrinking pole.

Again, her pussy convulsed and sqeezed the remnants of my fluids from my balls.

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"I love the feel of hot cum in my pussy," she assured me as spent pecker slipped from its wet cavern. She slid down and began to suck the cum from off of my now tame rod.

Once me, she slightly convulsed, before getting up to go to the shower, admonishing me to stay right there. Within a few minutes, she had returned, poured us another margarita, and sat naked on the bed beside me.

"You're pretty good in bed, I haven't been fucked like that in a long time," she asserted. Before I could say a good thank you, she reached over and began to fondle my balls. "I really like having big balls like these on my chin," she quietly spoke.

Finishing her margarita, she sat the goblet down and moved her head to my still soft spear. sensually, she began to tease the head with swabs form her darting tongue, while her nimble fingers caressed my balls. I was just finishing the last of my margarita when my once flacid fuck rod became hard by the oral attention it was getting. Her warm moist lips and tender hands were a match made in heaven.

My hardness was now inside her tender lips as she easily sucked its girth with long up and down jacking strokes. I could feel the head of my swollen member touch her tonsils on occasions. She would slightly gag, but never coughed or spat me out as she was taking my manhood all the way down to my balls.

This girl knew how to suck a cock, better than anyone I have ever run across. I would tell her that in the morning as we made our way to the Oklahoma border, but tonight, I was getting and enjoying the best blow job of my life.

I could feel the cum building deep in my loins, but was managing to keep from filling her oral cavity with my cum. Sensing I was close to blowing my wad, she eased her grip on my balls and released my stiffness from her mouth. "Lick my wet pussy, now, bored wifey got her mouth a big cock stuffed by hubby spanking licking we'll blow our wads together.

' she said. With her knees on either side of my torso, her ass in my face, she went down on my hardness again. With my nose nudging her asshole, I began to tongue swab her steamy aromatic slit.

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Her juices clear and glassy as they crept from her squeezing snatch. Her body arched and shuddered as her climax spewed from her fuck hole. Shuddering one more time, her sucking brought forth the desired flood of my man juices deep down her throat.

With just a slight clearing of her throat, she moaned softly, " Oh my, Oh me." That felt so fucking good!" We would fuck two more times befor calling it a night, and would do the same thing in the morning before leaving to go Duncan, Oklahoma, her hometown.