Playsome legal age teenager gives a blow

Playsome legal age teenager gives a blow
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Ian Wells wasn't the kind of teenager driven by hormones. On the contrary, sex never seemed to catch his interest. At the age of 17, he hadn't had any kind of intercourse, and even masturbation was just a way to release some tension.

Also, his rather plain outlook and his rigid behavior tended to isolate him for what concerned relationship. On the other hand, however, there was one thing Ian really liked to do. He liked to watch.

He wouldn't have said that it really aroused him; what he really liked to feel was an unexplained sense of power rising in him every time he could watch people involved in sexual acts. Unfortunately for kianna dior son steep mom, said occasions were really rare, and he didn't want to pass as a pervert doing things like spying others.

There was however a reliable source of material for his voyeurism that he had learned not to underestimate: his friend Larry Frost. Ian and Larry had been friends since primary school and their personalities couldn't have been different. Where Ian was cold, bookish and somewhat gloomy, Larry was extrovert, impulsive and outgoing.

Also, while Ian seemed to be asexual, there was more than one hint that Larry hadn't disdained pleasures both from girls and guys. But the best part was that Larry had no problem in showing off his body and being watched, even during his more private moments. So it came to no surprise that Saturday morning, at about 10 o'clock, Ian rang at Larry's house, knowing his friend's parents would be away for the weekend and that his sister Alexis wouldn't be there before lunch.

As Larry opened the door, one could have read on his face that he was eager to start. They quickly made it to the boy's room and made sure the door was locked. "You know Faye is going to kill us both if she finds out, right?" asked Ian as he almost always did. Faye had been Larry's girlfriend since their freshman year.

"On the contrary" said Larry "I think she'd like to take part to it. So, where would you like to stay this time?" Ian's eyes found a quite covered corner of the room that seemed to suit. "I'll sit there" said he, moving a chair in the chosen spot. "Good" agreed Larry, passing a hand on his own short, dark hair "Want me dressed or undressed this time?" "You choice" said Larry, sitting on the chair and getting ready for the show to start. Larry knew that he never had to notice Ian's presence and act as if he was alone.

So he started unbuttoning his shirt slowly, showing always more slightly dark skin. Then he took it off, revealing a lean but muscular torso that sexy latina teen babe showing off her body years of gymnastics had helped him build. He didn't have much muscle weight, but his upper body was truly toned and defined. He then sat on his bed, taking off his shoes and socks, remaining only in his white pants for some minutes, during which he played with his dark nipples, licking his fingers and then using them to tickle the soft skin until it became hard and turgid.

He then took off his pants, flexing his abs a little more than the necessary while doing it, and then Ian could clearly seen the bulge into his black briefs.

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That moment was one of the most difficult for Larry and required him a lot of attention. He had to think that he was completely alone to act with total freedom. So he slowly lowered his briefs, revealing some black pubic hair and the base of his engorged cock.

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Soon, his underwear went down and the boy abandoned it on the floor, finally letting his uncut boner free. Slowly, he passed a finger on the top, feeling the precum starting to ooze out. He also gave a lick to his finger before caressing the head of his dick again. He started feeling sweat forming on his forehead and chest. A small droplet passed on his right nipple before sliding on his abs and ending into his navel. Larry firmly grabbed his own manhood and started pumping slowly, emitting small moans of pleasure.

He made some strategic pauses to massage his ballsack and blow some cold air on the top of his dick, which now was showing a big, pulsing vein running from the base and making a curve on the left side.

The pumps became quicker and more powerful, while Larry's moan turned into guttural growls. He felt his muscles contracting and his hips shifting to get ready to cum, so he decided to play a surprise: he arched his body so his dicks was aiming right to his mouth.

With a loud, satisfied groan, he finally came, sending a good part of his cum into his own mouth and the rest on his face. He swallowed with a grin. "Man, that was funny" commented he, falling back on his bed. "I didn't expect it" said Ian, who despite everything wasn't really upset.

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Yet he looked very satisfied. "What can I say, I like to improvise" panted Larry, who wasn't really caring about the white substance on his face "Want me to offer my hands to you?" "You know it's off limits" sternly said Ian.

"Okay. Next time, I must ask Faye to join me. But for now, I think I'll get a shower. Want to watch?" Ian pondered about the offer for a moment, then said: "Sure, why not."