British big tits milf and daddy fuck innocent teen

British big tits milf and daddy fuck innocent teen
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My name is Eric im 17, 6'1" and have a muscular build. I have short jet black hair and I love informing people of my 8 inch cock. Im very proud of the way I look. This is a story about my favorite pool party.

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It was the last day of school and my friend Kara came up to my locker. So you know she to has jet black hair, is 5'10" and a firm set D size breast. My favorite part though would have to be that ass. Nice tight ass. Back to the story, she asked if I had any plans for later that day seeing as everyone had there own out of school rituals.

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I had none so I was asked to join her for a pool party at her house her parents wouldn't be home so it would be fun. "Make sure not to forget your swimsuit but if you do I wont mind." She says winking as she walks out the door. I got home at around 5 I had two hours to kill before the party so I pulled my swim trunks on the bed and head for the shower. While in there I start thinking who else she could have invited.

I hope theres someone there I can try to makeout with its been a while. As my thoughts went to that I noticed my hardon and started stroking it slowly. Moved my hand up around the tip and back down again.

Kara popped in my head. "Yeah that's right Kara suck my dick. That's it. You like that don't you. I know I do ha ha yes I sure do. Oh yeah here it comes get ready. Take it all in your mouth. That's it good girl.

That's much better." "Is there someone in there with you. Who you talking to." My mom says from behind the door.

"No one just going over a list in my head for later." "Ok but hurry up I made dinner early so you can eat before you leave later." "Ok" that was close if she would have spoke a few seconds earlier I would have been done without cumming. I got out got dressed and headed to eat dinner. After the dishes were washed it was 6:50 so I grabed my trunks and out the door I went. It took me about 7 minutes to get there and the gate was open. As I walked into the back I saw Kara in her light blue swimsuit with tears on her face.

"What wrong Kara did something happen." I said walking up to her. big butt sweetheart jumps on cock pornstar and hardcore im not ok everyone who I asked to come turned me down. Does no one like me.

Did I do something wrong." She says crying into my shoulder. "No your fine. Screw them they don't want to come we will just have fun of our own." I said now hugging her. "You sure you don't want to leave like everyone else." "No why don't we go to the pool we can make up contests how about that." "Ok thank you for staying" "No need for thanks. So where can I go get my trunks on." "Umm I guess you can just go behind the garage if you want." I head over and when I come out she in the pool.

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"So what contest would you like to do first." I said as I jumped in the pool. "Lets see how far we can jump from the deck into the pool." She says as she gets out and ready to jump. She gets about 6 feet out now its my turn. I jump and get about the same result. "Well that was pointless we tied." "Ok how about how long we can hold our breath." She suggested. "Ok ready 3,2,1 go." We dunked under the water and I seen her get up so I followed.

"What happen that was pretty quick." "Sorry I wasn't ready ill count this time. Ok 3 2, 1, go." And down we went.

She came up a minute later but I wanted to show off so I waited till about another minute. When I got up and cleared my eyes I look over and there she is with the top of her suit up over her now fully exposed breast.

"Well you beat me look at your prize." "Wow umm very nice breast Kara but uh I didn't know we were playing strip." "Oh hell yeah it makes this more exciting but if you don't want to play I can always just put them away." "No no no no no ha ha I like I just didn't know but I defiantly like." "Well lets do another challenge quick so im not the only exposed one." She says as she pulls off her top.

"Lets try the jump again but this time I think im gonna wait in the pool and watch you." "Ok but I know your gonna win so ill jump naked just for stockinged brit babe gets sperm in mouth She gets out and pulls down the bottom swimsuit and stands there.

I can see her pussy in all its glory. "Sounds good to me." For my benefit she started to jog in place and boy did her tits bounce so nicely. Then in she jumped. Once in she walked right up to me and kissed me full on the lips. "I think you won that round due to your performance." "Well in that case I think its time to lose those shorts. Allow me." She moved her hands down to the waistband of my trunks and slowly moved them down and off. "Well what do you think." I said as she stairs at my now hard dick.

"Well I always thought you were lying but now im happy you weren't." "I can see your happy." I said as I move my hand to her nipple and start massaging it.

I take the other one and start to suck on it. She starts to rub my dick under the water. I moved up kissed her neck then passionately kissed her on the lips. "Why don't you float on up so I can have a little fun with this tree your sporting." I float up an she gets between my legs and starts jacking me and liking the tip. Then moved down and liked my balls and moved up slowly liking from the base to the tip and into her mouth I go.

She goes down about 5 inches and starts bobbing up and down while playing with my balls. She gets up and places my dick between her tits with the tip in her mouth.

She squished them together tight and started moving up and down. She moved her tongue in circle around the tip to. "Your good babe so good. I want this to last but im gonna cum." She stopped then plunged down on my dick with her mouth and got 7 inches, then all 8. She just keep going. "Here it comes aah." She started swallowing shot after shot just flows into her mouth and she took it all.

I stopped cumming and she continued to suck the head then let me stand on my feet again. "That was the best blowjob ive ever had. Thank you sooo much." "Oh we aint done yet your still hard." "Well in that case get over here." I grab her and put her against the side of the pool.

I then get in position and slowly enter her all the way. Once all 8 get in I slowly fuck her and suck her tits at the same time she is pulling on my hair. "Ohh Oh dam your cock is thick Eric." I start to pick up the pace and and move to kiss her lips. She then starts to shake and moans in my mouth while she cums.

I wasn't aware till now but I wasn't to far behind as I start to pump my cum into her. When done we just float there on the side on the pool. "That was great." Black stud goes deep in the ass of the gorgeous milf alexis golden says as she playfully pats my limp cock. "Oh by the way no one else was ever coming I just want you here for this." "Im glad you invited me im sure ill be coming over a lot more now." I say as I make out with her again.