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Girl with tattoo plays with pussy (more at webcam88 com tube porn
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DEEP By: vapidvector It was a summer afternoon in Georgia and it was hotter than hell. We were spending the day with some friends of ours, helping them pack for their move to Illinois. They didn't want to leave Georgia's red clay but the job offers had been too good to pass up. We all had been friends for quite awhile and although we didn't swing with them we spent many hours sitting around, getting a buzz on, and exchanging sexual experiences, ideas, etc. All of us were pretty jazzed that day and the sexual innuendo ran high with my wife, Joy, running around in a pair of cut pop teaching his sexy stepdaughter alice coxxx and a tank top with her enormous 38dd's swaying for all to see and "A's" sexy, trim ass strutting around in a sweat soaked T shirt and bikini bottoms.

Finally the moving van was loaded and it was still relatively early, around 6:00 P.M., so we all went upstairs to the balcony/ deck that extended out from their upstairs bedroom and did some serious snorting and drinking as we said our good byes. Along with the good byes there were some pretty hot fuck stories bantered back and forth and I could tell everybody was getting spicy is a kinky mom who loves the taste of cum on up the turned on scale.

The story that I liked best was the one that "M" told about after they had went out to dinner at this really fancy restaurant and were headed back home he pulled his car into a shopping center parking lot- right in the middle of the lot-and made "A" get out, bend over the trunk of the car, hike the short little dress she had on up to the small of her back to show her shaved, pantyless pussy, and spanked her fine, tight ass with about ten swats of his palm. After they jumped back in their car and made their escape "A" was so hot that she sucked cock all the way home!

Things were going great so I was surprised when Joy said we needed to get headed toward home. I offered some resistance but seeing she really wanted to go I agreed. We bid our buddies farewell and headed home. About a hundred feet down the road Joy came out of her cut offs and panties and began to furiously finger her shaved pussy and massage her swollen clit.

"Whoa! Yes, yes, yes! Looking good darlin'," I encouraged her and she just smiled and kept working herself. This was unusual-not unheard of, however-behavior for my big tittied woman so I figured she had something serious on her mind.

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I kept one eye on her all the way home and she put on a hell of a show. Attractive hottie feels dong in arse pornstar hardcore only words she said the whole time were, "God damn, I need some cock!

I need to be filled up!" When we arrived home she didn't even bother putting her cut offs or panties on. She just got out and headed up the walk way with just a tank top on, ass swinging in the wind and one hand still on her clit.

We live in a secluded area and alone so she does this sort of thing sometimes. By the time I got inside she was showering so I fixed something to drink and waited. Joy came out later wearing a baby blue nightie and white open toed high heels and nothing else. She went to the big chest of drawers where we keep our huge collection of toys and started digging around.

She tossed a terse comment over her shoulder. "You better hurry with your shower and get back out here because I WILL start without you." I did just that and while showering wondered what the hell was on her kinky mind to get her in this agitated state.

I was soon to find out. Walking into the bedroom I saw Joy sitting in a little nest of pillows and throws with her back against the big head board. Pillows were piled on either side of her so she could lean her widely spread legs against them. The heels of her stilettos dug into the mattress for good purchase for when the time came for her to get some movement of her ass and pussy.

Speaking of her pussy, let me take a moment here to say a bit about that little cock milker. I do not exaggerate when I say that Joy's pussy is THE tightest I've ever been in. She practices muscle control exercises and can do some amazing stuff to a cock when she has it in there! Completely shaved every other day to enhance the feelings of sex (especially oral) and because "it just looks so damn good!" When excited her pussy literally pours cunt milk and I love to drink it out of her like a fountain!

Now, there on the bed, that sweet slit was getting some serious attention from Joy's favorite electric vibrator. I could easily see the unhooded clitorus pooching out and straining up to get his due also. Already a trickle of juice leaked from her vulva and eased down into the cleavage of her ass. "Sit at the bottom of the bed. I want you to watch me," Joy told me quietly. "Don't talk to me. Don't try to touch me or fuck me.

Just watch me. Watch what I do." I had no problem with that big boob teen bj first time this gave brice an idea still wondered what was up with her.

Anyway, I sat back and drank my whiskey with one hand and milked cock una flaquita bien buena webacm more videos on sexycamsorg the other while watching one of the hottest shows I have ever laid eyes on. Joy kept her eyes closed as she concentrated on her clit.

Her ass made small gyrating circles as she worked her cum button. Huge titties rising with her deep breaths and their big, brown nipples hard and aching underneath the thin nightie. It wasn't long until her pussy had poured enough juice to soak her cunt, ass cleft, and the bedding beneath her.

The heady aroma of her musky fuck scent waifed to my nostrils and I breathed it in. Lovely! For about twenty minutes she steadily massaged her clitorus with the expensive "cum wand" and I watched her have two orgasms. She was unusually quiet during this time. Ordinarily Joy is very vocal about her pleasure and lets everyone within earshot know exactly how good her pussy feels and especially when she climaxes she raves.

Whatever she was thinking about had changed even the way she came, at least for right then. Eventually the electric wand was put aside and she ran her hand underneath the pile of pillows beside her and pulled out something I had purchased totally as a gag some months before.

It was a black rubber, double headed dildo, eighteen inches fat shlong stuffs her holes girlfriend homemade length and as thick as a man's wrist. Well, actually, it was thicker than a man's wrist by a bit. It was extremely flexible and had bulging veins all up and down the shaft and both ends were huge, helmet shaped affairs that swelled a little thicker than the shiny, black shaft.

A rather intimidating piece of equipment I thought. The only times it was ever in use during our sex games was just basically laying around looking dangerous with the threat of penetration always an outside possibility. Joy had rubbed it on her during masturbation and I had jokingly threatened to make her take its' God Awful size a couple of times, but I never ever thought of it actually fitting inside a woman's pussy. And now when she pulled it out I figured she was going to maybe rub her cunt on it or something for show then get back to her favorite vibrator.

I was wrong. Very wrong. Joy dug her high heels into the mattress and spread her thighs as far as they could possibly go. She grasped the black super dildo with both hands and let it hang before her, the enormous head swinging a few inches from the juice soaked slit of her red hot cunt. Joy let it swing down and I heard a little "kersplat" as its' thick weight slapped against the shaved meat. Up and down really slow, Joy slathered seven or eight inches through her pussy lips and soon the double header was glistening with her belly fluids.

Then, to my great surprise, she put the head against her splayed lips and began to slowly, steadily, easily trying to push it inside her. Half the head made it, then it stopped. Never looking my way or saying one word, Joy determinedly pushed it forward as her hips ground round and round to help open herself up.

I could see her teeth gritted and her brow furrowed as she concentrated solely on fucking herself with the ridiculously gigantic dildo. "What in the hell does she think she is doing?" I asked myself.

"There's no fucking way that thing is going inside her little pussy!

This must be lurid jamming with wild lovely babe hardcore and blowjob show." Still, I kept my eyes rivited on her and my fist milking my achingly hard cock. Several moments passed, then I saw her greasy lips flare outward obscenely and the entire head disapeared past them!

I couldn't believe it! A loud groan escaped Joy's taunt lips and clenched teeth. "AAAAAWWWWOOOOOWWWWW, GOD!" Then she hissed as she drew air past her teeth and into her lungs. "SSSSSSSSTTTTTSS! YESSSSSSS!" She sat there quietly for awhile, letting the flesh and tissue in her pussy try gina devine get a facial stretch far enough to accept this torturous invader without tearing apart.

When she opened her eyes it wasn't to look at me and gauge my reaction but to intently stare at her pussy with its' tender lips gaped open and wrapped tightly around the super thick rubber dick impaling them. Her ass began slowly moving. Forward a bit, then back. Forward again, and easing back. Pumping herself on the dildo, methodically working it up into her straining belly inch by inch.

She released the shaft after wedging the big head past her lips and it lay on the bed between her thighs like some sort of perverse appendage. I could actually see it moving and twisting slightly as her fuck muscles flexed and squeezed, tugged and sucked-mostly involuntarily-on it. Her ass movements got the opposite end of it pressed up against the cloth in a fold of the bed spread and that along with the weight of the dildo itself provided enough stability for her to free her hands up to massage her huge titties and silver dollar sized nipples.

She hoisted them both out over her nightie's top and really worked them hard, almost painfully so it seemed to me. Ass pumping, hips gyrating, Joy fucked her pussy down. She never really stopped groaning and moaning after her pussy was stuffed at first, she just did so quietly. Until the tender, pink meat up in her cunt stretched open enough for another inch or two to painfully burrow farther into her belly.

After about fifteen minutes she had managed to take only a little over half its' length and her efforts to fuck all of it were increasing. There was very little backward movement of the cunt rupturing double header and when it did the pink flesh of Joys stuffed vulva stretched outward, clinging tightly to it. Even with it stuffed to the bursting point, her thick, milky juices still oozed out and by now coated the dildo, her crotch and ass crack, and soaked into the bedding beneath her.

I myself had churned up a froth with the precum and ball ooze leaking from me and had to pace myself to keep from spraying a load all over us both! I knew she had no intentions of stopping until she was full of every inch of the dildo or her pussy ruptured and ruined when she scrunched her head down, took several deep breaths, eased her right high heel inward to provide a sturdier stop for her rubber cock, and started moving on it again with stronger, longer strokes.

Her face contorted with pleasure/ pain as the fist sized rubber head plowed through territory never intended to be fucked much less abused like it was being now. As before, Joy would groan loudly and quiver all over when she took more and more up inside. Sweating pretty good now from the strain, Joy was starting to scare me a little. "What the fuck is going on here? She has already ruined that pussy, I bet, but she won't stop," I thought. But I also figured, hey, it's her pussy! At least I get to watch the destruction.

Thirty minutes gone and I was stunned at how much she had successfully fucked up her belly! Way over half but I couldn't tell exactly how much.

Joy sat watching her pussy as if mesmerized and surprised me again by retrieving her electric wand vibrator and going to work seriously on her swollen, bulging, completely unhooded clit. She still didn't get vocal as the next two climaxes ripped through her from the pit of her stomach to her spasming sphincter. But she did sound like she was an animal as she grunted, strained, moaned, and groaned from the overwhelming sensations her body was now experiencing.

I was thoroughly caught off guard when she spoke to me for the first time since she started. I looked at her face and she was staring at me with half closed eyes, her head hanging down slightly, and obviously off in some fantasy world where all rules had been changed. "I know what you wish.

You wish Billy or Solomon were here fucking their big black cocks up in me right now just like this thing is.

Stretching me and hurting me up inside.up in my pussy." That comment kind of surprised me.

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Solomn and Billy were buddies I worked and bowled with and Joy had met them several times. Both of them were whore dogs and loved to chase pussy. They had flirted with Joy whenever they ran into her at the bowling alley and I have no doubt that either one or both of them would have been more than happy to supply her with all the black cock she could handle should she decide she wanted some. And to be honest, watching her be mounted and fucked silly by one or both of them had been a fantasy of mine ever since I saw the way they hit on her.

I don't know how she knew, but she had hit the nail right on the head. "You would probably want to watch them rape me.

Them taking turns holding me down on my knees while one fucks his big black cock down my throat! OOOOOHHHHH!" Joy muslim neighbor and arab throat fuck took a stunning refugee home her ass faster and harder as her own filthy talk got her even hotter. Her pussy was being literally turned inside out by the gut stretching dildo buried up inside her.

"And I would like that to! OOOOOHHHH! OOOOOHHHHHAAARRRRGGGGGHHH! Being force to deep throat both of their thick black cocks before they fucked the shit out of me! Filled me full and hurt my pussy! Hurt it by fucking me DEEP! AAAAWWWWWWGOD!" Joy moved her high heeled foot back to its' original position and grabbed the dildo with one hand and began brutally slam fucking her cunt with it.

Her entire body was vibrating like a tuning fork now and she turned her bulging, wide open eyes toward the ceiling and started whining. Her hips bucked and fucked hard and fast even though the dildo wasn't sliding in and out of her, just wedged deep and tight in her furnace like pussy.

She asked me in a gruff, half strangled voice, "Would you stop them if they were raping me or would you help them fuck me?" By then I was so turned on and hot myself, with a constant flow of ball juice flowing from my hard meat, I was living my fantasy right then in my mind.

I told her the truth. "If they wanted your hot pussy I would damn well help them fuck the living hell out of you until your pussy and asshole were ruined forever!" She moaned and bucked, shivered and shook as the image of them violating her in the most obscene ways ran through her mind.

She questioned in a wavering, high pitched tone, " asshole?" "Fucking A right! After making you suck their black copcks you would be made to sit on one with it up your cunt and the other would fuck you up that tight ass of yours until both were buried balls deep in you!" Joy was having a fit now!

Convulsing out of control. She bore down on her clit with her vibrator and squealed at the top of her lungs, "OH, GOD DAMN, I'M CUMMING!

OOOHHHH FUCK! SHIT! DAMN! I'M CUMMMMINGGGG!" "That's right you Pump Bitch! Cum all over that big black dick splitting your little white pussy apart! Fuck it! Pump it! Ride that thick bastard up into your stomach!" Joy climaxed for a full two minutes, thrashing, wailing, high heels kicking in air over and over. She spoke some words or sentences that made no sense to me as the ripping waves of her violent and super intense orgasm slammed through her. I stared at her pussy.

Once a thing of shaven, delicate beauty, but now looking terribly used and abused. The hairless lips were gaped open so wide I knew they would never be tight and cock suckingly snug around my seven inches ever again. Her inner lips bulged outside of her tortured cunt sheath a couple of inches and were inflamed and raw. Her clitorus was blood engorged and fucking huge as it danced and throbbed underneath the ministrations of the vibrator.

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It looked like a gallon of cunt pumpage had ran from her as her entire crotch, the remainder of the dildo, her ass cheeks, even her inner thighs were soaked and coated with it. I noticed that the gooey mess churned up at her cunt lips was tinted slightly yellow. That was a give away that Joy-as she sometimes did when her climaxes were especially intense-had lost control completely and pissed herself. Her 38dd's heaved upon her chest as she huffed and panted, trying to catch her breath.

Sweat ran in tiny rivulets from her brow and upper chest, running into the cleavage of her breasts. As her gut wrenching orgasm finally subsided she slumped down and the remaining tremors of climax made her exhausted body tremble and shake.

Between her thighs the remaining inches of the enormous, eighteen inch, double headed, rubber dildo quivered slightly and squirmed in place as the fuck muscles inside her fucked down pussy and pump stuffed belly convulsed and spasmed from their ordeal. I was stunned speechless so I just sat here a hot jynx maze gives her office mate a nice hot fuck as she recovered.

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Awhile later she came around and looked between her legs at the aftermath of her masturbation session. "Oh, my! I made a hell of a mess!" She said in a low voice. I sort of got the impression that now she might be a little embarrased about letting herself go so completely. She sat up a little and reached down to remove the juice caked dildo from her pussy. As she tugged on it gently I watched as more of her inner lips stretched outward along the shaft, unyielding.

She grunted a little bit and tugged harder. More cunt flesh came out but it did not relenquish its' hold. "Damn! Come on now!" Joy pulled rather hard the next time and immediately yelped and let go of the rubber fuck toy stuck in her belly. She glanced up at me and asked for a little help. "I.I.I can't seem to be able caged slut angela aspen sucks dick and receives hard pounding get it out.

Could you maybe help me some?" I got between her spread legs and took hold. Pulling back easily, I could feel the grip her pussy had on it. Her muscles must have been in an involuntary spasm or something like that because I could tell she wanted it out but her pussy would NOT let go! I tugged harder.

"OOWWW! That hurts!

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Be easy" " I'm trying to. This thing is in there deep, baby. It might hurt bad getting it out. Its' hung in there. Relax your pussy." "I AM! I am relaxing it!" "O.K.

Hold on," I said and got a bottle of baby lotion out of the nightstand drawer. I squirted it all over her pussy and tried again. Twisting it left and right a little as I pulled helped it slip out three inches before Joy started wailing again. "Damn it! That hurts! You're hurting me!" "Do you want to do it?" I asked. "No! I'm getting scared now! Get it out of me! Please!" I tugged and pulled some more as she bitched and complained about it hurting so bad.

It really did look painful, especially the way about four or five inches of her inner pussy flesh was pulled out all along the mighty shaft. Even with all her cream and the oil that big bastard was hard getting dislodged from her overly stuffed cunt.

But it slowly came out, with her squealing all the way. "OH, GOD! It feels like you're turning my guts inside out! You're hurting me!" I realized the best way to get it over with was to just do it so with about euro hotties get plowed at a party thick domina creampied by bbc interracial and big dick still remaining lodged in her I gave a hard, steady pull untill it finally popped free.

"OOOOOOWWWWWWWW, FUCKKKKKK! GOD DAMN YOU'RE KILLING ME! OOOOOWWWWW!" I swear that when it came out of her it did so with an audible, "SPLOPSQUISH".

Her abused cunt meat was in bad shape. Still splayed open unbelieveably wide, her pussy gushed a torrent of backed up cunt sump, piss, and churned fuck froth all over the bed. It gushed, then flowed, then trickled as she lay there whimpering. There were streaks of blood in the mixture so it was obvious she had torn something in her frenzy.

I thought to myself, "Fuck it! I gotta cum!" I got up on my knees beside her and as she watched intently I milked an enormous load of cum all over her, adding to the mess she had created. Joy lay in that puddle of fuck scum for an hour before she could get up. That happened a long time ago and she has never said much about it. Joy hasn't been to see a gynecologist since then because she says he will know something bad was done to her pussy.

She couldn't take cock for over a month afterward but at least her pussy shrank back down to its' former tight fit. Amazing! I don't know what got into her that day but I do know one thing. I made a little score, an indentation with my fingernail when i started to pull that monster rubber dick out of her pussy (unknown to her at the time) right where it disappeared inside her and later that night measured it to see just how much she had actually taken.

She hadn't gotten the whole eighteen inches up in her like she seemed to want to but my kinky assed little wife had stuffed over twelve inches of thick, black, rubber meat inside her pussy and belly that day. Quite a sight. Now if I only can talk her into inviting Billy and Solomon over.