Familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom

Familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom
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Dana was born in a gifted way. Jim and Betty did not realize how different their child was. In those days sex was conducted under the sheets after the lights went out and Jim never really every looked at his wife in the nude. They had a normal sex life as far as they knew. Sex was something they did but never talked about it. That is the way things were, back then. Dana grew up wearing all the pink clothes of other little girls.

She never saw her parents undressed and they never spoke about sex. The time would come somehow and she would find out whatever. Until then nothing was said. In high school the girls took showers in stalls and did not look at each other. When Dana went away to college she chose a school far from the small town in Kentucky. She knew she wanted to see more of the world and applied to San Diego State in California. In California girls talked about everything.

Dana had never had a boyfriend and spoke shyly about such ideas. One of the Sorority girls invited her to a pledge week evening and Dana decided to see what college social life was like.

The other girls checked her out when she showed up. Her skirt was a normal length and her blouse might have been from a Catholic school uniform. Nothing special showed in her appearance.

The Sorority girls did not reveal anything about the life at the house. It was a nice older apartment building with a lobby and other group dining and social spaces. Some girls wore cocktail dresses that were tight and revealing, and eyed her legs and figure closely. They asked about her studies and her inexperience in dating did not draw any notice when they asked about boyfriends. She was invited back to learn more about membership the next week and looked forward to more new friends than back home.

They told her that what happened in the house was confidential and she nodded in acknowledgment. Then they met in another room briefly and returned to formally invite her to join. Dana was very excited about being accepted. She knew nothing about the Greek life but, Kentucky seemed so backwards. It had to be a step forward. The led her to a room and said, now she would go through their secret members ceremony.

The lights went out and she waited in anticipation. A voice reminded her everything here was kept secret, everything. She said she understood. Then from all sides hands touched her through her clothes. She gasped in surprise. Family sex mom and dad voice re assured her that they all had done this and nobody knew besides the members.

Then the hands undressed her slowly in the dark. She did not know what to think. She had not seen her parents undressed and no one saw her now so, it seemed like it would be ok. Then hands took her breasts and felt them softly and squeezed them slowly. She had never felt that type of touch and it sent an electric tingle right to her pussy. "Oh my", she whispered. The voice told her to keep quiet. Then the hands and fingers took her big bood xxx sex stories story and pinched them lightly and then more firmly.

The nerve trail to her pussy pulsated like a buzzing shock from a live circuit. Her pussy was on fire now and the self extinguishing wetness tried to put out the flames. It felt really good and she wondered why she had never felt this before. All around her hands and fingers brushed her ribs and tickled her belly. She sex story xxx sex stories ebony hardly contain herself, and her knees buckled and she fell to the floor.

The hands caught her fall and gently lowered her head safely. The girls knew what they were doing and their experience kept her from hurting herself. She lay naked on the floor but, she was so hot it did not matter. Slowly fingers approached her crotch and then touched her between her spread open legs. Suddenly everything stopped.

The girls drew back and started whispering to each other. Dana had a gift. Her pussy was tight and unused but, her clitoris was huge. It was bigger than any of the other girls. The whispering continued and then the lights came on. Naked on the floor Dana did not know what was next. Neither did the other girls. Some of the girls had big and fat clits but, Dana was in a new league.

Then one bold girl just bent down and took it in her mouth. Dana reeled in pleasure. She never touched herself and this felt fabulous. The girl licked and sucked like a new born calf on an udder. Dana's fat clitoris got even bigger now and extended out further and further. Then that electric buzzing started again and she felt new sensations inside and all over her body.

Dana shook and quivered until she tensed up strangely and then the sucking girl took her juice in her mouth with an unexpected gulp. Dana's gift was hermaphroditic. She looked like a girl but had a fat cock as well.

Her balls were more inside and unseen but, the just blasted out a load of sperm into the sucking girls mouth. Her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk with a mouthful of walnuts. The other girls were in shock too. They had sucked cock but, not on a woman. It made them all hot and then one of the Pre Med students explained to them all. "Dana is our special gift!" she said. "This is our most sacred secret now and Dana will hold an important position as long as she is here.

We are lucky she joined our house and must never tell any of the other Sororities about her gift." The girls murmured and nodded in approval. They were all a bunch of lesbians and this was a new treat. The initiation moved on into another room.

Another stern leader took charge and led the pledges to the bench. A row of ten dildos were fastened from on end to the other. Each girl took a turn stretching her puss on progressively larger and longer sex toys.

The first was a junior hardly more than a finger. Half way down the bench was more average.

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A six inch dildo that was not too fat. These girls were mostly inexperienced and even the regular sized one shocked a few of them. The dominant leader called on them to sit down hard and slap their butt on the bench. They needed to take the whole length. Dana had been given a special chair along side and a glass of Champagne. She clearly had some new status and felt great and excited now. The alcohol buzz loosened her inhibitions.

Then she played with her fat protrusion at the top of her puss and came again without squirting this time. One by one the other pledges made their way down the bench. The long fat dong at the end made a few eyeballs bulge with the hydraulic pressure inside. Jeek len xxx secy story os had to do it and the effects were different on each girl.

One girl found a fat stump near the end and loved the thickness. She rode it with glee and messed up the bench with all her juice.

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The other girls laughed at how nasty she was. She would take some dick too soon and enjoy it all. Finally it was Dana's turn. The mistress of ceremonies told her to take her time.

She was the queen of the clan and had no obligation other than to do as much as she liked. Dana enjoyed the penetrations and did not hurry. She paused more than once and even took the last fat black tool slowly all the way. The all applauded her and then they surrounded her on her throne.

The mistress commanded each of the dozen pledges to lick her off and the all made her come again. Sometimes her dick squirted from her balls inside but, she could also just come like a leila gang bang french bukkake. It was wonderful and they all felt lucky to share her gift.

The initiation drew to a close and Dana was led upstairs to a special suite. They left her to shower and clean up and the other girls went back to their rooms or apartments. Only the Pre Med student and the mistress stayed up and conferred about their new special member. Clearly their group had been given a sacred responsibility and they must respect Dana's gift.

After their meeting the last two went to their shared bedroom and started a slow make out session. Kathy was the dominant mistress and Carmen was the bookish science student. Kathy played with Carmen's nipples while they kissed and finger her tight pussy. She had been down the bench once too but, still had no boyfriend and stuck to the girls for now. Kathy pulled out her toy collection. One of her favorites was a two headed dildo with a gripping side to control with no harness.

She stuck it up her snatch and started fucking her room mate. She felt and fingered as they fucked and Carmen came like a thunder clap. Then Kathy picked up her cell kinky ebony stuffing her ass with a big one and sent a text message while she kept fucking her friend. A shadow appeared in the window and Kathy called come in. Dexter the stud from the rowing team stepped in from the balcony and pulled out his bulging dick.

Kathy motioned to him to offer it to Carmen's gasping lips while she kept deep drilling like an offshore oil rig. Carmen gagged as Dexter stuck his dick head in her mouth. He was not huge but he was big and stiff. His circumcised glans filled Carmen's mouth and he let her suckle it contentedly. Instinctively Carmen brought her hands to play and worked Dexter's balls and shaft.

Kathy fingered Carmen's clit and slowed her strokes. The new rhythm spun Carmen's reflexes and she came and sucked down on her mouthful of dick. Dexter couldn't hold back now and he shot his load in Carmen's mouth. She slurped up the juice like a thirsty camel at a desert well. Her fat lips sucked Dexter and left his dick clean and dry. Then Kathy whispered to Dexter that he was in for a real treat. The three set out for the special suite and quietly entered Dana's chamber door.

Dana lay under the covers nude and Dexter got stiff from the sight of fresh strange pussy under the sheets. The girls blindfolded him and the wakened Dana. They spread her legs and pulled her to the foot of the father and daughter blood xnxx. Then the stuffed Dexter's ready to go hard three smoking hot pornstar beauties are doing extreme anal toying slowly into Dana's pre stretched pussy.

Dexter moaned with the tight grip of a new college girl clamping his cock. He would last longer the second time and he relaxed and stroked slowly. Then Kathy started playing with Dana's fat stub and pulled the erect gift slowly into view.

She straddled it facing Dexter and took it slowly inside. Dexter felt Kathy face to face and did not question what was happening. He slowly plunged into Dana with progressively deeper penetrations. Meanwhile Kathy took Dana's dick in and started to ride with glee.

It felt so good and Dexter rubbed her clit when he stuffed dick deep inside Dana. Carmen then sat over Dana's face and made her pussy available to the new pledge's kisses and tonguing.

Dana was in a dream world her dick and her pussy felt unbelievably good she came and came and her moans got Carmen on another peak of inevitable orgasm.

Then Dexter bucked like a stallion and Kathy rode like a cowgirl they kisses as they both fucked Dana in the strangest three way double penetration. Until tonight it was something they could not ever imagine.

Carmen came from Dana's licking and the Dana squirted sperm inside Kathy. Dexter blew his second load simultaneously, and they all collapsed in a messy heap. Nothing was said as no words could describe the feelings they had.

They fell asleep in Dana's California King bed and the stars winked at their fun.