Kinky cali and zoey enjoys pussy licking after a hot massage

Kinky cali and zoey enjoys pussy licking after a hot massage
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Adam and Deb are in their mid twenties and havebeen living together in an apartment for the past two years. They met at work and after banging each other抯 brains out for a few months decidedthey should move in together. They enjoy a very active and varied sex life and often stay home just to have sex all evening. They do everything together but sex is their favorite activity. Adam istall and thin with a runners build.

He抯 average looking but very masculine. Deb is about 5�with a petite body and tiny tits, but beautiful legs. She抯 got a cute face with short brown hair. About three weeks ago Adam talked Deb into a three way with their friend Chris.

Chris抯 wife was pregnant and was at that point in her pregnancy that she couldn抰 have sex with him.

Adam used the excuse that he wanted to do something for Chris since he knew he was horny all the time because of not getting any sex. After that first three way, Adam told Deb she could have sex with Chris on the weekends when he had to work, until Chris� wife had her baby.

Deb was a borderline nymphomaniac and would be all over Adam three or four times a day, so when he was openly giving her permission to screw another guy she jumped at the opportunity. Adam would invite Chris over on Saturday mornings and after he arrived Adam would leave for a few hours while Chris did Deb. After they were finished Chris would leave and when Adam came back home, Deb would make him lie on the bed and proceed to slowly suck him off. She likedthe taste of a penis in her mouth and the feeling of it sliding over her tongue would also make hercum.

At first they had agreed that she would not give Chris oral sex, reserving that for Adam, but eventually Adam relented and during one of theirthree way events she sucked off Chris as Adam penetrated her from behind in doggy style.

Adam had an ulterior motive for talking Deb into a three way and giving her permission to do Chriswhen he wasn抰 there. Deb had two sisters, Dawn who was thirteen and Diane who was seventeen.

Neither was as cute as Deb but Diane had a great little body that Adam had decided he wanted to explore. Diane wasn抰 good looking, hadn抰 dated very much and for some reason wasn抰 very popular at school.

She was always horny and talked about sex continuously. When she came to visit Adam and Deb, she was always trying to catch a glimpse of Adam in the shower or bathroom or when he changed clothes.

She had slept with a guy only one time and had complained that he came right away so she had to go home and finger herself to get off. She was constantly asking Deb if Adam made her cum when they had sex and wanted to know specific details of what they did sexually.

On one occasionshe even borrowed Deb抯 vibrator when she slept over at their apartment. Twice in the last month during one of the sleep overs, she had snuck to the door of Adam and Deb抯 room to watch them have sex. Deb was always willing to talk about her sex life to her sister and was very detailed in her description of how and what they did. Deb actually felt sorry for her sister since she knew she was horny and wasn抰 getting satisfied.

On Diane抯 18th birthday Adam suggested they take Diane out for a nice dinner then invite her for a sleep over. HeæŠ use this opportunity to approach Deb about screwing Diane. After dinner they went back to the apartment where he couldput his plan into action. Diane had been asking her usual questions and was talking about sex allevening.

At one point Diane got up to go to the bathroom and Adam saw his chance. After she left the room Adam simply said, æ ¥e should show Diane what good sex is like.� Deb looked at Adam and agreed but ask how they would do it. Adam told Deb they would start by having sex in front of her then get her to join them, similar to what they had done with Chris. Deb pondered fora bit then thought since she was allowed to screw Chris maybe it would be okay for Adam to do Diane.

She told Adam she agreed but how would they start. Adam told her to follow his lead. When Diane returned from the bathroom, he got up and said he had a surprise for her but first they all needed to take showers. He left the roomand returned in ten minutes after his shower. Deb then took a shower as well.

While Deb was in the shower, Adam talked with Diane about sex, and asked her questions about how she satisfied herself. Diane was getting more and more turned on and started fantasizing about Adam. When Deb returned Adam told Diane to take a shower. While she was in the shower, Adam went into the bathroom and took her clothes and placed a terry cloth robe on the bathroom counter. He then went back to the living room where Deb was waiting, already naked.

Adam stripped down as well. His plan was for him to be giving oral sex to Deb when Diane returned to the living room. When Diane walked into the living room wearingthe robe, she was startled by the site of her naked sister getting licked by a naked Adam. Adam stopped, looked up at Diane and simply said æ 'it down here beside your sister.� Knowingall she had on was the terry cloth robe, Adam waited until she was sitting then moved to a position on his knees in front of her.

He wrapped his hands around her little butt and pulled her to the edge of the seat cushion. Diane was mesmerized and her mind was running wild withthoughts of what could possibly happen. He thenseparated her legs with his hands, pulled the robe open and kissed the inside of her left leg close to her knee. Warm teen pussy latoya 2 81 tube porn had a full view of her smooth hairless pussy and commented how nice it looked.

Diane didn抰 say a word, and was getting wetter with anticipation of what she thought Adam was about to do. Adam began kissing the inside of her right leg starting at her knee and began slowly working his way up between her legs. He stopped when his lips got to her pussy then kissed her pussy pushing his tongue between her lips. He looked at her face and saw her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly open as she smiled at him.

He then inserted his tongue into her pussy and without pulling it out, licked higher until he found her clit. She let out a loud moan as he started to lick her clit until it stood erect. Diane closed her eyes and started to raise her hips off the couch as Adam continued to lick and sucked on her clit. Her body stiffened and she began bucking againsthis mouth as she made love to his tongue.

She had never had a guy go down on her so this was a new experience for her and she knew sheæŠ cum soon. Adam reached under her butt and heldher ass off the cushion so he could get a better angle on her pussy. He kept licking and sucking her clit while she moved her hips up and down. He watched her as he continued his tongue work and could tell uncle fucks niece in car was getting close to orgasm.

She put both hands on top of his head and her body started to get tense as she approached her orgasm. It only took her a few more minutes for her to go over the edge.

She held her hips in the air as she came and Adam kept licking her clit until she slowly relaxed and lowered her hips back down onto the couch.

Adam kept his tongue on her clit and occasionally moved it down to her cavity, even after she had relaxed.

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When she had totally relaxed Adam withdrew histongue and kissed her pussy lips then kissed her legs close to her pussy. He then moved up her belly and finally to her tits, slowly kissing each one. After a minute the feeling subsided and she looked over at her sister and thanked her.

Deb simply told her to sit back and relax and get ready for the best birthday she ever had. Adam asked her if she was ready to continue or did she need a little time to recover. She said she needed a few minutes so Adam moved over in front of Deb. Adam pulled Deb to the edge of the cushion as he had done Diane but instead of going down on her, he moved close and started to insert his cock into her wet little pussy.

Deb抯 pussy was also naked of any pubic hair so Diane could get a clear view of Adam entering Deb. Unlike Diane, Deb could cum and keep going and cum again.

She was so turned on from watching Adam lick Diane that as soon as he entered her, she had an orgasm. Adam started pumping in and out of Deb and was watching Diane as he moved. He could see Diane was starting to get turned on again and he didn抰 want to cum in Deb because busty teen gets amazing pounding on a couch wanted to fuck Diane. He pulled out of Deb, got on his knees and startedlicking Deb抯 pussy.

He wanted to get her to cum again before he moved back to Diane. As he licked her clit she closed her eyes and raised her hips up to meet his mouth. Deb preferred oral sex to penetration and was delighted that Adam was using his tongue. She was starting to feel her orgasm rise up inside of her and began to stiffen her body as Adam kept working his tongue on her clit.

She felt the energy rise and take her over the edge as she came on his tongue. A second wave of sensation made her tremble for an instant.

She relaxed a little but was soon bucking up and down as she started to have another orgasm. Deb could have three or four orgasms in a row before she needed a break and she knew Adam would soon stop and move back to Diane so she was trying her best to have another one before he stopped. Adam knew what she was doing andkept licking her until she reached her orgasm again. Adam stood up and took Diane by the hand and pulled her off the couch and onto the floor.

He laydown on his back with his erection pointing straight up. He told her to straddle him and put his cock inside her.

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She slowly climbed on top of him, and as she got comfortable above his naked body, she took hold of his member and put the head at the entrance to her pussy. She continued to hold onto his cock as she slowly lowered herself to receive his rigid penis. She could feel his cock start to go inside her warm wet vagina, stretching her as it went in. She girl kidnapped and forced topen her clothes and dance her eyes and kept lowering herself until she had buried hisdick completely inside her.

She paused for a moment then started to move in a small circle while keeping his penis completely buried inside her. She then started to raise herself up and down, moving his cock in and out, but only about an inch at a time. She moaned with delight as the feeling inside herstarted to make her hot and push her toward orgasm. As she continued to move herself on his cock, she started moaning and began lengthening her stroke so she could feel more of him slide in and out.

Adam reached up and massaged her tits as she moved on his cock. This was sex the way she had fantasized and was planning to enjoy every inch of his manhood for as long as she could. Adam started to move with her as she pumped up and down on his cock. She knew she couldn抰 hold out for long and was moving faster and faster as that familiar feeling started to overtake her.

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Deb had been watching her sister insert Adam抯 cock and was becoming anxious to have that sexual feeling again herself. She walked over to them and knelt down beside Adam. As she watched her sister slide up and down on her boyfriend抯 cock she reached between them and took hold of his cock to feel the wetness of her sister, as her juices ran down the length of it.

Shecould tell Diane was about to cum again by the distressed look on her face. Her eyes were half closed and her breathing was erratic, as she kept moving his penis in and out of her wet little box. Suddenly Adam stopped Diane from moving and told her to get off his cock. He told her to turn around and straddle him again but in reverse direction. She got up and laughed as his dick plopped out of her.

She turned around and repositioned herself above his penis again but this time facing away from him. She reached backand placed his member at her entrance again then lowered herself as she once again became impaled on his hard cock. Adam told her not to move for a little bit. He then told Deb to straddle his face so he could lick her pussy. Deb stepped across and positioned herself over Adam抯 mouthand lowered herself down so he could get his tongue inside her.

Adam used his hands to position Deb where he wanted her and began to nibble on her clit. He pulled it with his teeth and kept either his tongue or teeth on that little nub by pulling her closer to him with his hands.

Diane couldn抰 take any more and began to move up and down on his cock once again. Both girls came several times in this position and after about half an hour, Adam was also getting close to his orgasm. When he was very close he stopped Diane and asked her to get off of him He moved Deb off of his face, then asked, � Which one of you wants me to come in her belly?� Deb said, æ 'æŠ love to feel you cum in me, but it抯 Diane抯 birthday so you should give her the present.� Diane said sheæŠ only had one guy fuck her and when he was ready, he pulled out of her and came on her belly.

Adam told her she had a choice to make. She could let him cum in her pussy or he could cum in her mouth. Since sheæŠ never given oral sex Deb suggested he cum in herpussy this time. Diane agreed and straddled Adam, this time facing him. She again lowered herself onto his cock and began moving up and down as she got ready for his load to explode in her belly.

She asked Adam how soon he would cum. He told her he was close and sheæŠ know when he was cumming. After a few minutes Adam began to stiffen his legs and could feel his orgasm building. Diane was moving him in and out of herpussy and was slowly lengthening her stroke again. When he was about there, he told her to take him inside her as far as she could. She leanedforward a little and could feel his hard member rub against her clit as she pushed down on him. Adam exploded inside of Diane while she was grinding down on his cock.

She could feel his cumsplashing against her vaginal walls and was surprised at how warm it was. Diane came again as Adam pushed against her as hard as he could to maximize the feeling. Eventually Adam lost his erection and Diane leaned down and kissed him. She then raised up enough for his penis to fall outof her pussy.

Diane got up and walked to the bathroom to clean up while Deb rubbed Adam抯 limp cock. When Diane returned Deb took her turn in the bathroom to clean up her wet pussy. She returned with a wash cloth that was wet with warm water. Secretary suck cock boss and cum doggystyle cristall gloss wiped down Adam抯 genitals and stomach where Diane had dripped fluid.

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Adam sat up, looked at Diane and said æ Œappy birthday�. Diane looked at Adam then at Deb andtold them it really was the best birthday sheæŠ ever had. It was now past midnight so they decided it was time to go to bed. They all climbed into bed together with Adam in the middle. When Adam woke up the next morning, he couldsmell eggs and bacon cooking and when he wentto the kitchen his two favorite girls were there eating breakfast and waiting for him.

Deb smiled at him, got up and walked over and gave him a kiss, then Diane did the same thing. Adam made acouple of eggs and sat down to eat breakfast.