Son rape sleeping fat mom

Son rape sleeping fat mom
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My boyfriend Brad and I, We went for dinner to celebrate our 1year anniversary at lavish restaurant. He had worn faded Jeans, A white t-shirt and a blazer with his hair was jelled back. His blazer matched his eyes. A perfect gray.

He looked stunning when he came to pick me up from my house at 7pm. I was dressed in a short low neck strapless black tight dress. I had worn a half cupped red lacy teen fucks stranger in shower slavemouth alexa and no panties. We walked out of my house and into his car and he gave me a kiss and told me how beautiful I looked and that the dress totally highlighted my perky tits.

I had worn my long hair open. My eyes are hair were the same color, Light brown. We drove to the restaurant and on the way I asked Brad to pullover so we could have a little make-out session in his car.

He pulled over and I went and spread my legs across his lap and sat on him and his hand slowly reached my bottom and I could see his eyes sparkle when he learnt i had no panties on. He had a huge grin on his face. My hands in dani danials cum shot in mouth hair and his hands playing with my ass and slowly nearing my pussy and we both were making out wildly.

Just like we use to in old times. It gave cheap thrills. We were making out for a long time soon i could actually feel his boner hitting my pussy. "Keep the dick in hun, We wont make it for dinner otherwise." and we both laughed and he kept kissing my mouth, my chin, my cheeks, my neck all the way till my upper chest and his hands were playfully spanking my round ass and we kept kissing for a while.

He later put me back on my seat. Looked in the mirror, tided up his hair and we drove off and reached in time for our reservation. We were lead in by the manager into a cute table for 2 in an extreme corner which had very low lighting and a candle kept on the center of the table, A champagne bottle in the ice bucket and a bouquet of red tulips and blue iris kept for me along with a box of white chocolates.

I was soo happy, I bent over the table and kissed him deep and long. "Thank you baby, This is wonderful. I totally love it." We then opened the bottle of champagne and began to drink as the starters came we began to eat and drink. Slowly I could feel his toe making way into my thighs into my pussy I giggled and spread my legs open for his toe to enter in.

It felt good. His toe began to tease me and I kept giggling and he was enjoying it. His toe found the way to my hole and slowly it entered and i let out a moan. The waiter then brought us our dinner. We quickly ate it as Brad kept teasing me with his hands as he slid his chair closer getting to close to my pussy or his toe getting me to moan in public.

I too decided to play around a little with him too.

Soon my feet were rubbing his bulge from under the table. i could feel it growing and i could also see Brad get impatient.

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Then I slid my chair closer and soon my hand was rubbing the bulge through his jeans. He caught my wrist and pulled me closer and kissed me deep. "You are such a tease babe, Wait till later" he winked. We ate our dinner and by the end finished the whole bottle of champagne and then came the dessert. It was hot cake with ice cream chocolate sauce and whipped cream and a strawberry. I scooped a little of the cream onto a spoon.

Slid under the table and removed his hard cock from his pants and put all cream over it. "OMG Babe, You are just totally insane" he was getting to excited and scared. "Chill hun, No one can see us. The table cloth reached the end of the floor." And i began to give him a slow blow job and cream spread all over his rock hard cock. I licked up all the cream from his cock and i could also taste a little pre cum then I put his cock back into his jeans and got back to my seat.

I got up and picked up the strawberry and ate it "Heyy, I thought we were sharing" He was smiling and pulled me into a long kiss and ate haft of the berry from cachandcojiendinfiel empleada sexstorys mexicanas porncunada argentina mouth. We finished the desert and headed to his place. On the way back i was driving his car and his hands were under my dress playing around with my cunt and teasing it."You are so horny babe, In the restaurant.

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I cant believe we just did that. I cant even remember the last time you did that" He giggled and was very happy. I didn't drive home but i drove in a hotel where i had booked us a suit as a surprise gift for him We walking into out suit. It was lit up with candles and had huge bowls of Chocolate sauce, Wiped Cream and Honey. We went in for a steamy shower first. He pushed me up against the wall and his hands slid to my bottoms and he lifted me up and soon he stuffed his cock inside of my pussy riding me well.

Kissing me all over pushed against the wall soon i was cuming in no time. "Oh yeah babe, harder. Wilder please" i was moaning and he kept fucking me under the shower. Brad shot loads of his cum deep inside of me and then let go of me.

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We finished out shower and walked into the room naked and i laid on the couch. He brought the chocolate sauce and poured it all over me and slid over me making the sauce rub onto his body too. Eating my nipples licking the sauce off of me he made his way down to my pussy and began to pour sauce in side my hole and then started to tongue me and eat up all the sause.

"Baby, Your cum and the sauce together taste the best" and he kept eating me. "My turn now" i said and got off seeing he actually ate all of the chocolate off of me. I took some wiped cream and sprayed it all over his cock and abs and nipples.

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I started to kiss his mouth made my way down biting his nipples and eating the cream and then licked his abs which got him really hard.

Then i started to lick his balls and ate up all of the cream and when gave him a hell of a blow job and send mom son mom xxx him cuming deep in my throat in no time.

It was amazing. "My wild little babe, Lets use the bed now." After we cleaned up the sauce and cream of us we went and hade some mind boggling sex for the rest of the night. My pussy was sore by the amount of sex i had in that one night and he was pretty exhausted by the amount of cum he shot inside of me.

He then turned me around and started teasing my ass with the head of his cock, Soon in a single thrust he shoved his entire cock inside of my ass. Man did that hurt like mad. he kept ass fucking me till my ass was filled with his cum. Riding me like a wild horse and boy was he enjoying it. We then slept and he kept 3fingers inside my pussy the whole night.

I awoke the next morning with him fingering me hard and honey all over my boobs which he was joyfully sucking and nibbling. ~ Do not duplicate it on other sites. Only I will be posting them around. All rights reserved by the author. ~ Please do leave your comments; I'd love to hear what you'll think about my stories. Thank you. x