Xxx 2019 sex stories story full sex stories

Xxx 2019 sex stories story full sex stories
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Loud gagging sounds were produced each time I forced myself down Grace's throat. I would then hold her down and watch as tears started to form and her face turned bright red. Her eyes slowly went to the back of her head and her desperation for breath turned me on as I continued to find pleasure in her gagging mouth.

Occasionally I would pull out and enjoy the sound of her panting before she looked up at me with her brown puppy dog eyes, begging for more like a good slave should.

I stuffed her throat once more and once again found bliss. Her tongue was extremely skilled and she had dutifully cleaned my cock after I fucked Natasha long and hard in her asshole. The lazy cunt was curled up on the cold floor unconscious with my cum leaking out of sex lifs sex sex stories story sore ass and a barrage of vicious welts beautifully marking her body. She was always a better fuck when she was shaking in pain.

I would beat her again when she woke up as punishment for fainting but for the mean time I pushed the pleasing thought of torturing Natasha to the back of my mind and focussed on Grace. Triggering her gag reflex one more time, I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop before looking away with shame.

I found it incredible that she still felt degraded by this. Since the Mexican cartel kidnapped her, she must have sucked hundreds of cocks as she was locked up in glory holes across the country. Since I brought her, I made sure her talents haven't gone to waste having her serve as an efficient fluffier to get some of my older guest ready to enjoy themselves. I was glad she wasn't completely broken as it made it more fun to watch the constant abuse girls suffer at my brothel slowly dissolved the spirit and resilience of these sluts until they're left as nothing more than brainless dolls to be fucked and hurt.

I pulled her hazel nut hair to make her stand and then examined her gorgeous body once again.

She didn't have the biggest boobs or ass but they were shapely and perky enough to act as targets for the whip. What she did have was a nice pair of long seductive legs that were perfect to cane, a pretty face made for slapping and a neck that was the ideal length to wrap your hands around and squeeze. She turned away from me, not wanting to look at me as I teasingly prodded her hymen with my fingers.

It would have been so great to take her virginity right then but a deal is a deal. Her first time wasn't mine to take. I handcuffed her hands behind her back and then forced a ring gag into her mouth to make her dribble spit down her chin and tits.

A dog collar and leash was attached around her neck before I led her to her master for the night. A man and his gang that Grace knew well. Seeing him again caused her to story oral sex samantha saint up in terror. The cause of all her misery looked at his old slave and grinned whilst Grace's enslaved mother rushed off the man that was fucking her and tried to reach her daughter but was tackled to the ground by a large thug before she got anywhere near Grace.

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He dragged the hot milf back to the centre of the room where ten men continued to have their way with her. Their boss looked on from his chair, staring at Grace as she cried for her mother. He put his cigar out on the tongue of his ashtray, a stunning redhead who's large tits where covered in bruises and bite marks.

She must have been too loose or not a good enough fuck for his liking as her cunt was sewn shut. At least he managed to find a worthwhile purpose for her although I doubted that the girl peculiarly enjoyed having cigars and cigarettes put out on her. He walked up to me and we exchanged pleasantries and discuss how business was like before I left Grace in his capable care. He unlocked her handcuffs and forced her onto her hands and knees before taking her leash and making her crawl by his feet.

Grace's eyes never left her mother who screamed as a pair of rough hand squeezed her large tits and pulled on them like handles whilst slamming balls deep into her cunt. Another man slapped the hot thirty something years old goddess and chocked her with his dick.

Grace finally looked diesel mom and blonde milf teen having her way with a rookie no longer being able to bear seeing her mother abused. Her father had been a rival to the man now holding her leash and the memory of being forced to suck her father off as they killed him would always haunt the deepest depths of her repressed mind.

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He pulled her leash and enjoyed the look of utter shame on her face as she was forced to crawl like a dog. He led her to a wooden stocks with three holes cut into the surface that would keep her hands and neck in place. It was a tight fit at an uncomfortable angle and it prevented her from seeing what he was turkish wife swallow hot cum as he walked behind her.

He clicked his fingers and his men dragged Grace's mother over to him and rested her face on her daughter's ass cheek.

He grabbed her messed up hair to hold her there and made her watch as he slowly forced his cock into Grace's virgin pussy.

He took his time to push himself halfway inside her and listened to her cries and groans before slamming himself all the way and thrusting mercilessly into her. Grace screamed and her mother cried while the architect of their suffering moaned loudly with pleasure. Grace's cunt was so tight and he found himself loosing control earlier than he had originally planned.

He wasn't too disappointed, after all he had the entire night to fuck her and her mother. He walked back to his chair and lit another cigar, his last was still on the tongue of his ashtray.

He took time to breathe in the flavours and then signalled for his men to have some fun with the mother and daughter duo that only existed to entertain them for the night.