Dude nails the luscious gal pornstar hardcore

Dude nails the luscious gal pornstar hardcore
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I met Brent right after I moved. A brand new city, brand new job and brand new friends. We talked online before I had moved and were merely friends. He was 23 and I was 26, polar opposites in almost everyway. He stood 5'4 about 245 pounds and strawberry blonde hair. He was very cocky and conceited and a total red neck. I, however, stand 5'11 about 220 pounds with 40DD breasts, a nice firm ass, long burgundy colored hair and a total city girl.

I was never thought of him sexually or had been attracted to him. But leaving my home town and not knowing anyone who I trusted enough to fuck I slowly started considering the possibility of that happening. The first time it came up was online. He had asked if I had met anyone since I moved, I hadn't and he knew it and I knew he had a girlfriend.

Much to my surprise he sent me a picture message to my phone, his rock hard cock. I was shocked that he would be so bold but wasn't going to complain. The next message was just as shocking " Do you have any toys?" Unsure what to say but not being one to lie I simply said "yeah, a couple" That simple reply is all he needed, from that point on my pussy and ass slowly became his property for almost 2 years.

Brent worked over nights cleaning parking lots so we planned to meet one night when he was close to my house. We planned to meet at 1am about a mile from my house in a grocery send mom son mom xxx parking lot. He asked me to wear my dildo in my pussy for him from the time I went to bed till I got home from seeing him.

I reluctantly complied with the request. At about 10pm I slide the 7" long dildo into my tight smooth pussy. I slide my red satin thong panties up then my shorts. As I went to sit on my bed the dildo was forced deep into my pussy and I almost jumped back up but thought "no I said I would and I don't break my word that easy" Brent messaged me a pasty white big tits fucking huge big dick tube porn minutes later asking if I had put it in yet.

"Of course I have, I told you I would" I replied. "Good! Now I want a picture as proof" Brent ordered. I got up and turned on a light slide my shorts down then my panties. I laid back on my bed, holding my phone between my legs and took a picture and sent it to him. "Good girl" was his reply. I couldn't help by smile to myself as I slid my panties and shorts back on.

About an hour later he messaged me again asking if it was still in and asking for a picture as proof. This went on until I left the house to meet up with him. It was a warm May night.

I had a low cut tank top and shorts on with my dildo deep in me. Every bump in the road I hit was torture forcing it deeper and deeper. As I pulled into the lot I saw his give mom silip sex is son, he pulled over to me and hopped out. He was short, very short compared to me, but still kinda cute. He gave me a tight hug and grabbed my ass and squeezed. As he pulled back he smiled "How ya feelin?" he asked.

"Im ok, kinda embarrassed and uncomfortable tho." I replied. "Good, that's the point" Brent informed me as he reached between my legs and forced the dildo deep in me. "Follow me" he said as he got in his truck. We pulled around the back of the store, out of site of any possible passers by. As I got out of the car he walked towards me with this sly grin on his face, what was he thinking?

Before I could say anything he grabbed my throat and slammed me against the truck. Oddly, I wasn't scared, I got wet as hell. With the other hand he reached up my shorts and started sliding the dildo in and out. "What is this?" he smirked "The slut is wet?" He chuckled and squeezed harder as he pumped me harder. How could this be happening, I was turned on my being fucked in public with my dildo while being chocked?

As I got close to cumming Brent undid my shorts and yanked them down. "Suck my cock you fucking slut!" I looked at him in shock *SLAP* "NOW!" I dropped to my knees and to his cock in my mouth. Slowly at first, then deeper and faster. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard and forced every inch of his dick into my mouth gagging me. The next thing I felt was him using my hair to pull me up and slammed me down on the hood of the truck.

He reached down and made sure the dildo was still in me "don't let it come out bitch!" he ordered, I nodded. He let go of my hair and used both hands to grab my hips. "OH god no, he isn't going to, he wouldn't!?!?!" I was wrong! With one hard thrust he shoved his cock up my ass "OH GOD!!!!!! That hurts! Stop please!!" I begged. Brent laughed as he pounded me harder "shut up you fucking slut!

You're mine now!" As he grabbed my hair again I began to cum, harder than I had ever cum before in my life. "Don't drop that dildo slut!" he shouted.

"I wont, I wont, I promise" I moaned. A few more hard thrust and his hot load was pumping into my ass. As we cleaned up he lightly kissed me and smiled. He reached between my legs and acted like he was going to take out the dildo, I sighed in relief. Before it was all the was out he laughed and slammed it back in making me gasp in shock.

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"That isn't coming out tonight" he informed me "Tonight?" I asked. "Yep, I want you to keep it in until morning" Brent replied with a smile. "Do I have to? Seriously?" I begged.

"If you ever want to get fucked again then yes and you will send me pics when I ask for them.

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If you don't send them fast enough you will find out what happens" explained Brent. "OK OK OK" I mumbled. That night I had to send 5 more sets of pictures to him as proof that the dildo was still in.

Sleeping was hard to do, every move sent the dildo deep in me. Finally about 6am I passed out, I wish I wouldn't have. About 6:30am he asked for another picture, I didn't hear the text till I woke up around 8am. As soon as I got it I took a new busty milf stepmom joins teens threeway fun and sent it to him. Shortly after I got a message back "you are late!" "Im sorry, I fell asleep and didn't hear my phone" I replied.

"to bad! You sleep with it in again tonight" Brent informed me.

"please no!! I barely slept last night" I pleaded "to bad, you were warned. Take it out for now and suck it clean and send me a picture" he ordered. "OMG no way!!!!" I refused. "do it or I show all my buddies ur pics and tell them where u work!" was his cold reply. "ok fine I will!" I went into my bathroom and slide the dildo that had been in me for 10 hours now out of my pussy.

It was covered in my cream and juices, I almost gagged as I thought about what I had to do. "What had I gotten myself into?" I closed my eyes and slide the dildo between my lips and took it as far as I could. I grabbed my phone and took a pic and sent it to Brent.

"You're such a good slut" was his reply. I smiled as I put my dildo away, knowing that in just a few mere hours it would be back in me again. Little did I know this was only the beginning of the controlling and nothing compared to what he was going to do in the near future.