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Naughty asian wet crack pleasuring japanese and hardcore
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Fifteen year old, short black haired and brown eyed Nikki scrubbed the kitchen counter. She didn't want to think of what would happen if she didn't finish in time, but the thoughts came anyway.

Ever since Nikki was 12 years old she'd been working for the Michaels family. There was Mrs. Joan Michaels, she was a vain woman with red hair that hung around her shoulders and cold green eyes. She was slim and loathed Nikki. Mrs. Michaels was married to Mr. Richard Michaels.

He was pretty fit, but his brown hair had silver streaks in it and his brown eyes seemed dull. He ignored Nikki unless his wife told him to punish her.

They had two children. The first was a son. Seventeen year old, Drake with his brown hair and blue eyes was a fox. He ignored Nikki most of the time, but he would show sympathy when Nikki was beaten.

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He was very different from his sister, Juliett. Juliett was the spitting image of her mother. She hated Nikki and never missed an opportunity to get Nikki punished in one way or another.

Nikki finished the counter and sighed. She would probably get some food at least. Something collided with Nikki's face. Nikki hadn't heard the door open, so she had let her guard down. Joan, Drake and Juliette had returned from shopping and now Joan and Juliete stood above Nikki.

"You little pack of scum!" Joan yelled. "Who told you, you could take a break?" "I-I," Nikki stammerd. "I finished my chores pretty ass valentina nappi gets anal fucked just-" "Finished? You did the laundry, put it away, mopped the floor, washed the windows, cleaned the gutter?" "Yes, ma'am." "Go to your room!" "Hey mom?" Drake asked entering the kitchen.

"What's for dinner?" "What would you like sweetheart?" "Can we get pizza or something?" "I suppose. Go ahead and call. I'll just take a salad." "You Juliette?" "I'll take a salad as well." Juliette said not removing her eyes from Nikki.

"Should I order a large or medium?" "Why in heavens would you need a large?"Joan asked "It's been three days," Drake said gesturing Nikki on the floor. "She needs to eat." "She can go one more day for her lip." Joan grabbed Nikki by the arm, pulling her up. "Didn't I tell you to get to your room? I'll be sending Richard down tonight to teach you a lesson." Nikki went to the basement that acted as her bedroom.

She pulled off the shoes that were a size to small and rubbed her sore feet. Nikki was exhausted, but knew she couldn't sleep before her punishment with Richard or it would be worse. Nikki looked around her room. It was big, but she wasn't allowed a lot of things.

She had a twin bed that had been Juliette's, but had been given to Nikki because Richard said punishing her was too hard on a cot. There was a small table and a clock that Nikki used to japanese slim girl having some bukkake action up every morning.

Nikki could hear the sounds of the family eating upstairs. She heard a movie and then the door opened at eleven. Nikki didn't move. Richard shut the door and walked downstairs. Nikki could smell the alcohol as Richard moved into her line of vision wearing only pajama bottoms.

"So," he said. "You mouthed off to Joan?" He sat beside Nikki and put his hand on the dress that Nikki always wore, but was too small. He put his hand up near Nikki's crotch.

He rubbed her underwear vigorously. "Undress." Richard demanded. Nikki got off the bed and Richard lay on his side on the bed, watching Nikki. Nikki removed her dress and unfastened her bra. The bra was too small as well at a size 32B when Nikki was a firm 36C.

Nikki took off her underwear and Richard patted the bed. Nikki got in beside him.

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He began to suck her breasts and finger her pussy. Nikki knew better than to fight it, but she didn't like it. Richard lowered his pants and pulled his 6 in member and forced it into Nikki.

He was not gentle or slow, but Nikki was to do only what he said. He had been raping her since Joan ordered it six months after Nikki began to work for her.

Joan was not worried about Nikki getting pregnant though because after Juliette, Joan had made him get a vasectomy. "Come on, bitch." Richard said riding Nikki hard. "Let me hear you." Nikki stopped biting her lip and the moans escaped. Richard began to suck Nikki's right breast and rubbing the left.

Nikki couldn't stop the screams and moans of pleasure, but hated herself for them. Nikki could feel Richard swell inside her and he came. As his juices filled Nikki his hand squeezed her breast.

Raucous hand and wet oral job deepthroat blowjob series of events unleashed Nikki's own pleasure and she screamed. Nikki felt her body slowly come down from its climax and Richard pulled himself from her. Richard put his penis up to Nikki's face.

"Clean me." He demanded. Nikki began to suck her and Richard's juices from his dick.

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It began to get hard in her mouth. Richard put his hands on the back of Nikki's head and forced himself deeper into her face.

She could feel Richard's penis swell in her mouth and Richard pulled her closer forcefully. Nikki's mouth filled with Richard's juices and he forced her to swallow all of it. Richard pulled himself off of Nikki and covered up again. "There," he said. "Now behave and don't say I didn't feed you." Richard left and turned off the light at the top of the stairs. Nikki pulled the covers over her naked body.

She silently cried into her pillow.