Fuck me until i squirt twiceget

Fuck me until i squirt twiceget
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The son of a neighbor I live in wasteland of rundown residential tower blocks, a low income housing on the outskirts of Paris. I'm a woman of 37, slender, quite beautiful, with a certain taste for drugs, celebration and a distaste for work. In these HLM housing blocks you don't really know your neighbors well. In fact, you have no idea, who lives beside you. I passed the stairway on a dull afternoon as woman asked me if I did have any baking ingredients.

She was a bit older than me, a moroccan woman. She seemed a bit stressed telling me she needed the ingredients quickly because she did not have the time to go shopping. I told her I'll take a look and bring her what I have. It was not much because I'm not really a baker, but I took what was there and went down. I never noticed this woman in the house, like I didn't notice anyone else.

Back then I usually went home late and slept through the day, sometimes with a companion, often alone. I didn't had a regular boyfriend at that time and after some unfortunate encounters with the male kind I preferred to be alone, except for some fun once in a while.

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As I entered the apartment with my stuff I saw a boy sitting in front of the TV, a little man in fact, because he was dressed that way, elegant as for a special occasion. And it was special, his mother told me that she wanted to make a cake to celebrate the birthday of her son.

Coming from my favorite club I had not changed.

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I was dressed up for the night, still. I wore a blouse with a plunging neckline and a flared and light skirt. I wore some heels and a thin silver anklet in the form of a snake. I went to the boy to wish him a happy birthday.

He sat in front of the TV and was playing with a cell phone. He was a beautiful boy, I didn't notice that before.

I introduced myself and leaned forward to give him a soft kiss on his cheeks. I talked to him a bit. He told me what I already knew, that this was his birthday, but also, that his name was Denis. He looked very cute with his brown hair and his lovely hazel eyes. I'm Juliette, I told him.

And he asked me to stay. I sat on the couch next to his mother, who thanked me and offered me a coffee. I had my legs crossed, but from time to time I took them slightly apart for a little more ease and comfort. My skirt was not too tight and I'm proud of my beautiful legs. I didn't mind to show them a bit to the boy.

Denis hat changed place and sat now in front of us in an armchair still occupied with his phone. This little rascal. As I leaned towards him I heard already some clicks and I wondered where these noises came from.

And there where others at times but I paid little attention, even when the boy was standing next to me as he headed for the kitchen. He went to the jasmine black has some awesome big tits pornstar knockers room table, sat down and turned busty amateur rides dick big tits teen, while his mother was busy making the cake.

I rose silently, curious at what he looked, tiptoed to the table, stood right behind him without him taking notice of me.

Denis looked at a picture of my cleavage on his cell phone. Obviously taken as I bowed down to say hello. The cups of my bra where clearly visible as well as the furrow of my breasts. The next picture showed my legs and my white lace panties, shot when I sat on the couch putting my legs slightly apart.

Yes, our little artist didn't notice me behind him. He was absorbed looking at his pictures of me. He jumped when I whispered in his ear: "We are having fun, haven't we? I hope you like the view," Denis did not answer, but he closed his phone. I was kind of disturbed that his kid looked at what I hid under my clothes, but it aroused me, too.

I got wet in the crotch of my pants. I felt like playing a little game with this young fella. I excused me and went to the bathroom where I took of my bra and my panties putting them in my bag. I went back in the living room. I sat right next do Denis leaning against him. When he turned his head towards me his gaze immediately met my cleavage. He could see my bare breasts, which I showed him freely. Of course they hang a little, although they are not really big.

I don't care, that's how they are. They have also large brown aureola and my nipples where pretty erect because of the situation. Denis was of no means displeased, he seemed to like them very much. "Now you can see them much better, darling" I whispered. Denis didn't answer his face beetle red now.

I had caught him red-handed. His mother came back from the kitchen. She did not notice much or she really didn't care. The boy made me kind of nervous and also pretty horny. I hoped our little game wouldn't stop at the sight of my breast or my thighs which I wanted to reveal to him, soon.

I hoped he wouldn't get too confused so that his mother became aware of our flirting. His mother and I where sitting on the couch drinking coffee as she asked him to bring us some sugar. Denis got up fetched some sugar and brought it to me.

He was standing right in front of me. As he was only a small little boy, in this position, he could see directly at my crotch. I spread my thighs and he gazed at my shaved vag, my female lips and my rosy slit. Fine and fresh like a bloated apricot. And moist, too.

The boy forgot to give me the sugar instead he stared fascinated at my cunt. I had to close my legs because I didn't want to draw attention to his mother.

I whatsapp desi girl gang rape storys downloading11 out with my cup and he threw the sugar right into, slightly confused. "Don't dream!" His mother told him.

And to me: "The boy is such a dreamer!" I smiled politely and ruffled his hair. "Boys at that age are like this." I told her. "That is just normal." I was really excited now, but I thought that showing myself to him would be enough for this cute little boy. As my birthday gift he got to see his first naked pussy from an adult woman. We went to the kitchen table to eat the cake. Denis sat between me and his mother and we ate while chatting about this and that.

Suddenly I felt his little hot hand on my knee wandering upwards to my bare thigh, then going up even higher. This kid really had balls. The tiny fingers of my neighbor's son where now inside my thighs and found my pussy lips. He fondled my tender flesh intensely.

It got slippery down there. These demanding caresses didn't displease me at all, no. I wanted his little fingers go further.

I want them going up my tight slit. I spread my legs under the table.

This allowed Denis to reach my clammy female spot. He fondled it fiercely and with care to not call his mother's intention. I went pretty wet. I had to oppress a moan. He had his fingers on my outer lips. He tried to stick his middle finger in my snatch.

This was very well appreciated. I shoved my crotch against him, but it was not enough. This move got me even wetter. His hand must have been quite wet and shiny, too, I imagined. Like a guy eating fat meat with his bare hands. Yes, I really desired to feel tons of bitches happy to see dick striptease hardcore finger in my hole.

His tiny hands worked feverish at the entrance of my slit, at my swollen lips, but couldn't get in. The presence of his mother did not allow that. She would have noticed sitting right beside us. As she asked to him to bring her cigarettes from her nightstand he had to pull out under my skirt. I was kind of frustrated, but I smiled. The old lady seemed unsuspecting. As Denis went out he sniffed his hand. It was heavy on my scent. I've never met such a bold and sexual knowing young boy.

I was confused. After having blown out the candles, Denis asked his mother if he could show me the hiding place he had built in the basement. It was not really appropriate and it certainly should not interest me, but as his mother refused, I told her that I wouldn't mind and that it would be so much fun for Denis. Because it was his birthday his mother agreed. I followed him to the basement, naked under my skirt and dripping.

He took my hand and led me to a small door. I didn't like our basement and avoided it to go there. It was ugly, bleak and damp, cold, too and like all cellars it smelled of mold with something else.

It reminded me of death. "I's pretty scary here." I told him, but he didn't answer. He took a key out of his pocket and opened the door. We entered a small room. Denis hiding spot. A mattress was on the floor, there where posters on the wall showing naked women in very sexy and frivolous poses. I wondered if his mother ever visited this place. In the corner lay some worn out porn magazines obviously read many times.

This was his sex lair. The sex lair of an kid. Did he invite some real women here, besides me or did he only masturbate at this lewd and distasteful pictures? I shivered. I stood in this ugly spot right in front of Denis. It was kind of awkward. While I looked around at the posters, he told me self-assured: "Juliette, now you can show me your naked body.

We're private here." He was courageous, extraordinaire. I was surprised and impressed. His words and his conduct exited me. I decided to obey him and gave him a nod.

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I removed my blouse and pulled down my skirt. Threw both garments on his mattress. I was stark naked standing in front of this kid in this desperate room, being watched by this strange kid. I must confess that I really liked this. It made me wet. He did not say anything.

He just gazed at my naked, ripe female body. He had already felt my slit some minutes ago, but now I was fully revealed. A mature woman, naked, just there, in front of him. I pulled up a show for him. I started to adopt some of the poses the women showed on the posters.

I took my breasts in my hands, fondled my nipples. Denis pulled out his cellphone and took picturHe of me. For some reason, this made me do even more daring poses: I turned around and spread my buttocks to show him my tiny hq porn hot teen biqle story. I crouched.

I spread my pussy wide open, my labia glistening shining wet. After this obscene photo shot which made me horny beyond belief I asked him to get naked, too. He undressed quickly. In fact, he could not wait to get rid of his clothes. He was naked in no time. His boyish prick seemed to me not that small.

It was not very long but already pretty thick and it stood very proud pointing at me with confidence. It looked beautiful so hard and hairless and determined. Denis came to me, his head just up to my breasts. He told me, that he loved my tits and he began to suck them like a baby. He pressed his body against mine and I felt his very hard and very swollen cock against my belly.

He nibbled my teats with cute intensity. It got me very aroused. I stroked his small, firm buttocks and pressed his tiny head against me, so that he'd suck me even harder, like drawing milk from my udders. I wanted him to bite me, but I didn't tell him.

I sometimes love pain. And I imagined being tortured by that little boy. I asked him: "Do you like my breasts? I don't think they are beautiful, they are to drooping." "I love your tits, Juliette. They are beautiful and they don't droop at all. I prefer yours to those of my mother. They are flat." So, he spied on his mother, too. I was again amazed by his confidence, speaking not like a boy, but like a man.

This exited my like crazy. This was all very thrilling: me, a middle aged female, standing naked in this small and damp and dim and musty basement room with a boy who really seems to be able to handle such a woman. I let him go of my breasts and crouched before him. He was not at all surprised. It seemed to me he was used to naked women kneeling in front of him. Although I was sure, that he never had a real girl, let alone a woman, he acted convincingly like a pro in this respect.

The little pig was a good actor after all. I took his hard penis and stroked it slowly and tender. Carefully, I peeled down his glans. I embalmed it with some saliva, I let slowly drip from my lips, kissed the tip and finally engulfed it greedily. I sucked him intensely. As I had his cock in my mouth, as I looked up to him, crouched, as I sucked him, he took a picture.

This did not stop me. I continued. He let go of the cheerleader giselle loves anal and facial pornstars and hardcore and grabbed my head, hold it tight, as my lovers sometimes did, with remarkable strength, very unusual for a boy of his age.

He fucked my lips in a steady and passionate rhythm, not allowing me to stop. I knew now, that he would harvest his seed in my mouth. He came violently, taking my lips to the hilt. Fluid hot spurts invaded my mouth. A lot of. I had to swallow and I did. I liked his watery goo and I enjoyed eating it. It was different from a mature man, I believed. Not so spermy, lighter, easier to eat. It was good to drink. After he stopped and released my head, I remained crouched before him, letting him breathe.

His small prick became very soft in my mouth, but I knew that in his age he would soon regain his energy. We took a seat on his mattress. I told him, that my mouth and my lips tasted of his sperm and that I liked it. He grimaced. I wanted to kiss him but he escaped.

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We laughed. He showed me the pictures he had taken. That was pretty hard stuff. I was a bit embarrassed. I had my pussy spread, masturbating. Fiddling my hole like in a frenzy.

I showed my buttocks and my tiny asshole and also there was my mouth and his cock in my mouth and my eyes meeting the lens. I took his tiny cock and wanked him very slowly and very tender. Little by little, he was getting harder and I asked him: "Do you want to put your rod in my pussy, Denis?

You know I'm very tight and you will like it and see, how sweet it is to fuck a grown woman. You can tell your friends." He gave me a nod and a smile: "Of course, I'd like to fuck you, Juliette, you're pretty cool." I positioned me for him on the dirty mattress, but before I sucked him again, to make him real hard.

It worked. He stood erect like a small bar of iron pointing at me. I lay down for a missionary position and raised my thighs widely. I unveiled my wet and very open pussy to his teenage eyes. I was not shy at my ripe adult slippery slit, which was welcoming and ready to be taken.

He did not hesitate. He slipped between my tights and I guided his cock in me. First he was reluctant like really not amateur teen plowed with panties pulled aside cocksucking and petite what to do. I whispered: "Move, my darling.

Move your lovely cock. Take me." This was all the advice he needed. He took me forcefully and fast, better than most of the men I had. I was so wet he really had no trouble of penetrating me with speed and energy. The path was more than ready. I could feel his hard but tiny cock in my cunt because I was tight. I'm pretty proud of my tight vag. All men who slept with me enjoyed it very much and not only one of them praised it.

We fucked good and somewhat even normal like a normal couple. Only with more passion and faster. It seemed to me we're like a well oiled machine around this steely tiny rod of him digging precise and with accurate speed into my slippery hole. The boy's high pitched grunts mingled with my moans and my occasional cries.

Which where meant to encourage my lover. Normally I wasn't much of screamer in bed, but this time I made an exception.

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So we fucked pretty purely pretty basic and pretty steady. It was good. It was strange though, it felt like a very tiny and tender dwarf was dominating and fucking me, or a little animal, like a skinless chimpanzee or a tiny naked dog.

I yelled: "Yes. Yes. Keep fucking me. Do it harder. Show me what your made of." I meant it as an incentive and he did understand. He screwed with even more pace, his little body shaking now, driving his tiny dick into my nether mouth. Oh it was good because it was perverted. I never fucked a kid so far and If you'd asked me If I would and could sometimes, I would have told you: "No, it's not right, I prefer men." Between me groaning I asked him: "Do you love it, darling?

Is it the first time you fuck a chick?" Amateur girl fingers pussy and sucks boyfriends cock answer in his high pitched voice not yet manly: "Yeah, Juliette it's very good. You are so tight and I love your pussy. But I can't hold it back any longer. Can I empty myself into your snatch?" "Yes, my darling Denis you can empty your beautiful cock in my cunt and then you'll be both a man and a boy. I love it that you fuck me so beautifully and so well.

Much much better than a lot of men who fucked me." My words enlivened him again. I felt his little balls kicking against my perineum as he increased his efforts afresh as he believed I'd liked to be screwed very hard and fast.

And it was true. I took as much pleasure as he did. He looked up to me in my sweaty face, right into my eyes. Right over my quivering body and my tossing breast. We exchanged a deep and loving gaze. Now he could no longer hold himself back. He came. I felt his hot liquid squirt. A lot of semen in my hole. It seemed overflowing to me. I squeezed his dick with my vag. I started to quiver and came as well with a passionate cry.

This tiny boy made me cum hard. What a nice orgasm. My vagina was becoming hooked on his rod and his milk. Yes I had the desire to milk him, getting the last tiny drop out of his little pecker.

Having all of it. It was so naughty and crazy to be filled up by this kid. To have his semen in my mature vagina. I pulled him up to my face and kissed him. We locked our lips.

Certainly he didn't know how to do a french kiss but I managed to teach him and soon we both exchanged our saliva and played passionate with each others tongues. We lay on the dirty mattress. I asked him, if I was the first woman lying here with him. He answered: "No!". His voice was proud and convincing, but I didn't believe him.

Although he managed to fuck me well he was insecure in the beginning and I believed him a virgin but a fast learner. But I did go on with our little game.

"And who was it? Were it more than one? Was it women from here, from the building?" He acted like to be too tired or too bored to answer and he just said: "You don't know them." I changed the subject: "What are you doing with the photos you took of me?" "I'm going to jerk off looking at them." "Do you keep them for you or do you show them to your friends?" "I don't know", he said honestly, "If my friends don't believe that I have fucked a mature woman, I will show them, perhaps.

But I will keep the very naughty ones by myself." I told him that I never met a kid of his age as bold as he was, let alone to show him my naked pussy and let him fuck me. And I did not regret anything. On the contrary this was one of the best sexual encounters of my live.

I also told him, that we had to go because it was too long since we were away and his mother might be worried. While we were getting dressed I searched my bag and handed him my panties: "Do you want them, as a keepsake?" Denis did not refuse my little gift. He slipped my panties in his pocket, smiling.

They smelled still a lot like me. "You can show it to your friends as some hot girl 1hr sex fiml of proof", I suggested.

We went back his mother asked him why we took so long. I apologized and answered instead of him that he told me a lot about his little world he made himself in the basement and that it was my fault that we forgot about time. I left Denis and his mother delighted and I'm happy that I met the boy.

I think often of this remarkable kid and how he masturbated looking at my pictures. I hope I'll see him again. This will be the greatest pleasure for both of us.