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Qarinah (قرينة) A succubus story By: Ralph McPherson With help editing by: Clyde McEscher It started in 1992. The meatpacking district of NYC was still just that. There were no hipster dance clubs or hookah bars.

The high priced lingerie shops and Apple store were not even a glimpse in their designer's eyes. There was a slight chill to the air. I was out for a late night walk. I often did this when my mind was troubled, or I was bored, or I just needed to clear my head. I found myself standing in front of a bar on 12th Street between 9th and Washington. I had never noticed this place before and before I realized what I was doing, I wandered in.

It was a real dive and almost empty save a few sad sacks that looked worse off than I was. Beautiful cuties will relax for u masturbation smalltits was over between my girl and me.

We had all kinds of plans but they never seemed to get off the ground. Maybe if I got off my ass and finished my degree or if I concentrated on my art or my writing, or if I would have just gotten a stable 9 to 5 we would have had a chance.

Her friends were always whispering in her ear about how I was not good enough for her or how great sex was not the basis for a real relationship. I had purchased a ring but was never man enough to give it to her. In the end she just said "I hope you get what you deserve." So there I was, sitting at the bar with a glass of cheap whiskey.

I caught a glimpse of the bottle the bartender poured from.

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It said "Military Special." It was awful but when the glass was empty I asked for another. After my third, I stumbled off to the restroom.

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I unzipped my fly and pulled my penis out from its hiding place. It looked annoyed to be disturbed from its slumber. I had to steady myself. I could not attend to myself as I normally would.

I positioned myself above the bowl and decided to let gravity do the work. Suffice it to say that the toilet lid was damper and more yellow than it was before. I went to the sink and let some water splash on my hands and quickly rubbed them against my jeans. As I headed back to my perch on the bar I noticed a woman in a dark corner.

She was the only woman in the bar but I hadn't seen her there before. She looked as if she had been there all night. There were several empty glasses on the high round table that she was leaning on.

In her right hand was a glass with a dark liquid and the smudge of lipstick on the rim. In her left hand was a half-smoked cigarette (you could smoke in bars in the '90s). She held a disinterested pose that said don't you try it, you can't handle this.

She looked as if she had been waiting a long time, but for what? As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I surveyed her more closely. She was tall and with the heels she was wearing, easily taller than me.

Her skin was a caramel color with long wavy black hair that kissed her back. Her eyes were almost black and almond shaped with a thick layer of eyeliner that I just cannot resist. Her lips were broad with a dark rust colored lipstick. Her cheekbones accentuated her eyes without dominating her face. She had a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or possibly Roma look to her.

I can't explain it, but there was something that drew me to her beyond her beauty (and the fact that she was the only woman in the place.) It was like she was calling to me although to anyone else it would seem that she did not even know I was there. She wore a clingy black dress made of thin fabric that hugged her body right. The ¾ length sleeves just passed the elbow and pulled tight against her broad shoulders.

The plunging neckline exposed the top of her cleavage revealing a quite lovely plump set of breasts that fit her frame well. The V of her shoulders emphasized her trim but not diminutive waist. As she turned to face the window she revealed a prominent backside that was firm and substantial, it had my attention.

Her dress ended just above the amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade with a fringed material highlighting her sculpted muscular thighs and her solid calves leading down to a pair of red stiletto pumps.

I figured "What the hell?" I had nothing to lose, what's the worst that could happen? I steadied myself and tentatively stepped towards her. She turned to face me and we locked eyes. There was an intensity that held my gaze and would not let me go. She moved towards me, her hips swaying deliberately. I could smell the Hennessy on her breath. I found myself unable to move as she approached, her eyes still locked hottest brunette in stcokings getting fucked amateur and couple mine.

She put out her cigarette in what was left of her drink and reached out to grasp my hand. As she stood next to me she intertwined her arm in mine as if we were skating. She tugged slightly and we were walking out of the bar. Without talking she led me down Washington Street towards my loft. I was just along for the ride. She paused at the entrance and reached into my pocket, grabbed my key and unlocked the door (How did she know?). Once inside she pushed me up against the wall.

Her mouth found mine and she kissed me with a desperation that I could not have seen coming.

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She was like a wild animal. I began to explore her body with my hands as her tongue invaded my mouth. I traced the sides of her body down to her hips and up the small of her back to her shoulders. As her muscles tensed I could feel their firmness. I pulled her into me and I could feel her lips forming a smile as if she were laughing at me. Her tongue increased its assault on my mouth as her hands moved up to the base of my head.

I stroked her hair and brushed it back from her face. Her eyes seemed like they could see right through to my soul. I moved my hands to the back of her head and she suddenly broke off the kiss. Her mouth took on an ominous smirk as she moved her hands to my shoulders. Her hands were strong, much stronger than I expected, even for a woman of her size.

She pushed downward on my shoulders and I trailed down her body. I paused at her breasts and held them both through the now silky fabric of her dress. They were amazing. They felt too perfect to be real but I know what implants feel like and believe me these were no implants.

It was then I discovered that her dress had a split that I had not noticed before. I mmv films redhead gina with an amateur couple sure that her dress had been a single solid piece but as my eyes followed the line of her tight stomach I could see that the dress was a wraparound, cinched at the waist with a very high split. After only a few seconds she pushed down on my shoulders again and I was sent down below her waist.

I could now smell the intense and unmistakable scent of her excitement. When I was at eye level with her mound I could see that there was nothing between us. She was trimmed but natural. Her pubic hair was a little lighter than the hair on her head and perfectly manicured. It had been a long time since I had seen an actual bush. I wanted to linger and admire the rare sight but she thrust her hips slightly forward and I understood what had to be done.

I grasped her luscious thighs to steady myself on my knees and I was amazed by how solid she was. This woman was a physical marvel. I began by making my tongue as wide as I could and stroking up and down the entire surface of her labia.

Slowly I parted it with the tip of my tongue and the wetness inside added lubrication to my motion. Her taste was strong and pungent but intoxicating. The smells of lust and sweat filled my nostrils. I traced the inside of her labia with the tip of my tongue as I felt its walls begin to stiffen. I worked my way to the center of her entrance, swirling around as I stimulated as much of her vagina as I could reach.

As I worked my way back towards the edge of her labia, I could feel her body betray her slightly. It was just the smallest tremor and the tiniest buckle of the knee.

I took this indication to move on to the locus of her intention. I stroked the outside of her outer lips to the convergence at the top. I licked at her clitoris tentatively and she let out a low guttural moan.

I used broader and stronger stokes. I could swear that heat was physically coming from her clit. It stiffened as I intensified my attentions. Her nub protruded more than any I have ever had the pleasure to taste. I puckered my lips and took it into my mouth.

She reacted by placing her hands on the back of my head and gyrating hot slut dildos pussy through jeans f hips in time with my ministrations.

Her clit continued to expand. She moved her hands to the sides of my head, her thumbs and index fingers surrounding my ears and her palms pressuring my jaw. My jaw widened under the pressure. She then pushed my head into her and began thrusting. I maintained pressure by sucking on her engorged clit as her clit grew even more. I was no longer under the illusion that I had any control in this situation. Her thrusting intensified and the pressure on the sides of my head held me tall gorgeous hottie disrobes in a cute way place.

I could not immediately process what was happening. As she thrust her hard clit into my mouth I could feel veins and ridges against my tongue. It was practically filling my mouth. Its head reached the back of my throat as I felt my gag reflex begin to trigger. She continued to pound herself inside me as the tip began to invade my esophagus.

I was hanging on to her hips for dear life as she started to tremble. Her thrusting became erratic and she grabbed fistfuls of my hair as she let out a scream and I felt a warm liquid begin to gush me cache a la mama de mi alumno my throat.

After almost half a minute, her spasms stopped and her softening clit began to recede from my mouth. A bit of liquid continued to leak from her clit as it fell from my mouth.

It tasted salty but also a bit sweet. I was in a confused state that left me unable to react or understand what had just happened. I woke up in the morning with an aching jaw and a fuzzy memory of the night's events.

I was still wearing the tee shirt and jeans from the night before. No one else was in the room and nothing seemed out of place. I dragged myself to the bathroom and emptied myself into the toilet, which seemed to take forever.

I pulled off my tee shirt and pants and headed to the shower. I turned on the water and grabbed the soap. As the water began to fall on me I had an odd sensation. My nipples were tingling. I looked down and was shocked to see that my nipples had been pierced!

There were nipple rings on both nipples with weighted charms swinging back and forth. "What the FUCK" I screamed. I was in no state to process what was going on. I finished showering with my nipples still tingling. I wanted to touch them but decided that could just lead to more problems. I did not want to get an infection. I put on a fresh tee shirt but the nipple rings were clearly visible underneath, so I put a flannel shirt over my tee to hide them and finished getting dressed.

I had to get to my freelance job for a local design firm. I left my loft and headed north on Washington street. As I passed the corner where the bar was last night, I was taken aback. The bar was gone.

There were workers processing a shipment of cow carcasses and truck drivers taking a smoke break but the dive was not there. I was inking drawings at the "High Concept Home" design studio for a big project. The boss was a cool guy that let me use the resources of the studio to work on my drawings during the slow periods. I was working on a charcoal drawing, just letting my hands go where they felt.

An eye emerged, It was almond shaped with heavy eyeliner but was more cat-like than human.

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As I continued to work on it a familiar image began to form. The long flowing black hair, the full lips, the accentuating cheekbones all came into view. The ears were pointed and a long snakelike tongue parted her lips. My boss passed by and commented "that's wild." "Yeah" I said. "Just popped out of my head." "Would not want to meet her in a dark corner of a bar." He said as he walked to the designer's room to check on their progress.

My nipples were tingling again and I had an uneasy feeling that was vaguely sexual. I decided to take a minute and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom was small, but provided some privacy. I locked the door and removed my shirt and pulled down my pants. My nipples were slightly swollen and I tentatively stroked them. A shudder went down my back and left my body tense. My sphincter spasmed involuntarily. I wanted to relieve my tension but I could not get an erection. I tried for several minutes but nothing would get me up.

Frustrated, I dressed and washed my hands. When I got back to my station, my boss approached and let me know that there would be no work for me today. He paid me for my time and we set up an appointment for the next day when he hoped the designers would have something for me. I headed to the farmers market in Union Square. It was a sunny day but still on the chilly side. As I was walking down 14th street I found myself following a trio of Hispanic women.

The one in the middle had dramatically flared hips that swayed a great deal when she walked. I found myself so transfixed that I almost tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. When I recovered, I found the three women looking back at me.

The one in the center said "hard to concentrate huh mijo?" They all laughed and continued on their way. I stood there for a few seconds and felt my frustration build. As I passed a display window, for a fleeting second, I thought I saw the face from my drawing. I headed up Broadway and again decided that I had to try to deal with my frustration. I went into McDonald's, ordered a coffee, and asked for the bathroom key.

I got my coffee and headed to the bathroom. When I locked the door, the smell of urine was overwhelming but somehow heightened my level of excitement and frustration. I put my coffee down and stripped off my shirt. My nipples were red and more swollen than before. When I touched them this time, I let out an audible moan as my body convulsed. I dropped my pants, but my cock was as uncooperative as it had been before. I could not get any kind of reaction.

My asshole continued to twitch and my nipples were begging for attention but my cock was dead. I gingerly put my shirt back on, pulled up my pants and washed my hands realizing that it would be a long day. As I was leaving the restroom, I saw that face again for an instant in the mirror. She was smirking at me. I took my coffee and I headed out into the square. I could feel my tee shirt rubbing against my nipples. I had to take my mind off of it.

I stopped by an organic tomato grower's booth. They had heirloom tomatoes of all colors. I picked a few and brought them to big boobs girl going crazy on webcam cashier.

I took my coffee, my tomatoes, and a muffin I swiped from another vendor (I swear I heard her whisper "thinner" as I walked away but that's another story) and sat on a bench in the park. A slight breeze was blowing and my flannel shirt shifted causing my nipples to be stimulated again.

A 20-something couple walked by, each with a hand in the other's back pocket. They paused for an extended kiss that involved lots of bodily fluids and a few groping passes on both sides of their jeans. I was getting antsy. I could not keep still and began tapping my foot. A 50- something woman with a pot belly, humongous breasts and the plumpest ass I had ever seen was walking her toy dog and stopped to clean up her mess.

As she bent over, I could not keep my eyes off her. My mouth hung open as she turned to me and said "enjoy the view did ya?" I had to get out of there. I walked out of the park and headed uptown.

I kept my head down and walked quickly up Broadway. I buttoned my shirt tight to keep the friction against my nipples to a minimum and was concentrating on a song in my head to occupy me (I get knocked down. But I get up again…). I passed into the flower district (It was still relevant then) and I smelled all the fragrant varieties that were on display. Then another smell came to my attention. After a moment, I realized it was the pungent smell of sweat and lust from the night before.

I shuddered and could not walk straight. I almost fell over and had to hold onto a lamppost to steady myself. I was breathing erratically and I really had to concentrate to get myself under control. With great effort, I reined in my breathing and reestablished control over my legs in order to walk again. A police officer was chap receives an unforgettable loving smalltits and hardcore me and came to my side.

"Are you alright buddy?" He asked. "I'm OK, I just need to get out of the sun." I said, unable to explain that I was being sexually stimulated and frustrated out of my mind.

"Well, I don't smell alcohol and your eyes look clear so I won't keep you but if you need some help I can get you some." He said.

"Thank you officer but I think I will be fine." I said. "I'll be waiting" he said but it did not sound like his voice. It was low and guttural. Menacing, even. As sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt walked away I saw his reflection on a store window, but it wasn't his reflection, it was her. For the next few hours, I rode the F train downtown towards Coney Island. I walked back and forth through the cars trying to keep my mind sane.

I suddenly understood the reason why so many crazy people roamed the subway. I worked hard not to brush up against anyone or to let my eyes land on anyone but time after time something set me off: the high school girls in their school uniforms; the Latin grandmas in their finest tight pants; the overworked secretaries in their office attire even the trannies in their best ho wear were getting to me.

It was all I could handle. At Coney Island, when the train was empty, I sat down and promptly fell asleep. After a few innocent moments I saw an image of my ex. She was grinning an evil grin and she asked me "Are you man enough yet?" I was perplexed, I didn't know how to respond, then I saw her face. It was that face. It was the face. I woke with a start. It was late, almost midnight. I was sweaty and despite having been asleep I did not feel rested. I got off the train at 14th street and started to head home.

I passed the corner of Washington and 12th Streets. Once again I could see the bar that was not there during the daylight hours. I continued by the window and thought I caught a glimpse of the imposing female figure lurking in the dark recesses of the bar.

I hurried past and could feel a chilling wind blow down the street. I hurried to my loft and quickly locked the door. I felt a sense of relief that calmed me. I went into the bathroom and splashed water onto my face. I looked in the mirror, and saw a shell of my former self staring back at me. I emerged from the bathroom and headed to the kitchen area (really just a mini-fridge and a microwave) to fix something to eat.

I took out a frozen burrito from the freezer compartment and placed it in the microwave for 4 minutes. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and waited for my microwave to beep. I grabbed my burrito and beer and turned towards the table. As I turned I once again felt a chill. The lights went out and she was standing before me, not as I saw her last night but as I had seen her all day today.

Her eyebrows were severely arched and she had the vertical irises of a cat. Her ears were slightly pointed with a bit of very light fuzz surrounding them. She was wearing a tight-fitting catsuit, barely covering her nipples and exposing a large expanse of cleavage. She wore a short leather jacket that was barely long enough to reach the tips of her breasts. Even as a demon she was a sight to behold. Her eyes transfixed me just as before and I was helpless to resist her will.

She approached me and I felt a heat now radiating from her. As she drew closer I could feel her breath against my face. Her serpentine tongue darted out and traced the outer edges of my ears and mouth. Involuntarily, my lips parted and her tongue found its way in.

She pressed her lips against mine and her tongue czech mega orgy and getting fucked while my comrades watch college parties can get wild doing amazing things to my mouth, caressing me back and forth, stimulating every part of my mouth.

She pressed her breasts against my chest and the tingling I had been subjected to all day hit a new level. It felt as though my nipples were actually on fire. In my mouth, things were getting weirder. Her tongue had made its way to my throat and had started a steady rhythm in and out.

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My gag reflex was somehow no longer functioning. As she continued her tongue was becoming thicker. I had flashbacks to her expanding clitoris and I recognized the sensation. I quickly became used to the feeling and decided to go with the flow. She pulled me closer and wrapped her arms around my back. I surprised myself by reaching for her. I grabbed her hips and I guessed she was also taken by surprise as she moaned softly into my mouth in a way she never had before and he tongue took on a more human form.

I reached around and grabbed her wonderful ass kneading her voluptuous globes and pulling her hips towards me. I realized that even in this hypersexual state I still had not gotten an erection. She broke off her kiss and withdrew her tongue from my throat. She placed her hand on my chest and I saw that her fingers were actually more like claws.

I don't know when or how it happened but I was now completely naked and casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck trouble and money my back. Her catsuit was so tight that it looked like it was her skin. She ran her claws lightly from my chest to my crotch and back again.

She paused to pull lightly on my nipple rings. Electricity shot through my chest as she bared her teeth with wild delight at my predicament. She tugged harder and I let out a cry of anguish.

I thought I heard her laugh. She dragged her claws back down my belly and shifted her attention to my pathetic, useless penis that had refused my attempts at relief all day. She gently cupped my balls and traced the length of my shaft with her index finger. It began to wake from its slumber. As blood flowed in I felt lightheaded. My erection began to build with an intensity I have never felt. My cock grew to a full two inches longer that it normally was.

It was also thicker than I could ever have imagined. It felt like hardened steel, like all the blood in my body was headed to my cock. I began to feel dehydrated and as if sensing this she moved towards my face. I had an idea what was going to come next but I was dreading it.

She stroked my jaw with the claw of her index finger and my mouth opened for her. She climbed up on the table and lowered her now exposed pussy to my face. She rubbed herself against my open mouth and coaxed me to use my tongue inside her. She soon was bucking her hips and smearing her juices all over my face. She tensed up and let out a scream as she came.

Right at that moment she let loose a flood of piss that filled my mouth. It was coming so fast that I had to swallow it all if I wanted to breathe.

It was very surprising that I was able to keep up with her and gulp it all down. She howled with an intensity that shook the walls of my loft, having marked her territory in the most intimate way possible. She slithered down my body dragging her soaking wet pussy across my chest and down my stomach. She positioned herself facing me and rubbed her pussy with my incredible erection.

She moved up and down against it coaxing the tiniest drops of pre-cum from my member. It was slick with her juices and aching for her. I could only stare with my mouth still open as she mounted my cock in a single swift motion. I was enveloped by her completely and her warmth was all encompassing. The tight muscles of her vagina rippled as she rose and fell against my hips. She had control over all aspects of this situation. She rode me hard and insistently.

She did things with her vagina that I didn't know were possible demonstrating complete control of the individual muscles of her vaginal walls. I felt her rhythm change as she began to piston up and down in a desperate fury clenching the muscles of her vagina.

She screamed as she came and released her lusty discharge all over my belly. She did not stop. She only changed her rhythm again and we started all over. She kept this up for an hour climaxing twelve times and oozing pussy jizz all over me.

I don't know how my penis had not been rubbed raw but somehow remained erect. She got a mischievous look in her eyes. She held out her hand and suddenly there was a long thick policeman's nightstick in it. My eyes widened as I anticipated what might happen next. I prayed that she was not going to beat me or even kill me with that baton. She wiped the baton on the collection of bodily fluids on licking in threesomes julia ann molly mae gia paige celeste star aj applegate kimmy granger bree dan belly.

Delicious madison plays around with her muff then raised her arm and it disappeared behind her back. Within seconds I had my answer as the tip of the baton was pressed against my anus. She continued to pound my cock with her pussy as she twisted the baton against my rear entrance.

In short order the first few inches of that stick were invading my ass. My sphincter had given in and was no longer resisting access to the intruder. She could tell the effect her stick was having and she made an adjustment. She pulled out the baton swiftly and turned it around to the other side with the ridged grip and nubbed handle. Without hesitating she plunged the handle side deep in my ass.

I screamed as she plunged and withdrew the nightstick over and over again. She rode me this way to five more orgasms. I was exhausted and I realized that no matter how hard she rode me I would never cum.

She was using me for her gratification and I would never cum. When she saw the realization in my eyes she bared her teeth again in the most wicked smile I had ever seen.

Her eyes glowed red like they were on fire, she reached into the air and arched her back. The jacket that had been covering her shoulders suddenly transformed into a pair of wings. At the same time, her catsuit spread over her entire body and became her skin and her magnificent breasts and ass were now out in the open. Finally the baton she had been holding disappeared but now invading my ass was her long, thick, ridged muscular tail. In every sense of the word, I was fucked. I heard her laugh again.

To be continued…