She sucks and rides as a real pro hardcore and mature

She sucks and rides as a real pro hardcore and mature
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Maggie is a thirteen year old friend of my daughter Tina of the same age. She has long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.Tits the size of a large oranges and an ass that looks like it would fit perfectly into the palms of my hands.Four feet five inches tall and weighs 85 pounds.Not an ounce of babyfat left on her body.I swear I could wrap my hands around her waist and touch my fingers together.

You know she grew out of her babyfat stage this year.And her babythoughts too. She has teased me with flirts and blown kisses from behind Tina's back for months.Hiking up her skirt to show me her sometimes naked little pussy mound whenever she had a chance.Flashing her nice teen titties at me whenever Tina wasn't looking.Rubbing her nipples through her braless tanktop to make them hard and drive me fucking crazy.

I had so much pent up agression seeing this all the time that I decided it was time to end the teasing. Tina invited Maggie over for a sleepover.I knew it was tease time again and that little bitch was going to get an unexpected suprise she'd never forget.I had a whole weekend to devour that beautiful little bitch and I was going to make her pay.That friday I picked them up from school with my plan allready set.My shopping list complete of the things I needed.Extra strength sleeping pills for Tina so she,d not know what I was doing to her little slut friend.Rope and duct tape for securing Maggie.Washclothes for under the ropes so I didnt leave any teen waitress gets fucked in the bathroom by a stranger marks.The last thing I wanted was to leave evidence of anything I was going to do.The choices were endless.

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The pizza guy showed up with dinner at about 5:30.I knew saturday night was going to be my night. But I wanted to make sure my plan for putting Tina to sleep would work before I tried anything the next night with my sweet little tease.Maggie was going to get some too but I wanted her half awake for the torment that was going to happen to her.I put one crushed sleeping pill under the cheese on each of their slices of pizza.Not knowing how it would effect them I just wanted it to make them drowsy for tonight to get a gauge on how much to give Tina the next night.

I sat at the table looking down the short hallway to the entrance of Tina,s bedroom.The girls were listening to some music with the door shut.The giggling and laughter made it clear they were havinga great time.I yelled out "dinners ready".As the girls came running out the same old thing happened.Tina avril sun dirty teen gets fucked by mature gu the door and ran to the table with Maggie in tow with her t-shirt lifted up showing me those pert size bb titties bouncing slightly down the hall.Smiling at me she knew the effect she was causing me.My cock stiffened in my shorts and the bulge rose to a full stand.She winked as she took her seat next to me with Tina across from me.

The next thing I knew her foot was on my lap grinding her heal into my cock.I allmost shot a load right there only to have her pull her foot back just in time.I sat there in agony as the girls ate their pizza and chatted about thing that happened in school.Every so often Maggies foot would be back on my cock wiggling and curressing my cock.The fucking bitch was going to make me cum in my shorts.But as usual she,d pull away and give me a little wink of suduction.

Each taking and finishing their second piece of pizza they left the table and headed for Tina,s room.My cock bulging in my shorts. I headed to the bathroom in the other direction.Swinging the door behind me I grabbed my cock from it,s hiding place.I stood in front of the sink wacking my loaf thinking of the pleasures I would have the next night.

I grabbed some lotion from the counter I lathered up my cock and started beating my rod relentlessly ,thinking of Maggies sweet little thirteen year old ass and imagining it was her tight pussy I was slamming into.Her taunt titties bouncing under the fucking she would be getting the next night.When I exploded I looked into the mirror watching the white cream pour from my cock when I noticed a set of pretty blue eyes peeking through the 3 inch crack in the door that hadn't fully shut on my hasty entrance into the bathroom.Maggie stood there wide eyed and her mouth hung open in amazement.I don,t know for sure but I think it was the first time she'd ever seen a real cock before.My 10 inch long 2 inch wide boner was spitting load after load of cum into the sink.The wondering but scared look on her face froze as she looked up to see me staring at her in the mirror.The door slammed and she ran back to the safety of Tina,s room.

Cleaning the sink I wondered if she had liked what she'd seen or was she just too young to realize what a cock was used for.Had she ever had sex before or was she just the flirt I thought she was.

After an hour the music in the bedroom turned off and the chattering had slowed.I knew the sleeping pills must be taking effect so I put it to the test.I went to the bedroom door to listen to see if they were sleeping or just a bit tired.I could hear whispers but couldn't make out what they were saying.I knocked on the door and Tina jumped to answer it.I asked the girls if they,d like to watch movies.They both agreed and grabbed their pillows and blankets to put on the floor.As the movie started the girls started whispering again.

the only thing I could make out was Tina telling Maggie that I,d be asleep on the couch in no time.Noticing it was them that were the the ones looking tired.The movie started and the girls settled in for the show. Sitting on the couch,I wondered what was different with this picture.Maggie hadn't flirted with me this time.Usually she,d have her blanket moved to the side showing off her little ass to me by now.Or she,d spin around and pull her t-shirt tight to her body showing me her tits through the shirt.I realized the view in the bathroom must have scared the hell out her and she has thought twice about teasing me the way she,d allways done.

I layed back on the couch and pretended to go to sleep.With a faint fake snore from me the girls started talking.They thought I was out.The first thing out of Maggies mouth made my dick hard.She asked Tina if she,d ever seen a mans cock before.I peeked through squinted eyes to see Tina,s look of suprise.That told me no but as she spoke quietly she told Maggie about looking at some of my tittie magazines and seeing a mans penis.I was shocked.How did she know where I hid them.

Ever since her mom had left me for the lawyer across town I had gotten a pretty big selection but thought the box in top of my closet was a good hiding spot but I guess not.Tina said it disgusted her and she didn,t want to talk about it.Maggie persisted and told Tina about seeing a only one grown mans penis before.She never gave a name but I knew who she sexy mature nurse myuu hasegawa and a patient tube porn talking about.She said it scared her and didnt ever want to tangle with one of those.She told Tina about teasing and flirting with the boys in school.But after seeing what she did she going to stop.Knowing a little about sex scared the hell out of her, thinking of what guys do to girls with their penises now made her scared.Something that huge going into her would hurt and probably kill her.She confessed to never having sex before.Still a virgin I thought with all that teasing.Great,I thought she probably had sex with someone but was glad to hear she hadn't.She swore she was going to stop the flirting but the damage was done.

I was taking her virginity the next night. Finally about 10:30 the girls were out.The pills had to have had an effect because it was usually 3 in the morning before these two would go to sleep during a sleepover.I got up and walked over to them.I lightly spoke and asked the girls if they were going to go to bed.With no answer I spoke in a loud voice.TINA,go to bed.She barely wanted to moved.Maggie turned over to see me standing over her.What time is it she asked and I told them it was time to go to bed.Her eyes went shut and she groaned a little as she slowly rose to her feet to go to the bedroom.Tina mumbled something as she too got up to go to bed.I knew at that point that three pills for Tina and one for Maggie would do the trick.I wanted Tina out for the night and One pill for Maggie would make her drowsy but awake for what was going to happen to her.It was perfect.

The next morning the girls came from the bedroom with a bounce.Smiles were the only thing directed towards me this morning instead of horny couple enjoys an passionate sex masturbation and tight pussy usual titshot.I was disappointed at first but then again what could I expect after hearing her promise.Allthough how could anyone just not do what they,ve allways done.

Breakfast and lunch went by without any flirting.Actually I thought she was true to her word until just about dinner time.Maggie was in Tina,s room getting dressed from her shower when tina opened booby tattooed woman railed by pawn dude door.Maggie stood there in just her panties with her tits sticking out from the cold air just out of the shower.Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers but stuck out like my sore dick.And instead of covering herself she just stood there.Tina shut the door not noticing she had just given me new hope for my plan that night.She went to the bathroom to take her shower.

I knew I had a half hour before she would be done because thats how long it allways took her. I went to the door and gave a light knock.Maggie opened the door now dressed in her skirt and tanktop.Still no bra for this little brat.

She asked what I wanted .I asked her if she knew what she was doing the way she always showed her tits and ass to a grown man.She said she had an idea but what could it hurt.(if she only knew).She said she did it all the time in school and noone ever complained.She then asked if I wanted her to stop.I told her if she knew what was good for her she would.She had a sly little smile on her face when she said"what you gonna do?" That was it. It,s on now.For sure.I had given thought to not doing anything because she had told Baby touch ramrod of fellow hardcore and massage she was going to quit but that little act just sealed her fate.I was going to just jerk off to her image in my mind but now she was going to get the shit fucked out of her tonight.

Tina emerged from the bathroom in her robe.I told her to hurry and get dressed that dinner would be done soon.She closed the door behind her and I heard her ask what I was doing by her door when she came out of the bathroom.Maggie lied telling her I wanted to know what she wanted to drink for dinner.Then I heard something hit the floor.It must have been Maggies purse."Maggie what is that thing that fell out "?Tina asked.It,s a tampon she told Tina.Then she explained that last month she had started her period and this is what her mom had given her to stop the bleeding from getting on her clothes.I just insert it into my private and it holds the stuff in she explained.The cramps are really bad for four or five days but they go away.And taday is when I,m supposed to start it this month.

You never told me about that Tina said and Maggie told her that her mom made her keep it a secret.She was starting her period early in life and said everyone didn't need to know.Maggie told Tina hers would probably start this year but not to be afraid.It was natural inserting the tampon into her private.It only hurts the first couple of times but then you get used to it.Thats when I knew it was perfect.If the tampon hurt going into her virgin pussy then my huge cock was going to be torture.And since it was just about time for her period,any blood from sex could be blamed on that.

Maybe the plan should be changed. Maybe Maggie should be passed out when I rape her so she will never know what I,ve done.That way if anything ever went wrong she'd never be able to tell anyone.It was settled .She,s getting four pills to knock her out.She,ll never know.And maybe I could do this every month.We,d just have to see.Just maybe she,d never know and blame it on the period.The pains from the fucking could be from the cramps.It would be my little secret.

I put four hot blonde anal fuck with instructor brandi edwards pills in each bowl of stew I prepaired for the girls.They came to the table with no idea of what was going to be happening in the hours to come.Giggling and laughing between bites.Maggie looked at me and gave me that "I just swallowed the canary" look before placing her foot in my crotch .I reached down with my left hand and brabbed her foot and ground it into my cock.

The look of surprise on her face was priceless.I had never made advances to her flirts before but now I had her foot bent into the side of my shorts rubbing it hard on my now fully erect cock.She pulled her foot away and looked amazed by how it felt.A little fear crept into her mind as she thought I may just act on what I told her before.She quickly finished her bowl of stew and excused herself to the living room.Tina quickly followed.

I could hear the girls whispering in the livingroom.Tina soon emerged and told me that Maggie was,nt feeling well and she thought she should call and have her mom come pick her up.I was pissed but what could I do.Just then the phone rang.I picked up the line to hear Maggies mother on the other end. She asked if Maggie could possibly stay here sunday night also because there was a family emergency that she didnt want maggie to find out about until later.

She was having to leave town until monday.How great those words sounded.I happily agreed and told her Maggie would be more then welcome. Having heard the call Maggie knew she was stuck.Now her plan to go home was impossible.Maybe by playing sick she could just stay in Tina,s room and I would not do anything to her.Well thats what I let her think.Knowing in less then an hour that both the girls would be out for the night and them waking up would not be a problem for me.If one pill made them allmost impossable to wake up then four would have them gone in no time.The girls got up and went to Tina,s room.

How right I was.45 minutes later I knocked on Tina,s door but got no answer. I knocked as loud as I could but still no response.I opened the door to find Tina snug in her bed and Maggie lying on the floor in her sleeping bag.Both had headphones on listening to their music as the slept.Shaking Tina as hard I could without hurting her I tried to wake her.Out cold.Time to play. I went to my bedroom and stripped the sheets from my bed.I then spread out an old blanket and some old sheets .Extra pillows from the closet would make for some great propping items.

Bending over Maggie lying on the floor I tried once again to wake her.With no responce I unzipped the sleeping bag laying it wide open.Maggie had changed into her t-shirt floorlength night gown.I reached down and grabbed the bottom of it and slowly started to lift it up.The sleek shape of her legs that appeared were long and slim.Nicely tanned from always wearing shorts or miniskirts.Higher I lifted until her virgin pussy mound appeared.The little bitch wasn,t wearing her underware.Who,d have guessed that.

Just a light tuft of pubic hair lay just above the top of her slit.I slowly moved a hand up and down the soft skin of her legs until I reached her mound.With my other hand I lightly pulled her legs appart at the knees.My hand trembled as I moved my hand over the entire surface of her virgin mound.Letting my middle finger slide gently inside the lips of that sweet honeyhole.The moisture from her young pussy was hot to the touch.I slowly spread her pussy lips apart with two fingers to give me a view of that sweet pink meat.

Her tiny nub of a clit set perched at the top of her pussy.I ran my finger over it and felt the body of this beatiful delight twitch as I slowly kneeded her clit between my finger and thumb.My cock had hardened to max as I lay there next to my helpless victim.Knowing she had no idea of what was happeneing to her and hopfully never would.

I slid my finger down her wet slit until I could feel the opening.Slowly I inserted my middle finger into her sexpot up to the first knuckle.She was wet with virgin juices soaking her insides.The insertion was tight on my finger as I felt her muscles contract at the invasion.I pulled out my finger and brought it to my nose.I could smell the slight scent from her pussy as my cock crazy years old granny rough anal fucked to ache.The sweet smell of her juices almost made me cum right there.I put the finger in my mouth and tasted her love juice for the first time.How sweet it was to finally taste a pussy that didnt choke me of musty hole.This was going to be great.

Getting to my feet my boner shoved at the front of my shorts.My heart was beating so fast I thought it would blow out of my chest.I reached down and picked up Maggie and carried her to my room. I layed her on the bed with her arms above her head.Pulling her nightgown over her head I finally got to see those pirt little titties up close hot rich bitch in uniform seduces her school friend tube porn reached down with both hands grabbing a breast in each.Squeezing them with each hand I kneeded them to a bright pink in color.Pinching both nipples at the same time I lowered my head to her left breast.Licking the nipple and biting down.Not hard enough to make her bleed but enough so she should feel it hurt.

Her body twitched in response.Even passed out this girl was feeling everything I did. I squeezed harder with my hands and licked every inch of her tits.Left then right. I couldn't decide which to play with most.I lifted my head to see her stomache raise and fall in speeding breathes.How could someone so young be reponding to my every touch.

Thinking I had the rope in my drawer I could tie her hands to the headboard.But why?She was passed out and wasn,t resisting at all. Allthough it may have been more fun.Standing at the edge of the bed I took in the view of my teasing little prize.Naked with her tits and pussy bare for my taking.What to do next.

Remembering all the blown kisses she,d given me behind Tina,s back I decided to to get something else blown.Turning her on the bed so her face was at the edge I brabbed my cock and rubbed it across those pouty little lips.The heat from her breathe was searing on my cock.Reaching with one hand I spread her lips and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth.The girth of my cock just about didn,t fit into her mouth but it was just the right size.I started moving my cock slowly in and out of her mouth touching the back of her throat with every push.I could only get about half of my cock in at once until it hit its restraint at the back.

Wanting more I moved her on her back and pulled her so that her head was hanging off the edge of the bed.Tilting her head back I could see it would be a straight shot into her mouth and down her throat.Grabbing my cock I entered her mouth slowly.Not knowing if I would choke her or suffocate her with my cock jammed in her throat.Slowly I hit the back.Pushing harder I could feel my cock pass the first inch of her throat.

A gagging sound came from her mouth as I pulled out and reentered again.Her throat muscles gripped my cock at the tip and milked in and then out.I pushed harder and got another inch in before she gagged and almost threw up .Not to be outdone I said fuck it and thrust my whole cock down her throat.The muscle spasms of her throat clamped down on my cock and felt like a fist clamped down on it.I could see the head of my cock sliding it,s head in her throat from the outside.The flesh growing and shrinking as it passed the depths of her throat.I pumped harder and harder jamming my cock full tilt to my ballsack.My balls bounced on her nose as my cock rocked her throat.

The milking sensation coming from her throat muscles was too much for me to take and I could hold back no longer fat shlong stuffs her holes girlfriend homemade shot a huge load of creamy white jism down her throat.Convoltions spread through her body as I dumped my load deep into her stomach.Her teeth locked on my cock and released giving me evenmore pleasure.She gasped for air as I pumped my cock in and out of her throat spilling the last of my seed.Pulling out I could hear her gasping for air.Passed out or not her body needed air and it was trying to get it for her.

Sitting on the floor to gather myself I could see dribbles of cum running out the side of her mouth.Thinking of what I had just done was one of the hottest things in my life.I,ve had great sex before but the total domination of this little tease was the best I'de ever had.But the best was yet to come.Time for round two.

Standing up I lifted Maggies head back onto the bed and layed her on her back.I could see her breathing was back to normal and relieved I didn,t choked her to death with my cock rammed down her throat.But man what a feeling it was. Standing there I tried to imagine my next move.That virgin pussy was my next target.Or maybe her ass.Knowing a bleeding asshole would raise suspition I decided it was best to leave that alone for now.Although,a good tongue lashing might not hurt.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and turned her onto her belly.Pulling her over the edge I thought she might stay.To my bad luck she wouldn,t. She kept sliding down to the floor.Putting her back on the bed I grabbed the pillows.Bunching each on top of one another I made a nice resting spot for my prize.I lifted her and placed her belly on the pillows with her tiny little ass sticking straight up in the air.

The rosebud of her ass winked at me and I had to laugh.Heres a wink for ya you little tease.With that I reached up and spread her asscheeks as wide as they would go.I could see her virgin asshole and pussy staring me right in the face.I lowered my face to her ass and licked in one motion from the tip of her clit to the sex xxx story 2019 america ring of her asshole.Sliding my tongue around her rim made her moan even in the deepest of sleep.Poking my tongue into her depths I flicked the inside of her asshole.

The effect made her pinch her hole tight and I knew someday that tight little bunghole would be mine for the taking.Pumping my tongue in and out of her made her tremble and I could tell she was close to having her first adult orgasm.Moving my tongue from her asshole to her pussy entrance I slid it in as far as I could.She started to shudder and I could see and taste the juices flowing from her tight little love hole.She was cumming on my face and I was enjoying every second of it.

Her body shook and she moaned out loud as her body was lifted to heights she,d never imagined.Passed out,drugged or whatever she was unwillingly enjoying this.I couldn,t wait for my ultimate prize any longer.That tight little pussy of joy that was going to be mine.

Laying her back on her back I needed to get her sweet little love canal to the right possition on the edge of the bed.I wanted this experience to be as easy and effortless as possible. I needed to get her her situated so I teacher and stident xxxx blue film com have both hands free.

I wrapped a length of rope around each of her ankles,putting a washcloth under each so there would be no rope marks left behind.I slid her so her asscheeks were almost off the edge of the bed.Hooking the first rope on the headboard and the other to the footboard she was spread eagle with her legs as wide appart as they could possibly be. Maggies pussy dripped drops of glistening pussy juice from her snatch.The licking I had given her had her soaked to the leaking point.Moving between her legs I bent down to take her clit into my mouth once again.Sucking as hard as I could and her little beed grew to twice it,s origanal size.Nibbling on the sides of her lips then inserting my tongue into her tiny hole.I reached up and inserted my middle finger into her tight little twat.Tight pussy muscles strained on my finger as I started moving it in and out of her.Soon I was able to insert my entire middle finger into that tight love hole.There was a barrier there and I knew what I had.I was hitting her hymen with my finger.

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Pulling out I raised my finger to my mouth tasting the juices from the depths of her pussy.My cock standing at attention I knew it was time.I stood at the edge of my bed with my cock in one hand and spreading her pussy lips with the other.Moving forward I hit her pussy with my cockhead for the first time.Rubbing it up and down her slit making it wet with her juices.Moving my cock from her hole to her clit.Slowly I pushed forward.My cockhead strained at the entrance until finally the head started to slide in.It was so tight on my cockhead I didnt think I would ever fit into her pussy.Pulling out and reinserting it several times was making it easier but I knew there was going to be trouble.

Forcing my cock in and out half inches at a time.The heat and friction making me want to shoot my load right there.I pulled out and watched her pussy hole almost slap back together.It was trying to pushing panties in with dildo from the intrusion it had inside.Pushing forward I inserted back in until I hit the prize of this whole ordeal.Her hymen stopped me there for only a moment until I forced forward and tore through her virgin barrier.The sensation was amazing just knowing I had taken something she would never have again.Pulling half out I could see traces of blood on my cock.Her blood lubed her for the rest of her attack.Pushing back in she was now a women.

Lust then took over and I couldn,t hold back any longer.Grabbing her by her hips I rammed my cock into her.Pulling out and slamming back in again and again until I hit the back of her pussy.Looking down I still had three inches of cock not yet inside of her.A little disappointed I knew I could fuck up her body if I kept ramming into her like I was.Her tight fucking pussy was clamping down on my cock and it tryed to force me out.I pumped again and hit the back of her love canal.

Not being able to hold back any longer I said fuck it and just started pounding my cock into this tasty little tease for all I was worth.Sweat run from my body and hers.Her tits bouncing on her chest and filthy brunette bimbo takes it up the head rolling back and forth from the pumping.Harder and harder I pumped until I did what I didnt want to do.Looking down at my entire cock rammed into this tiny little girl to my balls.

Her pussy clamped my cock like a vice.Her body shaking every in direction with my hammering.Feeling my balls expand and my cock jump I started pumping load after load of cum deep into her pussy.Jets of steaming load splashed her insides and lubed my cock for the final thrusts.

Falling on my now nonvirgin victim I looked at her cute face.Her breathing was heavy and quick.I swear she must have had an orgasm herself from the fucking she,d just recieved.I Kissed her mouth and licked the sweat from her face.My half limp cock still inside her I could feel the juices flowing out of her pussy and I knew I,d have a mess to clean up.And sure enough when I pulled out and stood up there was a puddle of blood and cum puddling up on my bed.

My next two hours were spent cleaning up.Washing Maggie in the bathtub because I had to get the evidence off from this girls body.Grabbing the enema tube hanging from the shower outlet I inserted it into her pussy.I had to get my spunk out of her so she didnt get pregnant.The hot water being pushed into her removed the blood and cum.

After her bath I dressed her back into her night shirt.But not before getting a few more licks on those nice rounded tits.A small kiss on her lips I layed her back into her sleeping bag.Smiling I zipped it up and slid Maggies purse close to her head.When she woke in tiny tits alessa savage gets banged and cum on tattooes morning she was going to have her Tampon for her"period".

I layed on the couch and fell to sleep.Dreaming the rest of the night about the extreme fun I had just had.Hoping I didnt leave anything to get me caught.Also wondering if I had gotten away with it or would she know something was wrong.When we woke in the morning I had my answer. PART TWO COMING SOON IF I GET GOOD FEEDBACK!!!