Sex desi nxxx c storys

Sex desi nxxx c storys
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Fbailey story number 776 My MILF Village Uncle Charles left me his huge farm on the outskirts of town. It was six hundred and forty acres or what they call a section. It is one mile by one mile in size. My father had left me his section and they joined of course. On the backside of my land was a steep cliff into a wide riverbed. That made the back center almost invisible to anyone outside of my property.

I had a small business making and selling prefabricated homes. Essentially double wide trailers. When my sister got a divorce and needed a place to stay I offered to give her one of my homes.

She was the one that wanted me to place it back near the cliff. Then she wanted it fenced in to keep her kids from going over the edge.

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She spread the word quickly and suddenly I had beautiful young MILFs begging me for a place to stay. Of course they couldn't purchase the home or the land to put it on but they could get their ex-husbands or Social Services to pay me for them.

I held a meeting before I started my MILF Village. I suggested putting the homes in a big square with fences at the front of the homes to keep all of the kids in sight. The mothers suggested talking turns watching the other's children to give themselves a break. When my own sister asked me to put in a kiddy swimming pool with a sandy beach area around it, I asked why.

To my utter surprise she said, "The kids will love it and we women can run through the sprinkler." I just shook my head, then she added, "What if we promise not to wear bathing suits?" I looked at her and she was smiling from ear to ear. I looked around at the other six women and they were smiling at me too. I asked, "Are you all in agreement with this?" The prettiest MILF in the room said, "We don't think you will be getting enough rent so each of us is willing to give you sex once a week as a bonus." Again they were all smiling.

I looked right at my sister and asked, "Does that go for you too?" Sheila said, "Why not! I've had a lot worse than you in me." The pretty MILF said, "Incest is best.

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My three brothers still fuck me." I noticed ashlynn brooke office porn with boss other ladies smiling and nodding their head in assent. My crew and I built a home a week and put it in place. The kiddy pool was installed and the fence installed. Plus I had plenty of room for expansion.

The day after our meeting I went out to see my sister. She greeted me and asked if I was there for a friendly visit or if I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her. Sheila was twenty-five, divorced for two years, and had a four-year-old daughter.

I was almost ten years older than she was. She took her daughter into her bedroom and returned to me naked. What to fuck! She knew why I was there and she was not going to slow me down any. She stood before me in all of her glory and smiled as I took in her beauty. Sheila was about five feet eight inches tall, about a hundred and ten pounds, and she looked great.

Her breasts were a B-cup, her tummy was flat, and her butt was perfectly rounded. Her nipples were very dark, her areolas were large, and her breasts had a slight sag to them.

Her mound had a tuff or hair on it in the shape of a diamond, her pussy was bald, and her clit was sticking out slightly. She was a vision of loveliness. I pointed to the floor in front of the couch and started to remove my clothes. She had two fingers in her slit the whole time that I undressed. Then her legs opened cum eating oriental gorgeous hottie loves deepthroat as I when to the floor. In no time at all my cock was in her, her legs were wrapped tightly around me, and she shouted out her praises to God.

I had dreamed of fucking her but I had no idea that she would be the best fuck of my life. Her pussy was the prefect match for my cock.

I could feel her large clit rub along the top of my cock. Then when I felt the cum coming up my cock I knew that she could feel it too. She tightened up her grip on me as I started to pump into her. Her orgasm was flowing through her at the same time. It was absolutely amazing. When we had finished, her daughter came out to play with Mommy and seeing her naked that little girl just knelt down and latched onto one of my sister's nipples.

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Sheila said, "Go ahead, they both have milk, not much, but she likes it at bedtime." So I leaned over and sucked on one with my niece. It was sweet and I liked it. As I added homes the MILFs moved in and the very next evening I was there to start collecting my bonus. My sister would take the children to her house so that I could have the mother all to myself.

The kiddy pool was up and running so when the forth MILF moved in they were all naked when I arrived. The new MILF knew why I was there and just took me into her bedroom. She let me take my time and enjoy her beautiful body all I wanted too. She even sucked me hard for a second time. When I was finished she just walked back outside and washed her pussy in the kiddy pool with the other three MILFs giggling. I stuck around for a glass of wine and listened to the women talk.

They certainly liked living there. I found that the Social Services department was very punctual with their payments once the paperwork was all filled out. My MILF Village grew by word of mouth until I had thirty homes back there and the whole area fenced in. I could not make full use of the once a week offer but I still did get all of the sex that I wanted.

I got most of it from the newer women, the prettier women, and of course from my own sister. The End My MILF Village 776