Hot brunette girlfriend anal fucked and got cum on boobs homemade hardcore

Hot brunette girlfriend anal fucked and got cum on boobs homemade hardcore
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It all happened when I was ten. My parents were divorced and I saw my mom during the summer when I was not in school. I had learned alot about sex when I was younger from my mom telling me about it and hanging out with my older neighbors.I had been dating this girl named Jess since the past summer we were best friends and we both thought we were in love with each other. Jess's mom was good friends with my mom so we got to hang out alot. When we first started liking each other we used to sneak out to the playhouse and french kiss.At the time we felt so grown up doing that.

Then one time when jess was at my house we decided to go swimming at the river while our parents were getting high together so we rode on down to the river and went to our favorite spot wich was up amateur guys in dutch hooker sex adventures from the road.

We finally got there and I climbed on to the rock and was ready to jump in when Jess asked me to wait. She said "Hey come down a moment I got an idea". So I got down and went over to her and then she blew my mind "Lets go skinny dipping"she said.

Of course I wasnt going to let this offer go by and said yes.

I watched with intrigue as she took her top off her breasts just starting to form her perky nipples mezmorizing me. For only being 14 I thought they were pretty big. I slid my shorts off reveling my pre-pubescent penis as she slid off her bottoms reveling her tight pussy I looked, as she had started sprouting a few hairs, I got butterflys in my stomach and my little prick started to twich as I saw her naked.

For a few seconds we just stood there looking at each other than she made the first move and asked me "Can i touch it" "What my wiener"(remember I was pretty young yet) "Yes, well can I" she asked again.

I stood quiet for a second the I finally said yes" meakly. She walked over to me and got down on her knees and started moving it around and looking at it from diff ernt angles I started to get slighty hard as she did this."Hey I saw this in one of my moms movies" she said.

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As she started stroking up and down my shaft. At this point in time I felt lighter than air it felt so good having pump on my cock, like that then she caught me off guard. All of a sudden I felt moisture on my little prick "what are you doing"I yelled as she sat there sucking me off.

"This is called a blowin job or somthing like that. "She replied to me."Well keep doing i guess if feels cool."(As i grew accustommed to her doing it). I stammered. She did this for a while then suddenly I felt a wierd sensation and said "My wiener tickles"(I was a little to young to blow my load yet). "Well do you want me to stop then? "She questoned. I shook my head yes. Then i built up my courage "Lay on your back.". "Why"she asked. "Im gonna eat you." I said stuppidly.

"What!?!"She screamed at me."Its like a blowin job for girls" I said proudly. strap clear bra srx story yeah I've seen that too.".

She finally laid on her back and I went to town. I was lickin everthing that had to do with the pussy. Finally I hit paydirt "Oh ya" she moaned with delight. I pulled my head up and asked her what I did. "That last placed you licked it felt so good.

"So I went back and kept on working it till all of a sudden a musky smell filled my nose and I tasted some funny juices. "Are you peeing" I asked."Nana na noooo" she moaned softley. At this point I knew I had down somthing right. We got up went swimming and headed home. Next week she came over to spend the weekend at my house. My mom had to leave for an emegency at work and my mom's roomate went and got drunk at the bar leaving us alone together.

We had been making out for a while when I sugested Lets have sex." She thought about it for a second and said.

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"Well people that love each other do have it so lets do it." .We scurried up stairs and went to my moms room.I brought up this condom I had found in a bathroom at a gas station once. I was hard from all the excitment and started to slip the condom on it was far to big for my little penis but we didnt know any better. As Jess laid on her back I akwardly got on top of her and started to jab at her pelvis with my penis.

As this was not workin we had an idea put in a porn movie. So we watched as the man slid his penis into the women and I tryed mimiking this. At first I was to high then she help guide me lower then i felt the hole I pushed hard and my penis deflected. I got back into postion this time I held my penis with two fingers and slowed pressed down.

I felt as my head started to pentrate I barley could get anyting besides the head of brad knight banging megan rains tight pussy penis in I made very shallow strokes up and down and the condom slide down my wienerand eventually off. I stopped and paused severl times as I could tell jess wasnt having as much pleasure from this as me but evetually we both were enjoying it and we kept going till I got the fuzzy feeling again and I stopped.

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I didnt even manage to pop her cheery but she bleed slightly. For the rest of that summer we kept on having sex saying that we would never stop loving each other then next summer came and Jess moved. It broke my heart my first love gone my virginity gone but my love for her was never gone. (On a side note I meet up with jess some years later she had grown into a beatiful young women and was trying hr hand at modeling and such.Me i got lazy and put on some weight and when she saw me i could tell that i disgusted her and she told me taht we were too young to know true love and that what we had was just children that didnt understand adult matters.I havnt seen her since but my heart still is broken and missing her.)