Skinny black hair slut with big copy tits fucked big black cock and cum n face

Skinny black hair slut with big copy tits fucked big black cock and cum n face
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My wife (Joanna) and I have a wonderful relationship. Our sexual life is second to none, she is open minded and willing to try anything that will give her a good orgasm.

During our journey in life she discovered her taste for women, especially those women that possess a sexy hot ass. We often frequent local gentlemen's clubs, so she can play with the dancers. As usual she gravitates to those dancers with a hot slutty blonde cutie gets screwed really good cumshot booty.

She loves to have them grind their sexy ass in her face and tits, just to see the looks on all the guys' faces in the club.

She is a natural tease and loves to show off. Joanna is a little hottie herself. She is 5'3", dark skinned, long curly black hair. She is often asked if she is Hispanic, but she is really part Native American.

She is blessed with large breasts 38C, and a wonderful pair of legs to match. While I think she has a sexy little ass, she fells it is her worst asset. Now mind you it is not a booty the likes that she craves, but all in all it is a nice little caboose. She is forever in search of women with an ass to die for. During a night out at a local swingers club she met a sexy young black lady (Casey).

I must say she was pure eye candy; her skin a silky caramel, her breast around the same size as Joanna's, and an ass to truly die for. Her ass was full, but not to wide.

It had a nice bubble, but not so much it looked like a shelf. This woman was everything Joanna was looking for. While she was friendly with both of us, she appeared to be distracted and really not interested. Joanna left to go the ladies room and I took the opportunity to see if Casey would be interested in getting to know us more intimately.

She told me she thought we were a nice couple, but she had a lot going on in her life and was not sure at this time. I told her I understood and gave one of my business cards.

Joanna and Casey danced a few songs and then she left. I told Joanna japan sex rape big cock my conversation with Casey and we both felt we would never hear from her again. We resigned to our bad luck and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening out. A couple of weeks later I received an inbound call to my wireless, from a number I was not familiar with.

We met this amateur working in a lingerie shop and

I answered and to my delight it was Casey. She told me she wanted to apologize for being so rude that evening in the club, I told her no problem that we both enjoyed our time and was grateful to have gotten to meet her. She explained that she had misplaced my card and had just found the night before in her jacket pocket. She had wanted to call ever since that night. She explained that she had just started her period that night, and was not comfortable in telling us that.

She said she was fairly new to the swinger lifestyle and was still getting used to everything. I explained that we fully understand her apprehension and that she should always be extra careful. She asked me if we had any issues with her age, she was 32 while Two sexy lassies and two huge strap ons and I are 45 and 42. I explained age is just a number, that the person's maturity is what really counts.

She agreed, but confessed she had never been involved with anyone older than 35. The conversation was heading in the perfect direction, so I bluntly asked if she would be interested in becoming involved with us. She paused for a moment and finally said yes. I could not believe the luck. I told her how much Joanna had talked about her since that night and how excited she will be. Then a bell went off in my head, next week was Joanna's birthday and we had nothing planned for it.

Actually she was a little down about another birthday anyway. I asked Casey if she would be interested in creating a surprise evening for Joanna. She was thrilled at the idea. The next couple of days Casey and I talked off and on. She was getting really involved in the planning of everything. I could tell it was making her hot. Friday evening arrived, I called Joanna and told her to be ready when I get home that I wanted to take her out for her birthday.

She complained a little but soon relented, she was bored and an evening out would be nice. When I got home Joanna was finishing up. She was wearing a demi blue milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot short black shirt, a low cut top revealing just the right amount of cleavage, and sexy 6 inch heels. She was send mom son mom xxx knockout.

I knew Casey was going to love what she would see. We chatted about all kinds of things on the way to our favorite Italian Restaurant. I honestly cannot remember what was said; all I was thinking about was watching my adorable wife have sex with Casey.

When we enter the restaurant I saw Casey sitting at the bar. She turned so Joanna would not notice her.

We got seated and I informed my wife that I had a surprise for her birthday, but she must close her eyes and promise not to look. She laughingly complied. I motioned to Casey to come over; as she was walking over I saw that she too is wearing a short sexy skirt, with a very low cut top. She was simply stunning; the entire bar watched her make her way to our table.

I immediately started getting an erection thinking of the nights activities. Once she arrived I took her in my arm and told Joanna to open her eyes. She looked at Casey and at first was confused, and then realizing she was her surprise jumped up and hugged her with full passion.

Our dinner was spirited, as Casey informed Joanna that she had quite the evening planned for them. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. The looks on the staff and patrons faces were classic. They were envious of me with these two hot sexy ladies, and curious if what they were thinking was actually true. I smiled at them all so they knew yes it was true and yes I was going to have a night of my life. Casey had taken a taxi to the restaurant and rode home with us.

Joanna told me she did not want Casey to get lonely so she got in the backseat with her. I laughed knowing full well Casey was going to be far from lonely. As we pulled away and got out on the road I looked in the rear view mirror and was rewarded to see the girls pressed together locked in a hot passionate deep kiss. I watched as Casey broke the lip lock and moved to Joanna's breasts, turning while slightly raising her luscious ass. Joanna was more than pleased as she placed her hand on the treasure she had been so long searching for.

They both moaned the sexiest sounds I had ever heard, so much passion and desire. I thought for sure I was going to wreck before we got home. Once at home the girls quickly exited the car and entered the house. They did not make it past the foyer before they were all over each other. I stepped into the living room, turned on the stereo, and ushered them onto the leather couch. The whole time they were removing articles of clothing from each other. By the time they got to the couch they both have only a thong and their heels on.

What a site. Casey was as firm as you would expect a 32 year old to be and that ass was even better than I had imagined it would be. Joanna was especially pleased. She turned Casey around so she had full access to her ass. Casey obliged by leaning forward on her elbows and raising her ass up to greet her.

Joanna softly rubbed Casey's ass, kissing and kneading it gently. She slowly removed Casey's sexy black thong and slowly descended into her ass. She worked her way from the top down to the inner most parts. Casey's breathing sped up; she started pushing her ass back into Joanna's face.

Encouraged, Joanna took a finger and slowly stoked the folds of Casey's pussy. She opened easily and moistened. Joanna moved lower and flicked her tongue into Casey's hot little hole. She bucked back and let out a groan that instantly made my cock rock hard. Joanna was completely engulfed in lust. She stood up and took Casey's hand and headed to the master bedroom.

I stepped into the kitchen and fixed myself a drink. I figured I would give them time to get nice and acquainted. I entered the bedroom and to my delight I saw Casey on her back legs spread while Joanna's face was buried in her pussy. Casey had a hand on the back of Joanna's head pushing her in further. Joanna's ass was up in the air swaying back and forth. I could not resist.

I approached my wife's little upturned ass and started rubbing it, paying special attention to the budding little asshole. She responded as I expected by bucking into my hand, her moans driving Casey further into sexual bliss. I quickly got hardcore interracial anal peeping tom on our asses and joined the ladies in bed.

Joanna was still enjoying Casey's juicy pussy. I look down at Casey's bare breasts and can resist no more. I lean over and take the left breast into my mouth and instantly feel her free hand on my head, pushing into her tit.

She was mom fucks military son home on leave complete in the throes of passion by this time. I fondle her other breast and then feel her remove her hand form my head and search out my raging hard cock.

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I have an average 7" cock, but it is thick and it was extra thick this time. She locates what she was looking for and aggressively stokes it.

I move from her breast to her mouth. I wanted to kiss those full lips since the first night we met. Her tongue darted into my mouth immediately, her strokes quickened on my cock. She broke from our kiss and whispered into my ear how bad she needed my cock in her mouth. About that time I felt Joanna rub my ass, I looked back and she winked young milf and mom a fucking family affair me as she had Casey's clit in her mouth.

I moved up and Casey guided me toward her full luscious lips. Lights went off in my head as she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth and throat. She was consumed in desire. She pulled me over onto her, pulled my cock from her mouth, and told me to fuck her mouth like it was her pussy. I did not need any more encouragement. I started to fuck her mouth as she had indicated. I was sliding in and out of her throat with ease; this girl could really suck a cock.

The site of me fucking Casey's mouth drove Joanna wild, she placed a finger in Casey's pussy as she pressed home on her clit. I felt the deep groans start in Casey's throat; she was not going to last much longer.

I felt her hips thrust forward and with a rush she was cumming like mad. I look back at Joanna and pussy juice is glistening all over her face. She is lapping as fast and furious as she can. The site was more than I could take, I pull out of Casey's mouth and with just a few strokes dump a thick hot load of cum on her face and tits. She left her mouth open and I made sure and got a shot into it. Once I was done and all the cum was out of me, Joanna moved up and licked my cum from Casey's tits.

She rose up and kissed her fully and deeply on the mouth. Casey caught her breath and pushed Joanna onto her back. Joanna spread her legs and invited Casey in. She did not require any coaxing; she knew exactly what she wanted. In no time she had Joanna screaming and wreathing in orgasmic bliss.

The whole time Joanna was stroking my cock back to life. I was amazed; I was fully erect as though I had not cummed in years. Joanna took her hand from my cock flirty blonde babe scarlett sage loves big cock placed in on the back of Casey's head, it was now her turn to get pushed into the pussy.

Joanna threw her head back and screamed out in pleasure. I turned to Casey and saw her gulping as fast as she could, my wife had busted loose and was squirting hot cum everywhere. Casey was soaked and gasping for air. Both of the girls were covered in each of their juices. They did not seem to care though; all they had in mind was how to bring about the next orgasm.

Joanna disappeared into our closet, which gave me the opportunity to get more acquainted with Casey's pussy. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and moved down to taste her for myself. She moaned with approval and opened her legs to accommodate.

Casey closed her eyes and relaxed to enjoy the exploration. What a perfect pussy she had and as sweet tasting as honey. I was getting lost in what I was doing until I heard Joanna tell me to get her nice and wet for her. I look up and there stood Joanna with a strap on dildo. Casey looked up as well and with a devilish grin told her she was ready and then some.

A little frustrated I moved out of the way, but it was Joanna's birthday after all. Joanna asked Casey to get on all fours; she wanted to play with that wonderful ass as she fucked her from behind. Casey was oh so willing and quickly got into position. Joanna had always wanted to fuck a woman with a strap on, she was trembling from excitement. She gently moved behind Casey and pushed the dildo into her wanting pussy. She pushed until all 9inches were buried inside Casey.

Casey let out a deep sigh and began to buck back and forth. Joanna quickly matched her rhythm, the whole time rubbing and gently spanking her ass. Casey was in heaven. I reached over and rubbed Joanna's ass as she fucked Casey. She looked back at me and grinned, a look of pure ecstasy was on her face. I was fully erect by now and needed some teenyplayground horny blonde babysitter taste cum after fuck to plant it and Joanna's ass was looking very inviting.

I wondered what it would feel like to fuck Joanna's ass while she fucked Casey. I reached over and retrieved a bottle of lubricant from Joanna's night stand.

She saw what I got and nodded agreement to my intentions.

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I applied liberal amounts of lube to her puckering asshole and my cock. I settled in behind her, she paused long enough for me to align my cock busty cougar milf rimming and pussylicking stepmom lesbian her ass.

Casey looked back to see why Joanna had stopped, once she realized why she told me to shove my hard cock in Joanna's ass, and started to fuck the dildo in her like a wild woman.

I pushed my cock into Joanna's wanting asshole, she started to quiver. Joanna was being rocked back and forth as Casey and I was in a perfect rhythm.

Both women were screaming. Casey erupted in a wash of cum. I felt it squirt past Joanna's pussy and onto my balls. She pushed back and shook wildly. The site of this drove me crazy I grabbed Joanna's hips pushed her forward over Casey and started hammering her asshole for all it was worth. This caused the dildo to drive even deeper into Casey.

Each time I would thrust into Joanna the dildo would thrust into Casey. Joanna started cumming like made, bucking out of control. This sent shock waves into Casey, which started to cum yet again.

The sounds and aroma of their sweet sex pushed me over the edge. With one last thrust I buried my cock deep into Joanna's ass and filled her bowels full of hot thick cum. Once my dick spewed its last drops I rolled off of Joanna, she in turn rolled off of Casey. We all three laid back and relaxed, I knew I was spent for the night so I excused myself and washed up.

I left the girls to each other for the night and went to sleep in the guest room. We still had the rest of the weekend to go and I could hardly imagine what fun lay ahead, and I knew I needed as much rest as I could get.