Cum spraying in a public cab with horny teen alessa pornstars and hardcore

Cum spraying in a public cab with horny teen alessa pornstars and hardcore
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When they noticed me looking at them Becka said, "Mona said we might have a client show up today so we have to be prepared." Mona said, "I was going to tell you after breakfast.

He's not supposed to be here until just before lunch." After breakfast Naomi and Becka left to go to work while Mona, Janis and I went up and dressed for the client's arrival. Mona and Janis were wearing casual summer dresses and I was in cargo shorts and a polo shirt.

We had been working in the office several hours when Mona's phone rang. Incredibly hot russian punk girl loves rough sex she hung up she said he would be arriving in a few minutes so she called Naomi to let her know then told us she would go meet him and bring him in. As soon as Mona left, Janis stood up and pulled her dress over her head.

Standing there naked she handed it to me. "I have a fantasy and I need your help. Hide that in one of your drawers and sit down." With that she climbed under my desk just before Mona walked back in with the client.

Let it Rain - 3 "Where's Janis?" "I'm sure she's around here somewhere." "This is Mr. Jackson." I stood up to shake hands and sat back down as he sat on the couch with Mona. Janis pulled me slowly towards the desk and slid a hand inside the leg of my shorts and stroked my dick.

As the discussion between Mona and the client went on Janis unzipped my shorts and started tugging them down. While Mona and the client were distracted I rose up and she pulled them down around my ankles and then pulled them over my feet.

I slid forward to sit on the edge of the chair and opened my legs. Janis put her lips on the tip and kissed it before sucking it between her lips. She was sucking and stroking it when Mona got up to pick up some paperwork from her desk. She stepped over to say something to me and saw Janis smiling up at her with my dick in her mouth. She smiled and said, "I know you're busy but as soon as you're finished I need you and Janis to meet us down at the barns." I said we would and she bent down to kiss my cheek then whispered in my ear.

"I wish I had thought of that." She took Mr. Jackson and left to meet Naomi at the barns. As soon as we heard the front door close Janis pushed my chair back and stood up. "Oh god that was so exciting. My pussy is so wet. I want you to fuck me now." She pushed enough stuff back on the desk for her to sit on the edge. As I came close she hooked her heels behind me and put my dick to her hole as she used them to pull me closer.

I was already close to shooting from her sucking me under the desk. She was so wet, my shaft slid into her hot, tight hole with ease. I went to pounding her immediately and soon she was moaning and breathing hard.

"Fuck me hard…Fill me with cum…I want it in me when we go to the barn so in can let it leak out as we walk around and let Mona, Naomi and Becka see it running down my legs. Oh god, just fuck me." She clamped her legs tight around me and held me tight as she let out a feral groan. I shot my load into her as I felt her nectar flowing out around my dick. When my dick stopped twitching and her breathing returned to normal I pulled my dick out and a gob of cum dropped on to the desk as she stood up.

When I started to get a tissue to wipe it up Janis wiped it with a finger that she put in her mouth and licked clean. "Why waste good cum?" As I grabbed my shorts she pulled her dress over her head, slipped on her shoes and ran upstairs to brush her hair.

When she came back down we walked out to the barns with her hugging my side. "I feel so slutty. I can feel you're cum on my thighs and its making my pussy so hot again. You may have to help me with that before we go back to the house." We caught up to Naomi, Mona, Becka and the client just as he was going in a stall to look at one of his horses.

Mona introduced Janis and they talked for a minute before he continued. While he was in the stall I got Mona's attention then slid one hand between Janis' thighs and pulled it back with our cum on it. Mona gave it a quick lick. Becka stepped up close to me and grabbed my hand. "I saw that." Then she licked the rest of my fingers before the client came out of the stall.

When the client went to check the next animal Becka took Janis by the arm and led her back to an empty stall we had passed. Naomi walked up to me and whispered in my ear. "Looks like Becka found something for an afternoon snack." She rubbed my shaft thru my shorts. "I know where another empty stall is." Mona turned to us. "You two stick around until he's gone.

Don't go running off for a quickie. We have all the time in the world after we're through." We finished showing him around and every time one of them was showing him something the other one was next to me rubbing my shaft.

By the time we finally took him back to his car my balls felt like they were going to burst. When his car disappeared around a curve Naomi turned to Mona as she held my dick.

"I think we should go in and have a quick snack before lunch." Before Mona could respond I said, "If you want a snack do it right here in the sunshine. You two have been teasing for an hour so drop down and snack." I unfastened my shorts and kicked them away, standing there with my dick sticking straight out.

"Well?" Mona said, "I don't want to mess up my dress." Then pulled it over her head and stood there in a blue g-string panty. "Well sister, you going to join me?" and got on her knees in front of me. Naomi took off her work shirt and the sports bra under it and knelt next to her. Naomi wasted no time taking my shaft and sucking half of it in she bobbed on it for a couple of minutes before pulling off, licking her lips and telling Mona how good it was.

Mona said, "You missed all the good part." She took my shaft, put her lips over it and sucked it all down, burying her nose in my pubes. When she finally came up for a breath she told Naomi, "That's the really good stuff, right sweetie?" All I could do was nod my head yes as Naomi said, "You are going to have to teach me how you do hot lovely girl gets screwed in various positions. Every time I try I gag." "Well here's your first lesson." She put my dick to Naomi's lips.

"Take as much as you can without gagging. Now close your eyes and think of the best piece of meat you ever tasted. Now while you think about how good it tasted started trying to swallow that over sized bite you took as you press forward. Naomi closed her eyes and smiled momentarily around my dick. She pushed down until the head was touching her throat and did a small gag. She rose up again took a deep breath and tried again. This time I could feel her throat start to open and just as she pushed down taking in the head her throat closed around it.

Sexy college teen girls pounding with nasty guy on speedboat felt like a baby sucking on a large teat. It was too much for me. I grabbed her head and held her where she was and blasted a huge load into her throat. She didn't need to but she was trying to swallow which only intensified the feeling and I shot even harder down her gullet.

When I stopped shaking I let go and she pulled my shaft out of her mouth and gasped for breath. With a big smile on her face she said, "I did it. I got it in without gagging." Mona told her, "Keep practicing and soon you'll be taking it all." Naomi looked at me. "When can I try again?" "Whoa girl what's the hurry?" "That was such a rush and beside I can't let Mona swallow it all and I can't. We girls compete just like you guys." "What do I get?" "Damn you want more than a fabulous blow job?" "I already get those from Mona and Janis.

Besides you're just practicing for a fabulous blow job." She gave my dick a hard squeeze before standing up. "What did you have in mind or should I ask?" "Think about what you have to offer and we'll talk tonight in bed." When we got inside Becka and Janis had made it back and from the straw still in their hair I'd say they had a good time.

Mona said no one else was supposed to be here today and suggested we pack a lunch and head to the pond and get some midday sun. With a big basket of food, a cooler full of drinks and some clothes just in case, we piled into my truck and headed out. The women headed for the water as soon as we got there and left me to unload. That was ok beautiful cuties will relax for u masturbation smalltits I finished and stretched out on a blanket and watched them slashing around like water nymphs.

When they came out of the water it was one sensual scene. Water was running off their hair and dripping from their nipples and pussy lips. Dense kiss and passions berokisu fuck japanese and asian was so entranced I was caught off busty trio sub roughly fucked by maledoms fetish when they suddenly ran at me and jumped on me with their wet bodies.

They shook their wet hair all over me then I had four wet bodies rubbing all over me. "Ok mister, it's time you joined us." The four of them pulled me up and dragged me to the water and pushed me in. while I swam awhile they dried off and were sitting on the blankets. "Now it's our turn to watch you walk out of the water." As I walked toward them they were whistling and hollering. "That's it baby cakes shake that thing.

Woooo hooo, how'd yah like a piece of that. Hey hot stuff why don't yah bring that sweet thang over here?"I grabbed a towel and sat down with them. "Well sweetie how does it feel to be on the other end of the comments?" "Personally, I don't mind.

It sounds like you know what you like but I think your all talk and no action." Next thing happened was they pushed me over on my back and attacked me. Janis pushed a nipple in my mouth, Becka sucked on one of my nipples and two sets of lips attacked my dick. I had already cum four times today and I knew there wouldn't be much this time but that didn't stop Naomi and Mona from devouring my dick like it was the first time today.

Both sets of lips slid up and down my shaft as their hands rubbed my ball sack against my crotch. They stopped licking on my shaft and each sucked a testicle in their mouth, their lips meeting as they sucked them in. Two tongues were attacking my balls as I sucked greedily on Janis's nipple and Becka sucked on mine. Janis rose up and moved so she was on her knees with her puffy lips on my mouth. As I sucked her clit from its cover, Becka pushed her forward to rest on her hands then ran her tongue thru her crack and pushed her tongue into Janis's ass.

Mona groaned and her cum dribbled onto my chin. While this was happening Mona and Naomi stopped sucking so Mona could straddle my waist and lower herself on my dick that Naomi was holding for her. Mona slid all the way down and sat there. "Mmmmm, it still feels as good as it did when we first met and it fits just as tight." As she started sliding up and down my pole, Hot middle age milf and big tit shower striptease black suspect taken on a rough ride went back to sucking on my balls.

With Mona's tight pussy on my dick and Janis's wet pussy leaking into my mouth I wasn't long before my dick started pumping. There was not much coming out but the feeling of it pulsing in her tight tunnel set Mona off. She shuddered and dropped down on my dick, her girl cum leaking round my shaft. Mona collapsed forward onto Janis and Becka. It was several minutes before we untangled and lay on the blankets with the four of them resting their heads on me.

We lay there catching our breath until Becka said "Didn't we come out here for lunch?" After we stopped laughing we dug into the ice chests then sat on the blankets eating and talking. "So does anybody want to give me a hint what my surprise is?" Together they said 'What surprise' and just grinned. They did a lot of whispering and glancing at me. That wasn't so bad until they started giggling. "Ok what's going on?" "Nothing dear, why don't you be a sweetie and put everything back in the truck and we can go for one more swim before we go back.

Naomi and Becka still have some work to finish." I took the hint and left them to their secrets. They walked down to the pond, still whispering and giggling. When the chests were in the truck I walked down and joined them.

They gathered around me in a group hub. "Don't feel bad women always keep their men in the dark." They laughed again, hugged me tighter then we all jumped in the water and played like a bunch of kids, splashing and dunking each other.

We got back to the house about 3pm and Naomi and Becka headed out to finish work. Mona and Janis headed for the office and I went to the media room to catch some news. I had been sitting in one of the recliners in the middle of the room with a news channel on for about an hour when Mona and Janis came in and crowded in with me. A recliner built for two is a tight fit for three, but they turned sideways to snuggle against me.

"Is there something you want to watch?" "Nope we just want to snuggle here with you until Naomi and Becka are done. They wanted to go get pizza later.

We said that was cool. We didn't feel like cooking tonight." We sat there flipping thru channels until they finished and came in about 6:30.

They found us watching TV and said they were going up to shower. Mona and Janis got up dragging me with them. "You know there is enough room in our shower for all of us." 5 minutes later we were all standing in the shower in the master bath. It was bigger than the bathroom than in some apartments.

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Standing in there with warm water spraying from multiple nozzles I was surprised that all they wanted to do was scrub each other, and me, clean. Every time I started to touch or grab some thing I got my hand gently brushed away. "Sweetie we all love you but we want to go eat. We also decided we have been too hard on you and you need to rest. So enjoy the shower and let's go get pizza. Oh by the way wear Levis, we are." When we got out and dried off I was hustled down stairs as soon as I was dressed and asked to wait in the front room.

45 minutes later my four horse women came down the stairs. All four were wearing 5" heels, low rise, skinny jeans with belts that had big ass sliver buckles, cropped sleeveless snap down western shirts and this was all topped off with a cowboy hat, those bent and rolled ones you see women in. they were decked out in silver and turquoise bling, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and one was wearing a string tie.

Dressed like I was in just jeans and a button down shirt I felt like the poor stepchild. When I said so they just said, "Everyone is supposed to be looking at us any way." We got in my truck and headed to town. We ended up at the same Italian restaurant we had gone to when we met Janis. "I thought we were going for pizza." "They have pizza and people we know will be here to see how well we are doing." We went in and got one of the corner round booths.

I was in the middle between Mona and Janis. I kept trying to slide a hand onto a thigh or sneak a boob touch and was constantly brushed away. I finally gave up and watched the steady stream of people coming by to ask Janis how she was and hearing Mona introduce us as her partners and Janis as the business manager. Most of them were surprised when Mona introduced Naomi as her foreman and Becka as Naomi's assistant.

More than one wife cast blondie lolly small gets dicked down and creamed a catty glance as their husband came over to talk but the oral sex stimulation with hardcore drilling smalltits russian just smiled and gave them a little wave. Kill them with kindness. Dinner had all been about impressing people and letting the gossipers spread the news that the ranch was doing well.

When we left they ladies made a point of stopping and visiting with everyone they knew and making sure they were told how happy they were these days. I drove home since know one seemed to want to play.

When we got inside and headed upstairs I told Naomi and Becka to get me up and I would help them tomorrow. As they went down the hall Mona, Janis and I went into the master bedroom.

I was lying in the middle of the bed waiting for them to do whatever it is women do for an hour before bed. When they came out of the bathroom and climbed in with me again they brushed off my advances. "We talked today and decided we were expecting too much from you and we want you to get some rest." No matter how much I protested they weren't changing their minds.

I finally just gave up and went to sleep with them laying half on me pressing their warm bodies against me. In the middle of the night I was about half awake when I felt the bed moving. As I started to sit up two bodies pressed against me again and one whispered "It's nothing, go back to sleep." I was woken up by a hand rubbing my limp shaft. My first thought was 'Mona caved.' But when I opened my eyes it was Becka resting on one arm and rubbing with the other.

When I looked on the other side it was Naomi that was snuggled up to me. When I kissed her forehead she opened her eyes and smiled at us. "Morning, did you sleep well." "Considering I went to sleep with Mona and Janis and woke up with you and Becka I guess I did." "We decided last night that there was no reason they had to be up early so we just switched beds. That was me whispering in your ear." My dick was getting hard from Becka rubbing it but Naomi said, "We can finish that latter. We need to get started so we can get back for breakfast." We got up and they wanted to work at the other property before breakfast.

I started to get some Levis and Becka gave me 'The look'. Uh, you're going to wear clothes and we're not? What's wrong with this picture?" I took the hint and threw them on the bed. Just wearing work boots we headed down to the truck. Naomi was driving and I climbed in the passenger seat. I reached for the door to close it but Becka had other ideas.

"Did you forget something?" She climbed in and sat on my lap. "I'm not sitting in back by myself." She wiggled her butt in my lap then rose up a little.

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She grabbed my dick and put it so it would stick up between her legs. There, that's better. It was poking me in my ass." When we got to the gate she jumped out to open it and got back in after we went thru and she closed it. This time she arraigned my dick before she sat down. As we went down the road to the other location Becka was leaning back against me as she wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly stroked. As precum started to dribble out she rubbed it around the head with her thumb and around the shaft with her hand.

When we got to the other location Becka got out but instead of letting me out, she turned and leaned back into the truck. She took my dick in one hand and held it as she stretched her lips over the head and sucked in as much as she could. When she had run her tongue around every inch in her mouth she pulled it out and licked the rest clean.

"I couldn't let you walk around wasting all that good cum could I?" It was difficult working with a hard dick but every time one of them saw that it had gone down they either stroked it or sucked on the head until it was hard again, so much for their wanting me to rest. When we finished Naomi wanted to talk to me. "I want to practice for that fabulous blow job. And I know what you want." She took my hand and led me to where the bales and blanket were in the last barn.

Becka was standing next to them holding the jar of lube Mona kept out there. I'm going to suck you until I get it all in then you're going to fuck my tight little asshole and fill it with that load of cum we've been working on this morning. She had me sit on the end of the bales and lean back on my elbows so I could watch. She bent at the waist and started ever so slowly bobbing on my shaft, only taking in an extra ½" or so every couple of strokes.

As she did Becka stepped behind her and started rubbing her anal ring with lube. As Becka slid a finger thru her sphincter Naomi closed her eyes and moaned around my dick. Naomi bobbed a few more times then held my dick in where I could feel her throat kissing the tip. As Becka slid a second finger in Naomi groaned and the head slipped in her throat. She looked up at me and smiled before she pulled it out of her mouth.

"Mmmmm, so close, I might need some held if you're willing." She took me back in her mouth but didn't take her eyes away from me. When I wrapped my hands in her hair she smiled and slid down my shaft, easily slipping the head in and out of her throat as she bobbed.

She had pushed the head in her throat and was holding it when Becka pushed her third finger it. As she let out a lot groan I felt her throat relax I pulled her head down hard and the full 9 ½" slid in her mouth and down her throat. I pulled her up and as soon as she took a deep breath pulled her back down to take in my entire shaft again. I released my hold on her hair but she took her time rising back up. When my shaft was out of her mouth she gasped several times.

"Oh wow that was so awesome. Now let me do it familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom myself." She sucked me back in and slid down until her nose was buried in my pubes. She stayed there with Becka stroking her ass with three fingers until she had to rise up and take several large breaths. "Oh shit that goes down so easy now." Becka said, "Now when do I get my chance?" "Next time girlfriend, I need to pay my bill now." Naomi stood up pulling Becka's fingers from her ass.

When she replaced me on the bales she started to lie down on her stomach but I rolled her to her back and pushed her legs up behind her arms. "I want you to see me fuck your ass and I want to watch you play with yourself as you do." Becka used her slick fingers to rub lube on my shaft and aim it at Naomi's still open ass hole.

When I pushed her sphincter relaxed for a moment then the head popped in. "Oh two ravishing blondes and one stiff member I want it all inside me. Fill my ass with cum." She was hissing "Yes, Yes, Yes, as I slid the full length into her bowels. It only took a few minutes, after this morning's teasing, until I sprayed her colon with my seed.

"Fuck me, I can feel your cock pumping and you're hot cum in my ass. Don't take it out just let me feel it inside until it goes down. I was holding it in and she was still playing with her clit when she started yelling. "III'Mmmmm CCCCUUUUMMMIINNG, FUCK MY ASS MORE, IIII'Mmmmm CCUUMMMIINNGG." I started driving into her ass again and she thrashed around wailing. "Bill, oh Bill, fuck me. Oh damn fuck me." I stopped when it looked like she was going to roll of the bales.

It was almost 5 minutes before her breathing returned to normal and she wanted up get up. When I pulled my semi-hard shaft from her Becka took it in her hand and looked at Naomi with a gleam in her eyes. "Can I have it or do you want it?" "Why don't we share." She got on her knees with Becka, they opened their mouths, pressed their lips together around my shaft and stayed that way as I slid it back and forth between them. I could feel their tongues cleaning my shaft as I moved. When they were done and stood up Naomi said she was ready for food so we headed back to the house.

As soon as the gate was closed Becka was snuggled back in my lap with her head on my shoulder. "I won't let you forget that next time, is my turn. It looked so hot watching your cock disappearing in to her ass. I want her to see what I saw." She kissed my neck then sat quiet until we got home. When we walked in Mona and Janis yelled from the kitchen that breakfast was almost ready so we ran upstairs for a quick shower.

While we waited for the water to warm up Becka got on her knees and took my dick in one hand. She slid the other one up between Naomi's legs. "Mmmmm baby your pussy is still wet. Why don't we take care of that before we shower?" She got up and holding my dick and Naomi's pussy led us to the bed. She had me lay on my back and then laid Naomi with her butt against my leg with my dick sticking up between her pery teats slut wants to be fucked japanese hardcore close to her pussy.

Becka got between our legs and sucked on the part of my shaft she could get in her mouth as she rubbed her hand over Naomi's pussy and clit. After a minute she pulled out my dick big babe masturbate live watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom put her mouth over Naomi's pussy entrance and noisily slurped at the juices inside.

When she stopped cleaning Naomi's pussy she moved back to my dick and dribbled the cum from her mouth on my cock for lube as she stroked it. Naomi turned around and put her lips on my dick crazy sexy blonde babe candy rides a kebab to orgasm swallowed it pushing Becka's hand away.

After taking it down several times and sucking her cum from it she took it out. "Aaaahhhhh, tasty, now let's get that shower and breakfast. Mona and Janis were waiting for us with a table full of food. Mona grinned at Naomi and asked, "Well did you get what you wanted?" "Oh yeah, all the way down and he filled my ass.

It was so good I had to have seconds on the Blow job before we showered. Now I'm ready to eat and get back to work. Becka might be a bit cranky today because I didn't share." Everyone but Becka laughed. "Don't worry, I'll get even." After breakfast Naomi and Becka headed out to work. I said I'd help if they wanted but they said they were good for now.

Mona and Janis went to the office to do some paperwork so I went out looking for a trailer mounted pit I had seen somewhere on the property. I brought it up to the garage and spent the day working on it. I wanted to get it ready for a cookout at the pond this weekend.

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Janis came out with lunch for us that we fuck me until i squirt twiceget in the shade of a big oak next to the garage while we talked.

"Can I tell you something that stays just between us for now?" "Sure, what's up?" She hesitated a minute. "Well…You know how…Uhh…Naomi and Becka keep talking about babies?

Well I'm 5 years older and my clock is ticking. I can support myself now and I'm really considering having our child myself. It a big step I know but I want you to want this to. So promise me you'll think about it and let me know. It doesn't have to be right away but if you wait too long I might have to go out and find some lucky stud to surprise." She gave a nervous laugh. "Only kidding, I don't want anyone but you to be the father." I told her I'd think about it and let her know.

She leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss before gathering up the plates and heading back to the house. Was it my imagination or was she dancing and singing as she went. Becka came and got me for supper. Time rushed by when you were busy. When we were done the sun was still up so attractive babe is showcasing her opened narrow vagina in close up decided grab some towels and blanket and to go to the pond for a sunset swim.

It was a typical hot, humid, Central Texas night and the cool water in the pond felt very nice. Just before the sun set we got out, dried of and laid on the blankets to watch the sunset. Mona and Janis were on either side of me with Naomi and Becka snuggling together next to us.

Mona said they just wanted a nice quiet evening. They just wanted to lay out here and watch the stars. Janis was lying with her head on my chest when she started snoring about 30 minutes later.

My laughing woke her up. "What?" "You're snoring." "Sorry, it happens when I'm tired. Can we go back and call it a night?" We gathered up everything and went back to the house. When we were headed upstairs Naomi stopped me. "Do you want to help us tomorrow?" When I nodded she continued. "If Mona and Janis don't mind why don't you sleep with us? That way they can sleep in." Mona and Janis said they were ok with it so I went down the hall to Naomi and Becka's room with them. I don't know what I expected but when they opened the door and we went in I was surprised to find it was all pink and frilly.

When Becka saw me looking around she said, "What did you expect, a messy guy type room. We're bisexual, not a pair of dykes. Climb up in the bed we'll be right back." They went into their bathroom and closed the door behind them. I spent hours with these two nude every day but when they came out of their bathroom with their hair and makeup done and wearing sheer, blue baby dolls they looked so much sexier. It just proves women look better with something on. "We got these just for you, do you like them?" "They do make you two look hot." They jumped up on the bed and got next to me.

They started rubbing their bodies against me thru the lace. "That's good because we promised to let you rest tonight so we're sleeping in these." Becka turned off the light and climbed back in with us.

Once they were cuddled to me they each wrapped a hand around my dick. As it started to grow Becka whispered, "No baby, wait until morning." Soon they were sound asleep. I could feel their slow breaths on my neck. I finally drifted off. Again, sometime in the middle of the night, I felt the bed move. Both hands went back on my shaft and as I started to raise my head there was a kiss on my cheek and a whisper, "Shhhhh, go back to sleep." I did.

I woke up to sunlight streaming thru the windows. I opened my eyes and saw Mona. What the hell was going on? I woke Mona and asked her what was happening. Sleepily she said "Go back to sleep I'll explain it later." I tried but curiosity was keeping my mind going. I tried to slide out from between them but Janis woke up. "Where busty babe kiki cyrus cheats for a fat cash pornstars and hardcore going?" I told her I was gonna start breakfast since they wanted to sleep in.

"Take a shower with me and I'll help." We got out of bed without waking Mona and headed for the shower. When we were standing under the warm shower she took my dick and started rubbing it. "I'm starting to feel unloved.

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It's been days since I got a real fucking from you. I think you should just bend me over and fuck me like you mean it." My dick was hard and she just turned around, spread her kegs, bent over and put her hands against the wall.

I turned off the water before kneeling behind her and putting my mouth over her sex. I slid my tongue into her wet hole and tasted her tart juices.

She moaned and wiggled her butt against my face as I continued to tongue her hole and slit. I stood up and put my shaft on her slit and rubbed it back and forth until it was slick with her juice. I put the head at the entrance to her beautiful pussy lips and slid the head in. "Mmmmm I need it all babe, don't stop there." As I slid the rest of the way in, she was moaning. "Ooooohhhhhh wwwooooowww, it's been to long since I've felt that. Now work that stick in me and make me cum on it." As I started fucking into her she began pushing back to meet me.

It was only a few minutes when she started shaking. "Fuck damn it I'm cumming." I wasn't that close yet so I just started driving hard into her. Her orgasm grew and I was holding her up by her waist since her wobbly legs weren't doing a very good job. I lowered her to her knees and turned her to face me. I had her head in my hands and guided my dick to her lips.

As she reached for my hips I told her to hold her hands behind her back. She clasped them together behind her as I slowly slid my shaft past her mouth and into her throat. When her nose was in my pubes I told her to look up at me. As she looked into my eyes I started making full strokes down her throat.

I pulled out long enough for her to breath and slid right veronica avluv invited jessie rhodes to spice up sexlife with her guy down.

When my groin tightened I timed it so my shaft would be all the way in. As I slid it in I told her, "It we're going to have a baby I won't be wasting my sperm in your throat anymore so enjoy this." As my cum erupted down her throat she tried to smile around my shaft and tears poured from her eyes. She didn't move her hands until I finished pumping cum down her throat, pulled my shaft from her and let go of her head.

She licked her lips and jumped up to throw her arms around my neck "Are you serious we're going to get pregnant? I need to get a checkup and find out if I can just stop my pills and when. I know Mona is your number one and she doesn't want kids of her own but she will be a good mommy with us.

Oh damn I'm so happy I can't wait to tell Mona." "Why don't we finish our shower and go down and do breakfast. Let her sleep and you can tell everyone while we eat." We spent the next twenty minutes just soaping and rubbing each other then toweling each other dry.

When we went down to the kitchen Janis was smiling and moving against me whenever she got a chance. When I asked her about it she said she was just so happy she couldn't help herself.

She just felt like touching me. Naomi and Becka came in just as we were finishing and I asked them to wake Mona when they went up stairs. When the three of them came down and joined us Mona noticed Janis fidgeting in her seat.

"Ok what's up? You look like you're about to bust." "We're going to have a baby&hellip.Not right now but as soon as I get the ok from my doctor, I'm going to stop the pill." All the girls were hugging and crying. You would have thought we won the lottery or something.

After we ate Naomi and Becka went back out to work, Janis and Mona went to darksome hotty gets holes fingered girlfriend and hardcore office and I went back to work finishing the pit for this weekend.

Just before lunch I finished the pit and moved it to the pond. While I was getting it setup and level Janis drove up in her car and got out carrying a basket and a blanket. "I hope you don't mind? I'm still giddy from this morning. Mona said I was as useful as a ninny and might as well go spend the afternoon with you." She put the blanket out in the shade then pulled lunch out of the basket then sat down next to me so close I had to laugh.

"If you let me eat you can get as close as you want after." She blushed as she moved away just a little. "I sorry, my late husband only wanted to parade me around like a prize horse and sex was infrequent and was just wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I run the business portion of this farm and you just want to make me feel good and fuck my brains out. That's why I like doing things for you. Now I'm blithering. Eat lunch so I can get close." I ate slowly just to watch her reaction.

"Damn, any other time you eat like it's your last meal." She took my fork and tried to stuff potato salad in my mouth and missed.

Now I had it all over my lap. I put my plate and drink down. "You wanted to touch so why don't you lick all this out of my lap?" I had tried to sound stern but she just giggled, bent down and started licking it up but she started wiping some up with a finger and smeared it on my dick.

"Oops I made another mess." Then she laughed as she held it up and started licking it like a big lollipop. Every time she got it clean she had another 'accident'. I finally got up and dragged her to the water with me and had her wash me off. She just kept giggling and rubbing my dick. We got out and dried off then she got on her knees holding my dick in her hands. "You said once we start trying for a baby I don't get to swallow or feel you cum in my ass until I am, so until we start all we're are going to is oral and anal and I want to start now.

I'm going to suck your cock and you're going to cum in my ass then I'm going to suck your cock again and when it gets hard you're going to fuck my ass again. If I get it up again you're going to fuck my mouth." She stretched her mouth around y shaft sucked it half in. she was stroking the bottom half in time with the bobbing of her head. When my shaft was rock hard she got on her hands and knees. "Now you get to fuck my ass hard." I squatted behind her and pointed my dick at her dripping pussy.

As it slid in she groaned but said "That's not my ass baby." "I know but I want is slick with your nectar before I try to put it in your little ass." I stroked until it felt slick then I pulled it out and put the head at her little rosebud and pushed. As the head entered she pushed back hard burying my dick to the balls. "Oh god lover it's been too long, we should do this more often." As I drove into her she started hollering at the top up her lungs. "FUCK ME LOVER. FUCK MY ASS AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM.

OH GOD YOUR BIG DICK FEELS SO GOOD STRETCHING MY ASS. POUND ME. FUCK ME. CUM IN MY ASS." My balls were tightening when she threw her head back and pushed back the hardest yet. "OH GOD I'M CUMMING. CUM WITH ME LOVER FILL ME." Cum blasted from my cock spraying the inside of her bowels.

We both fell forward as I shot my load and my dick drove another ½" into her. "OH FUCK." We laid there for several minutes with me on top of her and my dick still in her ass until she tried to roll me off.

I pulled out and started to lie next to her and hold her but she got up on her knees and pushed me over onto my back. "That's just round one big guy." She grabbed my cum yummy ts big cock gets swinged and jerked till messy cumshot tube porn dick in one hand and put it to her mouth as the other hand found its way to my ball sack.

She was sucking and stroking but this time was pushing my dick just into her throat and swallowing around it. As her throat was kissing the head of my shaft her other hand was rubbing and squeezing my balls. It was only a couple of minutes until I was hard again. This time she got up, straddled me, put my dick head to her ass and eased all the way down on it. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. "You play with these and I'll take care of the rest." She put her hands on my chest and began rocking on her knees, sliding up until my shaft almost came out then easing back down until it was engulfed in her ass.

"Mmmmm I love having your cock deep in my ass, I'll do anything if you promise not to take this away." I pulled a nipple from one of her perfect 34DD breasts into my mouth as I squeezed them and rolled the other one between my fingers.

I switched between the nipples sucking and gently biting on them. She was riding me faster and faster until she jammed herself down on my lap and screamed. "OH MY FUCKING GOD." Then she squirted all over me. She sat there breathing deep for several minutes before she started rocking on my shaft again. It was only a few minutes more and it was my turn. "I'm ready to fill your ass again." "Nnnnoooooo don't, I changed my mind." She jumped off of me, got between my legs and put her mouth on my dick, sucking on the head like a straw as she stroked the shaft with both hands.

Her cheeks bulged as she swallowed as fast as she could. When I finished she licked the shaft clean before sitting back on her heels and smacking her lips. "I didn't want to take the chance you wouldn't have enough for me to eat." She lay down next to me with a leg over me and he head on my chest.

That's how Mona, Naomi and Becka found us when they showed up about 5pm. "I got lonely in the house and asked Naomi and Becka if they had seen you. When they said no we decided to come out here. It looks like you have been enjoying yourself." Janis said we have. "My ass and belly are full of his wonderful cum.

Now that you woke us up I'm headed to the water." But she didn't go alone. Mona helped her drag me up and all five of us were soon shoulder deep in the water. Naomi and Becka were off to the side making out. Mona and Janis sandwiched me with Mona in the front.

Mona had a fake pout on. "I've been feeling a little left out lately. When are you and I going to do something?" "Tomorrow is Thursday so I was thinking of taking my bike and picking up my last paycheck. I told them I would, so they never mailed it.

Do you want to go with me? We could make a day of it?" "I can't. I have an appointment with our feed supplier. I guess you and Ms. Ninny can go. She's turned into a real flake." Mona was laughing as Janis came around me and pushed her underwater. I just stood there and enjoyed the show as two naked women had a water fight. When they both came up sputtering and laughing we went back up to the blankets where Naomi and Becka had moved their make out session.

"Are we going to have to throw water on you two or do you want us to leave you here for the night." As they moved to a sixty nine position Becka said "Just leave us one of the trucks and we'll come home later." Mona rode with me in my truck and Janis took her car back.

When we got inside we weren't hungry so we went to the media room to watch TV. There was nothing we wanted to watch so Mona surprised me by getting out a wireless keyboard and mouse. She put the projector on computer and started typing in an address. The window that opened had a lot of pictures of young women.

She clicked on one and another window opened with the girl in about half of it. "What's this?" "It's a webcam site and guys pay them so they can watch. Naomi told me about it. She says she know a couple of the girls that do this. She says guys pay for them to get nude, dance, masturbate and some get paid just for talking. I was looking for the girls she knows but they're not on tonight." Mona started surfing thru the girls until she saw two of them on one cam, Twin blondes asking for tips to do private girl on girl shows.

"What would you think if Janis and I did that?" "Girl on girl sounds good to me." "No dufus, the cam girl part." "Well do I get a free pass?" "You have the real deal isn't that enough?" "I just don't know about sharing with hundreds of other guys." "We were hoping you'd say that, but we weren't thinking about doing it anyway." She smiled at Janis.

"But if you really like girl on girl I think we could do one right here, right now, if you want to watch." She got up off the couch taking Janis with her. Janis laid on her back with her legs to me and Mona began sucking on one nipple while pinching and pulling on the other. Janis took the cue and was doing the same to Mona. After a few minutes Mona rose up and put Janis' legs behind her arms then grabbed my legs and pulled me to join them on the floor. She had me sit with my legs outside Janis and our butts touching.

This let me lean back against the couch as Mona took turns sucking on my dick or sucking on Janis pussy and stroking my shaft. I was leaning back with my eyes closed when Becka's voice startled me. "And Mona wanted to throw water on us. Since no one fixed dinner can we join you her for a snack?" before any one answered Naomi got on her knees butt to butt with Mona so Janis could lick them both.

Becka put her knees on the couch on either side of my head and slid forward until my lips were against brandi love and casi james shared boyfriend on the bed pornstars and big tits pussy.

I grabbed her hips and put my mouth tight over her hot hole and probed it with my tongue. I couldn't see what was going on now, but the moaning and groaning coming from Mona, Janis and Naomi was almost matched by the sounds coming from Becka as I licked her juices from her hole then tortured her clit with my tongue. Mona was doing an excellent job on my dick. When it wasn't going deep, in and out of her throat, her hand was making tight rapid strokes on the shaft.

As Becka threw her head back and yelled, her pussy squirted like a broken water hose. I let loose with a blast of cum that hit Mona in the face just as she was moving to suck on my shaft.

I heard her squeal, "He just sprayed my face with cum." When Mona sat up Becka slid down the front of me until she was straddling my lap with my dick pressed between us. As she rubbed her ass against it she kissed my face and licked at her cum on my face. Soon she giggled a little and got up. "Let me go get a wash cloth and clean us up." When she moved I saw that Janis had sat up and with Naomi was licking my cum from Mona's face.

I looked up at the computer screen on the wall and the blonde twins were locked in a torrid 69 with each licking the others pussy and using a large dildo on their ass.

Becka came back with warm cloths and we cleaned each other up then sat watching the two blondes. Mona was leaning on my right side with one hand cupping my balls while Naomi was sitting on my left side absently stroking my shaft and talking to us. "Aren't they beautiful? Look at the way they are loving each other. It almost looks like a mirror. I wonder if their boyfriends can tell them apart.' She turned to look at me.

"Imagine waking up between those two. I bet you would love that wouldn't you?" My dick pulsed as she gave it a firm squeeze but she was right. That would be every red blooded male's fantasy. "You've got one blonde already. Becka's the youngest, so she can get a blonde wig and hot brunette was fucked by her boyfriend in a hotel can make your dreams come true." We sat and watched until the twins both came and sat up together.

They looked at the camera as they sat arm in arm gently touching and stroking each other. "We will be signing off" "in a little while and" "be off for about four or five days." "We are moving to a better house and" "want to have everything perfect for our loyal fans." If was amazing how they each could just take over talking when the other stopped, without missing a beat. We were watching messages pop up asking them to do more things before they signed off. The only one they answered was when someone gave them a 100 token tip and asked them to dildo each other's pussy.

"You must be new here and haven't read our profile." "We do oral, anal, spankings," "role play and a few other things" "but nothing goes in out pretty little pussies" "until we find the man who we thinks" "deserves to bust our cherries." They said good night and sweet dreams and the screen went blank except for a message that said their webcam was off line.

There was a block under that that said 'Profile'. It gave a lot of information like they were twins, 19 years old in two months and lived in the US. The part that caught our attention was that they were still virgins and when the time and man was right they would do a very private show and let the ten high bidders watch via webcam.

I sure would like to be one of the winners. I was going to keep an eye on this site. It was getting late and the ladies wanted to go to bed so we turned everything off and went up stairs. When we got upstairs Naomi and Becka went to their room playing grab ass as they went. I was spent and glad Mona and Janis just wanted to cuddle and go to sleep.

I must have been tired. I didn't feel it when the ladies changed beds.

Becka woke 9x mother sexy my mother x mother x1 and Naomi and said "Let's go to work." They were doing this every night and I knew they were up to something but I hadn't figured it out yet. Naomi told Becka to drive when we went to the other property. She said she was tired of driving and watching. She also said we needed an electric gate so they could stay on my lap all the way there and the trip back.

She had several good orgasms, one each way but I was still not quite there when we got home. We walked in the kitchen with Naomi still holding my cock and ran into Mona. Naomi said, "I need Bill to help me with something upstairs. Holler when breakfast is ready." We heard Mona behind us. "I can guess what you need." She was still laughing when we got to the top of the stairs. Naomi led me into her bedroom, laid down on her back on the bed with her head over the edge and said, "It's your turn.

Fuck my throat like a pussy, but cum in my mouth so I can taste it." As I moved close she grabbed my dick with one hand, to guide it to her mouth, and grabbed my ass leila gang bang french bukkake the other to pull me closer.

She pulled harder as my dick disappeared into her mouth. When it was as deep as it would go she pushed me back and pulled me back in. Soon I was rapidly driving my dick down her throat 5 or 6 times then letting her take a breath before doing it again. 3 or 4 minutes later as I started to blow I pulled my dick out until only the tip was between her lips and stroked my dick as cum pumped into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed as she held it all.

When I was done she sat up and smiled around her mouthful of my cum before swallowing several times and licking her lips. "That's the second best taste I know. Only my Becka is better. Now let's go get some food." We went downstairs and joined the others for breakfast. When Naomi started wolfing down bacon and pancakes Becka said, "And you're still hungry". "Hey I worked up an appetite getting that treat ready this morning." Then Becka looked at me.

"What's your excuse?" "Hey I'm just a growing boy." "Mmmmm, growing? Maybe we should do a little measuring later? You know see how many tongues long it is or see how many lips around? " "It will have to be much later. Janis and I are going to Austin on the bike." "Don't keep him out to late. We have a big day tomorrow." "Want to let me in on this?" "Nope it's a surprise." And that was the end of that conversation.

After breakfast Naomi and Becka went to work and Mona went to get ready for her appointment. Janis and I went up to get dressed for our ride. I got dressed and went down to get the bike. When I pulled up to the front door Janis came out in super low rise jeans, a shear with blouse with pockets that covered her nipples and a pair of heels that looked like she was in tip toes.

Her ponytail was bouncing behind her as she did her best Peg Bundy impression. She was taking short bouncy steps and yelling "Bill, Bill wait for me." I was staring at those 34DD breasts bouncing behind the pockets when she stopped in front of me. In that high pitch whine Peg Bundy used she said, "Biiillllll, do you think your friends will like me?

I want them to like me so you will be happy." I gave her a helmet to put on. "But Bbiiillll, this is for a guy." I promised to get her one that was more feminine when we got to town.

She got on behind me, wrapped her arms around me and pressed those large globes into my back. "I know you have a sissy bar but I just wanted to remind you what's back here." We headed into Austin and my first stop was a shop where I had bought my leathers and helmet.

When I walked in with Janis doing her Peg Bundy walk I noticed the guy behind the counter smile as his eyes went to her breasts bouncing in the sheer blouse. "We need a Skid Lid with something for a woman on it." He took us to a rack of helmets and Janis picked out one that was black with a pink design and a retractable sunshield. He went in back and brought out several sizes and when she found one that fit I went to pay for it.

Just as I pulled out my card Janis hollered. "Bbiiillll, will you buy me one of these cute leather vests?" The guy behind the counter smiled and set the helmet aside as I went to see what she wanted. When I got to her in a lower voice she said, "This will make me look like your hot biker chick." She was holding up a thin, soft leather vest with laces on both sides and a front zipper.

When I showed him what she wanted he asked her measurement and went in back again. She tried on the one he brought out and frowned. "It's too big." He smiled again and handed her a different one.

"I thought you might say that." She put this one on but it wouldn't zip up all the way up. "I like this one. Bbiiillll can I have it pplleeeaaasss?" I nadia ali sex stories xxx sex story chut yes and she asked where she could change. I was surprised. Any other time she would have done it right there. When she was pointed to a back room she grabbed my arm and pulled me with her.

"I might need some help." As soon as we went in the room she closed and locked the door then slipped of the blouse she had on. Instead of putting on the vest she got on her knees and unzipped my pants. Without a word she pulled out my dick and started sucking on it like a woman possessed. She took her mouth off my shaft and was stroking it rapidly. "Bet you didn't think you were going to get a blow job before lunch." She kept up the stroking until precum started leaking out then used her tongue to keep it from dripping.

She put her mouth back over the head as I started jerking towards her then sucked down every drop as I shot a load of cum in her mouth. She kept sucking and stroking until I made her stop because the head of my dick was so sensitive. She licked the head of my dick one more time to watch me jerk then put my dick back in my pants and zipped me up.

She stood up and put on the vest, zipping it as far as possible. That meant it liked 6 inches making it to the top and a lot of her tits were exposed. The nipples were barely covered. "Well do you think your friends will like it?" She was bouncing up and down making those globes jiggle. When we went back out to the counter to pay he asked if everything was ok. Janis wiped a corner of her mouth and smiled. "Yep we got it aaalll straightened out." He looked at me like he wanted to say something but just rang up the purchase.

I paid and we took off to pick up my check. When we got to my old work site I went in the office to say hello to my old boss. He wanted to know if there was dude nails the luscious gal pornstar hardcore that would bring me back to work. I walked him to a window and pointed. "Can you match that?" Janis had gotten of the bike and was standing there in those heels, low cut jeans and that leather vest that wouldn't zip up.

She had taken the band off of her hair and looked like she was absentmindedly running her hand thru her blonde hair. If you didn't know her you would have thought she was the epitome of the blonde bimbo and from the looks she was getting from the guys working they did and were jealous. "No I don't think I can but good luck. Your always welcome back here." I didn't want to tell him there were three more at the house waiting for me.

Why rub it in. when I came back out she made a big production of bouncing over to hug me, then stretching her arms back to tie her hair, pushing her tits out farther, then bending over to make sure her foot pegs were down.

By the time we rode out everyone on the site had a real good look at 'My New Girlfriend'. As we rode she leaned forward and squeezed me. "We need to find some place for lunch. We need to use the restroom." "You need a restroom?" "No dummy, WE need a restroom." "Ooooohhhh." I pulled into a place that I knew had both restrooms at the end of a hallway and Janis led the way in. We ordered and when we got the food she got up and said "Follow me in two minutes." I waited then went to the ladies room and knocked softly.

Janis opened the door naked and pulled me inside. She unbuttoned my Levis and pulled them down before turning around and leaning on the sink. Now fuck me. My pussy is wet and waiting for your cock." I put it between her legs and slid it back and forth until it was slick with her juices.

I put the head at the entrance to her pussy and pushed it all the way in. she had a hand over her mouth to stifle a yell as I pounded her hard. Just a few minutes later I filled her with a blast of my cum.

She was breathing hard and biting her lip to keep from screaming. I pulled my dick out and reached for some paper towels to clean up but she stopped me. "That's my job." Then she got down on her knees and licked my shaft until it was clean before pulling up my Levis.

I slipped out the door and went back to the table. A few minutes later Janis came out with a big smile on her face. "Now I'm starved." We headed home after we ate and as soon as we pulled out of the lot she unzipped her vest and pulled up the back of my shirt. She pressed her tits to my back and rubbed them against me all the way home. She kept saying, "Thank you for a wonderful ride.

We'll have to do it again." When we pulled up at the house, Mona, Naomi and Becka came out to great fmm threesome with sexy blonde milf us.

The first thing they noticed was Janis open vest. Naomi spoke up. "Looks like you two had a good time." When Janis started to tell them about our adventure they all headed inside to get comfortable and listen to her wild tale.

I rode around back and put the bike in the shed then went in to find them. They were in the glassed in room with the couch folded out into a bed. They were all sitting on it holding glasses of wine and talking excitedly. When they saw me Mona said "She really gave you a blow job in a changing room?" "And a damn good one, I thought about cumming on her tits and making her wear it all day." "Mmmmm, I would have done anything you asked.

Besides I think it would have been fun to see the look on his face when I wiped some off and put it on my lips. Why don't you shed those clothes and join us." I went a grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge then stripped and joined them sitting in the middle of that bed, leaning against the back, with four lovely ladies snuggled around me I wondered how life could be any better. They all wanted to know when they could go for a 'ride'.

I told them any time they wanted to go I would take them anywhere. "Do we get to go shopping there to?" "As long as you don't give the guy a heart attack or get us kicked out, I think we can make it happen." They drank some more wine and I had a few more beers as we sat and watched the sun go down. The ladies decided they were tired and ready for bed. Janis and Becka told me to give them a 5 minute head start. They had a surprise for me. When I walked into the bedroom Becka had on a blonde wig and she and Janis were in a sixty nine.

When they saw me they laughed and got up. You liked those twins the other night so we thought you might like to sleep with two blondes. We have to let you rest tonight, Mona's orders, because tomorrow is your big surprise so get in here and lets snuggle." I went to sleep with two blonde heads on my shoulders. For the first time in a week when I woke up it looked like I had the same to women in bed with from the night before.

When I gave them a little shake they just snuggled a little closer and didn't wake. I figured as long as they wanted to press their warm girl flesh against anal amateurs home anal amador p cuzinho and pintao I might as well enjoy it and closed my eyes.

When I woke up again it was to a pair of lips on my dick and another pair on my testicles. They were doing a wonderful job and in a few minutes I started shooting cum and felt both set of lips on the head of my dick. "God ladies that is a wonderful way to wake up." I opened my eyes when I heard voices I didn't recognize say, "Thank you Mr. Bill" in unison. I saw two blondes but it wasn't Janis and Becka. In fact I couldn't tell them apart.