Ponytailed asian chick shaved and nailed by t

Ponytailed asian chick shaved and nailed by t
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FAKE REPORT REVEALS ALL by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy. It was a slow Tuesday and I decided mother and sister love2 lick com leave work early. It was 3 pm and thought I could take advantage of three hours and get some work done around the house. When I got to the house, there was a strange car parked in my driveway.

My curiosity got the best of me and I quietly entered the house and heard what sounded like my wife's voice. I kept hearing, "YES, HARDER.YES, YES." I then snuck up the stairs to the master bedroom and froze at the door. Three people were so preoccupied, they did not see me standing in the open doorway. I saw my 'loving' wife, naked on the bed and there was a strange man with his cock pumping into her pussy, she was laying on his chest while another strange man was behind her with his cock buried deep in her ass.

Joan was frantically screaming for them to fuck her harder and deeper. I quietly backed away and left the house. I checked the car which was unlocked and I found the registration. I wrote down the man's name and address, took photos of the car on my cell camera, and then returned to my car. I thought for a moment, 'I'm sure she will make them leave around 5 pm, clean up the evidence and have time to shower before I got home at my regular time of 6 pm'.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do, so I went to a restaurant for a cup of coffee to wait and return around 5 pm to see the men leave. Joan and I had been married for over 25 years.

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I thought we had a solid loving married relationship. Our sexual desires had seemed to be exceptional. Joan was still a very beautiful and desirable woman, a bit heavy but still turned the heads of men. I knew men looked at her and this did make me happy that I had a 'hot' wife. I just couldn't understand why she needed to cheat on me.

I returned to the house, but parked down the street at 5 pm. Just as I suspected, both men exited the house a few minutes later, got into the car in the driveway and drove off.

Again, I snuck into the house and could hear the shower running. I went to the master bedroom and observed the cum soaked sheets on the bed, Joan's clothes on the floor while Joan was in the shower to hide the evidence of cum and the smell of sex from her body. I checked her clothes and noted that her panties were wet, not from cum but from the excited juices she excreted when aroused, probably from expecting her lovers.

I took the panties and knew she would question where they were redhead girl plays with her big tits trying to hide them from me, maybe I needed to mess with her mind.

I left after sealing the panties in a plastic bag, maybe evidence, I didn't know. I then snuck back out without her knowing I was aware what she had been doing. At 6 pm, I returned home as usual and was greeted by Joan as I entered.

She kissed me, but I did not return the kiss. The look she gave me was questioning why I did not return the kiss. She must have dismissed this probably thinking I had problems from work on my mind. I went to change and noted that the bed had fresh linen and was made as if nothing was unusual.

After watching the news on the TV, Joan said we should get to bed. I told her that I needed to work on the computer for a bit and would be in bed later. I got on the computer and looked up sexual pictures. I found one where a woman was being double penetrated. She looked similar to my wife, the face was not showing.

Nor were the faces of the two men. I printed out an 8 x 10 glossy photo. I also made glossy photos of the car in the driveway.

Joan was already asleep when I went to bed. I was happy that I didn't need to explain whey I didn't want to cuddle or have sex. During my lunch hour Wednesday, I contacted an attorney.

I didn't have enough evidence of infidelity. He advised that I needed a picture of the sexual activity with her face clearly identifiable. I kicked my self for not taking a picture when standing in the door way as they were blissfully fucking. I didn't have the money for an investigator and as advised I reduced the checking account to $200, and closed the credit card. I left the attorney's office and drove past my house. Again, there was the same car in the driveway.

I took another picture of the naughty teenie was brought in butt hole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment and then went to the front door hoping to get the picture my attorney needed. When I began to open the door, I heard them in the living room, my wife screaming to be fucked harder. I couldn't take the chance to peek in. Another 'Kodak" moment missed. I returned to work and was unable to concentrate on work, my mind was working overtime thinking what I was going to do about my cheating wife.

How was I going to handle this mess? I didn't know just how long I had to let her fuck those guys until I got the pictures the attorney said I needed as proof.

Just how would I get pictures when they are in the living room? Did I have to let her fuck other men for a week, a month, or maybe a year until I had the pictures I needed? No, I wasn't going to put up with her cheating any longer than necessary. My mind was spinning, I was going to be a sly, sneaky pissed off husband. Soon to be an x-husband. I got a manila envelope. With the printer, I made a return address of 'Investigative Reports, P.O.

Box 2235, Any-town, USA'. I then typed my name and office address on a mailing label and pasted it on the envelope.

I put several papers inside to give the envelope bulk and the pictures of the car and then the picture of the three people in the sexual act under it. I knew a quick glance would appear to be the same I saw in our master bedroom. On the way home, I stopped at an electronics store and purchased a miniature recorder.

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Now I had an envelope of fake information and a recorder to get factual information. With the recorder in my shirt pocket, I entered the house at the usual time with Joan there to give me a kiss. Teen pregnant girl mastrubate for webcam masturbate and homemade, she had cleaned up any evidence. I pushed her away and went directly to the kitchen and sat down.

I said, "Joan, we need to talk." I put the envelope on the table along with the attorney's business card. Joan saw the return address on the envelope and immediately turned pale, her eyes larger than saucers and her mouth dropped open.

She sat and looked down at the table and kept glancing at the envelope. I then said, "Joan, I have all the information I need, but I will give you the opportunity to be totally honest with me. Tell me who, how many and how long." Joan began to stammer, "I, I, well, oh, my God.

Andrew, oh, God. I, I, love you, please don't get a divorce." (Yes, she had seen the attorney's card.) "I, I, I love you so much." She placed one arm on the table and then her head on her arm as she began to cry. I then said, "You don't seem to love me as much as you love Jack Williams." (The name from the vehicle registration) Her head suddenly jerked up when she heard the name, 'Jack Williams'. Her eyes were watering and tears began to flow. "Tell me the name of the men that visit with Jack?

Remember I have all this information and I am giving you a chance to explain. You need to give me the truth." Joan sat there in silence.

I opened the envelope and half way pulled out the picture of the vehicle in the drive way and the picture of the woman cherry lips oriental gets screwed hard squirting and japanese fucked by two men was exposed a bit and then I shoved it back into the envelope.

Joan got up and ran to the kitchen sink and threw up. She got a glass of water to rise her mouth as I gave her time to compose herself. She returned to the table and plopped down. Her face was still pale and sweat was beading on her forehead.

She began to wring her hands and kept shifting in her chair. "NOW," I said, "the full truth and it had better match the reports I have. The pictures alone speak a thousand words." "Please, Andrew," Joan pleaded, "give me some time." I said, "Why do you need time? You had visitors here today. Did they double fuck you again today? NOW. You need to come clean. I want the truth." Joan looked up in surprise, still had tears running down her cheeks and began to reach for the envelope. I pulled the envelope back and she said, "I want to see what you have, please show me the report." "NO, I KNOW WHAT'S Lesbian cougar makes young gf squirm in pleasure THE REPORTS, AND I'M SURE YOU KNOW WHAT'S IN THE REPORTS.

NOW TELL ME THE TRUTH." I yelled. "Please Andrew," Joan plead, "I love you. I don't want to be away from you, please don't divorce me. I will do anything to make this right, please." "Now SLUT." "Oh, Andrew, I feel so bad, I just don't know why I cheated.

It will never happen again, I swear. I love you, please don't make me say out loud how nasty I have been." "Now SLUT." I repeated. She began, "Andrew, I don't know how to explain why this happened. We have always had fabulous sex. I have always had great orgasms when we make love. I don't know why I cheated. I love you and didn't want to hurt you. I am so sorry, I just don't know how I got involved." "You're not telling me anything." I said.

"When, how long and how many." I demanded. Joan began, "About two years ago, when I was working, this man, Jack Williams, became a regular customer. He always flirted with me. He kept giving me great compliments, you know, how nice my clothes fit, my beautiful eyes, great figure. Things like that. Finally he kept asking me to have lunch with him until finally I gave in. He was really nice and I enjoyed his flirting. We had lunch a couple of times and then he asked to pick me up after work for a drink.

Nothing happened until one evening in a bar he began to caress my thigh while talking. His hand began to move up toward my pussy and I was getting really excited that another man would want to touch my sex." "When his fingers were under my panties and inside my pussy, I was so turned on that I didn't want him to stop, maybe some of it was the alcohol.

Soon, we were in the back seat of his car and I was sucking his cock. A few more times at the bar, he began to fuck me in his car. The excitement was so intense, I couldn't give up the sex, the pure lust.

After I quit that job and was home all day, he began to come to the house and we would fuck most of the day." She looked at me with puffy eyes, tears streaking down her cheeks and a runny nose, saying, "Oh, my God, I just can't. Please don't make me tell you, I've been awful to you." "THE TRUTH, ALL OF IT." I yelled.

Joan then wiped her tears and nose. She then continued. "Then he brought a friend with him.

That was when the three way sex started. He has brought several more friends police and are you still virgins first time suspected thief was in denial from the start there were two times I was fucked by seven men.

He and his friends came here almost every day, except weekends when you were home. Whenever I saw them coming up the walk, my pussy would begin to moisten, I just couldn't help it. I began to look forward to double penetrations. Please, that's all, please don't divorce me.

Now I've said it, please believe me. Please don't leave me. I love you and never want to be apart from you." I said, "I know there was cum on the sheets. Did you ever think of protection?" "Oh, my God," said Joan, "I never thought about that. I assumed that since I couldn't get pregnant, I was safe.

I never thought of the diseases I could get from those strangers. I will see my doctor tomorrow and test for any STD s. Please, this will never happen again, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with only you." "You should have thought about that a long time ago.

If you had been thinking with your head and not your pussy, you wouldn't have destroyed our marriage. My cock will never again touch your pussy. You just continue being a slut, but it won't be in this house. You need to pack and move out." "Please, Andrew," Joan said, "there will be no more sex with other men. I only want to be with you. I will never see Jack or his friends again. Please don't make me leave, I love you.

Please, please. I love you, I want us to stay married." I then ordered, "Move out tonight. You opened your legs for other men once, you will do it again when a 'hot' man looks good to you.

You enjoyed yourself so much, you will never quit inviting men to fuck your pussy and ass". After an hour and me glaring at her, Joan got on the phone and called her girlfriend, Susie, and asked for a place to stay until she could find an apartment. Joan did move out reluctantly, sobbing and pleading for me to change my mind. I had what evidence the lawyer needed and Joan did sign the divorce papers. The fake report was never seen by Joan or her attorney.

The audio recording of her confession was all that was needed. Two years after the divorce, I ran into Joan's friend Susie. She told me that Joan was a 'basket case' and would not even join a man for coffee.

No longer would Joan even speak to a man except as needed at work. She was working again, but Joan had been a recluse except for going to and from work. Susie seemed to be her only friend, but they seldom saw each other since the divorce. Susie told me that the only man Joan would ever be with would be the man she would always love.

Susie looked me directly in the eyes, and I knew who she was talking about. I guess I'm in the same boat, only my problem is putting trust in a woman ever again.