Pretty sweety stephanie west is your kitty now

Pretty sweety stephanie west is your kitty now
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I had agreed to watch my brothers' twin 17-year-old daughters for a week while he and his wife went on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary. I had not seen my nieces in a couple years so I was a little startled when the showed up wearing matching miniskirts and halter tops. They had grown up since I'd last seen them. They had been cute with the potential for sexy.

Now they'd grown into that potential. They were both redheads and it was difficult to tell them apart unless you knew them. Emily had blue henessy in fitness babe loves public sex and dimples and Jennifer, or Jen as we called her, had green eyes that made you forgive anything.

They both were about 5'11'' and 160 pounds. They had large C almost D-cup breasts and nice round asses. They weren't skinny or fat but comfortably fleshed out and well muscled. All in all they were the kind of girls who inspire dirty thoughts even if you're their uncle.

I had made up my guest room for them and as I led them upstairs I gave them a quick tour of the house.

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As they stowed their luggage I asked what they wanted to eat for dinner. They both said take-out preferably Chinese. I told them they could use my pool as I went to order dinner. By the time I had ordered dinner and changed into swim trunks I could hear them splashing around in the pool.

I waited until the food arrived before going out to join them in the pool. When I stepped into view I was shocked, they were wearing matching string bikinis so small I was certain their breasts would pop out at any moment. The tops covered little more than their nipples and the bottoms covered no more then was necessary to maintain the illusion of decency.

I told them that dinner was available when ever they got hungry and then I sat in mom and son kichen hard fuck sex stories lounge chair to watch them.

No sooner had I sat down then Jen looked up at me with her big green eyes and said, "Aren't you going to join us, Uncle Ron." "Yeah, come join us" chimed Emily. I stood up and dived into the pool. Under water I saw that Jens' bottom had twisted and I could see one side of her neatly trimmed area. I felt an involuntary stirring in my loins. I surfaced quickly and tried not to show my surprise.

Emily swam over to me and said,"Uncle Ron can I have a piggy back ride." I said sure and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back and I could feel the outline of her sex pressing through her bikini bottom. At the first chance I dumped her into the water and moved flexible teen fuck hd young lesbos having fun in locker room. Immediately Jen came over and demanded a ride too.

I said all right and she climbed onto my back. I could feel her twisted bikini bottom and the one exposed lip of her sex rubbing against me as I moved. After I dumped her into the pool I said it was time to eat. The girls pouted and as Jen climbed out of the pool I saw that her bottom had moved so far that her entire pussy area was in view.

I tried not to look but she reached down right in front of me and rearranged her bikini so that her pussy was once again hidden. I felt my cock harden as she walked past me into the house. As I stepped aside I felt her hand brush across my crotch and it felt like she gave me a little squeeze before sauntering into the house with far more hip action then was needed. When I reached the kitchen I found them sitting side by side on the counter staring at me.

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"Uncle Ron," said Emily, "we changed our minds; we don't want Chinese any more." "What do you want?" I asked in exasperation. "We'll show you," said Jen as she slid of the counter.

Before I could react she knelt between Emily's legs and pulled Emily's bikini down. I stared in shock as she proceeded to eat out her sister.

Emily smiled at me then said, "Poor Uncle Ron, I bet he's feeling left out." Jen walked over to me and knelt down.

Before I could stop her she pulled my hardening dick out and slid it into her mouth. I started to object but Emily came over and kissed me. She slid her tongue into my mouth and let it explore. "Oh Uncle Ron", she moaned as she pulled back, "We've been saving ourselves for you." Bunch of horny swingers swap partners and massive orgy was I supposed to do?

Here were two incredibly sexy girls who had just told me that they had been saving their virginity for me. The only problem was that these particular girls happened to be my nieces; otherwise I wouldn't have hesitated for a second. I pushed them back and said, "This is wrong. I mean I'm your uncle for chrissakes." Jen looked up at me, her big eyes wide and hurt, and said, "We've been saving our virginity as a gift for you. Doesn't that mean anything?" "Of course it does.

But I'm your uncle and it wouldn't be right for me to take that gift from you." "But you're the only one we've ever wanted to take it. Except for each other we've never done more then kiss." I stared at them as I tried to figure out what to do. I told them to take their food upstairs and then I sat in the kitchen.

Would I be able to resist a whole week of their advances, I didn't think so. I couldn't send them away and I wasn't sure I wanted to. I wanted to fuck them both but that would mean taking something I couldn't give back, ever.

To make it all worse I couldn't get rid of my hard on. No matter what I tried to think of my thoughts always returned to the two beautiful redheads upstairs. I stood up and went upstairs to the guest room. They looked up as I walked in. Both of them had tears running down their cheeks and I knew I had to give in.

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I pulled Jen to her feet and kissed her deeply as I stripped her naked then I did the same to Emily. I lowered them to the bed and dropped my trunks to the floor. I climbed into bed between them and pulled them close. I kissed one and then the other before spreading Jen's legs and placing the end of my cock against her beautiful pussy opening.

Emily and Jen made out as I prepared to take Jen's virginity. I slowly entered her tight slit, easing myself in until I felt her hymen. I smiled down at her and gently pushed my way through. She cried into Emily's breasts as I pierced her hymen with my rigid penis.

I thrust in and out, gently, until she came moaning into her sisters' breasts. I removed my penis from her and centered it against Emily's slit. Emily moaned as I entered, begging me to take her gift. I was as gentle with her as I'd been with her sister. When Emily came it was loader and she thrashed around beneath me. I pulled my still rigid cock from her and looked at it. Their blood and pussy juice mingled with my precum. Jen rolled over and took me into her mouth.

She and Emily took turns sucking me and when I came they shared my cum with a kiss. I didn't return to my flaccid state so I turned Emily over and positioned my spit-covered cock against her asshole.

She moaned as I entered her anus. Jen moved so that Emily's head was between her thighs and pressed Emily down into her cunt. I fucked Emily's ass as she ate out Jens' succulent pussy. Then I had them switch places. Jen was tighter then her sister but she loosened quickly. I sped up my pace for her so her face was slapping into Emily's cunt. I blew my load up Jen's ass and slumped down on the bed, spent after two of my greatest orgasms ever.

Emily moved around Jen and started to lick my cum out of Jen's asshole. I lay there watching my niece eating my cum out of her twin sisters' asshole. It was incredible. After a while I said I was going swimming and they both followed niki is a pretty girl with inviting asshole downstairs without getting dressed.

We swam naked for a while and then I was hard again. I swam over to Emily and lifted her onto the pool edge. I spread her legs and lowered my mouth to her perfectly trimmed snatch. She moaned as I used all my little tricks on her pussy and clit. She came as Jen swam up behind me and rubbed my cock from behind.

Jen stuck two one chap fucking cruel cheeks throat striptease hardcore her fingers into my asshole and slid them in and out slowly. I pulled away after Emily's second orgasm and then I led them into my den.

One whole wall was covered by bookshelves, which in turn were brimming with adult movies, magazines, and books. I walked past the porn and went to a dresser. I opened the top drawer and pulled a pair of matched strap-on dildos out.

The dildos were flesh colored and the straps were black leather. I handed one to each girl and turned back to the drawer. I pulled out my bottle of lube as well as a box of various toys. Then I went to the closet and pulled out two uniforms. One was a black leather and lace semi dominatrix outfit and the other was a virginal white, completely see-through nurse outfit.

I tossed them on the couch and watched the girls' faces. Jen went over first and picked up the leather and lace. She disappeared into the bathroom as Emily picked up the nurse outfit; unlike her twin she put beautiful gullible teen elena asks for pills to prevent from getting pregnant on right in front of me.

She was strapping on the dildo as Jen emerged from the bathroom, wearing the dominatrix suit like she was born to and with the dildo jutting out from her crotch.

I pulled both of them to me and kissed them vigorously. Then I made them stand there as I coated both dildos in lube.

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Once that was done I faced the couch and bent over with my hands on the cushions. Emily recovered first and stepped up behind me.

She placed the dildo against my anus and then in one smooth motion buried it all the way to the straps in my ass. I groaned and watched her in the mirror above the couch. I watched as Jen moved behind Emily and shoved her dildo into Emily's ass. Emily grunted and shoved against me as her sister drove the flesh colored dildo into her ass. They soon had a good rhythm going and I came all over the couch at the same time that Emily came.

I left the girls to it and went to the dresser again. I pulled out a cock ring and tightened it around the base of my shaft. I drew a black leather collar and leash and a pair of handcuffs from the bottom drawer and turned back to the girls.

Emily was returning Jen's favor and slamming her dildo into Jen's ass with a strength and speed that surprised me. I took Emily's strap on away and gave the collar, leash, and cuffs to Jen then I went to the shelf and took down my video camera and a digital camera. I set the video camera on a tripod and carried it and the digital up to my bedroom as the girls uncertainly followed, carrying my toys as I'd told them to. I stripped the bed and made it with black satin sheets and pillowcases.

Then I set the tripod at the end of the bed and told Jen to use her imagination. She smiled and in one move had the collar around her sisters' neck. Emily smiled and climbed onto the bed. I poured the box of sex toys out onto the bed and then stepped back and turned on the video camera. Jen was smiling as she cuffed Emily to the headboard and then stuffed the biggest butt plug I had into Emily's ass.

The plug was rather large banging with naughty playgirl interracial and hardcore had a bulge at the top to keep it in it also vibrated.

Emily was moaning, as Jen not only shoved her strap on into Emily's pussy put two small vibrators as well. I moved around them, careful to stay out of sight of the video camera, as I took pictures. At one point Jen stuffed her own ass full of a butt plug and shoved my largest vibrator into her cunt. Jen used my ball gag in way I'd never thought of. Before they were done I had nearly 100 pictures and almost an hour of footage.

Jen told me to get out more handcuffs and when I did she let Emily go and told me to get on the bed. I did and she and Emily cuffed me and gagged me. Then Jen ran down stairs and came back with the massive strap on that I kept for special occasions.

It pregnant slut has her wet pussy hammered almost 14 inches long and an average of three inches thick except at the head where it widened to almost four before tapering down. I figured it would be Jen who strapped it on but it was Emily.

Jen replaced the tape in video camera and picked up my digital. She took pictures as Emily shoved various things into my asshole including but not limited to butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, and two rubber balls meant for pussy exercises that had come free with one of my toys.

Jen made sure to get close-ups of everything Emily put in my ass as well as close-ups of my cock and my balls. Then Emily took out my gag, straddled my face and told me to eat her cunt. I ate her out between the straps. After her third orgasm she coated the dildo with lube and lifted my hips so she could reach my asshole. She pressed the massive head against my anus and pushed. I could feel my asshole stretching as she forced the head in. It hurt more then I remembered and I let some tears leak down my face as the head entered my ass.

As soon as the head was in Emily shoved the rest of it in and began to plunge it in and out of me. It hurt and I loved every minute as she grabbed my cock with both hands and jerked me as hard as she could. We both came at the same time, screaming and bucking like wild animals. Jen came over and unchained me and removed her strap on. Emily took the camera as Jen proceeded to please me as thoroughly as I have ever been pleasured.

It wasn't long before the two of us came and then Emily and Jen removed their outfits, turned off the cameras and climbed into bed with me. We slept in a tangle of limbs until the morning light woke us. I fucked them both every night until they left and when they went to college in the same city I lived in I saw them every weekend for nearly four years.

We never got bored and we occasionally brought others to our little orgies, we never told them we were related though. During their senior year they both got pregnant at the same time and they told me the babies were mine and that they were going to have them. I always wondered what they told their parents but I never found out because my brother and his wife died on the way down for the deliveries. I did not watch the deliveries because I was busy devirginizing a young male nurse in a broom closet.