She got punished for being a bad girl

She got punished for being a bad girl
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Lindsey stared at the job listings bulletin board in the entrance of her grocery store, looking for a suitable job. She had just gotten married to Eric, her husband, just a year ago, who worked as a teacher.

In the beginning, the plan was that Scarlett wild anal fucked by black cocks was to stay at their new single home and take care of things there, but the one teacher salary was barely enough to keep their married life going, let alone have kids.

Their debt was growing, bills seemed to look bigger each time, and it was when she saw the price of the last water bill that Lindsey decided that it was time that she'd gotten a job.

However, none of the job listings on the bulletin board of her local grocery store seemed good. They were all small jobs, things like, help outs at stores and pools, piano teachers, tutors, dog walkers, and babysitting. But there was nothing enough to keep up with their bills, though. A small gray paper at the top of the bulletin board caught her eye, though. It was a small stack of flyers pinned to the board.

She reached up and ripped one off and read it. The ad read: NEW INTERN/SECRETARY NEEDED FOR TRUSTMONEY INC™ (FEMALE, PLEASE!) A VERY HIGH PAYING SALARY!! NO EXPIRIENCE NECCESARY! MUST BE OVER AGES 18 BUT UNDER 25! She held the flyer in her hand, thinking. She had heard of this company, TRUSTMONEY was a bank assistance company.

It had said high paying salary, and no experience, and they needed a female woman between 18 and 25. That was perfect—Lindsey was 22. A very pretty woman in a low cut cami, a mini skirt, and pumps that were at least 5" who walked in a seductive way woman caught Lindsey looking at the gray flyer, smiled, and walked over to her. She pointed to the gray flyer and asked, "Are you considering?" Lindsey shook her head, unsure. 'I—I don't really know. But I need the money, and…I don't know if I can do this job." The woman looked her up and down, like she was sizing her up, and said, "Well, you're very attractive.

You've got the boobs, the look. I think you should be ebony hottie bangs bfs big cock bro. How old are you?" Lindsey blushed at being talked to this way. What did all that have to do with the job? "I—uh, 22. Do you work there?" The woman smiled. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. And don't worry about the money, sweetie. Believe, me, this is the way to go. You need money? Honey, with this job, you'll be rich in a month, minnimum.

I was able to go from thrift stored to Prada and Coach in a week flat." Lindsey gasped. That would be great… Making up her mind quickly, she took a deep breath and said, "How do I apply?" Lindsey could not believe it. Here she was, just outside of TRUSTMONEY™, applying for her first job.

She was in a professional suit and pencil skirt that wasn't too short or too long that showed off her bodily curves. The woman at the grocery store said that being attractive helped you get the job. After getting instructions from the provocative woman at the reception desk that looked secretive and giggly about the fact that Lindsey was applying, she headed to the president of TRUSTMONEY's room. Nervous, she took a deep breath before knocking.

A deep voice said, "Come in, please." So she walked in. A very handsome man who kept himself well groomed, toned and muscular sat at a desk. "Hello," He said kindly. "You must be the new person trying for the intern. Yes, Abby told me about you, and I can tell she was right about you, you're downright sexy." Lindsey blushed furiously.

After that, he talked to her and gave her a sheet to fill out. After the interview, she went home and got a phone call that very night that she had been accepted as the new intern and that she could start working the very next day. Bursting with joy, she sensual kitten spreads narrow slit and gets deflorated her outfit out early and got some extra sleep so she'd be prepared.

Her first week at work was normal, although her tasks were easy. Take calls, make calls, bring the president coffee, papers, fax things, print things, typing up papers and bring the president more coffee. She was surprised at how much money she got for such an easy job.

Then Monday happened, and everything changed. It started off normal, with the president (Mr. Derrick) calling her up during his normal coffee time around four o' clock.

She came up to his office, stepped in, closed the door, and said, "Coffee, Mr. Derrick?" as usual, which was her normal question nowadays when she came in, because he always asked for coffee, no matter what he called her up for.

Surprisingly, Mr. Derrick shook his head. "No, Lindsey, I need something a little more…satisfying today. Could you lock the door for me?" He said, while he motioned for her to come forward.

"Do me a favor Lindsey, unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants for me." Lindsey stared, shocked. "M—Mr.

Derrick?—What?!" she stammered. Mr. Derrick smiled in an evil sort of way, a smile she'd never seen on him yet. "Yes, Lindsey, you heard me. Now…please unbuckle and unzip me, like I said." For a moment, Lindsey just stood there, stunned. And it was pure shock that made her lock the door, move forward and get on her knees in front of him, since he was still sitting on his chair.

Slowly, still numb with shock, im not going anywhere until someone fucks me in the ass coast to coast unbuckled his belt. And even slower, she moved onto his zipper.

Before she even could pull it down, though, she could feel a HUGE pole in his pants—even bigger than her husband's… His erection was enormous.

Her eyes widened, but she didn't say anything, for fear of losing her well-paying job. She pulled down the zipper and unbuttoned his pants. Mr. Derrick reached down and pulled his underwear out and underneath his penis, which sprang up and hit Lindsey on the lips, who fell backward from the shock.

"Mr. Derrick…what—what is…? What are you doing?!" He looked at her, his kind eyes now replaced by wild, lustful, frenzy ones, and started rambling, "Being the president of this company is very hard work.

You know, I had the receptionist, what's her name, Nina? Yes Nina, I had her do me this morning, then Jessica, at least that's what I think her name is, and Abby do me again at lunch, and I thought I'd be satisfied for the day, but then I thought of why I needed a secretary in the first place, which was to satisfy my needs, you know.

I needed some fresh pleasure, someone new. Eva and the others normally do me, but they are sometimes so busy…I was going to have Nicole or Janice or Lacy do me, but you…you have a very sexy body. And Eva, she did me yesterday evening, anyways." Lindsey stared at him, stunned.

'Do me', did he say?! And Eva, Abby, Janice, Nicole, Nina and Lacy, all worked here. Suddenly everything clicked. All the secretive glances between her co-workers, all the revealing clothes, all those hourly visits to the president's room… So that's what her coworkers did when they went up to his room.

"Now," Mr. Derrick said, impatiently, gesturing at his fully erected cock, glistening with pre cum. "Satisfy me. I know you can, look at those lush, red, lips. Suck it as hard as you can, sweetie." Lindsey still couldn't believe this was happening.

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"Mr. Derrick…I—I'm married. And…I can't do this, you're my…my boss! And…I…no!" Mr. Derrick shoved his cock in her face, even more impatient now. "Married, but with no kids. You satisfy my needs when I want you to—it's is part of your job." He pulled two hundreds out of his pocket and tucked in inside her bra, cupping his hand around her breast and squeezing before he pulled it out.

"Now, then. Suck." Lindsey's mind was racing. That was two hundred bucks. She didn't even think her husband made that in a day's worth of work. Well, if she was doing this purely for money… Only for the money. No other intention. Then why did she want to suck so badly? Why'd she feel so…turned on? When her lips touched the tip of fucked latina nympho takes a load to the face dick, he groaned with pleasure, and leaned back.

The cock was already wet from pre cum, and she used her hands to rub it around, while Mr. Derrick moaned happily. Before she knew it, her head was bobbing up and down in a rhythm on his huge dick, which seemed to be growing bigger… Suddenly, Mr. Derrick's cock burst with biggest amount of cum she had ever seen with a loud cry.

Her mouth had still been on it, she got a mouth full as well. He lay back, panting, and Lindsey collapsed, sitting on the floor, dazed, her mind racing with questions: When had her shirt become unbuttoned? Why did his cum taste so good compared to her husband's? Why did she want more of his cum? Why was she okay with this? Why was her pussy wet? When had her skirt hiked up?

Why did she actually like this?! She had just given a man other than her husband a blowjob. But only for money…right? She was cheating. She was a slut. She was a prostitute. But, surprisingly, she didn't care. He smiled. "Thank you. Now, that wasn't so bad, huh? You know, I think you rather enjoyed it. You can go take a break.

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As a matter of fact, I think that that was the best blowjob I'd ever gotten. Have the rest of the day off." Confused, disoriented, and shaken, but beaming with a happiness and satisfaction Lindsey hadn't felt since her honeymoon, she strutted out of the office. One Tuesday, when she was called up to the office again around coffee break, Lindsey didn't know what to expect. But five minutes later, her head was already bobbing on Mr. Derrick's cock.

He hadn't even asked her this time. He'd just gestured for her to come forward, slipped a two hundred in her bra, and Lindsey simply had gotten to work. It went like that all week. For some reason, although Lindsey was working, she realized that it had been the best week ever in a long time, and was surprised that she was upset on Saturday, wishing she could've been at the office. Sure, if she wanted she could've seduced her husband in a minute and given him a blow job (he wouldn't have even hesitated), but her husband's cock was only a pea compared to Mr.

Derrick's huge pole. It was with excitement that she'd gone to work on Monday, and when she was called up for Mr. Derrick's normal coffee time, she didn't even hesitate, but walked straight up to his desk and leaned down, exposing the cleavage in her shirt that she had unbuttoned for Mr. Derrick's 'tip'. It wasn't weird, because at TRUSTMONEY, all the women dressed like a hooker. This time, he slipped four hundred's in in mom and san xxx rum night said, "Do a favor, Lindsey, turn around?" Confused, Lindsey obeyed, but she didn't know why.

"Now, Lindsey, bend over, but all the way now." She froze. She was in a thong and a mini pencil skirt, and her shirt was buttoned down so low it almost exposed her bra.

When she'd started giving bobbi starr is into hardcore bdsm pleasures to Mr. Derrick regularly, she found herself wearing lacy underwear, thongs and shorter skirts, with huge cleavage exposing tops, something she hadn't done also since her honeymoon.

But, for some reason, she'd learned to trust Mr. Derrick in a way she couldn't understand, and so she bent over. Lindsey gasped when she felt his fingers on her pussy, rubbing slowly.

"M— Mr. Derrick!" she gasped. "Yes, Lindsey, I think this time you deserve some, too now," He said. As she started to object, he added, "Look. You're already all wet! You know you want this, Lindsey, and I know from the way you've been acting to me that your husband keeps you poor thing deprived of the things you need most.

Sit on my lap, sweetie, and spread your legs. Lindsey didn't even hesitate. What was she doing? Was her body taking over her mind?! Her husband was the only one who should be doing this to her!

But the minute Mr. Derrick started rubbing, she forgot everything and simply groaned in pleasure. His fingers moved skillfully around her pussy, making her wetter than even her husband had ever made her, and she had thought he was good at that—Mr. Derrick made him look horrible. He slowly started finger fucking her, rubbing her clit at the same time and she started gasping and crying out—he was too good at this. Suddenly, she felt herself build up and she cried out, "Mr.

Derrick, please, stop! I'm coming, I'm coming!!!!!" She couldn't let him see her cum, no, it was so wrong… But his response was to only go faster and to lean down and suck and flick his tongue around on her rock hard nipples.

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This made her lose it, and she cried out gleefully, bucking on his lap as she came. It had been so long since she'd come, and it felt so, so, good. When they were done and she'd gone home, she noticed her husband was being very touchy with her tonight.

Since she'd started wearing skin-exposing clothes, her sexy ass student as perfect euro babe teasing no high definition had started to notice.

She could tell he'd wanted to sleep with her tonight, she knew him so well, but she couldn't. She hadn't had sex in over a year, and she wanted someone else other than her husband to break that, although she kept lying to herself that she was just tired and didn't want to have sex this very night. And that was exactly what she'd told her husband, who, being the sweet guy he was, smiled seductively and said, "Tomorrow night, then." She didn't reply, she just smiled numbly, because she was stunned.

For the first time, her husband hadn't turned her on with that smile. Normally, she'd have literally jumped into bed with him if she'd seen that smile. The next day, when Lindsey was called up again for 'coffee', Mr. Derrick slipped six hundreds in, and in her purse this time, not her bra. A little surprised, she looked at him with her eyebrows raised. His only reply was to gesture her forward and whisper, "We don't want our money falling out, right?" Confused, she walked forward, like usual.

She noticed his desk was completely cleared off, unlike its normal cluttered state. He stood up and pushed her onto the desk into a seated position. He pushed her legs apart, exposing her very wet pussy already and grabbed her shirt, and ripped the buttons open in one pull. She gasped as her boobs bounced out, and saw the already huge bulge in his pant increase in size. He then hiked her skirt up, all the way.

His eyes moved lustfully down her body, followed by his hands, exploring it xxx story pron sex stories black guy and girls. He paused at her nipples, little pebbles under her red lacy bra, and kissed them lightly on the bra, which only made them get harder and made Lindsey groan with satisfaction.

When he got to her legs, he started with her knee, kissing and feeling his way up, past her soft thigh, till she was positively moaning when he got to her pussy lips. The wet was showing right through her lacy red thong and he shoved it aside in hunger and greedily tasted her pussy. Lindsey gasped, her hand flying up to her nipples and rubbing them as he sucked on her clit.

When was the last time she'd been sucked down there? And then he started tongue fucking her. In pleasure, her other hand entangled itself in his hair and kept it in place, on her pussy, not that he was going to pull away any time soon. She pressed her pussy into his mouth as she panted and whimpered. He moved his tongue up to her clit, and sucked, while he inserted two fingers and finger fucked her, and as he increased fingers to three, and four, her cries grew louder and she started bucking, and she came in his mouth.

He didn't waste a drop, it was the best cum from a girl he'd ever tasted—and he'd had his area of expertise. Lindsey leaned back on her elbows, panting from pleasure. "That…felt…so…good…" she gasped.


Derrick grinned and said, "Your husband probably doesn't give you that much of a good feeling, huh? Tell me, when was the last time you had sex with him?" Lindsey blushed and said, "About six months.

Ever since he started working, we've been so busy and stuff." Mr. Derrick smiled a seductive smile and said, "I think we need to fix that, don't you?" and he let his pants and underwear dropped, and a huge dick sprung out, fully erect. Lindsey didn't even hesitate or double think what she was doing. She wanted him to fuck her so much, with that huge cock.

She simply grinned in reply and opened her legs to him further. He smiled and rubbed the pre cum on his dick around to lubricate it and moved the tip of his penis up and down her pussy, teasing her. Her nipples were already hard again, and she groaned in satisfaction. He paused in front of her vaginal opening, mocking her just a little more. And then he pushed. She gasped. She hadn't had a dick in her for so long, but this one it felt so good, perfect inside her, so much better than her husband's… Mr.

Derrick watched his dick enter her. Damn, she was tight, but a good tight he liked. It'd been so long since he'd fucked a tight woman.

And then he started pumping, and eventually she started pushing back, and they created sort of a rhythm, while she whimpered in pleasure. As he pumped faster, her cries grew louder, and with each one he could feel his dick build up with his orgasm, but he didn't let it out, he was waiting for her.

Suddenly she gasped, while he was pushing in, and he knew he'd found her G spot. After that he pumped carefully but fast while hitting her G spot every time, and her whimpering grew even louder. Suddenly she cried out, and Mr. Derrick let himself out, and they cummed together, her bucking and him still pushing as far as he could go in her. After that, he slowly pulled himself out of her, and he leaned in and started kissing her neck as she calmed down from the orgasm.

And then, when she did, they made love all over again. When Lindsey came home, she was bursting with happiness. She'd been fucked two times hot ass and pussy vibrating in panty hose, and they'd been the best experiences of her life.

When she came home, she saw the note saying her husband had gone to the grocery store, and she sat down at the table, remembering what'd just happened. Eventually, she was fingering herself, thinking about Mr.

Derrick' cock moving inside her. Sure, so she was pretty much a prostitute. Sure, so she was pretty much a slut now. But she didn't care. The reward for being a slut and a prostitute was unbeatable.

All she had to do now was keep her husband from finding out…