One chap fucking cruel cheeks throat striptease hardcore

One chap fucking cruel cheeks throat striptease hardcore
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The party wasn't half as bad as Kat feared. In fact, she relaxed enough to have a couple beers during the evening. But not being used to drinking, she found that she had to go to her room and lay down and she must have passed out.

When Kat came to, she is laying flat on her back, the light beside her bed is on. She became aware that she just had her panties on, and that I was leaning over her with this evil grin on my face. " Hi Babe, just me and you in the house now.

Everybody went for pancakes or something." I said, grinning malevolently. Kat tried to sit up, but I held her down, and then before she can do anything I climbed on top of her. My weight held her down as I reached between us and he ripped my panties off me.

I mean he laterally ripped them to shreds. Then he began to roughly rub her exposed pussy with my hand. " Please, don't! She begged. Kat had wanted me, but not like this. " Kat, I wouldn't stop even if I wanted to. I been trying to figure out how to fuck you since I first laid eyes on you.

How your husband could separate from you is beyond me. Your an attractive 30 year old woman with a hot slender figure. Now I got you, no way I'm stopping that's the fucking truth." I jam two of my thick fingers hard into her, she screamed.

I just smiled, with quick pumping motion jamming my fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster. As I continued to finger-fuck her, she discovered to her dismay, and against her will, her pussy juices are beginning to flow. " OOOhhh Shit, baby, you're TIGHT!

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Tight and hot!" I remove my fingers from inside her, and she feels me shift my body on top of her. Then, she feels the hard head of my huge cock rubbing against attractive virgin legal age teenager enjoys cock in vagina, forcing its way into her.

" Don't move baby, I got you where I need you," I breathed. I lean forward and push. She feels the head of my cock push through her pussy lips as I made a hard thrusting motion.

Kat already feels as if she was being split open! Then she feels me pushing into her. The pressure growing as the full length of my cock slams into her small tight vagina. Her pussy betrays her by clutching my pulsing cock tightly. " Yesssss!" I grunted as the pain from my thick cock stretching the walls of her pussy continues to grow.

She feels me sliding deeper into her, forcing into her tight hole. She hadn't actually felt a cock in her for well over two years.

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She winces, gritting her teeth against the pain, praying for me to hurry. Finally she can't take the pain anymore " John it huuuurrts!" She cried. I again brutally thrust forward. She opens her eyes looking into my face. I'm smiling. " Ohhhhhh gaaaawwwwddd! Please stop! It hurts!" Kat cries as I thrust my cock harder and faster in and out of her. When I stopped, she feels my cock throbbing inside her, radiating an intense heat.

She feels the muscles in her pussy gripping my cock, massaging it. She can't stop it from doing that. Then I begin to ram my cock rapidly and with great force, even more painfully in and out of her pussy. " Can't seem to get my cock deep enough into you baby," I keep grunting, " You're so fucking tight." Then I slowed, drawing the long length of that fence- post like dick slowly out of her until it is almost totally out.

then I ram it back in. " Ahhhhhhh there we go!" I yell. Again I lily jordan and liv revamped bangs with tutor pornstars and hardcore my incredibly long thick cock out, and then slam back in, I impaled her with my red-hot fullness again. I keep repeating these strokes slamming into her with savage force, ramming deep into her, smashing my body against her hips hard, beginning to jerk and twist my huge cock inside her, laughing at her whimpering cries, seeming to enjoy the pain I'm causing her.

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I shoplifter zoe parker gets banged by the lp officer my hips forward hard thrusting my massive cock into her till she thought she was split in half, holding myself tightly in her. " Oh Yeaaahhhh! How's it feel, baby? How's it feel to have a real man's cock in your belly? OOOOOOOoooooooo fuck you feel so good, so fucking hot." She feels my release as a hot wave of lava deep inside her.

My body is so tense, so tightly held against her that she feels my heart beating against her breast and feels me shooting my cum deep into me. All of a sudden she is coming too. She hadn't wanted to, my rough fucking disgusted her, but I pulled her along with me in mutual lust and she is cumming like a bitch in heat who'd just received breeding service.

" Oh FUCK baby," I gasp. " ooohhhhh fucking yes, I got all my cock inside you. Got all my hot cum in your sweet little tight pussy." Kat feels my cock spurt a few more times with my cock still buried balls deep inside her. When I'm done I collapsed on top of her and gave a long sigh. We lay that way for what seems forever, the weight of my body crushing her. Kat has to admit that while she hated the brutal way I'd taken her. She did love the feel of me on top of her and in her at that moment.

After a while she feels my cock slowly going soft inside her, and is surprised that even soft, my cock seems to fill her up completely! Finally I roll off, and lay next to her. Then pulling her close to me, I said, " Damn, that was good. I think your husband is an idiot for leaving you!" I kiss her hard. " I'm glad I met you." I kissed her again. " Admit babe, you loved it.

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I gave you exactly what you needed." I boasted. She feels me growing hard again. " That's why I'm gonna fuck you again." In spite of the pain and humiliation, a part of her did enjoy it.

She wondered why she enjoyed being forcibly fucked like that. Perhaps my cock that so immorallive naughtiest whores in a wild fou and strained and pounded her was filling an emptiness within her?

Perhaps a part of her enjoyed being overpowered? I don't know, and I'm not sure I really want to find out. I motion her to turn around in a circle and as she did I grabbed my cock, when she finished her circle she gasped and begins to cry. BEND OVER AND GET READY TO GET FUCKED AGAIN. I motion to the edge of the bed, she walked two steps to the end of the bed and barely bent over I push her legs apart, her belly caught the edge of the bed and her pussy is in the perfect position for a fucking.

I spread her ass cheeks apart. Her cheeks are small and tight and her little asshole is about the size of a pencil eraser, damn this is gonna be painful I thought.

I let her ass cheeks go and knelt down and grasped a towel wiping the blood and cum off my cock.

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It is raging again, I stood behind her and jerked her ass cheeks apart this time and put my thumb on her little asshole. She begins to scream over and over NO!

NO! NOOO!" I had not applied pressure but she knew what is coming and knew it is going to hurt a lot. I put my knees between her legs and spreading her legs wide while pushing her shoulder into the bed her ass hole looking right at me, I spit in my hand and slathered up my cock then placed it on her tiny virgin butthole and eased it in. I spread in slow motion and her body tightened up and her leg went vertical and straight they seem to defy gravity, when the head is all the way in I laid on her back shoving with all my might, my cock up her asshole, her screams could wake the dead and I didn't care I rammed her as hard as my legs and back would go the first time I used an upstroke angle she stopped screaming and let out a loud grunt, I had hurt her.

I kept changing my direction to cause her pain, she just grunted and sobbed now as if she had lost her breath this lasted for more than five minutes and I'm ready to come. I put my left hand around the base of my cock pulling it out of her asshole it made a little snap sound germanic nadia ali xxx poran storys it is as tiny as it was when I had started only now it has a trace of blood in the tiny little wrinkles.

I use my cock as a battering ram and pushed it up her asshole to the hilt and then pulled it back out about a dozen times then shoved it deep and held it there another huge load, each spurt causes her to grunt after completely draining my nuts. I lean my mouth against her neck and bite her.