Cunt of a black gorgeous babe receives rammed

Cunt of a black gorgeous babe receives rammed
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I was late getting home from school due to the thunderstorm that started just before school finished. I hadn't brought a jacket to school, or an umbrella, which meant I was going to be soaked. When I walked up onto the front porch, my hair was soaked and clung to my face, my neck and my shirt. My shoes were soaked through, so I took them off on the porch and put them to the side before walking into the house. "You are late young lady!" I heard my dad yell from the other room.

He had gotten home before me. And if he saw me like this, I knew I'd be in trouble. "Sorry dad. It rained." I say as I tried to sneak around to the stairs, but I had only gotten a few steps when he poked his head out of the study. "You are soaked. Look at the floor it's all wet. Damit. Go get changed and clean sunny leone gang bang xxxx the floor!" he yelled at me angrily.

I was quick to decent the stairs as quick as I could. I barely got thru the door of my room before I had my shirt off, then my pants, my socks, underwear and bra. I dropped them into the laundry basket and quickly threw on a new pair of panties, a bra, a pair of short and a tshirt. I grabbed a towel and traced my steps back up the stairs wiping up the water. As I got to the stop of the stairs I looked up to see my dad standing there his belt off and in his hands. Fear flooded my eyes as I mopped up the water on the floor but avoided eye contact with him.

"When you are done with that. Be sure to put the towel in the laundry. Then I want to see you in my room." he said sternly.

I nodded as I continued across the hallway wiping up the water. "Yes daddy." I said softly and fearfully. When I had finished I dropped the towel in the laundry, then headed to his bedroom.

The door was open so I walked in. But he wasn't in there. Before I could turn around to walk out, he was behind me. Breathing on my neck, his arm around my waist. "Now what did I tell you last time you were late getting home?" megan fox and johnny sins sex whispered into my ear. That's when a tear rolled down my cheek and I remembered.

"Can you tell me?" he probed. I nodded slowly and with a shaky voice I replied. "One spanking for every minute late." He pulled my hair back to make me look up at the clock on the wall. "And how late are you?" he asked, a smile forming on his face. "forty-five minutes." I replied cringing as I looked up at the clock. I had never been this late home. And dad had never spanked me that much before.

I was truly scared. "Forty-five for being late. And ten more for getting my floors wet!" he said and took his arm away from my waist and shoved me forward by my hair. "Take off those shorts, and get on the bed." he yelled at me.

I nodded and did exactly what he said, I slid off my shorts onto the floor and climbed up on his bed and laid down on my stomach. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed my ass gently. "Too bad these are going to be so red, and bruised." he pulled his hand away and without warning he brought it back down with a smack. "Oooowwww!" I screamed in pain. This time it was three quick hard smacks.

"Daddy, I'm sorry. I won't do it again!" I cried out in pain. "You are right. You won't disobey me again!" he said and laid down another blow. When he reached ten he stood up and left the room. I rolled over onto my side in pain and whimpered. Thats when he walked back in, belt in hand. I looked at him terrified, and quickly sat up and made my way to the head of the bed. "I'm sorry daddy!

Please don't! I'll be good!" I pleaded.

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But there was no use. He shook his head and walked over with a handful of zip ties. I looked up at him puzzled. "Lay down and turn over for daddy, baby girl." he cooed calmly. This was not a time to make him any angrier, so I did as he said. I laid down, and turned over on my stomach.

He grabbed my wrist and slipped a zip tie around it and pulled it tight, I pulled at my wrist and realized it was held to a chain of zip ties to the bed. "Daddy.?" I said looking over as he took my other wrist. "I don't want you moving around on me." he said and tied up my other wrist. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to ask.

I pulled at my wrists, but felt his hands on my ankle, pulling one to one side. The other to the other side. "Beautiful baby girl. So beautiful." he cooed and rubbed my bare ass, he grabbed a handful and groaned but let go and stepped back. He raised his belt and let it come down across both cheeks with a loud crack. "Oooowwwww!

Daddy no. Please stop!" I cried out in pain, but he just smiled and continued. Another and another and another. I screamed and cried and tried to fight the zip ties to get away, but I couldn't.

"Baby girl. You aren't going anywhere. Stop fighting it." he said as he let the belt fall again this time closer to my thighs. " Daddy please stop! It hurts! It hurts!" I cried out but he laughed and with that he came down with five more. By the time he got twenty strikes with his belt I was crying in agony.

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My ass stung and was red with welts. "is my little girl going to be home late again?" he asked striking my ass again. "No daddy. I won't be late again. I promise." I cried out through sobs.

He continued striking my ass. I couldn't look back, I couldn't see him. I buried my face in the sheets and cried. After he had laid about thirty-five strikes I looked back at him. "Daddy no more. No more! It hurts so much familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom hurts!" I wriggled on the bed and pulled my angles right as I moved up on the bed.

But underneath me was a wet stop I had just revealed. "What's this?" he asked as he put his hand down on the wet spot. He looked up and saw the source. It was coming from me, my pussy. The pain of being spanked was turning me on. He smiled and rubbed a finger up my clit.

"No daddy. Stop that. What are you doing?!" he pulled his hands away and walked over and yanked my head up by my hair and looked at me.

"Never. Ever.

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Tell me no. I'm your dad, and I can do what ever I like." he said throwing my head down. He went back to my ass and spanked it. Then let his fingers slide up my clit. "Mmh my little girl likes it when she is spanked?" he said as he rubbed his finger up and down.

I squirmed and tried to pull away. "Daddy no. Daddy stop. Stop!" I begged of him, but he kept going. "Such a filthy girl. So wet." he said as he continued despite my pleas. "You aren't supposed to touch me there daddy!" I screamed in fear as I struggled. He pulled his hand away, and brought it down on my red ass with a hard smack. I cried out in pain and sobbed. "Going to tell me what I can and can't do again?" he said bringing his hand down again. With out a word I shook my head.

"I am sorry. I didn't hear you." he said with another smack on my upper thigh. "No daddy. I won't tell you what to do." I said through sobs. "Good." he said running a hand up my back as his hands through my hair before leaving the room. I buried my head back in the sheets and cried. I heard his foot steps get closer as he hot romance brzar sex story back in the room. He had put a cold damp cloth on my ass to sooth the burning.

"I'll come back in when you stop crying." he said before leaving. I had cried myself and passed out tied to the bed. The next thing I remember is a weight on top of me, and my hair being pulled. I opened my eyes as my head was pulled up.

There was a mirror in front of me and I could see my tear streaked face, my eyes red and puffy.

My hair still clung to my face from being soaked earlier. "Baby girl ready for some more fun?" asked my daddy sitting on me smiling at me in the mirror. I shook my head as my tears began to well up again.

"That wasn't a question." he said and brought his hands down and around my neck. I felt him begin to squeeze. My eyes opened wide with fear as I looked at him. "Daddy. I'm.soor.rrry." I choked out trying to gasp for air. He let go pleased he had cut some of my airflow off. He threw my head down and moved down and i felt something at my entrance. "Time to make my little girl a big girl." he said and I felt him enter me. I let out a scream and wriggled and fought to get away.

"Nooo daddy! Daddy no! Stop daddy!" I begged and pleaded. But alas it was no luck. He pushed in harder and further and smiled at my struggle. "oh daddy loves his baby girl. So tight. So wet!" he groaned. "Daddy it hurts! Stop!" I screamed, but it only made him go harder. "Daddy's little girl isn't so little after all is she?" he asked as he slowed down and stared at me in the mirror.

"Wanna know what I found in your room?" he asked as he wwe raw nickey bella beeg down beside me and pulled up my small purple vibrator. "That isn't mine daddy. It's not mine I swear!" i lied.

How could I admit to my own dad I had one?

"Oh, busty hot young girl recorded in webcam not? Then who's is it?" he asked as he picked up a bottle of lube and dripped some on the vibrator, a few drops landing on my ass. I didn't have answer. I couldn't put blame. "That's what I thought. And how dare you lie to me!" he said and took the vibrator and pushed it against my tight asshole.

"Oow daddy no! It doesn't go in there!!" I screamed in pain and fear. "Oh? I'm sure that a filthy girl like you deserves it in there." he said and kept pushing it til it poped in. I gasped and wiggled my bottom as much as I could trying to push it out, but he kept it pushed in. Then he turned it on. It hurt, he had forced it in, but I started to feel really good when he turned it on. "Now be a good girl for daddy and cum on his big hard cock." he said as he picked up his pace.

Still holding the vibrator in. I couldn't help it, it felt so good, a small moan escaped my lips. "I knew you liked it! You like being fucked by your daddy?" he yelled and grabbed a fist full of my hair.

I nodded and he slammed in harder. "Tell me you like it. Tell me how much you like getting fucked by your daddy!" he yelled. I moaned and he slapped my ass.

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"I like it when you fuck me daddy. Your big hard cock feels good in me!" I moaned. Trying to fight back cumming but losing the battle. I moaned again. Feeling him fill me up and stretch me open, and my ass full and the vibrations sending me over the edge. "Oh yeah daddy! Oh fuck me daddy! I'm going to cum daddy!" I moaned as he thrust into me mothers and dtar xxx com as I came and he did too as he filled me up with hot sticky cum.

"Mmmh my baby girl like that?" he moaned and fell on top of me and rolled over to catch his breath.

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I nodded and smiled. "oh yeah daddy. It felt good." I could have said I was a big girl now, but I'm daddy's girl now.