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Indian desi collegegirl fucking her juicy pussy in shower with dildo indiansexygfs com tube porn
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The Visit Several years ago Chris, a friend of ours visited for awhile… We had been friends for years and more than a few times he had told me how stunning my wife Paulene was. About once a year or so he would come and stay a week or so with us. He and my wife would often flirt harmlessly with one another.

I watched and just admired her beauty and the way she was full of life, just made me feel so lucky to be with her. My mind was also racing with ideas and images of them together; I watched while they chatted, wondering if I could actually share her with another man.

We had played, talked and shared all kinds of fantasies out over the years but it had always been a fantasy to watch her with another guy. I often teased her about having a boy friend when I was away and she would play it up a little but I was never sure if we could go through with it.

We had finished dinner and then all got comfortable on the back porch and were just talking and drinking. We were all having a good time with both of us flirting outrageously with my Paulene and she in turn was enjoying all the attention from her 2 males.

As it became later and later she said she was tired and was going to head off to bed. She kissed both of us goodnight and headed off.

I waited for a few minutes before I said to Chris to come with me. We headed down the hallway and into our bedroom. Paulene was still in the bathroom, so I said to Chris lets play a trick on her. I turned the lights out except for one in the hallway which slightly illuminated our bedroom and Chris lay down on her side of the bed. We could hear my wife as she finished up and opened the door.

She flipped the light out and only made a few steps before I took her hand and guided her to me and then I rolled her playfully to the middle of the bed before kissing her. She instantly felt another person in bed with us and broke our kiss and said "so what do we have here"?

She only had her sarong on so I pulled down one side and lowered my lips to her breast, gently sucking her nipple and waiting for her next words. They never came and it was then that I began to hear other short kissing sounds and felt some shifting around on the bed.

My eyes were starting to adjust to just the dim light coming from the hall and I could see her kissing him, so I slipped my hand kinky blond woman dped by throbbing black cocks on sofa between her legs to feel her pussy only to find his hand was already there.

I slid it back up and started rubbing her nipples and breasts, and then I lowered my head to her nipples again. I felt the bed move as he moved down and began sucking on her other breast and I could hear my wife's breathing becoming heavier. I tilted my head up and she kissed me hard on the lips. Again I slid my hand toward her pussy and this time his was gone.

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Her pussy was open and very wet, so I slid a couple of my fingers in and gently probed her. His hand slid down past mine and down her leg then back up to her pussy, so I let him replace my fingers with his. Looking across her chest I watched him nursing at my wife's breasts while he probed her with his fingers. Soft moans of pleasure escaped from her lips. I watched this for a few minutes before he started to slide down her body, kissing toward her shaved mound.

He reached his target and pushed her legs apart; burying his head into her pussy, it wasn't long before small moans began to escape from her lips. She asked me to kiss her. Her kisses felt more passionate and deeper than I've even felt before.

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She moaned as we kissed then, she broke our embrace while he continued to lick her. I watched as his tongue slipped across her clit and disappeared into her wetness. I was so hard, and I actually thought I would cum right there and then. Her body starting to move and I felt her hand slide down my body and pull at my cock. I heard her saying "Oh yes, oh god yeah, that's it.right there". I rose to kiss her and let my hands massage her breasts while she pulled mature mom and her super sized bbc homemade porn stroked at my cock.

Paulene started to grind her hips into her his mouth, and after a long deep moan I felt her hand slip away from my cock as she reached to pull her lover up her body. Chris paused only long enough to stand up and strip his clothes off before climbing back on the bed between her legs.

I Got up and stripped off then watched as he placed his hard cock at my wife's soaked entrance, and then pushed inside her. Their lips met and as she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him, I felt the bed move as he slowly began to fuck her.

With his cock now coated and glistening with my wife's wetness, I lay back down to watch his cock slide effortlessly in and out of her pussy with ease. It was like being in a dream, and I started hearing my wife's voice over and over … "Ohhh yesss, that's it…like that…fuck me"…she kept repeating.

I watched as his thrusting intensified and quickened. He was now driving into her with long and deliberate thrusts. Suddenly she shuddered, pushing up hard against him, and a long moan escaped from her lips. She had just orgasmed and within seconds of her cumming I heard him groan that he about to cum. She wrapped her legs tightly around him; "Ohh yesss" she said, "do it inside me" she stammered. He thrust into her several more times before shuddering and grunting loudly as he pumped his load deep into her.

After about a minute, my wife released her legs from around him and they then both lay there kissing each other and basking in the afterglow, while his empty cock softened inside her. They eventually broke their embrace and with Chris still on top of her she turned to kiss me.

She took my face in both hands and we kissed hard as Chris pulled out of my wife and rolled to her side. As soon as he was off, I climbed between her legs and pushed my hard cock into her soaked pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me.

"Fuck me babe" she said to me in her sexiest voice. I started thrusting into her and it wasn't long black hottie banged by big white cock doggy style my cock exploded inside her as well, then once I was empty I rolled off her and we lay there for awhile with no one saying anything.

The smell of sex in the room was totally hypnotic and completely relaxing but before anyone spoke, Paulene rolled towards Chris and kissed him lightly on the lips. I slid up and spooned her from behind, and then she turned and kissed me. We were soon all asleep.