Asian babe jade noir gets dicked down by bf pornstars and hardcore

Asian babe jade noir gets dicked down by bf pornstars and hardcore
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I'm Jerry and I'm 18. My cheerleader girlfriend Tracy and I are both seniors in high school and are about to graduate in a couple months. She is 18 as well and she is a very sexy lady. I'm 5'10 and have brown hair, she is only 5'4 though with brown hair. We we're high school sweethearts and we knew we'd be together forever. We were prefect for each other, we never fought and just loved being together.

Really there is just one negative thing, I've tried my best to get her to play sex c700 com xxx feer cheerleader fantasy for me, but she's never been interested in it though. She came over to my house when we were alone in my room after school, and she was in her cheerleader uniform. "Hey sweetheart, how are you?" Tracy asked as she came in my room. "I'm good," I replied just before we kissed. We both laid there for a minute and made out, but I couldn't help make a move on her to try again.

"Jerry I said no. We're not having sex when I have my uniform on," Tracy said. "Why not? I mean really why not, I don't get it, doing it with that on would make it sexy and kinky," I replied as we leaned up.

"Are you saying you are bored with our sex life?" Tracy asked. "What, no, absolutely not sweetheart, I love our sex life," I replied as I was very nervous. "I'm kidding sweetie, I just think it's too cheesy honestly. I mean when we have sex, I want you to be having sex with me and not a fantasy cheerleader," Mom caught son and daugtfrench said.

"I know I'm having sex with you Tracy. If you just do it with me once, I promise I'll never ask you to do it again," I replied. I loved her and she loved me, so she couldn't say no when I said that. "Fine you pain in my ass," Tracy said. We started making out once again. We both laid down and I put my hands on her boobs.

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I grabbed onto them nicely and made sure to give them a very nice squeeze. I took off the top half of her uniform, exposing her bra. She had a nice strapless blue bra on that she knew I thought she looked just absolutely amazing in. Then I got up off the bed and took off the bottom half of the uniform as well.

"Oh sexy my lady, you are beautiful," I said. "Thank you," Tracy replied. I kissed her once as I got on top of her. We made out for another minute and she took off my shirt. I got up off the bed and she began undoing my pants and exposed my boxers.

She pulled my boxers down as well and grabbed onto my cock. "You are sexy too my man," Tracy said as she stood up. We kissed again as she had her hands on my cock and I wrapped my arms around her. real amateur teens play oral party games know the rule," Tracy said. She had a rule, not one I found annoying though, in fact I kind of liked it, before we had sex, I had to tell her I loved her.

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"I love you Tracy," I replied. "I love you too, don't you love it when you cheating with thief while talks with husband in the kitchen and in the room Tracy asked.

I laughed and gave her a kiss. I got out a condom and she put it on my cock as she got down on her knees. She stood back up and I took off her bra. She only had B-cup boobs, but I still really like them though, and I loved her and not just her boobs. I bent down a little and started licking her nipples. She really liked that, I titillated her. "Just don't bite them, don't break that rule again," Tracy said. "You are never gonna let that go are you?" I asked.

"Hey, it hurt, and I'm gonna need them eventually when you get me pregnant," Tracy replied. "I know sweetheart, we'll have one sooner or later," I said. That made her smile, then I got down on my knees and continued sucking on her nipples.

She let out a couple soft moans for a minute and put her hands on my head, but unfortunately that made me bite her nipple. "Ow!" Tracy screamed. "Sorry," I replied as I backed away. "OK no more nipple biting for now," Tracy said. "I'm sorry sweetheart, are you mad?" I asked. "No, now just stick that inside me already, I wanna feel it in there deep," Tracy replied as she took off her underwear. I took off my pants and boxers off completely. I put my hands onto her butt and lifted her up.

Her pussy was right in front of my cock and I slowly inserted it into her as she wrapped her arms around me and I held her.

"Wow, your cock always feels better every single time we have sex," Tracy said. "I'm glad you like it Tracy, I love you, and I'm not just saying that," I replied.

"I know sweetie, I know you really love me and don't just say it to get in my pants, I wouldn't think that about someone that is so damn sweet to me all the time," Tracy said. "Well, you bring it out of me, my cheerleader girlfriend," I replied.

We kissed again, and then she began bouncing up and down a little in my arms. We both started moaning a bit as she rode me even when I was holding her. "Tell me you love me again Jerry, I love hearing it," Tracy said.

"I love you Tracy," I replied. Then she leaned towards me a bit and put her head right next to mine. "I love you Jerry, more than anything in the world," Tracy said. We kissed one more time and she began bouncing up and down again.

It almost seemed like she was enjoying herself a little too much, as if this was extra special sex. She bounced so much that I lost my balance and fell onto the bed with her on top of me.

"Whoa shit Jerry, I don't weigh that much," Tracy said. "You made me lose my balance you pain in the ass," I replied. We switched to me being on top of her, I leaned down and kissed her once.

I began thrusting my cock into her deep. She had no choice but to moan a little, missionary position was always her weakness. She loved anal sex, but missionary was her absolute favorite. I could never figure that out though. "Oh yes Jerry, thrust that cock into my pussy deep.

Show the woman you love just how much you love her," Tracy said. I laughed a little and we both wrapped our arms around each other very tightly. I felt her boobs leaning up against me very nicely. "Seriously, I love every single inch of your body, you are the sexiest woman alive," I said. "Thank you Jerry, you must really love me," Tracy replied. "Damn right I do angel, don't you forget that," I said. "I won't, you can bet your life on that, I love you too," Tracy replied. Then I showed her who was boss you could say and I began thrusting my cock in and out of her a lot faster.

I forced her to moan as loudly as she could. She couldn't help it, and it's not like I was giving her much choice. A couple minutes later, I slowed down, I stayed as close as I possibly could to her and didn't thrust too much more after that. We both liked it rough, but gentle as well. So Brunette camera cachee spy cam pussylicking and amatrice always tried to incorporate both into our sex sessions. "So we've reached the slow part now?" Tracy asked.

"Do you want me to pound you some more now?" I asked. "No, I like it, you do it just right," Tracy replied. "Good, I like to make my cheerleader girlfriend feel good," I said.

I kissed her once and we switched to cowgirl style. I put my hands onto her boobs and pinched her nipples a bit. "You just don't give up do you?" Tracy asked. "Well, I just love your boobs baby, they are prefect," I said.

"But they are only B-cups though, they aren't that sexy," Tracy replied. "Bullshit, they are perfect, I wouldn't change them for the world honestly," I said. "Now aren't you just the sweetest guy there is," Tracy replied. "Well, you are my girlfriend, and I really love you, it's not just something I say. I know women love to get compliments as well, and I love telling you elegant chick is gaping tight twat in close up and having orgasm pleasuring g strings beautiful you are," I said.

Then we kissed each other once as I leaned up, but I stayed up there with her for a minute and we both wrapped our arms around each other a little tightly. I felt her boobs leaning up against me once again. "Oh they feel so damn good up against my chest sweetheart. Seriously, do you not like your boobs?" I asked. "Honestly, I don't like them at all, they are too small," Tracy replied. "No, they are perfect sized.

They fit your body perfectly," I said. "You really think so?" Tracy asked. "Yes sweetie, I promise. I'll even motor-boat them for you," I replied. I motor-boated her really nice tits for a minute.

She liked that, she laughed and smiled the whole time. Then I put my hands onto her butt and squeezed her butt cheeks as well.

"Do you love my butt too my man?" Tracy asked. "I love every part of the sexiest cheerleader there is. When I see you cheer at the games, I get a raging hard on every time," I replied. "Really, you do, you think about having sex with me right then?" Tracy asked. "Hell yes I do. When you look in the mirror, you may not see a sexy lady, but I see a supermodel when I look at you," I replied. "I love you Jerry, why are you so good to me?" Tracy asked.

"Well, I just wanna make you happy for the rest of your life honestly," I replied. "What are you saying Jerry?" Tracy asked. Well, personally I wasn't planning on doing this right in the middle of our sex session, but then she asked that and I was too close. So I did it, but first I gave her a kiss, then I got up and walked over to my dresser drawer.

I dug through it for a minute. "Do you need a new condom?" Tracy asked. "No, but I do need my first wife though," I replied as I came over to her with a ring. I thought her eyes ere about to fall out honestly. I got on my knees as she sat on the bed about to tear up. "Well, obviously I wasn't planning on doing it now, but hell it might be a funny story to tell someone, maybe when we're drunk or something.

This was my mom's ring, she gave it to me when my dad died a couple years ago. She told me to give it to the woman I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I know we're young, but when you find the one, what's the point of waiting? I love you and you love me. So Tracy Flanderson, will you marry me?" I asked. She really teared up, it looked like she was starting a tear factory. "If anyone asks, we were both fully clothed though," Tracy replied.

"So is that a yes?" I asked. "Yes, I will marry you Jerry, I love you," Tracy replied. "I love you too my cheerleader fiancé," I said. I slid the ring onto her finger, we both kissed again, but we had to make out for a few minutes though.

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She got on top of me and we made out passionately for about 10 minutes straight. Then we both got a visitor, my mom, she opened the door and saw us there naked.

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were just working on homework," My mom Anna said. We hurried and got under the blanket. "It's OK mom, show her Tracy," I replied.

Tracy grabbed one of the blankets and made sure she was covered to show my mom her wearing the ring. "And you said yes?" Anna asked. "Yes, I'm gonna be your daughter in law," Tracy replied. They hugged each other, and they both started sparking a few tears. "I just wasn't sure when he was gonna ask you.

I noticed that you two are really close," Anna said. "And I got something to tell you two as well," Tracy replied. Did I have a surprise coming too? "What?" I asked. "I'm pregnant," Tracy replied. Then I got up completely naked and she dropped the blanket showing herself completely naked as well, even though my mom was right there.

We both felt her stomach, and it wasn't even weird honestly. "When did you find out?" I asked. "Just during lunch today," Tracy replied. Then I kissed her. "I'm really happy for you two, but would you two please get dressed?" Anna asked. "Yes mom," I replied. So she left and we got dressed. We all talked for a little while, then we went out and had a double celebration. She was about 8 weeks along by then.

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We planned the wedding and we got hitched the first Saturday after school was over. No one was in love with the idea that Tracy was pregnant though. Still we both got through it and she moved into my mom's house with me. Some months later, our baby girl Anna was born, we named her after my mom.

We both had to put college on hold for the time being, but neither one of us were really disappointed honestly.

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Eventually we decided to save up for our own place, but my mom wanted us to stay though. So for the time being we're married and living at my mom's house raising our daughter. I guess we'll see what happens, but I had no idea that when I met my cheerleader girlfriend, I'd marry her and get her knocked up.