Horny dude asked skinny blonde babe to sucked his cock inside the car

Horny dude asked skinny blonde babe to sucked his cock inside the car
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As is always the case with these series, make sure you read the first parts before you read this one! -----------------____________________-------------------------------__________________------------ After my session of fun as a man, I took a quick nap, then went to the tutoring center where I worked. When I arrived, I was surprised to learn that Colin, the boy from the basketball team that Carly hooked up with, worked there as well.

I smiled, knowing that I knew what she tasted like and Colin didn't. Once the shift was over at about 7pm, Colin came over and said hello. "Hi, Samantha, right?" "Yeah! I room with Carly. She said you guys pretty sweety stephanie west is your kitty now a good time last night." "Oh, yeah we did, she's great." He smiled, probably thinking he had a secret that I didn't know. Little did he know that Carly told me every detail.

"Well, you have quite the handful there. She has a lot of leg to wrap around you." I winked. He blushed. "Yeah. God I love those legs. The go on forever." "When are you going out again?" "She's coming over for a movie tonight." I doubted "movie" meant "movie at all, and I'm sure they both knew it. After our little afternoon session, I'm sure Carly would insist that Colin return any favors that she gives him.

Like Mark did. Thinking about Mark made me remember that I was still wearing those panties. Panties that were saturated with my juices, Mark's cum, and the load of man cum I'd shot all over myself that afternoon. The thought caused a tingling in my stomach. I was seeing Mark again that night.

I went to the mess hall and ate a quick dinner, then rushed home to get ready. I only had a half hour or so before Mark was expecting me. I opened the door to my room quickly and was surprised to see Carly in nothing but a thong, bent over, looking through her dresser for something to wear. I could see the outline of her labia straining against the thin fabric, which disappeared behind the perfect globes of her ass before reappearing just below her hips.

She turned around, startled, and tried to cover herself up out of instinct. Then she seemed to think about it, and brought her arms down to her sides. "I guess we can stop pretending to be modest around one another after this afternoon. Help me find something to wear for Colin tonight!" I barely heard her, she was now facing me, topless and one tiny piece of fabric from being totally naked. She had perky little A-cup tits with tiny pink areolas, which I hadn't seen before that point despite having my face buried between her legs that afternoon.

My eyes roamed down past her slender belly, past her hips which jutted out ever so slightly, down her muscular legs which went allllll the way down to the floor. "Sam! Take a picture if you want but I'm desperate here!" I snapped out of it. "Sorry," I smiled shyly. "What kind of look were you going for?" "Something that will get me laid." Well then.

We dug through her dresser and her closet but Carly kept rejecting everything. "God, why can't I be like you and look great in everything?" She pouted. "Oh shut up," I laughed. "I don't look like anything special now, and I'm supposed to be at Mark's in 10 minutes." "Well you look better than I do without trying." She finally settled on one of my skirts, which went down to my mid-thigh, but on her it fell a solid 9 inches above her knees.

She was certainly showing off her best features. She also chose a great black bra of hers that produced a lot of cleavage considering her small breast size.

I was sad to see my view disappear behind that bra but she looked xxx sexsey storys full sex stories good in it. She also pulled on a tight-fitting tank top that was low-cut enough to show significant cleavage. We did pretty well considering she had "nothing to wear". She threw on some heels that accentuated her muscular legs. "Damn, you look hot, if he doesn't fuck you tonight Cheating big tit horny redhead milf wife rayveness fucks big dick claiming his man card," I joked.

"My God, I was thinking of taking it slow with him but now I feel like I need it so badly." "Well, good luck!" I stood on my tip-toes to give her a kiss.

"You too. do you think you'll go all the way with Mark?" I wondered that myself. We did so much last night that I felt like it was the next logical step. "I hope so!" I grinned satanically. "Well, I want a full report tomorrow. Bye!" I watched her perfect ass as she walked out the door. I was supposed to be at Mark's 5 minutes ago but I was so caught up with helping Carly get dressed that I forgot to find something for myself. I dug through the same drawers that I went through with Carly but nothing really piqued my interest.

None of Carly's clothes would work for me, she was too tall. I then had an idea. I'm just going over there to fool around; I knew it as well as Mark did.

I was wearing panties he instructed me to wear just after shooting a load into them, after all. I stripped completely naked except for the panties, and rummaged through the top drawer of my dresser and found a little yellow nightie that I'd outgrown.

I pulled it on over my topless torso; it fit quite a bit tighter than it used to thanks to my B-cups, which were plainly visible through the thin, almost see-through fabric. I apparently also grew in the height department; the nightie now barely covered my cum-stained white cotton panties. I almost reconsidered wearing the nightie. Almost. It's a short walk across the hall anyways. I slowly opened the door to my room and peaked my head out. I heard voices, but they seemed like they were far enough down the hall.

I closed the door quietly and scurried across the hall, giving a few quick knocks on the door. No one answered for a few moments. The voices down the hall were getting louder. I knocked again, still nothing. From around the corner, I heard the source of the voices. It was Mark, and another guy.

They were talking about the Blackhawks' chances in the game tomorrow. "Oh, Sam! This is Luke, my buddy from down the hall." Mark seemed to realize that I was wearing practically nothing after Luke had; Luke's mouth was open slightly as he stared at my nipples, which were straining the fabric of my nightie.

Mark's stare was at the hem of my nightie, where the tiniest amount of white cotton was visible. After a few moments of letting muslim solo took a sexy refugee home stare, I looked to Mark and said, "Can we go inside?" "Uhhh. Oh, yeah, sure" Mark said as he fumbled for his keys like his life depended on it. "I'll. umm, I'll see you later Mark," Luke stuttered, still staring me down.

We both disappeared behind the door to Mark's room. Mark was clearly tenting in his gym shorts. "Are you wearing them?" I knew what he meant. I lifted up my nightie a few inches and showed him that I was indeed wearing the pair of panties he slid under my door. "Good." He walked over to me, and in one swift motion, pulled them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them as he gazed up to the folds of my pussy.

After admiring the view for a few moments. he stood up, balled the panties up with his hands, and positioned them at my mouth. "I want you to taste me while I'm tasting you." I opened my mouth and he shoved the panties inside.

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I immediately tasted everything; little did Mark know that aside from my juices and his seed, I was tasting my own man-cum that I produced that morning. He picked me up way too easily and shoved me against a wall. He stood up straight, staring right at my pussy. His hands groped my ass, and he dove into my cunt like a thirsty man in a desert.

He expertly fucked me with his tongue as I squirmed in his hands; my moans muffled by the panties in my mouth. He then found his way to my clit. One little lick to my clit is all it took; I shuddered as a small orgasm came over me, He kept lapping away at my clit, and the first orgasm rolled into the next. "Mmmmph, mmmm" I groaned through the obstruction in my mouth. "You taste so good baby, I could eat you all day". He pulled nun mom sleeping fuck son away from the wall and lowered me to the floor.

He resumed his assault on my pussy with his tongue. I pulled him closer to me with my legs. I felt a finger invade my cunt, then two, then three. This sent me over harder than ever, practically screaming through the fabric in my mouth. I pulled him up to face me, then removed the panties from my mouth and kissed him deeply.

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I love tasting my juices, especially on someone else. I could feel his cock pressing through the fabric of his shorts onto my pussy. I broke the kiss and said, "My turn." I flipped him over and pulled the nightie up over my head, causing my tits to bounce as they fell out of it. Mark was mesmerized. I kissed him and kissed down his neck to the collar of his shirt.

With my hands, I pulled the shirt up and over his head so I could continue down his sculpted chest and abs. As I worked my way down to his waist, I pulled at his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. He kicked out of them as I fondled his thighs, ever so close to his rock-hard manhood.

I I kissed around his abdomen before stopping to stare at the beast staring back at me. I gave it one little flick with my tongue as Mark groaned. I massaged his balls with my hand as I started to lick up and down his shaft. He shuddered when I took as much as I could into his mouth, about 4 inches of it. "Fuck, Sam that feels so good." I kept working his dick, but I couldn't get more than 5 of his 7 inches down my throat, so I subtly used my power to alter my throat to be able to accommodate his length.

When I easily engulfed the last two inches, Mark gasped. "Holy shit. you're unbelievable." I held his cock in my throat for about 10 seconds before coming up for air, and slamming him down my throat again. I fucked him with my mouth for a few minutes as Mark squirmed and grunted. "I''m gonna cum," he warned. With that, I held his entire length in my mouth, teasing him with my tongue.

His whole body seemed to contract rapidly as he shot stream after stream of his seed down my throat. He was staring at the ceiling, catching his breath.

His cock sucking and pleasing while being outside was still hard as a rock, and I was still horny as hell.

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I got up and straddled him, grabbed his cock and aimed it at my opening. When he felt the warmth of my cunt around the tip of his cock, he jumped out of his trance. "Whoa! Um, are you sure?" he said, trying to be a gentleman. I giggled and said, "I came over here practically naked, let you stuff panties you used to clean up your jizz down my throat, then throat-fucked you, and now you're asking if I'm sure I want to fuck you?" "Ah. well let me get a condom then." he said, though he didn't really mean it.

I smiled, and before I said anything I slammed myself down onto his shaft. Oh my god, nothing could ever feel better. Being filled with Mark's cock felt so natural, like I wasn't completely whole without his cock inside me.

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I held myself there for a few moments before I slowly pulled him out of me. "I don't use condoms," I said. "I hope that's okay." I don't know how it happened, but it seemed like one moment I was on top of him, and the next moment I was on my back with him straddling me. It seemed like some sort of huge tits latina anal fucked in backyard instinct took him over.

He slid his hands under my ass and lifted it up about 6 inches, then impaled me. Hard. After a few hard thrusts, I came, harder than I ever had before. "OOoooooooooooh" I moaned, briefly interrupted every time Mark slammed into me.

I barely had time to breathe, but the lack of oxygen to my brain seemed to intensify my orgasm. My fingernails dug into Mark's shoulders. My moans were loud and unending; and they probably woke up the whole floor of the dormitory.

Only a few minutes after he started, Mark let out a groan, and slammed deep inside of me and held it there.

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His whole body shook and he unloaded a torrent of hot cum deep in my cunt. I was wrong; being filled with cock wasn't the best feeling in the world; being filled with a cock that's shooting hot streams of cum into my womb was. Suddenly, though, he seemed to panic and pull out of me, splashing my tits, tummy and abdomen with two hard shots of jizz before a few smaller, weaker ones.

I "Oh god, sorry, you're not on the pill, are you? Oh god," he stuttered. "You worry too much." I smiled as I used a finger to collect a small glob of semen from my left breast, and put it in my mouth. I winked at him, pulled on my nightie, which absorbed the drops of cum on my torso, and headed to the door. "You can keep those," I said, pointing to the panties on the floor, before opening the door and leaving him there, speechless. As I opened the door to my room, I felt a drop of something warm rolling down my leg.

I scooped it up and put it in my mouth, and sighed, tasting our combined juices. I guess I know what I'll be doing as I wait for Carly to come home!