British milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo

British milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo
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My older and young slut experience I am now in my forties married with children, this happened when I was around fifteen. A lot of the story is true, although some of it is fiction to make the story more interesting. I grew up on a council estate and in the eighties it was a great place to spend my adolescent years, loads of decent families with college sex ebony story com of other kids to knock around with.

Not like it is nowadays with most council estates being rife with crime and drugs. I knocked around with my best mate, let's call him Jim, my brother let's call him Lee and my next door neighbor let's call him Paul. There were many other kids we used to be with but us four would be the core of our streets gang. Let me explain how council estates were in those days, each street had its own area to play, we called it the square, as the houses surrounded this grass area with a sort of climbing thing in the middle.

That was our square, each street had its own and you didn't go to other squares without expecting a confrontation with other kids.

At school I didn't hang around with Jim, my brother or lee, but out of school I could be myself, in school you have a certain reputation to hold. There were a number of immorallive naughtiest whores in a wild fou in in our street which used to knock around with us and one girl who was in my class we will call her chez who didn't really knock around with me, but I was aware she liked me.

To put some perspective on sex in those days, there was no internet and porn was very difficult to see or get hold of. So my awareness of what to do was limited to say the least, now I had a uncool girl in my class who I knew I could mess around with, and I was pretty sure that she would let me do what I wanted with her, but if anyone found out my life at school would have been painful to say the least.

Shallow I know but that's how it was. Let me describe chez, she was my height and carrying a pound or so too much, not fat at all just a little chubby. She had short brown hair and wasn't ugly just plain looking, she had handful size tits and a biggish arse; she always wore the same grey jumper and short tight black skirt that was about knee height.

I knew she like me because one evening a little while back were messing around and I asked her if she was wearing a bra and she got embarrassed and giggled, so I just put my hand on her tits and started to feel them. "Yeah she is wearing a bra" as I continued to feel her tits. I remember her just looking at me and not stopping me or saying anything. I tried to find her nipple but couldn't. That was my first ever handful of tits. I squeezed and groped even squishing them together, I even said to Jim who was even more awkward with girls than me.

"Hey Jim have a feel" and he did, walked up to her and had a feel for 30 seconds. She had to go in as it was now late and dark but that made my dick so hard it was throbbing.

I had to have more of that. Now I thought black girls fucked hard crying would be my first fuck, but there was another girl, well woman who was many of my daily wanks. She lived 10 houses away from me, had a partner or husband, a lad who was about 10 and I think he was the husbands son not hers, and a young baby. She was nothing to look at, short black hair, always wore a floral long skirt and usually had a white vest on and never wore a bra.

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She didn't have big tits at all but for a constantly horny fifteen year old lad it was porn seeing her nipples clearly visible through her vest.

She had a gormless look about her and I suppose the attraction was I thought I had a chance to fuck her, as I thought she was a bit thick. It was sunny leone had fuke storys summer holiday and 6 lovely weeks off, I didn't know the name of this mom I was wanking over but I had decided I was going to make an excuse to get to talk to her. Her fella used to leave for work at around 7.30am and would come back around 5pm.

I had made my plan that evening and was going to put it in operation the next day. I found out her name was Lisa Askew, approached her house and close to backing out, but didn't and knocked at her door. I knew her fella was out because his car was gone and he usually was at this time, her lad answered the door. My brother and his mates were out playing footy or something at the time.

"Alright mate is your mom in" I asked the lad. "Yeah why" he responded. "Oh I just need her advice on something, listen my brother and loads of lads are playing foot, they need another player you want to join them" Hoping he will piss off. "Yeah OK where are they all" he asked. "Just down the road on the school field, you need to go now though, they are starting" "OK going now" he says with a chuffed look on his face.

"Tell your mom I need her before you go though" I tell him "Mom Stefan's here to see you" the lad shouts on his way out, I heard her mumbling on her way to the door "who's bloody Stefan". She gets to the door wearing a dressing gown and nothing on her feet, my hearts beating, "hello Mrs Askew, I'm sorry to bother you but I need some advice" Full xxx sexe movie sex stories say to her.

"What do you mean advice, on what" she says with a irritated look on her face. "It's a bit embarrassing and I have no one I can ask, can I come in and I can tell you" I say with an embarrassed look.

"Come on then, I have the baby to feed soon so be quick" she says. She leads me in to the house, its bare floors, very little furniture and stinks of cigarettes, we go to the living room and I sit down and she sits opposite me.

"So what do you want to ask" she asks me, now a little warmer in her attitude. "I'm not sure how to ask, but it's about sex. I am meeting this girl soon and she wants to have sex and I don't know how to do it" I say to her.

"Why you asking me, why not your mom or a friend" she asks confused. "I can't talk to my mom about stuff like this, and friends are not an option, I don't know who else to ask, I just thought you looked nice and would be OK about telling me" I almost pleaded.

"Well I'm not sure what you want to know about sex" she says a lot more relaxed about it. "Well this might sound stupid, but I know you put your cock in a girls pussy but how do I know where exactly to put it, and you know I don't want her to think I'm an idiot" I say "Really, you've never seen a dirty magazine, film or even a real one" she says not believing me. "No honestly I haven't, I have seen just the hair on telly but never the slit or hole" I say and its true as well, I really hadn't.

"I'm not sure how to explain it, but I suppose it's a hole at the bottom, it gets wet when she is excited which makes it easier to put your Willy in" she says a bit awkwardly. Now using the term Willy nearly made me piss myself but I carry on. "It still doesn't help, have you got something to show me" I ask "No I haven't, I don't think Terry has any dirty mags I can show you" she says.

Terry being her fella I'm assuming. I then go for the killer question. "I don't suppose I could see your pussy Mrs Askew, Just so I know what you mean" I say waiting for a clip round the ear. "No you bloody can't you cheeky sod" she says almost smiling with the cheek of it. "Mrs Askew I wouldn't say anything and you would be my hero for helping me, I would only want you to point to the hole that it goes in" I say with hope. She doesn't say anything for a while, almost thinking about it, well that's what it looks like.

She looks at me and unbelievably she says "Can't believe I'm gonna fucking do this, but here is a pussy" hot blonde babe with big tits pounded in pussy by big cock with that she pulls her robe off her legs, leans back a bit and opens her legs. There in front of me is a pussy, a hairy used pussy. I can't take my eyes off it as Mrs askew puts her finger to her slit and point to her hole, and slides a finger in and out then says "there is where it goes, your cock, just like my finger went in" I'm still looking her pussy when I reply "will my cock slide in as easy to Chez's pussy when I fuck her" "I'm guessing chez is shapely milf gives us a reason to jerk off girl all this is for, she will have a tighter pussy than me, I have had kids and lots of sex, it stretches your pussy" I still stare at her pussy as her hand is away from it and I can see it open and the hole her finger came from, the hair by her slit is now a bit wet and sticky and ask "can I touch it, do what these hot chicks are bored tube porn did and feel what it's like" She looks at me a bit annoyed now and says "now you're taking the piss, I've shown you and explained it and I don't even bloody know you that well, so no you can't touch it" She is going to let me touch it, either by choice or I'm just going to do it anyway I have already decided, I am too horny and have a fucking raging Hard on.

I am on my knees as she sits in front of me her legs now closed. I shuffle forward towards Mrs Askew and now are right in front of her I put my hands on her knees and say to her "open your legs I'm feeling that pussy" she just stares at me and says nothing, so with my hands already on her knees I force open her legs as wide as I can manage and man-oeuvre myself forward so she can't close them again. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she snarls at me; I don't respond and just stick my finger inside her pussy as she had done minutes earlier.

She doesn't struggle or scream, just stays still as I enjoy the warmth of this pussy as I pump my finger in and out, her pussy starts to make a squelching noise.

I add a second finger a third then a fourth; I nearly have my whole hand up her, I am ramming four fingers in and out her pussy as it squelches and soaks my hand. I quietly release my aching hard cock from its prison and kneel higher so my cock is now in line with her wet squelching pussy, with one swift movement I remove my fingers and replace it with my cock.

Fuck me I have lost my virginity, my cock is buried in an older woman's loose cunt. She is just staring at me saying nothing as I start to pump my cock in her pussy. I last no more than sixty seconds and I start to empty every last drop of spunk I had inside her hairy used cunt. I didn't move as my cock started to deflate a little inside her wet sloppy cunt, She looks at me as says "you finished you little bastard" but not in a nasty way almost like in a way that she liked being taken like that.

I reply "No not yet, that was over too quickly I want to do it again but for longer this time" as I'm talking my cock is still inside her cunt and starting to grow again. Just as I'm ready to fuck her again her baby starts crying so she says to me "Get the fuck off me, I gotta sort the baby" I do as she says reluctantly.

As I move back her legs are still open and as she gets up I notice my spunk starting to gush out her cunt. She is now up and before she walks off to sort the baby I grab her hand as say to her "when the baby is sorted I want to put my cock back in you Mrs Askew" She just looks at me in an accepting way and says "I need to sort the baby and you need to go" I just put my hand between her legs and roughly shove two fingers back in her sloppy cunt and say "Mrs Askew when the baby is sorted I am fucking you here again, I'll chill here while you sort the baby" She moans a little when my fingers penetrate her cunt and just says in a now submissive way "OK I'll sort Emma out first".

I smile at her warmly and say "make it quick Mrs Askew or I'll just fuck you when your sorting Emma" she nods her head in acceptance and walks upstairs.

I sit there thinking how the fuck is all this happening, she really isn't that attractive but she is a woman, she has a pussy and seems not to be stopping me from acting out all my young sexual desires. I was going to do all the things I had heard sex kannada sex dot com lads at school talk about, I was going to fuck the shit out of this woman for as long as I could get away with.

I was deep in thought when Mrs Askew returned down stairs with her baby, she went in to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of milk, she sat down and started to feed her baby. I stood up and walked towards her and put my now rock hard cock in front of her face. "Suck my cock Mrs Askew, I have heard the lads at school talk about getting a blowjob, I want one" She looks at me and says "not with baby here, wait" she says firmly" I take no for an answer and hold her by the back of her head and put my cock to her lips, her lips remain tightly closed as I am push my cock on her mouth.

"Mrs Askew open your mouth and suck, She won't know what's happening" Mrs askew resigns herself to what's happening and opens her mouth to accept my cock; I don't know what should happen here so I let Mrs Askew do the work. Her mouth feels so hot and the feeling is amazing, she sucks my cock like a lolly, and then moves her mouth forward to take my cock further in her mouth then back again. She is now sucking with a purpose keeping her lips tight over my mom and son xxx blue, her pace is quickening I instinctively hold her head tight as I can feel my balls tightening, I am about to shoot my second load in to her mouth.

"I am cumming Mrs Askew I shout" she just keeps sucking and then it happened, I erupt in her mouth. Shot after shot of spunk gets emptied in her warm mouth, she never takes my cock out of her mouth, just keeps sucking.

Finally she spits out my cock and just looks at me. "Fucking hell did you swallow my spunk, is that what girls do when you give a blowjob" she just says in a matter of fact way "some girls do, some don't. I don't mind the taste and don't like the mess so I choose to swallow it" am curious as to her sex life with her fella and ask "do you suck you husbands cock much?" she is now got Emma up over her shoulder winding her and says "no not now, at first I did but now he doesn't want sex much, the only time he wants sex is a quickie in the morning sometimes" I am intrigued by this as I probe further with my questioning.

"Does he have a big cock?" I ask "Not really no, you're more than twice the length and thickness as he is" Looking smug at this I continue with the questions. "Is it better to have a bigger cock in your pussy" I say "I suppose so, but he has quite a little cock so he tends to like to put it in my other place when the few time he wants sex" she says, a little confused I say. "Other place what other place do you mean" now I wasn't expecting the answer she gave me or for her to even tell me but she did.

"Like I said It's usually in the morning, when were in bed I will be on my side and japanese istri selingkuh durasi panjang amateur will get behind me and put his little cock in my" she pauses a little and say's "in my bum, he say's it's tighter for him and I won't have another baby that way" This is blowing my mind.

"Up your arse, you can do it that way? Do you like it that way, I mean like it in your arse" I ask "To be honest I don't feel it that much, the first couple of times were uncomfortable but now it keeps him happy" this is great stuff and giving me idea's, and I realize I have just came inside her pussy.

A little worried and confused I ask her " I just fucked your pussy does that mean you will get pregnant" she looks at me likes someone who has forgot something really important and says "shit you did cum inside me, oh well if you have I'll just say it was his fault" a little relieved by her relaxed answer I get back to the subject of sex "I want to fuck your arse Mrs Askew, I want to know what it feels like" She is becoming more submissive the longer I spend time with her and her response is almost resignation of the inevitable "Your cock is a lot bigger than his, It might really hurt, just fuck my pussy again if you want, you can even cum in there again" That will happen again I thought, but now I want her arse.

Emma is now fast asleep again, so I take Emma gently in my arms and Put her down on the sofa safely.

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I go back to Mrs askew and hold my hand out to her, she takes my hand and I pull her to her feet, I open her robe and pull it off as it falls to the floor. She stands there in front of me totally naked as I lean forward and whisper in her ear "Mrs askew get on your hands and knees I am going billy wood actress xxx storys fuck your arse now" She bows her head and does as she is told, grabs a the sex stories free nicole aniston solo off a chair, drops it on the floor and slowly drops to her knees and leans forward.

Mrs Askew is now on her hands and knees with her big fat arse on show, as I look at her from behind I can see very little as her cunt and arse are covered in thick black pubes, I kneel down behind her and reach under her to the top of her slick slit, and roughly run my hand down her slit and up her arse crack. She moans a little, my cock is hard as a rock and foreplay college pretty girl rubs her bawdy cleft not on my agenda just get it in her arse.

I position my bell end at the entrance of her hairy arsehole and start to push, she stops me and says "I'm too dry, you need to spit on your fingers and make my arse wet first, or it will hurt" I do as she says and wet my fingers with spit and rub it on her arsehole, I do this a few times and was going to try again and she stops me again "no use your fingers first, put a finger in first, I need loosening up first".

So again I do what she asks and push a finger up her arse, it's really tight as I get as far as huge boobs milf and hot teen babe ffm threesome session stepmom and blowjob knuckle, and she grunts a little. I pull it out my finger and push it back in, and actually spit on her arse to make it wet. I do this for a minute or so, and my finger is going in easily now, I notice she is rubbing her cunt as I'm doing this.

She tilts her head to look at me breathing heavily now "use two fingers now, I need to be stretched more" so I add a second finger and before long I have two fingers going in and out of her arse easily now. There is a change in Mrs askew now she is breathing really heavily "Go on then, stick your cock in my arse, I'm ready" so I pull my fingers out her arse spit on my cock and position it at her hairy shitbox. With a push the head of my cock pops in her arsehole, She yelps a little rubbing her cunt even more frantically "Gently now take it easy, I will back on to your cock" and she does little by little she rocks back and then forward, center meter by center meter my cock starts to go up her arse.

Mrs Askew is moaning and grunting with each thrust now and still rubbing her cunt as I gently fuck her arse and her tone changes "That's it boy fuck mommies arse, go a little harder now, god your stretching my arse with that young big cock" I was a bit taken aback but as she asked started thrusting harder up her arse. Her arse that was so tight was now loosening up, my cock was going in so much easier and I was now slamming her arse, her breathing was heavy as she moaned "you fuck mommies arse so good baby, do you like fucking mommies tight arse" she said with a dirty slutty tone.

"Too fucking right I do, and everyday I'm coming round to use mommies arse and cunt" this talk really seemed to get her going. Her breathing now panting shouted "oh god baby your gonna make mommy cum talking and fucking mommy like this, that's it baby slam it now, cum for mommy" she started bucking and screaming "I'm Cummmming baby".

As she came I noticed her arse really loosen, as she bucked and slammed back on to my cock. It now felt like her cunt, but as her orgasm subsided I noticed her arse tighten again around my cock, I held her hips and slammed the fuck out her arse and there it was, a third load shot deep in to her bowels.

She tried to move her arse away from my cock, I held her firm until every last drop was spent and my cock stopped twitching. I was done and with a plop removed my deflating cock from her arse, her arsehole was still gaping open as spunk now dribbled out of her arse down her cunt and dripped on to the floor. There was an awkward silence as she got up and put her robe back on and sat down a little uncomfortably. I asked if she was ok and we had a chat, she told me as I was so big her arse was sore after her fucking, she also explained the dirty talk made the sex feel better.

I got up to leave and she got up to say goodbye, I put my hand back between her legs to her cunt and popped a finger in and said "I will be back tomorrow to fuck this some more" then reached behind her to her arse and put a finger back in her sore arse, she winced as I did and said "and I will be fucking mommies arse again tomorrow as well ok" She just nodded her head and said "OK". I looked at her and said "say mommy is a slut and my arse and cunt are yours to use".

She looked back at me knowing she was my slut to use and said "yes baby.

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Mommy is a slut and my arse and cunt are yours to use" with that for the first time kissed me on the lips and I left. To be continued in part two&hellip. The story will tell you how I continued to fuck Mrs Askew, and my first time with chez. Will include impregnation, double penetration and cuckolding. Thank you again for reading.