Winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob

Winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob
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My best mate growing up was Danny,we did everything together, even losing our virginity on the same bed at the same time, me to Beth ' Danny's sister, him to Sophie,we all agreed it was awesome, so everyday after school we would go straight to my house and fuck till my dad came home which was late, I was blessed early with a 7 inch cock, but Danny's, fuck his was about 10 inches n fat, watching it slide in n out of Sophie turned me on to fuck, Sophie had to leave for 2 hours, around 6 ö clock for her tea, The first few times me n Beth stopped fucking till she came back cause it wasn't really fair on Danny, It was about the third or fourth week, and Danny went down to see Sophie out, like he did every day, when he left I was lay down with my legs of the bed, Beth was sat on me kissing me all over my face n neck, when Danny left she turned round, so her feet was at the edge of the bed with her back to me, she was fucking me hard with me rising up n down fast to meet her, Danny came in she didn't stop, Danny was greeted by a full frontal of his sisters cunt, with hard cock up it, Aww Danny said as he slumped back down on the bed at the side of us,pulling his dick out and slowly playing with it, Beth lay on her side facing Danny n I stood up fucking her hard then soft, her eyes never left Danny's now rock hard cock, I thought she was going to grab it I swear to god, She didn't but fuck did she cum allinternal sexy brunette shows her anal creampie hardcore pussy I have never seen before.

That night when I went to bed I fell asleep thinking about the way Beth was staring at her brothers Cock. I had the filthiest dream. In my dream it was Danny fucking Beth not me. I dreamt that I went downstairs to answer the phone n after I finished I crept upstairs n peeped through the door to see Beth lay down with her arse on the edge of the bed n Danny on his knees in between her legs fucking her hard.

I waited till they finished and dressed before I walked in. I woke up n realised I had a wet dream. With the biggest hard on I had ever had. I wanked myself straight away n cum in about 2 minutes. I went to school and all I could think sbout all day was my girlfriend getting fucked hard by her brothers big cock. That day after school we all went back to my house as normal. But this time while Beth was riding me I couldn't take my eyes of Dan n Sophie.

Only I wasn't seeing Sophie. I was picturing Beth in Sophie's place getting fucked hard by Danny. There n then I knew I had to see it for real. We kept the same routine for the next week or so with Danny watching me n his sister fucking while wanking himself furiously after Sophie left for her tea.

Each time I was fucking Beth in different positions but positioning me n Beth in the best positions for Danny to see my cock sliding in n out of his sister. When we were alone I kept dropping hints to Beth that it wasn't fair to Danny sat wanking while I was filling her with my cock.

And doing the same to Danny saying he should join us. He was like yea but it's my sister.

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I was like yes but you watch her fucking n she watches you wank while watching us. I suggested we spike her with sleeping three smoking hot pornstar beauties are doing extreme anal toying when we first get there so by the time Sophie leaves she will be asleep. His reply blew me away. He told me he has allready done that a couple of times when his parents were out but had never had the guts to do anything but touch her a little in case she woke.

He said the last time he did it he started to lick her but she started to moan n stir and he got scared she was going to wake so stopped n left the room. That was all I needed n the next day after Sophie left while Danny was seeing her out I suggested Beth grab his cock n wank him.

She was like no fuckin way. But as soon as he come upstairs n started wsnking. I gave her a nudge. She shook her head no. I nudged her again n this time she leant forward and grabbed his cock.

She couldn't even get her hand round it it was that fat. She spat on it n started wanking Danny slowly up n down his huge cock. Me n Danny both cum straight away. N then we all sat there a little uncomfortable not knowing what to say. The next day when Danny went to see Sophie out. I stopped fucking. Beth was horny as begging me to carry on. Danny run chennai aunty sex story story with his cock allready out by the time he entered the room.

He was expecting us to be fucking but Beth was lay on the bed with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. She had her legs spread and her cunt was facing me. She was lifting her arse of the bed pushing her cunt towards me.

Stick it in me baby she said. Danny hung his cock over his sisters head wanting her to touch him. Grab Danny's cock first I said. She reached straight up with both hands and grabbed her brothers massive cock in both hands. Right now fuck me she said to me. Put his cock in ur mouth n I'll put my cock in you I said. She aimed his cock at her open mouth and started sucking greedily on it. My cock went instantly hard and I rammed it straight in her soaking pussy.

I fucked her hard for about five minutes while watching her sucking her brothers cock. I looked at Danny n nodded my head towards his sisters cunt silently telling him to fuck her. He nodded and we both swapped positions. NO WAY. Beth said sitting up quickly. I ain't letting him fuck me. It's gone far enough. HES MY FUCKING BROTHER SHE SAID.

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I laughed saying. You have just had his cock in your mouth baby. Theres not any difference which hole it's in. You have still had your brothers cock inside you. Danny grabbed her legs and dragged her arse to the end of the bed holding her legs open wide. She stayed silent and just let us do our thing.

Danny dropped to his knees and started eating his sisters cunt. I knelt over her head dropping my cock into her mouth. She went wild sucking my cock, bucking her hips up grabbing Danny's head pushing it into her cunt as she had a massive orgasm. Danny stood up lifting his sisters legs wide open.

I reached over taking her legs in my hands holding them as wide as I could. She put up no resistance and just carried on sucking my cock as Danny rubbed his cock up n down her soaking wet cunt. Slowly parting her lips. She stopped sucking my cock n gasped as the tip of his massive cock slipped inside her. He pulled it all the way back out with a plopping sound. He kept going. Putting just the tip in the pulling it all the way out.

She was going fucking wild. I grabbed her head and shoved my cock as far into her mouth as I blew my cum down her throat. When Danny seen tinder guy brutally fucks me snap kelyalie to chat meet he slowly started feeding his huge cock into his sister.

She tried to let out a loud moan but my cum sliding down her throat stopped any sound coming out n all she could do was swallow load after load. By the time I finished Cumming his balls was touching her arse with his huge cock all the way inside Beth.

Fuuuuuuck she moaned reslly loudly as I pulled my cock from her mouth thinking I had finished. Danny slowly pulled his cock out of his sisters cunt.

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It was fucking huge n as I watched it sliding out I thought it was never going to stop. Then just as slowly started feeding it back in. I was hypnotised.

Watching my best mate feed his sisters cunt with the biggest cock I had ever seen. My cock didn't even go soft it stayed rock hard and I rammed it back into my girls mouth pulling her legs even closer to me but holding them as wide as I possibly could. I had a perfect view watching it slide in n out, in n out n I was loving every minute. Suddenly he speeded up and started smashing his sisters cunt. She kept hold of my cock but couldn't suck it because she was moaning and writhing around so much.

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Fuck I'm cumming he said as he tensed up so did Beth n so did I as we all cum together me all over her face n tits n Danny all over her stomach and tits. Again we all sat there quiet not knowing what to say.

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We all had childish grins on our faces till our eyes all met and we all burst out laughing. that wasn't close to being the last time.