Mom caught son and daugtfrench

Mom caught son and daugtfrench
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It all started about two years ago when Justin was a sophomore in high school. He just got his license and was stuck driving his younger sister, Carla, around.

She was in the 8th grade and was just like any regular 8th grade girl, bubbly, full of life, and always hanging out with her friends. Part of the agreement Justin had with his parents was that if they bought him a car, he would have to take on the responsibility of transporting his sister and her friends around.

Although he hated doing it, a free car and not having to pay for insurance was motivation enough to keep up his end of the bargain. He had a job and everything so he wasn't at home much, but when he was he just wanted to relax. One day, Justin's parents asked him for the usual "can you drive your sister to Alex's house today, and then drive them to the movies later?" It wasn't that bad, it was a 5 minute drive at the most.

Instead of the usual affair of dropping Carla off and driving away, he had to hang around for a little bit. He had met most of her friends, but had yet to sex desi nxxx c storys Alex. Alex was two years younger than Justin and had the most beautiful blue eyes young sweet teen blonde poor jade jantzen had ever seen.

She had wavy brown hair and her face was lightly brushed with freckles. The minute Justin saw her, his heart skipped a beat. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was! She didn't seem to notice much of him at first, but they caught each other glancing over every once in a while. Once Carla and Alex were ready, he drove them to the movies and then went home because his dad agreed to pick them up when they were done so Justin could get to work on time.

A couple weeks later, he had to take Carla over to Alex's again, but this time Alex was waiting in the driveway to greet both of them. Carla jumped out of the car and ran inside to use the bathroom and that gave Justin and Alex their first bit of alone time. They were both very nervous and each of them was hesitant to start a conversation.

Justin realized that he might not get any more alone time with Alex in the foreseeable future, so he broke the ice with a simple "So, what's up?" "Not much, you?" "Eh, pretty much the same, just stuck driving Carla everywhere, as usual…" "Well that's nice of you to do that, even if you don't really want skinny brunette cutie gives head to big dick smalltits blowjob, well, I like it better when our dad goes to take her places." "But I'd rather have you driving us places.

It's nice to have a really cute guy around!" Justin, not knowing what to say, just blushed and smiled. He really wanted to tell her flat out how gorgeous he thought she was, but instead he resorted to just a plain "Thanks, and you're pretty cute yourself." Alex giggled and said thanks.

They both just stood there smiling at each other until Carla came outside and told Justin to go home. Alex gave him her phone number and screen name and told him to talk to her sometime. He promised Alex he would and then Justin left and went home.

Later that night they IMed each other and talked about general things like school, what they do in their free time, etc. Even though they both wanted to see each other again, Carla made that impossible. She and Justin never really got along and the thought of him hanging out with Alex made her cringe.

Carla kept pestering Justin to leave Alex alone but he still didn't stop talking to her. This continued for about two years. They each had relationships come and go, but they still kept talking but they never got the chance to see each other alone. They just resorted to the smiles when Justin had to drive Carla over to her house. Once Justin was accepted to a college far out of state, they both sort of gave up on each other. Once in a while they would comment each other on Facebook, but that was about it.

Justin was in college in Florida and Alex was a junior in high school in Michigan. He would be home for three and a half weeks for Christmas break though, and that's where their "relationship" would pick up. Alex was going to be spending the night at Carla's the same day that Justin flew home from Florida. Since his flight didn't come in until the evening, his parents brought Carla and Alex with them to the airport. Once Justin got off the plane he hugged his parents and his sister and then he hugged Alex since he didn't want her to feel left out.

They all went home and while Justin was in his room unpacking, Alex stopped in to say hi. Since she was wearing a large coat at the airport when he first saw her, he hadn't noticed any major physical changes, but now that she wasn't wearing it, he saw that Alex had grown into a beautiful woman with the breasts and hips to match. Justin just stood there and took it all in.

"Like what you see?" giggled Alex. "Yeah… you're just… beautiful!" Justin stammered. "It's really sad that we pretty much never get to see each other and that we hardly talk anymore," said Alex.

"Yeah, I know. It's just that Carla gets in the way and I know she doesn't like me talking to you," replied Justin. "I seriously don't know what her deal is" "Well, sometime in the next three weeks we have to hang out together, just you and me," said Alex.

"Ok, I'll hold you to it!" said Justin Alex smiled and left the room and Justin finished unpacking. The next day Justin got up early to say goodbye to Alex as she left. She had already gotten her license and now there was no need for his driving services. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't drive her anywhere because his car was still back in Florida.

He had made the decision to fly home because after doing the math, flying would save him about $300. Anyway, he was just happy that he was home and that he got to see Alex again. That afternoon, they talked on the phone for almost two hours and agreed that they would hang out at her house a couple days later.

She said that her parents would be going to a Christmas party and that she would have the house to herself. The next few days went by rather slowly and Justin eagerly waited for his first time alone with Alex.

She finally pulled up in the driveway and Justin bolted out the door to her car. On the way to her house, it started to snow. They were supposed to get a couple inches over night, but neither one of them thought that it would set the stage for the events that would unfold later on. When they arrived at Alex's house, they both sat down on the couch and just started talking. It didn't take long for the subject about their "relationship" to come up.

"So why don't you talk to me that often, even online?" asked Alex "Well, Carla keeps telling me to leave you alone. She doesn't want me talking to you or any of her friends for some teens fuck for facial reality and real. I know she can't control me when I'm online and everything, but even when I would IM you all the time she would still yell at me, and, well, I just got sick of hearing about it so I stopped," Justin told her.

"Yeah, and she pokes fun at me for talking to you and she's even flat out insulted you behind your back to me. I seriously don't know what her deal is." "Me neither. She was so mad when you pulled into the driveway because she never heard about this and I'm sure right now she's pretty irritated about you not telling her." "Because I knew she would flip! Just because she's one of my best friends doesn't mean that she can control my life.

I want to hang out and talk to you and she can't stop me from doing that!" "And I really wanna hang out with you and talk to you, but I let Carla stop me only because I have to live with her and, ummm, she can be a real bitch sometimes." "I know she can be, but look on the bright side.

You're living a thousand miles away 8 months out of the year, I'd love to be that far away from home!" "It's not as great as it seems. Yeah, I'm away on my own and the weather's great, but I miss all my friends, my old job, and my family, well, most of them…" They both laughed, beautiful teen first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers then an awkward silence fell on them.

They both just stared at each other, wondering what exactly to do next. Alex broke the silence by asking Justin what college life was like. They talked about that for the next half hour or so until there was another moment of silence. This time, Justin broke it. "I'm really glad we got to hang out and catch up and everything while I'm home." "Me too. I really like talking to you. I can actually have a mature conversation with you. All the guys I go to school with are just plain stupid.

It's nice to have someone like you." "Aww thanks Alex, you're so sweet. I really like talking to you too." After Justin made that comment, Alex didn't say anything. She just sat there, with a cute grin on her face and a look of curiosity in her beautiful blue eyes. Justin looked up and locked eyes with her. Neither one of them said a word and they both moved in and kissed.

It wasn't anything spectacular, just a light peck on the lips. They looked back at each other and smiled. "And I think I really like kissing you too," Justin said laughing. "Well, if you like it so much, let's do it again!" responded Alex.

And with that they both started to kiss again. This time it was more passionate. Justin wrapped his arms around Alex and pulled her closer to him. Alex did the same with her arms.

In the dimly lit living room of Alex's house it appeared that the two bodies were one. To the both of them, it sure felt that way. The make-out session progressed with their tongues exploring the far reaches of each other's mouths. It didn't last long however as their embrace was interrupted with a phone call. Alex got up to answer the phone. On the other end were her parents, telling her that the snow was worse where they were and all the roads were impassible.

They told Alex that they would be spending the night in a nearby hotel rather than risking the drive back home in the inclement weather.

When she told Justin the news, he simply got off the couch and looked out the window. The snow where they were was definitely more than "just a few inches" too. He called his parents to tell them that he would be spending the nice at Alex's because he didn't want her risking the drive in the snow. Much to his surprise, they didn't offer to come pick him up. Instead, they just told him to have a good night and that they'd see him in the morning.

Alex and Justin pondered on how they would spend their time together. One look at the winter wonderland outside the window answered that question for a little bit. Alex and Justin spent an hour making snowballs, throwing them at each other, and they even built up forts so they could wage a full scale snowball fight on each other.

In the end, Justin won and conquered Alex's fort. They were exhausted from all the running around they were doing and fun they were having that they just collapsed next to a snow bank. Both of their faces were beet red. "Alex, you really have no idea how beautiful you are. The way your eyes contrast the snow and the fact that your face is all red from the cold, you're just breathtaking," Justin told her.

"Oh you are just too sweet for words!" replied Alex, kissing him. "Let's go inside and watch a movie or something and warm up. I'm starting to get a little chilled." "Yeah, good idea." They both walked back inside and while Justin was getting a movie set up, Alex went to her bed and got the biggest blanket she could find.

They got on the floor in front of the couch and cuddled up to each other underneath the blanket. After the movie was over, Justin spoke up. "I'm so happy we got to spend this time together Alex. Now I don't want to sound forward or anything, but I think I'm falling for you." "And I'm pretty sure I'm falling for you too sweetie, but there's one problem with that." "What's that beautiful?" "You live in Florida and you're flying back down there in a couple weeks.

I'm going to miss you so much!" "I'm going to miss you so much too! But just remember, I'll be home again in early May, and then I'm here until August. That gives us the whole summer to spend time with each other!" "Yeah, I know.

But still, it's just that…" Alex began to cry. Justin pulled her close to him and wrapped his arm around mom xxx and son and daughter. "You're the most amazing guy I've ever met and I don't wanna lose you!" Justin shifted his position and wrapped both of his arms around her and kissed her tears away.

"You won't lose me. Even when I'm away at school, I'll always talk to you and right now I'm working something out with my parents so I can maybe fly home again in March to visit for a week during Spring Break. Alex, no matter what, I'll always be there for you," Justin whispered into her ear. "See, this is why you're so amazing.

You're the only guy who wants to put up with me. I still can't believe I've known you for two years and we've never had the chance to be together like this." "Me neither, Alex. Me neither." Alex and Justin leaned back and looked each other in the eye. Even though neither one of them would say it out loud, they both could see their longing for each other. Without saying a word, they both embraced each other and began another round of passionate kissing. This time they were uninterrupted and Alex's hands began to roam a little further south than what Justin was used to.

He took this as a cue from her and began to caress her body with his hands. He started around her torso and gradually and carefully moved up to her breasts. He began to massage her through her bra, eliciting moans from Alex.

After Justin had his fill for her soft well developed breasts, he worked his way down to her waist. Alex was busy herself as she began tugging at Justin's belt. By now he had a raging hard on and his hands pushed past the bonds of her Jeans and he was now rubbing her womanhood through her now moist panties. They both paused for a moment and looked at each other, both of them wanting a signal saying that it was ok to proceed.

Neither onlyteenbj pov with a young redhead babe of them said a word, the looks in their eyes was more than enough. Alex and Justin pulled off each other's shirts and tossed them aside.

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Next they removed their jeans and were sitting there in their underwear. Justin had pitched a tent in his boxers and Alex's panties were now visibly wet. They both laid down on the floor and wrapped themselves up in the blanket. The removal of clothing continued when Justin unhooked the clasp of Alex's bra. He moved the bra away exposing her beautiful tits.

They were perfectly shaped globes somewhere between a B and a C cup. He massaged her nipples with both his hands and his tongue. He then slowly slipped off her panties revealing her wet mound. He rubbed her soft pink pussy causing her to moan more and more heavily.

Not to let Justin have all the fun, Alex slid her hands down Justin's body and pulled son rep moms xx oron story his boxers releasing his throbbing six inch member.

Alex grabbed his dick and moved it toward the entrance of her pussy. Justin stopped. "Are you sure Alex?" "Yes I'm sure. My parents always told me to save myself for someone I truly care about, and that someone is you Justin. Please, I want you more than anything in the world." Justin kissed Alex and positioned himself over her. He slid his dick into her tight pussy and stopped when he hit her hymen.

He looked into Alex's eyes and she nodded saying that it was ok to continue. Justin pushed and his cock made its way into the deep recesses of her womanhood. Alex tensed up from the pain and Justin held still to make sure he didn't hurt her or make her more uncomfortable. After a few minutes the pain subsided and Alex began to move herself underneath Story mesum 8 in 1 riau. He began slowly thrusting in and out and very soon the pain was turning into pleasure for Alex.

Justin started to pick up the pace and Alex was meeting his thrusts with hers. The two of them continued this rhythmic ballet for what seemed like eternity until Justin realized he never put on a condom.

"Alex, I have to stop, I never put on a condom." "No, it's ok. We learned in school how to track our cycle and that there's a couple days every month where we can't pregnant no matter what. Today is one of them." "Really?

That's cool" With that, Justin dismissed all thoughts of that nature and continued to make love with Alex. Soon enough, he felt a stirring in his groin. "Alex, I'm gonna cum." "Me too, just… hold on… a little more…" They both grabbed each other and squeezed as hard as they possibly could as they both reached their respective climaxes.

The walls of Alex's pussy clenched and held Justin's cock like a vise, milking him of everything he had. Alex lost her breath and went limp while at the same time Justin collapsed on her. The two of them laid there for a few moments before either one of them spoke. "That… was… amazing…" said Alex "Yeah that was, you were unbelievable!" Justin replied.

"I was unbelievable?! You were the one doing all the work!" Alex laughed "Well you should know as much as anyone else that it was a team effort," replied Justin The two of them giggled and settled back underneath the blanket nestled up against each other in the post-orgasmic bliss.

Neither one of them said another word. They held each other close and that's all either one of them wanted. The snowball fight and their passionate love-making session had taken a toll on them however, and within a few moments they had fallen asleep… Justin on the ground and Alex in his arms, both underneath the nice warm blanket and both dreaming about each other.

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