Pashtlocal xxx storys at home story

Pashtlocal xxx storys at home story
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"No super hot story of aunty closing blouse in train I'm just a little tired. I'm just going to go to bed early tonight." "Okay hunny but what about your homework?" "I don't have any mom, good night." I walked up the stairs tiredly.

I had a long day at school. A lot of class work, high school drama. Fights. And to top it off I didn't get very much sleep last night. I don't know why but I had the strangest dream last night. A dream I never thought id have at this age. The first wet dream I ever had. A dream about a man coming into my room and rubbing my legs and groping my breasts. It felt so good and I loved it. I woke up from it all wet and tingly.

I kind of hope I have that dream again. My name is Mandy, I'm fifteen years old. A sophomore in high school. Dark hair down just past my shoulders.

Never wear it in a pony tail though; I don't like it like that. Hazel eyes. Long finger nails. I'm about five six with a slender body. 36C cup breasts, with a nice round butt. No boyfriend to speak of. I decided to stay single for a while after I found out that all my ex boyfriend wanted was sex. I have a lot of guys crushing on me though. But there's just one of them that's kind of different.


He's always telling me how much he likes me and reminding me of what heed do for me. But he's always so negative towards himself. Never really does like talking about him self. He always tries to find ways to help others before helping himself. I lay my head down on my pillow and pull the sheets over my body as I snuggle up to my cute little stuffed kitty.

I clear my head of my day and try to focus on last nights dream. Trying to figure out who it was I was dreaming about. Trying to figure out why I had the dream and why it made me feel so good like that when iv always been afraid of sex and never even touched myself. I was about half asleep when I heard my door creak open. I was too tired to sit up so I just laid there and though it was a dream. I heard my door close and thought that the visitor was gone.

They weren't. I felt a hand gently caress my cheek.

Felt so smooth warm and soft. I liked the gentleness. Then hand moved lower and started rubbing my shoulder. As the visitors hand made contact, I got that same tingly feeling between my legs as I felt in last nights dream. I wanted more. "Well sense it's a dream." I thought as I rolled over onto my back. Making sure my sheets were pushed down past my breasts. I wanted them to be touched. Caressed and groped and grabbed.

I wanted them to feel attention. The hand slowly and gently moved down to my naked breasts. A soft quite moan escaped my lips as his fingers danced across and over my hard nipples.

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I bite my lip as the fingers gently clamp down on my nipples. I guess my visitor saw my approval because, his fingers clamped down even harder.

I moaned and groaned even louder. I loved this dream. I wanted more. Just then, the visitor decided to stop. When they did I started to hear the sound of clothes being taken off. A belt being unbuckled. Then I knew that my visitor was getting naked.

Just then the sheets on my bed were ripped off. My legs were roughly yet delicately pried open. "Sense it is a dream" I whispered as I felt hot breath being applied at my vagina.

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"Do it." I moaned. They obliged by gently running their tongue all the way up my vagina. I practically scream at the sensation. I can feel my own juices flow down to my butt crack I love it so much. The stranger must have noticed this because he kept flicking his tongue up and down my slit. So fast. "More." I moan at the shadow. "More." I moan at my dream. I put my hand on his head and pulled his tongue into my clit as I buck my hips up into his tongue. At that moment I started to feel something.

As if I was going to explode. "Oh my god" I moaned louder. "Oh my god" I said again, as I dug my nails deep into the back of my strangers head. I had it. I released everything. I was having the first orgasm I have ever had and I felt like it would never stop. I loved it so much I moaned as loud as I could, not caring who heard me. The stranger pulled his face up my body and positioned him self on top of me.

When he stopped moving, his hips were in between my legs. I felt his hard penis press up against my vagina. I gasped. It felt so big. So thick and long. I wanted it to be the one to take my innocence.

I wanted it to be my first. I nodded at the dark strong stranger as he positioned his penis at my entrance. I stared up at the stranger for what looked could be his eyes. He moved up.

Pushing the head of his penis through. I nodded again as I took a deep breathe. He quickly thrust his hips forward and in that thrust, his whole shaft was buried inside me. It hurt, no other pain in the world could compare to this. I felt as if I was being split in half. Instead of screaming or crying in pain, I moaned in pleasure.

It hurt yes but, it felt great more-so. I felt his penis moving out of me, so I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I could only feel his head inside me but, that was only for a second. With another strong deep thrust he was fully inside me again. He japanese istri selingkuh durasi panjang amateur his moves constant.

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Only untell I started moaning louder. Because when I did he started moving faster, and harder. Pretty soon he was ramming me so hard it knocked the breathe out of me.

My body felt so full and so pleased. I tried to pull him closer into me by scratching down his arms. Tried pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts to get more of him inside me. I began to moan loudly as I got that tingly hot feeling again.

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"don't stop. Please don't stop.

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Please more, I want more, don't stop" I moaned louder. Then, I exploded. I was having the most pleasurable orgasm of my life. Even better when I felt his penis get harder and bigger (if even possible) when I started to feel him squirting inside me.

I couldn't breathe. I modest blondy turns to be really starving it.

Never to end. After what seemed like a year his penis finally stopped pulsating and pulled out of me. I laid there, exhausted, worn out, tired, and pleased. I closed my eyes as the stranger put his clothes back on and climbed out of my window. "Thank you." I whispered as his figure disappeared into the night. I was walking to lunch with the biggest smile on my face when I saw Chris standing there looking depressed as usual.

I went up to him and put my arm around him as I asked what was wrong. "I didn't sleep again last night." He sighed. "How was your night?" he asked, not looking at me. "I had the most wonderful and greatest dream of my life." "I'm glad." He said as he stood up straight and walked toward the lunch line.

As he walked away, I saw some red scabs on the back of his head. They looked to be nail marks. Just then I remembered, I dug my nails into the strangers' head last night as I came the first time.

I held my breathe for what seemed like an eternity until Chris came back with his lunch. I looked at his arm when he wasn't looking and noticed claw marks all down his arm. My heart stopped as I looked back up at Chris. I turned around and grinned a little as I felt myself get wet. Then suddenly, I found myself hugging Chris from behind, telling him thank you.