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Astonishing chick allie hazes delicious pussy gets hammered tube porn
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This is basically a set up to the main story if people like I will write more. It was a normal day just like any day, well I don't what you can call normal in this life anymore but it's normal as any. The life me and my daughter live is a very different one then normal ever since the great war things have been different and it has been hard. I was lucky enough to be a son of a senator and we were put in this bunker that was meant to be able to hold people long enough for the radiation to clear which they said was about 35 years.

It didn't work what was left of the people in there had to leave after 18 and that was us having to go find a new exsistence after the supplies ran out. I was put in that bunker with my sister Anna my had always told me to protect her to my last dieing breath and I wanted to with all my heart. I never knew what happend to the rest of my family I happened to be with my sister that day and I never knew the fate of my mom and dad.

My sister was a vulenerable 19 year old, who was supposed to go on to xxx porn chut chatnewala story in a matter of weeks but that plan wasn't working out of course.

When we got to the bunker it was mostly snooty bussiness type people there and their famlies, without my mom to stand up for us we got put in what migh have once been a storage closet with one bed in there. We tried to make the best of it but it was akward sleeping in the same bed and I had to resist cuddling up with her.

I had never been that much of playboy so when I was with a girl I liked her to stay over and cuddle up and I tried desperatly not to do this. I think over the coming weeks I had started to lose my sanity, I had had a girlfriend I was with before the bombs dropped named Katie. I ripped up all her pictures thinking she must have been dead, but then my attention turned.

I began being extreme inflatable anal toys tumblr to my sister, I felt sick but it was a complusion I could not get out of my head, At first when she changed I would go out of the room but then we got in an arguement that it was my room too and I was forced to turn my back.

I tried to get a good look by holding a mirror but there was no way to not make it obvious. The cuddling thing now became an issue with my sister waking me up slapping me saying I was pushing myself into her. We started to do a routine where she would sleep under the covers and me under and if I violated her again I would be on the floor.

I then thought of an idea, I found someone who had a phone charger and I traded some rations for it to charge my phone with.

The internet was uselesss but the camera still worked with a spy cam app I had downloaded so I could record my girlfriend when she peed. I got succeful footage of my sister and many other women in the adult womens shower room but of course this was not satifying. I needed to find something new to entertain me and luckily the opportunity came. It was the day of our new year celebration and we brought out the booze for all, usually ony the higher ups were allowed to drink but even the guards got drunk.

My sister surprisingly over indudgled even though she was supposed to be some great Christian and got drunk to the part of almost passing out and I thought this could be where I make my move.

I helped her to the bedroom and I began kissing her she protested with her mouth but didnt do much of anything else to put up a fight. I began taking off her clothes her shirt exposing her her bra and her hairy armpits never understanding why she didnt shave and I ripped that off in passion. She got mad because the said those are not easy to come by. My sister was a very tall woman about 6 feet tall about 170 in weight she had brown hair and had DD breasts.

As I ripped the bra off she began protesting more so I took off her skirt and pulled down her panties to expose her hairy cunt. Then I saw it the hole looked so small I assumed she had never been penetrated before. She protested more flailing about. I took off my pants looked her in the eye and told her this would help her brother so much as I penetrated and she cried out in pain she was bleeding and crying. After that night it was sileent between us I finally got the chesty teen clary milks big stiff cock of bf to discuss what had happened and she said I was sick and I can't do thing like that, she said it was rape and God hates it even more since i am here brother.

She talked to the overseer and was able to get reassigned in a new place away from me, there was man that went crazy and murdered his family and that opened up a new spot for her. She stayed there until she found out she was pregnant and the we both moved into there to be some kind of a family unit. The baby was born and she was named Kate, after my mothers nickname since she was named Katarina. I never touched my sister that way again I got my frustrations out by paying the hookers for sex in the next 18 While my daughter grew up reminding me how Anna looked when she was that age.

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Anna was a form of her formal self as all of the rest of us were. 18 years after the bombs there was barely a scrap left of food and we opened the doors of the bunker to go to the closest city that used to be Denver. We got close to the city but then we got ambushed by what looked like people but looked like their skin was rotting off. Some of the survivors got taken when we got close to a big gate. Then some men came with guns and shot to scare away the people with the rotting flesh.

Though some of our survivors had already died from being bitten. There i met the leader Jim who would be my worst enemy that I would pretend to be my best friend. He delcared that he had a nice catch and sweet petite dakoda brookes and nicole ray there were a lot of age girls for him to pick.

He then ushered us to a shelter for the people that werent high enough standing to have a home. There I had to constantly fight people off trying to do things to my sister and daughter while at the same time seeing Jim and his men rape other surviors from the bunker get raped though Jim said he didn't touching kids anyone who did died. i was very afraid that my wife and daughter could be next.

Jim was a guy about 350 pound but thought a lot of himself walked around naked a lot showing off what he thought he had maybe to ready at a moments notice. He was very hairy and smelled like he didn't shower even though he was one of the few houses that had running water inside. He had been a guy in politics before and he was supposed to show up at this safe house town for politicians that had been set up when the bombs droped. Jim said not many showed up and none of them were left.

One morinng I woke up to a scream realizing it was Annas, she kneeled naked before Jim apparently one of his men had tried to rape her and she had injured him.

Kate ran behind her looking almost like twins that aged at different rates. Jim pulled out a gun and said for her to suck him. She yelled no not beleving he would hurt her. He then cocked the gun blood squritng on Kate.

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"Gotta break some God Dannmed eggs to make an omlete right sport?" He said to me. I stood there in shock frosen along with Kate, though Kate had blood in her beautiful hair. "Now as you see I don't take to disobendce kindly so if you don't mind you are going to follow my orders. Now since your wife didn't comply I want someone else and that daughter of yours looks pretty nice. Though she looks innocent with the cross around her neck I bet no ones fucked her ever. And I am not a complete asshole so how about I give you an offer of a lifetime?

You take you daughters hd teen fuck redhead linda plumbed by dude tube porn before I take it myself. I give you to the count of 5. I was taken aback I didnt know what to do Kate was sobbing but Jim started counting. "4 You bet get over there you son of bitch and take off your daughters panties. Before I blow off another one of your relatives heads." I craw over to Kate she looke completely frightened, she looked the same as he mother long brunette hair tall and thick with larger than normal breasts.

I crawled over to her body as Jim was counting and pulled down her dirty white hello kitty panties.

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She mothed daddy no as I did. I saw her hairy never shaven pussy." "What the fuck you going to stick it in or what the time is counting down and if you are not inside you will both be dead." Tearfully I pulled down my pants I couldn't hear anything from the sobbing of Kate I rubbed against her dry hole and stuck myself in. tearing and ripping her little pussy pulling out and lubing with blood. Finding that I really liked being in her and I didn't care that it was wrong.

I knew I couldn't hold it long and came inside her. "Woah hoho this guys knows how to fucking take orders this guy could be one of my top guys now if you excuse me I get my crack at your daugher." All the men had time with my daughter though Jim said I earned his respect and was going to get out of that shelter. He gave me and my daughter what he said was special stew to celebrate. My daughter had not been ever klaarkomen voor een geile vriend tube porn cheeful but all emotion was gone from her face.

"From now on I am going to give you a job and a place to stay but you have to work hard for me and I want you to treat your daughter like an object like she is a hammer or something else you use. Now repeat after me my daughters pussy is mine. I repeated "My daughters pussy is mine.