Blonde babe sucks stud before hardcore fucking

Blonde babe sucks stud before hardcore fucking
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I get a text message. Time, place and room number are all the information I have been provided. I follow the directions, apprehensively, yet trusting at the same time - mindful of the time restraints, as it is my lunch hour. Showing up, I ride the elevator to the floor, and step out finding the room easily.

I knock, and you answer the door within moments. You reach and take me by my wrist, pulling me gently inside the room. The curtains are drawn, and the room is softly lit with small candels.

Before my eyes can adjust to the difference in the light, my back is against the wall just inside the door and you are in front of me. Close. Your palms on either side of my shoulders. I feel you move closer, your face within inches of mine. I feel your palms on my upper arms, gently touching me. I can feel your apprehention, as you worry of my reaction. You lean in and gently sunny leaon fucks sex new porn vedio me.

I respond just as gently. You pull back and look into my face, smiling, and I can see your eyes as mine have adjusted to the light, or lack there of. I hear the smile in your voice "Hi, it's nice to meet you".

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I laugh and your mouth is on mine again. Deeper, fun and we begin to relax. You deepen the kiss, as you move your hands and I feel them on my face, my neck, my arms.

Feeling the warmth and desire building in myself, and not wanting the moment to end so soon, your hands drop to mine as you take the few steps backwards, guiding me over to the bed.

Sitting down, you pull me next to you. We envelope each other. Gently and passionately kissing and exploring each other innocently enough. I feel your hand slide under the waist of my sweater. Your fingers barely touching my skin as you find my breast. Your tongue dances with mine as your thumb excites my nipple through my bra. This is not enough and you know it as you feel the sigh and catch in my mouth with your own.

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Reaching behind you easily unhook my bra. Your palm cups my breast while your thumb continues to rub my hard nipple. I am unbuttoning your shirt, but I am stopped as you reach and pull my sweater over my head and remove my bra. My heavy breast fall free.

With both hands you cup and lift them. Your mouth finding the very nipple your thumb has been teasing. I feel your suckle wanting more a small moan escapes from within me.

Moving into me, you gently lay me back and continue to suck at my nipples. Each you abandon is left to the devises of your thumb and index finger. I feel your teeth and a ripple through my body as you nip at my nipple firmly. Your hand moves to my waist and quickly my pants are open and your hand slipped deftly into my pants, as well as into my panties. Hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law is pressed against my pubic bone as your long finger slips into the warm folds of my pussy.

Your mouth is on mine, and gasp as your finger so swiftly slips into me. On instict or is it desire, my legs attempt to spread, but are refined as you and my pants do not allow me to move much at all.

You hold your hand still, your finger just inside me, knowing that I want you to move any muscle of your hand and so you torture me by holding out and making me endure your hand and finger, each time I attempt to wiggle your hip presses into me to stop my attempts of movement against your hand. Your mouth taking my focus away from my pussy and your hand, as you take my nipple into your mouth - sucking in as much as your mouth can hold.

Biting at my nipple then sucking very sharply. The pain is exotic at the same time so exciting. I attempt to remove your shirt again and you sit up on your knees and remove your shirt. You remove my pants, dragging them down over my hips along with my panties.

The cool air in the room brings goose bumbs to my skin immediately. Your palms along my thighs, they disappate as quickly as they had arrived. You move between my legs pushing them open, with complete ease. I want you. I want your touch.

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I want to feel your fingers or your mouth, I do not care. I know that if I do not feel you touch me soon I am going to loose control.

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I feel black man eat pussy non stop tounge gently slip from the bottom of the lips of my pussy to my clit in one swift moment. I moan. My hands grip and pull at the sheets. Your fingers part the outer lips of my pussy and your tongue slips into the warm folds of my wet hot pussy. The warmth of my pussy does not suprise you, nor does the tender folds of pink skin. The drop of pleasure that escapes that you taste does.

Your tongue finds my clit and begins to flick slowly at first. I am loosing all control and noises escape me that cause your hard cock to throb against the tight fabric that is confining it.

Your fingers holding my pussy open, you suck my clit and I feel you bit it gently. You know what these little nips are doing to me. My body squirms and my pussy is not only hot against your mouth, but very wet. Reaching up with one hand you grab my breast and squeeze it, my hand covers yours. My moans have become louder and you know I am so very close to exploding in your mouth. You pinch my nipple and cry out in pure pleasure. As your mouth fucks my clit, you slip your finger into my pussy and can feel me squeeze at your finger as if I were trying to clamp down on it and never let it go.

Your pinching my nipple and I begin to loose control. My pussy sucumbs to your will and I begin the spiral of being lost in your touch. I attempt to regain control of my mental senses as all the senses running through my body are on high alert, and fully pleased settle into the bliss of contentment.

You slip your pants off, kicking them off the foot of the bed. Staying between my legs you move up over my body and kiss me. My hands running along your skin. Deepening the kiss, I feel your cock touch the outer lips of my pussy.

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I am pleanty wet and you slip in easily. My pussy is still excited and as wet as I am you still stretch me. I can not keep kissing you. I breath and gasp as your cock slips deeper into me. You are being gentle and know you are not hurting me as you can fully see I am very much enjoying your cock invade my pussy.

Wanting the sweet pain to continue, I squeeze my pussy with all my might as you move slowly within my pussy. I feel your balls at the bottom of my pussy and I reach down with my hand between us and gently carress them. You feel my nails drag from the base of the back of your balls and you want more of these wonderful feelings running through your pelvis. As you had became so excited with pleasing me, and now my hand on your balls as you try to slowly pump my pussy with your cock, along with the sounds I am making, you can not take anymore.

I want you deeper and move brittany shae has the best ass of hand releasing your balls. My legs wrap around your hips, pulling you into me deeper, as if I were in control. You began to pump into me harder and faster.

I want more and do not hesitate to tell you so. Your arms are under my shoulders, your hands on my shoulders.

You pump me hard and fast and I want to feel the deep thrusts and the quick exit of your cock and tell you to fuck me harder. I want you to fuck me fast and deep.

Your close, you know in a few moments you will feel the sweet release and fill me with the juice your cock has been retaining just for my warm cavity. You hear me in the distance, and recognize the sounds. You begin to relax and allow your cock to explode inside my pussy.

Your mind and body feel pleasure at the same time.

You collapse on me, your cock thrusted deep inside me. My breathing on your shoulder and our bodies moist with the heat they caused each to generate. We lay there in bliss as your cock softens inside me. You can occasionally feel the muscles inside my pussy 'hug' your cock. I feel our juices slip out of my pussy and drip down my body and to the mussed up bedspread beneath me.

You turn your face to my neck and kiss me gently. Trailing tender kisses to my mouth where your mouth takes mine and our tounges sweetly find each others.

We know we need to move. Time is scarce, and I must be back on time. This must happen again. Our bodies want it soon. Our minds too. This desire that only one can bring to another is a must in our lives. Our first meeting was fulfilling for both of us. We dress and you are so gentle with me when I am at the door. You tell me you want this to happen again soon. That you will not be able to think of much of anything else until we are togther like this again.

I feel the same way. I hope you can see it in my eyes as I kiss you softly and close the door behind me, leaving you there in nothing but your pants, pulled up and left unbuttoned, the candles keeping the room soft and inviting as they flicker as if they were talking to each other of the excitement and energy that just took place in the room.

I return to my desk, my panties wet. I cross my legs, and squeeze my pussy. The warm reminder of a lunch hour like no other to get me through the foxy sweetie pleases pussy and gets licked and pounded in pov of the afternoon.