Oiled girl takes care of a dick

Oiled girl takes care of a dick
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This memory recall comes from a later period in my life. I'm going to jump ahead about ten years to a bachelors party in Vegas I went to. I have a couple more that will come in between the first and second, I just wanted to get this one on paper while it's still fresh in my mind today. Sometimes the scenes and the memories blur together, depending upon the day.

I still have all my faculties, and I still have two gorgeous 30 yr old nurses giving me a sponge bath while topless. They like the pay anyway and these two I have done nothing drastic too, or taken advantage of. I just figure for a 100 yrs old.I should get some perks.even if it comes In the form of tits!! As I said, I was about 25, in Vegas with two buddies, whooping it up, just partying.

I never told my friends of my unnatural abilities, nor did I ever use it on them. We were roaming around the strip and getting a little tipsy. We happened to be walking, around midnight, when I noticed a newlywed couple coming out of a chapel.

Their limo said Just Married on it, and they looked perfectly in lust or love. We happened to be coming up on them when I took cosplay loving sweeties dress up for pov dick sucking closer look.

The accent coming from the female just got me and made my cock start stirring. There was something so alluring about a sweet southern accent on a sweet southern belle. The perfect apple bottom with lightly curled long blond hair, and the perfect creamy white complexion.

Her goofy looking husband looked like he might be a computer nerd. Smart girl I thought to myself. Marry for money and security. I bet she ends up giving blowjobs once a year and still gets the biggest diamond on the block. I told my two buddies to go on without me for awhile, I'll have the limo drop me back off at the casino when I'm done. Off they disappeared into the night. I strolled up to the back door raylene tyler nixon my friend hot mom sex story as the husband was sitting down.

I whipped two spheres of light out from inside my head and wrapped both of their minds around my pinky finger. They were already compliant even as I told hubby to scoot on over and make some room for a new friend.

And he did. I shut the door and told the limo to drive us to an upscale casino off the beaten path and to take the scenic route.</DIV> I smiled a devilish smile at both the newlyweds, and introduced myself. My name is Chris, and I'm here to be your entertainment for this special occasion. I'm giving you each a pocketful of gambling money as a present for this glorious occasion. If I cared what your names were, I would ask, but since they have no bearing on how the evening is going to progress, you can keep that information to yourself.

Neither of you will talk, or do anything but sit there and wait to be told what to do. You kiddies are under my care the rest of the night and probably on till the sun rises. I can promise you this, you won't be the same when I'm done playing my games with you.but you will have a lot of cash and some really crazy memories of your honeymoon.

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big babe masturbate live watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom You both are completely relaxed and the things I will be instructing you to do may seem cruel and unusual, but in the end I hope you accept the fact that I'm doing this mainly for my pleasure.

How did such a nerdy do gooder land himself a hot ass number like her?" I asked the hubby? "Just luck and money I guess," he tried explaining. "I'll say. They grow them sweeter down south. So I'm gonna hop right in and yall are too. Now I want you both to strip down completely naked and fold your clothes neatly and put them in the bin under the seat.

No backtalk, no questions, no moans. You don't have a choice to disobey because I own your minds and you are under my power. It took the hubby less time than his wife but eventually she got there. So both of you may spread your legs wide and keep them there.

Lock your fingers together behind your head, keep your eyes down and don't look directly at your master. I am your master, am I not?" I wanted to know. They both nodded yes at the same time.

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Good Gosh I was going to hell someday(75 years from this point maybe, haha) I pulled out a trusty little 7 pronged leather whip from somewhere within my clothes. I looked it over and then scooted over to Belle. Sitting across from her I was wholly taken aback by her radiant beauty. "Now, Sunshine, this is going to hurt you way worse than it's going to hurt me. You aren't going to move from that position until I say so." Both parties were nervous and visibly shaking.

A complete stranger had intruded upon their night and somehow coaxed them into being in their birthday suit. I began by letting the whip fall lightly on top of her upper thighs and across her inner thighs. It circled madly, slowly, ever hardening the power with which it fell. Ten minutes and tears later her thighs were turning into my favorite color.submissive red!

The stinging of the whip was getting to her fresh flesh that had never before encountered sexplay like this.and definitely hadn't ever encountered someone like me. I waited to see the begging to want to please me in her eyes and through her tears.

The giving up of one's self mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'm able to get this anyway because of my powers but it happens naturally also, if done right. I glanced over at her new husband and he was sitting there with a hard on, just as quiet as a mouse. I taunted him a little and her too. "You know buddy, I'm really sorry for you for what's about to occur," I explained on in greater detail, "I'm going to be the first one to put their dick in your new wife, and hell I ain't even married to her.

But that's ok because by the time she's done licking all the cum off the tip of my cock, she may just want a divorce buddy. I mean no offense, but with your little 6 inch dick, who are you going to please with that? Now let me show you what it's supposed to look like." "Hey blondie, I want you to reach up and slowly take off the lower half of my clothes," I commanded of young blonde has her hirsute pussy nailed wife.

She reached up, with two trembling hands, and started fumbling with the zipper and button to my jeans. She reached down and undid my shoelaces and proceeded to take both socks and shoes off.

I interjected a round of kissing and licking of my feet by my slutty blond girl, while on her hands and knees. When finished she came back up to finish undressing me. I had already pulled my shirt off and my nicely toned muscles were making her wet already. She slid the pants and boxers off, over my hardening cock, and pulled them off my legs. When my dick had popped free from it's confines, she let out an audible intake of breath. She even paused and just stared straight on at the 10 in long cock.and it stared back!

Since the beginning story, now that I've reached adulthood, my dick had gotten even larger. I've been told by my grandmother that it just keeps growing (because of the power), the rest of my natural life. Oh Darn!! "What do you think of that pussy slayer?

I bet you want to feel it fucking you, stretching you, emblazoning your loins with lust.

Oh, your going to get your chance in due time you cock hungry sexy thang. In a few hours from now this will all be over and fading into your memory, and you two partners can go live your lives together happily ever after." I explained the rules of engagement as I have learned it over the years. I've had several mishaps because loopholes in my system have come back to haunt me already about 3 times. It's been at least a year since I've had any drama come back to my doorstep due to using my powers.

I'm pretty sure it's airtight, my rules of engagement. I went on to command their concious minds with all the safeguards and no talking or writing about this ever, with anyone, with anything, for any reason. I positioned the woman on her knees, but on the floorboard of the limo.

I've got her legs spread far apart and I push her head back on to the seat, and tell her to relax in this position. Her husband was on the same side only inches away, doing his duty that I had given to him. Which was to cuck on the sidelines silently whilst I broke in this new stallion I've found to ride. I couldn't tell what was turning huge tits latina anal fucked in backyard on more, his naked wife, all submissive and naked, or watching my cock flop around as I prepared the scene about to take place.

I caught him looking on more than two occasions.well it was an impressive tool, that most men would be jealous of, and most women long to be filled with.

I crawled up on to the seat and placed my knees on either side of the wife's head, and grabbed on to the back of the seat for balance and support.

She looked up at me wide-eyed, and almost got poked in the eye by my manhood. "Hey, cocksucker!" I said in a low voice, "You know what's about to happen here and that is I'm going to be doing some olympic events, my cock.vs.your slutty mouth! Open your mouth wide.aaahhh that's a good girl.now stick your tongue out and keep it there. Good, now be still while we get you acquainted with your new best friend here." I lowered my engorged cock head to her tongue and just rested it there.

I reached down and grabbed my rod, and slowly glided it around the entire circumference of her lips. Then i popped the head into her mouth, that was stretched open widely already.

Teeth started to scrape both top and bottom of my dick, and I pulled back. I grabbed her cheeks and sharpened my tone when I warned her that if teeth touched my skin anywhere again, I would remove them for her, and make a necklace of them for her to wear forever more as a reminder.a reminder that she should get better at sucking a cock.

I briefly explained how she should keep her lips in between my skin and her teeth and this would probably go easier for charmi kaur blue films storys. I knew already(and from past experience) that most women had difficulty fitting my girth in their mouths without some jaw locking, popping, or dislocation.

She tried valiantly as I kept pushing forward, letting my manly spear invade her mouth, to keep softer lips on me, and no teeth. I told her to suck it and move her tongue around it, whenever it's in her mouth(or out). Her cheeks hollowed slightly and I got a got vacuum seal going on. I started long stroking slowly her mouth. I told the other bitch on the seat how much satisfaction I was receiving and thanked him dearly for sharing such a lovely married slut with me, even gracious enough to offer before he was able to partake himself.

What a guy.what a friend.what a chump I laughed at him kind of crazily. I'm fucking your wife's mouth and your just sitting there watching.enjoying it even. We changed paces now and I started ramming my cock down and into the bitches throat. Every time she would almost gag, but where would she gag to? Somehow nature took it's course and kept her breathing(for the most part), except for when I deliberately made her black out for a second, while I kept my dick lodged in her throat and explained what I was doing and how she was going to take it all politely and graciously!

I let her have her and watched her eyes barely focus before fucking her throat some more. I felt my balls swing forward and smack her chin, with every deep push. She was red faced and sweating now, her hairs clinging to the side of her face sexy babe kylie page sucks roommates schlong and there.

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And bless her little heart was she trying to take it all like a champ. Most pro's couldn't take the pounding I was giving her, but since I gave her no choice, she took it like a champ. I continued fucking and taunting the pair for another fifteen to twenty minutes, and then stopped for a small breather. I sat on the seat like you would normally sit when riding in a limo.or a car with a seat of anykind for that matter, and dragged her by the hair up with me.

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I spun her around and told her to tongue bathe deez nutz, while I came up with the next task. I stopped for pictures of her and my cock at this time, and did many poses and clicks of her giving me head that would have sold for a mint on-line, but luckily I had no need for money or fame.it's just for my private collection.and when I'm older.to privately view again.and again! Some were full length films that I made, some just snapshots, and others just words in a memoir, and your dirty imagination bringing it to life.

Meanwhile, back at the batcave. The wife's breathing had returned to normal after about ten minutes of licking my balls, and I knew it was time for round 2. I grabbed her by the hair again, with a fist full of blond locks and roughly dragged her head and face and forced her into the corner of the seatback and seat bottom.

Stay, Bitch! I commanded. She whimpered in compliance. I spread her knees and feet apart with my legs, and left her slightly moist pussy wide open for the taking. I asked her if she wanted. All bullshit aside.if she wasn't married, if I hadn't basically just raped her mouth and throat.Did she want to be fucked good and long by this beautiful cock.she didn't even hesitate to whisper yes.she wanted to feel that tower of power rip her pussy asunder.

I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and she almost screamed. It's to wide she started to seductive glam babe screwed after a massage, and I gave her a donkey punch which I assumed hurt, but it also shut her up entirely, and I blonde babe sucks stud before hardcore fucking to drive forward.halfway.three quarters.man I don't know where it all went I started telling her husband but fuck around and look at that.

She has deep guts I guess.not that you'll ever reach that barrier eh boy?, I joked at him, and just started doing lunges into his wife's overstuffed pussy. She started moaning sweetly into every thrust, and I brought her screaming through an unexpected orgasm. Well, I guess since she got to finish, I should be able to finish too.

And with that decision made, I started riding this country girl for all she could take. I was pounding her crevice like some Greek God would have been like to a mortal.

The whole naughty scene and what I've done and was doing.well it finally got to me.and how. My cock head was tingling and filling full of blood, and my breaths came ragged now too. I was seconds away from blowing a wad of jizm so strong it would have come up her throat and out her mouth had I continued to fuck her sweet pussy.

But alas, I did not cum in her pussy, instead, I threw her back into her original cock sucking position, and kept grinding away to get my rocks off. With the first blast, I pulled out of her mouth and money shotted her.

It went up her nose, on her closed eyes, and up and into her bangs. The second pump I sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking on to her waiting tongue, and slapped the head a few times on her face. The third and final spooge, I sat her up and made her keep it in her mouth. She just looked at me, cum dripping from her face, lips, nose.Swish it around I told her, across your tongue and teeth.

She shivered as she complied, in utter humiliation and yet, still highly turned the fuck on. I made her then kiss her husband and he got her mouth full, which I then made him swallow.

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I thought he turned a shade of green but I didn't really care. We both laid back on the seat a minute just touching each other, being close in the moment.

After a few moments I started lucky guy fuck 3 girls dressed. I wouldn't let them get dressed yet, I had something else in mind.as I stopped the driver and the limo. I told the husband to fuck his wife in every way that I just had.and like I just did. I told her she would let him replay things out just this once before they both regained full control of their will.

After that, they were on their own to find their sexual compatibleness, however they felt fit as newlyweds. I exited the vehicle, and stepped into the casino to continue whooping it up with the bachelor party.

I showed them a couple photos that I had taken in my phone of miss southern belle and her nightly snack of sausage, with a side of hot beef injecting roughly, and they just smiled and laughed. On a side note, the wife tried valliantly for two years after that to track me down to invite me back into her home for an evening.or a week.if I would stay. She was one of the few ever lucky enough to find me again while I happened to be reading the right Craigslist ad, and oh yeah.I went and visited her and her husband again.much to his dismay.and hers too.she wasn't completely honest about how much her husband wanted to watch me fuck his wife again.so it was a complete surprise to him when I came knocking one evening.

As twisted as I am and have been, even I have to draw some lines and standards for civility. She duped me for a tiny second because she wanted to sit on this dick again, but it really backfired on her when I took her home for a weekend.as my new pet dog.and let her play with my two wolfhounds.and I let them play with her.

but we'll save that story for just my personal memories, I probably wouldn't tell it with much detail, but let's just say.that bitch was nothing but honest and good intentions for the rest of her life after I got done turning her pussy out.I bid you farewell, until the next episode.