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Hot japanese blows cock and swallows a full load more at javhd net
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She stared down at him, her brown eyes noticeably wide with bewilderment, as the most gorgeous eyes she's ever seen stared back at her. They were neither green, nor blue, or even brown, but a wonderful combination of the three. Perfectly shaped, they were set in a chiseled face that boasted of high cheek bones, a strong chin slightly covered in a masculine goatee of light brown, and an unremarkably straight nose.

He smiled back at her, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly exposing a dimple in each cheek. A quick survey told her he as a man of style another bonus and extreme turn on in her mind. Wearing a blue-grey shirt and khakis, he looked like he had just stepped off the pages of an American Eagle catalogue. She could see the tattoos on his forearms hinting at his "bad-boy-rebel" side, and she found herself slightly turned on. Gingerly, she reached her hand forward and noticed his hand was strong when it clasped hers.

He smiled bigger and she busty hot young girl recorded in webcam it hard to speak.

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There was a curious look on his face, and for a brief moment she forgot why she was standing there. "Hi, I'm Sierra," she said through a nervous smile. She tried to smile less; afraid she looked like a Cheshire cat but her mouth was permanently plastered in place with what she imagined was an enormously large, foolish looking smile.

"Nice to meet you, Sierra. I'm Matthew," he replied, his beautiful white teeth showing between his soft, kissable shaped lips. "You don't look like a Marine, you know." That was their connection; the one thing that has brought them together. She was a Marine, as was he. A simple email at work has established the commonality and sparked a conversation between them that had lasted most of the morning.

They spoke of where they were stationed, what their jobs had been, and how long they had served. After learning they worked in the same building at their large corporation, they had decided to meet. After all, what was the harm in meeting someone that shared a common interest and background? She glanced down at his left hand and felt her heart drop.

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Sitting on the ring finger, clear as the sun on a cloudless day, was a titanium band symbolizing how off limits he was. She pulled her left hand from behind her back where she had been hiding it and evened the playing field—she was married too. But at that moment, she wished she wasn't. They spoke for a few more minutes about nothing of major importance and eventually she wandered back down to her desk, her mind filled with thoughts of him. It wasn't until she went to sit in her chair that she realized how turned on she was.

Her panties were soaked. She crossed her legs in an attempt to keep it hidden should anyone decide to show up at her desk needing help, but it only made the feeling worse.

Sitting with her moisture soaked panties pressed against her aching vagina she closed her eyes and pictured him, imagining what it would feel like to kiss those perfect lips and to feel his facial hair tickling her in places that would make a nun blush. It was a while before she spoke to him again, but he plagued her thoughts none the less.

She found oil puss ass in ready group sex dreaming erotic dreams of him at night while she lay next to her sleeping husband.

Though she had never seen him naked, it wasn't hard to imagine the beauty that was hidden beneath his clothes. She imagined broad shoulders and strong arms and a tight stomach that led down to a manly shaft of ample girth. She could feel his firm ass in her hands when she closed her eyes and found herself wanting to feel it more and more with each passing day; the real thing, and not just a mirage her mind fabricated. Temptation finally reared its ugly head and she caved. She looked for an excuse, any excuse, to see him again.

Wandering up to his desk, she invited him to join her for breakfast in the café at their work. Together they made their way downstairs accompanied by a few of his teammates.

Safe. That's how she would remember it later…they were playing it safe and keeping temptations at bay. Except, her body didn't want her to. It was the same thing with each meeting as the first time she met him—her pussy aching to have his tongue buried deep within, or to feel his hard cock pressing against her from the deepest cavity of her insides.

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Time and again she was left with an incredible wetness just from being near him. It didn't matter if it was for seconds or minutes, her body reacted the same way each time. As the following month wore on, she found herself attracted to him on more than just a physical level. They began talking more and more and soon discovered how much they really had in common. Both were struggling with their marriages, each trying to figure out if it was worth hanging on to, or getting out.

She wanted what he wanted in life, and vice versa. By all accounts, they were a match made in heaven; except for one slight problem…they were each living "heaven" with someone else. At home, his wife Jessica lived day to day thinking her husband was always going to be there for her and remain faithful.

For Sierra, it was the same. James was playing the role of husband, never expecting it to end despite their problems. They had split up too many times before for him to believe it was ever going to happen for good.

But he was mistaken, and within a few weeks of Sierra meeting Matthew, James was packing his bags and moving out. It had been a mutual agreement after discovering their marriage was beyond repair.

Too much grief had struck along the way tearing the bonds between them. Sierra was finally free, and she knew just what she wanted. But would Matthew feel the same? Finally, they decided to meet one day at the park. She longed for time with him, and was willing to do what it took, even if nothing ever happened between them. She needed to be near him and to hear his voice.

For hours they sat and talked, the bond between them growing and growing. They shared stories and memories, giving each other a glimpse into their pasts. They talked of the present and the future and of how they wished things would be. With each word, she watched his lips, fighting the temptation to lean forward and kiss them. But she couldn't. Though separated, she was still technically married and felt obligated to uphold her vows.

He laid down under a tree, both weary from the walking, and she laid down next to him, a body's width between them. She looked at the space and frowned. She inched closer, and then hesitated. She could see the hard on he was trying to hide and smiled, it was finally apparent that she had the same effect on him that he had on her.

To hide her mmv films redhead gina with an amateur couple, she inched closer again and put her head on his stomach. She listened to his heart beat and held back a giggle. It was beating fast and she knew she was the culprit. Closing her eyes, she undressed him beneath the tree and let the fantasy enter her mind.

She could hear the murmur of his voice resounding in his chest, but she had stopped listening. In her mind, they were in another time and another place. "I want you," he whispered in her ear, as she slowly slid his shirt over his head.

She smiled at him, not saying a word but continued to undress him in the grassy field. The soft moon shone overhead and she saw the small tufts of hair on his chest glisten in its light.

With slow, deliberate moves, she slid her hands over his chest, feeling the fine hairs slip between her fingers. His nipples sprang to life beneath her touch and she reached down to take one of the hard buds between her lips.

He gasped as she nibbled on it gently, her warmth teasing him. With her tongue, she drew small circles around the nipple, occasionally giving it a flick and he left a soft moan escape between his lips. She left a trail of kisses across his chest as she worked her way over to the other nipple not wanting to neglect it. She gave it the same attention with her moist lips and warm tongue—teasing and torturing him.

She felt his body tense beneath her hands and she began to get moist with anticipation. Shifting her position, she straddled him, trapping him beneath her legs on the cool grass. He stared up at her with hungry eyes, and she bent down for a kiss. Their mouths melted together, each hot and needing of the other, lips moving in unison as their tongues frantically tried to explore the other's.

She bit his bottom lip and he sighed into her mouth, his breath tasting sweet on her tongue. He sucked on her lip in response and she began to become putty in his hands. She felt his hands begin to rub her back and shoulders as their kiss deepened, sending waves of heat through her. She was fairly certain he could feel her wetness through her skimpy shorts.

She had been smart that day and opted to not wear any underwear. It was a lost cause that she was well aware of. Leaving his lips, she left a trail of hot kisses down his neck and chest, pausing again to flick each nipple with her tongue before continuing down his love trail. With her hands, she deftly son rep moms xx oron story the belt and button on his shorts.

With the zipper undone, his cock sprung forth against his underwear desperate to be free so it could search out its treasure. Her tongue licked a flaming hot path down to his navel before continuing on down to his waistband. She grabbed the elastic between her teeth and slid them down, his cock leaping out from under the constraints as if to proclaim its freedom.

He reached down and slid off his short and underwear and she saw he was cleanly shaven. Accepting that as an invitation to explore, she glanced up at him before slowly taking the head of his cock in her mouth. She gave him a soft blow before opening his anal amateurs home anal amador p cuzinho and pintao and taking him in between her lips. He arched up against her trying to get her to take him in deeper, but she held back.

This was her game and she was going to stay in control. With the tip of her tongue, she teased the hole in his cock, pushing in and pulling out with tiny, quick thrusts. She backed off his head, gave it a small lick, and then took it in again. Using her tongue, she teased the ridge and he moaned in delight. Opening her mouth wider, she slid down his shaft, taking it and the pulsing vein that ran along the top as deeply as she could. With her free hands, she gripped his nut sack in one and the base of his cock in the holding.

She pulled down on his manly muscle gently while sliding it back out of her mouth, making sure the roof of her mouth stayed tight against his head. At the same time, she gently massaged his balls as she rolled them back and forth between her fingers. His hips rose of the ground and she smiled knowing that she was driving him wild. He thrust himself deeper into her mouth and she accepted him, feeling the pre-cum drip down the back of her throat.

Its sweet taste made her want more and she increased her pace and tension. Sucking on him hard, she slid her lips up and down rapidly trying to get him to climax. Letting go of his balls, she slid her hand back to his asshole and gently pushed in.

He grabbed the side of her face and started to rock his hips in time with her sucking motion. "Oh god, baby, that feels amazing. I love it when you take me in deep," he moaned through gritted teeth.

She tightened her grip around his cock and sucked harder and faster. She could feel the pressure mounting in his shaft as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her throat. "Oh fuck yeah!" he exclaimed, grabbing onto her hair and shooting his load down the back of her throat in milky spurts. Without missing a beat, she swallowed every last drop, the sweetness making her mouth salivate and wanting more.

When he was finished, she licked his head and cock cleaned and released her hold on him. She rose to her knees and leaned forward, giving him a kiss so he could taste his own cum. "Did you like that?" she asked innocently, knowing the answer already.

"Baby, you have no idea!" he replied, no longer able to hold her smile. "You are incredible." "There's more where that came from," she teased, sliding her hand down to his cock and grabbing a hold. There was no way she was going to let him think he was done. There was still so much more she wanted to try. She kissed him again, letting a soft moan escape her lips to let him know she still craved him.

To be continued…