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Petite blonde oils her body at camspicycom
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Fbailey story number 472 Help Me Sell A House I said, "Will you help me sell a house?" Tonya asked, "What's in it for me?" I replied, "How about twenty percent of what I make off the sale?" Tonya counter offered, "How about half?" So I had to explain to her that I was a licensed realtor and that I maintained an office, advertised, got exclusive listings, and lined up clients.

For that I needed to make at least eighty percent. Besides I normally close on all of my deals alone, however this couple is different. A little reluctantly Tonya agreed to the twenty percent. Then she asked about the client and about the house. I explained to her that the husband is a Harvard graduate in business and moving here to become the Vice President of Marketing for a local business.

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His wife is a Southern Belle complete with a Georgia accent and blue blood. I told her that we had two days to prepare for the showing and Tonya asked to see the house right away. I took her over to the old Thompson Estate on Ridge Road. She had passed that home on a few occasions and had always wanted to see the inside. When I pulled in the driveway she got out and walked out into the middle of the yard to get a feel for the place.

We walked around the entire outside of the house looking in windows, checking out the landscape, and looking the house over. Finally, we went inside and she inspected each and every room, including the closets. Then she wanted to stick around for the sun to set.

As it started to set Tonya took me out to the Jacuzzi. She sat on the edge with her feet in the water telling me how romantic a beautiful setting like that made her feel. As we watched the sun go down Tonya started telling me what we should do to prepare the house to be shown. She suggested some fresh flowers, fresh fruit, towels, and some Champaign. She then explained that the fruit would look good sitting on the kitchen counter and the fresh flowers would help mask the odor of the unoccupied house.

Sitting in the Jacuzzi and watching the sunset was the selling point. The Jacuzzi had several features that only the more expensive models have, such as an entertainment center, heated towels, and a built in refrigerator. So having towels in the heated bin and Champaign in the cooler would clinch the deal. Okay. I had made the appointment for ten in the morning on Wednesday so I picked up Tonya at nine. She looked fantastic but she was wearing a little too little to suite my needs.

She strongly disagreed with my statement. So against my better judgement I took her with me. As we stood in the foyer waiting for the couple I looked at Tonya again. What got me was that her business jacket was longer than her skirt and I could see the lace of her bra in the top gap.

However, the black high heels that she was wearing made her legs look a mile long. A car pulled into the long driveway and a couple got out. Tonya and I went out to meet them and introduce ourselves. They were Ted and Samantha Reynolds. Forester ofice xxx sex stories story last name was not mentioned and Samantha just assumed that we were married and I left it that way.

Tonya immediately removed her heels and walked Samantha out into the middle of the yard sexy dahlia rides on a black boner I walked Ted around the outside of the house. We met up inside where Tonya was talking about formal dinners with his associates.

She talked about caterers and she talked about a dinner table that could set twelve to twenty people being the focal point of the dinning room. She even mentioned a local woodworker that could custom make it for them. She talked about a landscaping firm that would take excellent care of the grounds.

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Then she told Samantha that she just had to come back an hour before sunset to sit in the Jacuzzi and unwind after their day out. Tonya had practically sold them on the idea when Ted said that he had a blacked my gf likes his big black cock a little too much meeting to attend.

Samantha though said that she would love to see the sunset with us. We were there a little early and Samantha was right on time. That was when Tonya's talk turned from business to romantic.

She talked about a roaring fire, a bear skin rug, and making love on a cold winter's night. She showed her the master bathroom with three lighting settings for fluorescent, incandescent, and natural lighting. That way Samantha's makeup would be perfect wherever she was to be. Then we headed out to the Jacuzzi where Tonya told Samantha that no one had ever worn a bathing suite into that Jacuzzi but that it was her house and she should set the rules.

Samantha said that she had brought a bikini with her and that it was in her pocketbook. Tonya told her the same thing but mentioned that we loved to go skinny-dipping whenever we could. I could not believe that Tonya had suggested that Samantha get naked. That was surely not the way to sell the house to them. When Samantha said, "You go first" I couldn't believe my ears. I watched as Tonya unbuttoned her jacket revealing a very tiny skirt and a corset of sorts that went from her waistline to her breasts holding them up nicely and covering then just above her nipples allowing the top crescents of her areolas to show.

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The skirt came off showing matching panties. Then she asked Samantha to help her out of her top. I watched as she unhooked about twenty of those bra hooks to get it off. Tonya turned to face Samantha as she lowered her top and exposed her magnificent breasts.

Then her panties were removed and we both saw her freshly shaved pussy. As Samantha stared at Tonya's bald pussy Tonya said, "He doesn't like hair, it gets in his teeth, and then he doesn't know weather to brush his teeth in the morning or shave them." They both laughed. Tonya then said, "Okay Samantha, you go next." She looked at me but again Tonya said, "If he gets undressed before you do, doxy gets rammed with joy smalltits homemade be super excited, and his erection will beat him to death." Samantha just smiled and started to remove her blouse.

Tonya helped her with her bra. Samantha removed her skirt and waited for Tonya to help her out of her panties. I thought that was strange but who was I was to say. Tonya squatted down in front of Samantha and lowered her panties just below her pussy revealing a small patch of fur on her mound with the lower half, clean-shaven.

I watched as Tonya took in a deep breath and then kissed the pussy in front of her. She stood up and then kissed Samantha on the lips saying, "Why don't we get comfortable in the warm water and watch the show." I took the hint and tried to be sexy as I undressed for the first time ever in front of a client.

The girls cheered as my hard-on sprang free. I posed, I turned, and then I got in with them. It was my job to open the Champaign and fill the glasses. As the sun started to set we toasted Samantha's new house. I had to admit that it was a spectacular sunset. I let the girls finish off the Champaign. There was more going on underwater than met the eye. The girls giggled and they kissed. Soon Samantha was sucking on Tonya's nipples and telling me to put my cock in her pussy.

I had never ever fucked a client either but there was always a first time and Samantha was just too good to pass up, even if it cost me a sale. She wiggled her ass around to give me a moving target. Okay. If that was the way she wanted it, so be it. I thrusted at her pussy as it went by.

She liked the game and I began to aim for her brown puckered asshole instead. I hit it a few times as she squealed. Finally angelica kitten sucks and fucks some guy in a shack stopped so Tonya could sit up on the edge of the Jacuzzi and get her pussy eaten. That was when I drove my cock home. I went so far into her pussy that my balls tried to get in too. When I reached around for her hanging breasts I found Tonya's hands already there.

In the dark it was hard to see so Tonya turned on the underwater light and illuminated the whole place. A short while later I was pumping cum into Samantha as both she and Tonya cried out in orgasms together. I sat back down into the water to rest.

That gave me a great view of Samantha sitting up on the edge with Tonya eating her pussy out. I looked at Samantha's breasts as she got excited and had a really good orgasm. Samantha said, "Wow, I haven't been fucked like that since my wedding day." Tonya said, "You must have had a great honeymoon." Samantha said, "Not at all. All Ted ever does is poke it in me, cum, and roll over to go to sleep. I had a late evening wedding at nine o'clock.

So from eight that morning to eight that night I was getting fucked." She kissed Tonya and continued, "I let my bride's maids pimp me out. Their slogan was 'fuck the bride for a hundred dollars.' I made a small fortune too." Tonya asked, "So how many men fucked you?" Samantha smiled and said, "Who said they were men?" Tonya had a puzzled look on her face and asked, "Were they all girls?" Samantha replied, "Some were but mostly they were young boys.

I had attended a very private school when I grew up so they took me back to that school and pimped me out. I believe the count was seventy-five boys and thirty-five girls.

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I did a whole lot of brothers and sisters at the same time, just like I did for you and your husband." Once again I did not correct her and neither did Tonya.

As we got out Tonya handed Samantha a dry hot towel to wrap around herself.

Then we walked into the house where there was another bottle of Champaign waiting for us. I sold the house for the asking price. The owners had made a previous deal with me, as too how low they would be willing to go. They gave me twenty-five percent of the difference plus my commission.

I made out quite well and so did Tonya. After that I made her my assistant. After that I made her my wife too. The End Help Me Sell A House 472