Good and long blowjob from the wife

Good and long blowjob from the wife
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This story / fanfiction contains sex between a Human Ranger and all sorts of Female Pokemon. This story includes Femdom, Reverse Rape, Forced, Sex, Female Pokémon x Male Human Ranger.

If you've missed the full introduction, please click on my Profile to get a overview of all chapters. Chapter 05 - The Seamstress For a moment, I was frozen, staring at the feminine, insectoid face smiling pleasantly back at me. I'm not sure if it was fear or fascination that kept my muscles from moving, still slightly shaken from my encounter with the Eevee.

Her giggle snapped me out of my frozen state, and I lept backwards, nearly tripping over my heels as I readied myself, holding the crystal out in front of me as the only weapon I'd known to be effective.

The Leavanny's smile didn't fade as I backed away. If anything, it grew larger, her body twisting as her feet hit the ground. "That's a pretty rock," she remarks, tracing the edge of her leaf-like arm along the strand of silk that was still clinging to the tree above. "I wonder what you'll do with it." Honestly, I couldn't answer her. I didn't even know how I activated the crystal to begin with! It was the best thing I had, though. "What's with you Pokemon?

I've never seen you all so aggressive." "Ooh, we don't mean to be mean," chided the Grass-type, cocking her head. "We just want your affection. You're a very special human, and you've been brought here for a very special purpose." "Yeah? And what's that?" "You reeeaaaaally wanna know?" I was honestly afraid I already knew the answer. I swallowed and nodded. "If there's something I can do to help Pokemon, I'll comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls my best.

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But what the Eevee wanted was a step too far. I won't take advantage of someone's weakness for my own sake." "Well then, what if we take advantage of your weakness for ours?" "What?" Her answer came in the form of a throwing in her pussy as incentive in the pawnshop tug, my leg being swept out from under me.

Damn! She must have threaded me when she was close to me, and I was too busy looking at her to see it! I was upside down before I knew it, and she was threading herself up to me, inspecting me with a playful song in her throat as I struggled, in vain, to free myself. "What silly clothes you wear," she teased me, her leafy limbs slipping under my socks and tickling my feet as she removed the wet clothing.

"Hardly befitting the Royal Consort." Royal Consort? I thought that maybe if I could keep her talking, it'd distract her long enough to give me a chance to get free. "If this is how you treat royalty." Her laughter stopped me from finishing my sentence, her leaf-arms reminding me of their danger by sliding along the elastic of my boxers and taking on a vibrant, green glow.

"You may have been selected as the Consort, but you're still hung up on your prudish sensibilities, it seems," her arms whipped upwards, and my boxers were shredded by her Leaf Blade, the tattered fabric falling by my face and onto the forest floor below, leaving me well and truly naked. "Still, you'd think you'd find other Pokemon to sate your urges. If you're in heat, it's not like a human can do anything about that." I was expecting her to reply, but her soft leaf was tracing my inner thighs, her throat releasing a bug-like chitter near my traitorous groin.

"Mmmm. You say something?" She poked fun at me as her leaf gently toyed with my balls, rolling them back and forth as my member started to defiantly swell. "Why me?" I pinched my eyes shut, the blood starting to rush to my head. Hopefully the ache would keep my arousal from growing anymore. "Humans can't satisfy you." "D'aww. you're underestimating yourself," she giggled back, her smooth face brushing the underside of my throbbing member. "You're going to satisfy me just fine.

Me and everyone else who earns you." "Earns? What do you-ooh." My spine shivered as her leaf curled around my length, slowly pumping me. "Shhhh. quiet now. You're very pent up from the Eevee. The little peasant couldn't help herself and let her lust get to her.

But I want to enjoy you." Hearing the way her voice dropped into an insidious, lustful whisper had me wincing, though my hips bucked all the same, which her String Shot was keeping in place. She continued to slowly pump my length, working me off until drops of preseed started to form at my exposed head. "Ugh. can I. at least get down?" I tried to reason, my head pounding and my thoughts swimming. "I can't exactly. enjoy anything like this." "That's not what your cock says, human," she called my bluff, brushing the head of my member against the smooth, cool surface of her chittering throat.

She was right. I felt like I might pass out, but I also felt as though that wouldn't stop me from cumming. "You have no idea how badly your cum is calling to me. Just let it go all over me. I promise, once you've let yourself go just once with me, it'll all get so much easier." Huffing, I clenched my fist, feeling the sharpness of the crystal that I was still clinging slutty blonde cutie gets screwed really good cumshot. My eyes went wide.

That might be my ticket!

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I just had to touch it against her, right? That's how it worked with the Eevee? Placing my bets, knowing that it wouldn't be too long before I blew at this rate, I whipped my hand out and pressed the crystal against the Leavanny's abdomen.

The glow returned, and I felt her body freeze against mine, her pumping stopping. She let out a grunt, and I watched her eyes close. Knowing I was moments away from losing my mind completely, I twisted my body up and grabbed the sticky string around my ankle, the sharp edge of the crystal able to cut cleanly through it. I was free! For a second. Her leaf wrapped around my wrist, suspending me with her own surprising strength as she hugged me from behind. Her abdomen whipped up between my legs, forcing me to sit against her as she formed a hammock with another String Shot attack, suspending me in midair with her holding onto my stomach and sitting on her curled body.

Any bunny mobi busty forced giggle resounded from behind me.

"Not bad. but you don't really know what you're doing," she chided, her leaf again moving to my still-erect shaft, the throbbing wooziness of my head slowly fading and allowing me to unfortunately appreciate her touch. "You don't really have the willpower to stop me. You're tired. You're horny. And you used a lot of it up resisting that other female. Your will was able to overcome hers.

but you won't be able to stop me." Her abdomen curled even further, exposing the pinkish, wet opening at the tip of it.

Her leaf pumped me, aiming me towards that alien hole. "Now. I can make you cum any time I want. But I'm just gonna tease you off like this. Keep you going until you're just about to burst.

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That's your punishment for keeping me from getting my cum-bath like I wanted. Tell me when you're gonna cum, human. If you're a good boy, I'll put you inside right at the end." I really didn't want to be a good boy. That hole, as strange as it was, looked entirely too inviting to me at the moment. I could feel the heat coming from it, and I saw it squeezing and clenching at nothing, promising that if I pushed into it it would milk me for everything I was worth.

I tried struggling, and I felt her body hold me that much tighter, her slit edging so close to my tip that I knew that it was a threat. Fuck, she really did have me. Gasping with a sudden cute sweetie double stuffed by many bbc of pleasure, I tiny tits blonde teen elizabeth jolie railed by fat cock breathing through clenched teeth.

"Just. tell me why you're doing this." "Mmm. power, darling," she said softly, squeezing the head of my cock with her soft leaf as if my pleasure was payment for her words.

"Not only is it fun to finally get to touch warm, soft human skin, but you're going to be my ticket to the Queen's prestige. She'll reward me handsomely for bringing you to her." My breath was shuddering.

Damn, I was getting close… "And. why does she want me?" "Mm, I'm not entirely sure. Buuuut, if I had to guess." She pumped me a little faster, knowing I was getting even closer to my limit. "She's gonna make me look like foreplay." A loud, glass-like crack shook the clearing, snapping me quickly out of the brink of my climax and making the Leavanny whip her head towards the source. The meteor. A bright light was erupting from it, the light so bright that I had to squint just to look beyond it.

Something was moving in the light, a whiplike tendril with a bulbous tip attached to a four-legged body of some sort. The head had a feline shape, though I couldn't make out the ears other than a triangular shape. The tendril seemed to be a tail, the bulbous end of it revealing itself to be a pair of forks. The white light faded into a bright pink, darkening into a lavender as two dark eyes burned through the glow. ~Brace yourself!~ That urgent, feminine voice burned into my mind again, and I barely had time to take advantage of the warning before a wave of Psychic energy slammed into me, washing through me to burst against the Leavanny holding me.

She was peeled off of my body and flung into the trees, and I caught myself on the ground next to my discarded socks and torn boxers. My twitching cock thankfully began to relax from the edge of my orgasm, allowing me to gather myself and look to the creature that had saved me… It was an Espeon, its body shivering as it struggled to remain standing. Confusion and trepidation were still squeezing my mind, and for a moment I pondered if I should approach it, considering how every other Pokemon has treated me thus far.

My instincts were faster than my thoughts, however, and soon I found myself kneeling by its side, putting my hands on its warm body. "Hey, are you alright?" Its wide eyes and open mouth turned quickly towards me. There was a bit of shock and desperation in its face. ~There's no time!~ That slightly panicked, feminine voice washed over my mind with a regal authority, and in the next moment the Espeon had whipped its head against mine, its forehead pressing against my own.

A furious buzz of warmth rushed down my spine, forming a current of heat that ran to my right hand. With its mouth so close to my own, I thought my fears had been realized, but, despite the warmth of its breath on my lips, I felt a soothing peace wash through my mind, clearing it of the lustful thoughts that were hiding in the shadows. When it, she, pulled away, I rubbed my head, shaking the buzz out of it. The stone I still clung to felt warm again, and its glow was far brighter than before.

I opened my mouth to ask her what happened, but her entire body was shaking as it laid down. Her wide eyes looked to me, and I felt a weakened whisper of her thoughts brush against mine. ~That crystal. I made it your weapon.

Use it to. subdue her.~ Her ears twitched, and her head shot back towards where she'd flung the Leavanny. The Grass-type had a sour expression on her smooth face as she looked to the Espeon, a raspy growl coming from her slender throat. "You're very troublesome, stranger. That wasn't very nice. I'll have to deal with you first." Instinct moved me again, and I stepped between them, the vulnerability I felt from my nude body being pushed aside by a courage I've never been able to explain.

I raised the crystal as I would a weapon, though I've never been one to wield anything against a Pokemon.

The only thing that came to mind were images of ancient knights, wielding swords made of Skarmory-feather steel. The image burst to life awesome teens play with jock on cam the crystal I held, a bright flash of light warping itself into the shape of a blade. I felt no weight, and the fascination of holding such a brilliant weapon was drowned by the idea that I had to use it.

The Leavanny was surprised as well, but it only twisted her features into a grim smile, her own leaves lighting up with Grass-type energy, turning her arms into sharp weapons of their own. "Alright, little boy," she teased me, making the energy of her leaves spark as she hit them together. "If that's the way you want to play, then I'll try to be gentle." Her giggling voice echoed through the trees. It was time for a fight. --- We hope you've enjoyed reading this chapter.

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