Swallowing a giant cumload with erika love

Swallowing a giant cumload with erika love
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It's been a while since I have posted a story, though that hasn't meant my thoughts of late have been any less 'interesting'. Like everyone out there, there are a variety of reasons which bring about sexual thoughts with each of us differing in this respect.

For me, some of these reasons are more constant than others. One such is the fact I will often enjoy thoughts about my son in law. Younger than myself by a good few years, he's been a particularly good catch for my daughter, whilst for me, he's been a particularly good catch for my thoughts and imagination. Though it has never gone any further than that, it does me no harm to imagine that it could. I hope you enjoy my story, my thoughts and once again, I will always enjoy receiving sensual kitten spreads narrow slit and gets deflorated criticism.

"Oh Andy. I wasn't expecting you this early. Mike has only just taken Scott into town. It's likely to be a good hour before he gets back." Scott was Andy's young son and with his recent marriage breakup with their daughter, they now shared responsibility for him, with Andy having him weekends. Andy nodded.

"That's ok. I wasn't expecting to finish so early and thought, rather than go all the way home then have to make the return journey later, I'd take the chance and call early. It's not a problem. I don't mind waiting assuming that's ok with you?" "Yes that's fine. I was just about to make a coffee. Would you like one?" "Yeah!

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Sure. I'd love one," he replied. As his ex mother in law turned towards the work counter Andy's eyes followed, checking out her body. Wearing a fine knit, figure hugging, grey cardigan, over a light grey, pencil skirt with a split running a third of the way up the back she was looking good, very good, though in truth this came as no surprise to Andy for despite the fact she was fifty five years of age, he knew she was someone who had always prided herself in her appearance.

She kept herself in good shape with regular visits to the local gym and as well as the physical side to her appearance, for as long as Andy had known her, she was the kind of woman who always took care to dress well. Today was no exception though in fairness, he'd a;ways believed she was the kind of woman would look good no matter what she wore. Asking if he wanted milk or cream in his coffee, she turned slightly towards him.

Replying he'd go with the milk, Andy found his eyes drawn to those firm, thirty six inch breasts of hers, the contours of which seemed beautifully accentuated by her fitted top. It was also hard not to notice the top three buttons of her cardigan were undone, enough to show the slightest hint of cleavage. He knew of isis love to be there to fuck you tube porn the light display was not for him for she'd not been expecting him, even so, he found it easy to imagine it was and it was enough to both entice and stir memories.

The view was all too brief as she turned to make her way over to the fridge. His eyes followed where he found himself thinking back a year or so, to a time when the two of them had shared some fun together.

It had been wrong of course, an illicit encounter with his mother in law, but at the time, the wrongful nature, for both of them, had served only to intensify the sexual excitement. Now, months later, stood alone with her in the kitchen, growing aroused simply from looking her up and down, it was easy to begin to wonder, if like him she too missed the fun they once shared.

She returned to the worktop, waiting for the kettle to boil, her back turned towards hot fitness massage brooklyn chase. Her words of moments before that Mike, her husband, would be out for a good hour, ran through his mind.

He found himself thinking back to the start of their affair. In truth, it was strange it should have happened at all for they were as different as two people could be. He was young, carefree and though he didn't like to admit it, somewhat irresponsible.

She, on the other hand, was much older, married for a good number of years and very set in her ways. She was also somewhat conservative in her views and had always carried something of an air of primness about her. Always polite, always well dressed, it was Andy's view she was a typically, pleasant, happily married woman who went about life keeping the home for her husband and family.

Hence, sexual thoughts were not something to have crossed Andy's mind. They would chat, often, yet their conversations were never more than polite. Never a hint that she liked him anymore than for what he was, her daughter's then boyfriend. Indeed, it wasn't until after he had married her daughter that she appeared small brother and big brother sex warm to him a little more though by then, a good few years later, Andy had already begun to see her in a different light.

With her husband often working away from home and at the insistence of his wife, he would often be asked to carry out odd jobs for her around the house. At the outset, he saw naughty inked teen schoolgirl babe tastes that massive dong pornstars and big tits as something of a chore, something he felt he could well do without, yet doing these jobs for her, he bagan to learn more about her and sensed she had warmed to him.

They would spend time chatting about all manner of things and over time he would look forward to being asked to call round. By then his helping was no longer a chore. He would even ask her daughter if her mother needed anything done, just for the excuse to call and see her. His visits grew, from the helping out every now and again to calling every other day to make sure everything was ok. To his advantage, his wife had no problems with him visiting.

She was pleased they got on so well and welcomed the fact Andy was being so nice towards her mother. Of course as time moved on there were very few jobs needed doing around the house.

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His visits were simply a way to spend more time with her for his attraction for Lin had grown. He enjoyed her manner, the way she laughed, the way she would talk to him and most of all the constant surprise in how good someone her age could look.

him. There were times they would sit on amateur teen fucked by oldmans cock european cumshot sofa together where occasionally she would instinctively place her hand on his knee without thinking as she explained something to him. A part of him would guess it was no more than a thoughtless act yet later, when alone, he would replay the incident over, only then, mixed with his imagination he would envisage her hand not on his knee but stroking his cock.

He lost count the number of different scenarios his mind managed to conjure up, for by then he was regularly jacking himself off to thoughts of him and his mother in law. Then one day it happened. Busy at work, it had been over a week since he had last seen her.

This particular day, his wife had asked him to call and take a look at her washing machine. It had been giving problems. He'd arrived and a few minutes after taking a look found it was a simple case of unblocking the filter.

It took no more than a few minutes to fix. As always, Lin had made them both a coffee. They were sat in the kitchen chatting where she had asked him how he and her daughter were getting along. Andy sensed something different about her manner, especially when she asked him if everything was ok in the sex department.

It was a topic she'd never broached before. Unsure where the conversation was headed he answered yes before nervously asking if everything were ok for her too? For a woman he'd always considered conservative, she was surprisingly open with her answer. She told him they no longer had sex as much as they used to, suggesting years of marriage had bred complacency. He sensed the atmosphere between the two of them had changed. Talk of sex had charged the air with a sexual tension.

He sensed she too had felt it. It was as if she were embarrassed when mom and san xxx rum night cut the conversation short and got up to place her cup in the sink. For reasons he couldn't explain, he'd followed then had stood behind her at the sink and had slipped his hands onto her waist. A part of him had expected her to reject him but instead he'd been surprised when she had turned and looked him in the eye.

She'd made no move to remove his hands and with neither of them saying a word, the sexual tension increased. Andy couldn't remember who started it but the next moment the two of them were kissing.

A deep, passionate kiss. The kiss went on and on. To Andy it seemed like a lifetime and was something he didn't want to end. He held her close, his hands smoothing up and down her back as his lips pressed against hers, hers against his until their mouths opened, their tongues keen to explore one another's mouths. Their breathing deepened, their hand movements increased, exploring one another's bodies.

Eventually, after some long minutes, Lin pulled away muttering something about how they couldn't be doing this and that he should go. Andy hadn't known what to do nor how to respond. He'd simply done as she'd asked and left. Later that night, while taking a shower Andy had jacked himself off with the thoughts of all that had taken place filling his head. He made up his mind he was not going to let it rest at just this kiss.

He felt certain the kiss had proved Lin wanted something to happen every bit as much as him. A few days later he saw her again. They were sat on the sofa chatting when during a lull in the conversation Lin had started to apologize over what had happened a few days earlier.

He had immediately told her there was no apology necessary, that not only had he had enjoyed himself but that he had wanted something like that to happen for a while.

He'd leant close and kissed her. She'd responded, tentatively before easing herself from his arms, telling him again they shouldn't be doing this but when he'd ignored her and had kissed her a second time, she'd responded. Several times she had pulled free to tell him they should stop. Ignoring her each time she had responded in full. He ended up, pinning her back against the sofa, receiving minimal objection as his lips had played with hers and his hands had caressed back and forth over her clothed body.

When Andy had left that day he was sure it was only a matter of time before they would both enjoy one another fully. Sure enough, asian tranny pov sucking white schlong bedroom a number of following visits they had gone on to share more and more fun together, culminating a few weeks later in full blown sex.

Both, in their different ways had regrets they were cheating on their partners yet it couldn't be denied, these regrets were far and away outweighed by the enjoyment of one another.

As the affair progressed, so slowly but surely, Andy began to witness his usually staid, demure mother in law draw out of her shell. She continually surprised him. Gone was the conservative housewife, instead, replaced by someone who would astound him with her less than conservative views on sex.

There were times the sex would squirting ho facial bbc interracial and big dick leisurely, unrushed, their partners both safely out of the way.

At other times, more often than not instigated by Lin, the risks they took were greater. Indeed, it wasn't long before it became clear to Andy she seemed driven by taking risks. It appeared she enjoyed it all the more when they knew one or other partner could return at short notice.

Those times, those risks appeared foolish to Andy and he was sure Lin too, deep down felt the same, yet inexplicably, it was these times they had both quickly come to covet and enjoy the most. The excitement that came with these risks was immense. It doubled the already, high sexual flavour of the wrongs they were doing and each of them in turn had had to admit their surprise at how addictive the riskier games they played became.

At times, it would be little more than stealing a passionate kiss while one or other partner was in one of the adjoining rooms in the house. Other times carried an even greater element of risk and now as Andy continued to study her from behind he recalled one such time It had been a Saturday morning and Andy had called over to whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt something off that her daughter had borrowed.

Mike, Lin's husband had been out in the garden, working on building a Gazebo. Andy had stopped to say 'Hi' and pass a few pleasantries before heading into the house.

There he surprised Lin in the kitchen who was looking as good as ever in a light, summery dress. As Andy explained the reason for his visit, a quick glance out of the window to check her hubby was busy, she pulled Andy close, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth.

Used to her desire for risk, Andy had responded and within minutes the two of them were heavily aroused. Pulling away, Lin had grabbed his hand and lead him out of the kitchen. Andy's first thoughts were that she simply wanted to make sure they were away from the kitchen door should her hubby decide to walk in.

He was wrong. She had instead, lead him up to her bedroom, over to the window which looked down into the garden. Looking out, Andy could see Mike, busy at work building the timber frame, but admiring Mike's work was not what Lin had in mind.

She'd immediately reached for Andy's crotch and began rubbing her hand up and down his growing bulge. "I've been thinking about you all morning and it's been getting me horny." She'd told him. "My pussy needs seeing too.

I want you to Fuck me, here and now!" His dick had immediately twitched with the thought of such a risk. He'd looked out into the garden where Mike was still busy working on the Gazebo. "You can't be serious Lin. He could walk in or look up at any time." She hadn't answered, instead he'd watched as she'd climbed onto the bed, knelt in front of the base board and had flipped the hem of her dress high over her waist. "Is this serious enough Andy?" She'd asked. "Doggy style will do just nicely," she'd continued, "so we can both look out of the window while you're fucking me!" They had taken risks before but never anything as risky as this.

This was a 'scary risky' causing Andy to hesitate. Lin sensed his concern and wriggled her rear in an enticing manner. "Come on Andy. Come do your Lindy!" She'd teased. "Think of the excitement watching Mike while you 'have me'" She encouraged.

There was no denying, the thought of looking down on her hubby while he took care of his sexy wife was unbelievably arousing. He climbed onto the bed and had leant forward, over her bent body. Reaching beneath her he started petting at her breasts over the summery dress. Lin had reached back and began attempting to undo his trousers. Struggling with this action she'd demanded he get it out and fuck her! His head swimming with the excitement of what was happening.

He did as she asked, undoing his trousers and taking out his cock. Pulling aside her knickers he eased his cock into a very wet pussy and started to fuck her. As he ploughed his cock in and out of her sodden pussy, Lin had continually demanded he look out of the window and remind himself of who he was fucking.

Her words had added to their excitement, he'd done exactly as she'd asked and german blowjob home away from home away from home minutes, as the two of them looked out into the garden, it was over.

More excited than at any time before, Lin had quickly climaxed and seconds later, Andy had emptied his balls of their seed deep into her pussy. It hadn't mattered it was so short lived, for the both of them had never felt excitement like it.

When ten minutes later, all three of them were chatting over slender zaya cassidy sucks and fucks big cock in a party coffee, Andy couldn't help but grow aroused as he thought about what had just happened, the idea Mike was completely unaware he had just emptied his balls into his sexy wife's pussy. Lin, pouring the boiling water into the mugs, snapped Andy from his thoughts. His eyes alighted on her waist, at the point where the cardigan she wore shaped itself perfectly against the contours of her waist before flaring out over her slender hips.

Down below, thanks to the combination of thoughts he'd been having and the sight of her sexy body, he could feel his growing arousal. He stepped forward to place both hands onto her waist, more than aware she was likely to spurn him, but feeling as he was, he'd already decided it was worth the risk. As his hands slipped onto her waist he felt her body stiffen momentarily before relaxing once more, surely a positive sign, he was quick to argue with himself. He nudged closer still, closing the gap between them.

As Lin stood facing the kettle, waiting for it to boil, unknown to Andy, she too was having similar thoughts, though for entirely different reasons. She could sense he was stood behind her.

Could feel his eyes looking her up and down. It was enough to cause her body to thrill, for she couldn't deny, it was an exciting feeling, a woman her age could still attract a guy so much younger.

Yet unlike Andy, she wanted to resist. Yes, it was true she had certainly enjoyed their fling and the sexual excitement that had ensued but throughout the entire escapade she had known, the risks, as exciting as they were, had been fat too great. The truth was, she had tried to fight her feelings right from the outset and had sensed Andy had too. At first she had tried to resist completely, but knew, on that day they had first kissed she had failed.

From that moment on she knew he'd be difficult to resist and decided that she would keep things to veronica avluv invited jessie rhodes to spice up sexlife with her guy minimum, at a kissing and fondling level, something she had hoped they could both enjoy without the need to go further.

She'd been fooling herself for within a few weeks she realised they had both wanted more and despite her resolve to fight her feelings the inevitable had happened and they'd succumbed to their desires.

Even then, with what Lin considered as the dirty deed having been done, she had still hoped it was a one off, that their initial sexual needs satisfied, that from then on she'd be able to resist him. Deep down, it had not amazing hot sexy body nice nasty teen something she'd really believed and two days later when she next saw him her fears were proved right when her desires came back with a vengeance.

That second time, when he'd taken her in his arms her determination had not only melted, but had been replaced with a passion she herself hadn't been able to understand. She'd ben unable to believe the way in which the two of them had 'gone' for one another.

It had bordered on animalistic, fighting with one another. Groping, mauling and clawing at one another's bodied in a desperate attempt to sate their sexual desire.

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That day it seemed, each of them had fought for control until eventually, Andy's superior strength advantage saw her ending up pinned over the arm of the sofa, her skirt raised, where she had been soundly 'fucked' doggy style. She remembered that day well, as if it were only yesterday.

Impaled on his dick she remembered thinking of how wrong it all was, yet her guilty thoughts had done nothing to stop her pushing back onto his cock, demanding, he fuck it up her good and hard.

Looking back, it was hard to explain why and how she had spoken in such a way. It was a language she had ever used before, nor one she'd ever been comfortable with.

It was as if her own anger with herself had driven her, yet each they had met, she'd continued to act in the same manner and though she could not explain it, whatever she did and said seemed so 'right', and as the weeks passed, their actions, their words, their thoughts became embroiled into their game.

Talking dirty to one another became second nature, as did exploring and excelling their boundaries, demanding sexual gratification in ways, way beyond that they would ask of their partners. Now alone with him for the first time in months, aware he was stood close behind, looking her up and down, she was gripped with a fear it would start all over.

Moments later her fears were founded when he slid his hands onto her waist. She froze, fearful as with the first time, she would be unable to resist. As he pressed closer she knew she needed xxx story form batton mobail tell him to stop but though the words had formed in her mind, her mouth seemed incapable of saying them.

"Do you ever think back and remember the fun we used to have Lin?" She wanted to answer no, but knew he'd find it difficult to believe. "Sometimes. Yes!" She answered. She felt his hands further encircle her waist. "They were good times Lin?" She closed her eyes tight shut, fearful of responding. Knowing where it would lead. "Do you miss therm Lin?" Again she felt the familiar fear. "Those times are in the past Andy. They are best forgotten." She lied. Hoping by answering neither yes, nor no, he would ease back and not press the matter further.

"Yes, but do you miss them Lin. I know I do." Lin bit gently down on her lower lip as she considered how to answer. "Things change Andy. We've both moved on. You for example. You've got yourself another partner." She said, hoping the mere mention of his partner would be enough for him to drop this conversation.

"You're right of course. Things have changed, yet I can't help remembering the fun we used to have. I miss it Lin. The fact is I miss you. Don't you must miss it just a little?" He questioned, using his hands on her waist to turn her to face him so they were now looking into one another's eyes. Already she could feel her resolve melting. She knew she needed to resist. "Like I said. That's all in the past." She told him a second time.

"It wouldn't take much to get it back Lin." He whispered. Lin's body physically shook at the thought. Her eyes moved to his lips, lips that were now only inches breathtaking petite cutie gets her spread slit and little anus poked hers.

It came all too easily to remember how good they used to feel against hers, how arousing it was to be kissed by him. She closed her eyes as she tried hard to fight the very real urge to kiss him.

"No Andy, we couldn't. We mustn't! What's done is done." Suddenly, taking her by surprise he leant forward, pressing his lips over hers. It was pure instinct she responded, briefly returning his kiss before pressing her hands on his shoulders, easing him away. "No Andy! Stop it! I've told handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob. We can't do this.

It's foolish." She cried, telling herself she should twist away from his hold yet despite this knowledge she seemed incapable of getting her body to respond. Ignoring her pleas, he kissed her again where this time she found herself respond a little longer.

Again she used her hands to ease him away. "Please Andy. Stop this! We can't." She pleaded once more. "We can Lin! Your reaction just now tells me you want this as much as I do. Just a kiss Lin. Nothing more. Just something to remind ourselves of how it once was." He pressed forward, smothering her lips with his.

Her mind wrestled with his words, trying to convince itself this was all it was. Just a kiss, nothing more. She opened her mouth where his tongue immediately began to probe and where in turn she found herself reciprocating, sucking gently on his tongue.

Thirty seconds passed. His head turned slightly to the right. She turned hers to the left and despite telling herself the kiss had gone on long enough, she inexplicably began pressing his tongue back with her own until it was hers probing his mouth and all the while the memories of how it used to be were flooding back, filling her mind.

The kiss lengthened, a minute, then longer still. She felt his hands pressing firmly over her breasts. It was enough to snap her back to her senses. She reacted. Reaching up, her intention to push his hands away, but where she grabbed for his hands, he somehow managed to turn things around and moments later he'd taken hold of hers, pressing them over her breasts, his on top of hers where he immediately began massaging her fingers onto her fleshy mounds.

"Oh Lin! Do you remember how you used to do this for me? How much it used to turn me on, seeing you play with yourself?" She bit down firmly on her lip. She did indeed remember, for the sight of watching him growing aroused while she played with herself was something she would often do. It was a part of the games they would play. It used to turn her on every bit as much as it did him.

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It was something she had only ever done for him, never her hubby, and now, instead of pulling her hands away she found her arousal growing as their hands jointly stimulated her breasts, her nipples. He leant forward to kiss her again, his hands continuing to massage hers.

She twisted her mouth away from his. "Please Andy! Please stop this." She pleaded, frightened she was already beginning to enjoy what was happening. He eased back a little further, keeping his hands in place, encouraging her to continue. "Go on Lin. Just a little play for old times sake. Just a reminder of how aroused we used to get." A quiet whimper escaped from her lips as the realisation dawned of how foolish she was being.

but his soothing words, his quiet, yet forceful manner was taking a hold. She closed her eyes as she leaned back against the wall where his hands slid away from her.

He looked on as her fingers seemed to take on a will on their own. In no time at all she could feel her nipples harden, pressing firmly outwards beneath her soft top. She looked down at herself, mindful of the need to resist yet she enchanting asian girl in a wicked threesome. Instead, she began to pluck at each swollen bud, arousing them all the more as she teased the soft fabric of her top back and forth.

She was whimpering all the more now, her tongue flicking lightly around her lips, wetting them as she pictured Andy watching, growing aroused by what she was doing. She opened her eyes briefly to see him stood there, a broad smile written across his face.

She closed them again as she quickly became lost in her own, pleasurable ministrations. Seconds later she felt the heat of his breath against her neck. She refused to open her eyes, somehow believing it would only make this more real than it already was.

He started to kiss her. Light kisses up and down the side of her neck. She murmured quietly at the idea he'd remembered just how much she'd enjoyed her neck being kissed. Her soft moans signaled her pleasure as her resistance continued to be eaten away.

His lips moved lower, where moments later they nuzzled against her hand. She stopped plucking at her nipples and instead began petting the fullness of her breasts allowing Andy to begin gently biting and sucking on her nipple, over the fabric of her top.

She mewled out loud as he sucked both nipple and top hard into his mouth. It was a game they had played before and she continued to pet herself, as if she were trying to feed him, to satisfy his hunger. He switched breasts, causing her to moan louder still. "You bastard Andy! Please stop!!" She moaned, but Andy recognised, there was little conviction in her voice. She gasped out loud, her eyes opened wide as his hand slid beneath her skirt, up along her inner thigh.

"Noooo Andy! Please don't." She pleaded. Again he chose to ignore her, just as she knew he would. He continued where he'd left off, sucking and kissing on her nipples and breasts while his fingers drew steadily higher until they were moving too and fro over the gusset of her panties, causing her to mewl out loud.

In part, at her own, inner anger that she seemed unable to push away her own wanting. Andy moved his lips, upwards from her breasts, up along her neck until they were close to her ear. "Open wide Lindy." He whispered. "I am going to make you cum for old times sake!" Lin's body froze.

Though softly spoken, his was not a request but an order. He was beginning to take control. She knew she needed to act quickly if it were not going to get out of hand. Again she whimpered. She was telling herself to resist him but her body simply refused to respond. She felt her guilt rising as she thought of her hubby, aware he would soon be returning. That thought alone should have been enough. Instead, the very idea merely added to her arousal. Her eyes still tightly closed, her hands still playing with her breasts, her resolve all but disappeared, she did the only thing she could.

She opened her legs. When Andy felt her body move, when he felt her open her legs, he knew the last of her resistance was gone. He returned his attentions back to her breasts, enjoying the mix of hard nipple and soft top against his lips. He sucked firmly on each nipple and when he eased back to look, there were two tell tale, darkened circles as evidence of his attention.

He immediately thought of her hubby and found himself growing all the more aroused with the idea she would have to change her top before his return or run the risk of trying to explain to him why her breasts looked so wet. As this thought gripped his mind he continued to tease down below, moving his fingers lightly, back and forth over the flimsy pov clip of a hottie pleasing him of her panties.

She was already damp here too but before Mike returned he had every intention of making her wetter still. He was going to make her cum for him, just as he'd done so many times in the past. He slid his hand in beneath her panties and pressed two of his fingers against her now swollen clit.

She gasped out loud as he began rubbing firmly over the engorged bud. He felt her body quiver, then moments later, sag down against the wall, her legs opening wider still. He switched, replacing the two fingers that had been playing with her clit with his thumb, while they in turn expertly teased at the wet entrance to her pussy.

Her hands reached for him. Too aroused now to play with herself she grabbed at his shoulders, pulling him close. Her body trembled, her hips jerked sporty luscious teen cant live without it unfathomable hardcore blowjob her attempt to capture his fingers. He smiled to himself as his thumb continued its circular movementhis fingers easing apart the lips of her cunt.

She pressed her head over his shoulder, her lips close to his ear. "You bastard Andy! Do it now! Make me cum!" She growled. He grinned to himself, more than happy to carry out her wishes.

He inserted, first one, then a second finger into her pussy. She was wet, remarkably wet and though it came as sex old man teen school girls surprise it felt good, after so long, she would still get so aroused for him.

He withdrew then pushed deeper causing brunette in red lingerie dana dearmond gets ass fucked to mewl out loud and begin rocking her hips in her eagerness to have his fingers fuck her. He pressed his left hand firmly upon her breast, pushing her away, back against the wall as the fingers on his right hand drove deeply in and out between her legs.

His purpose to watch her, just as he had so many times in the past. He wanted to see the pleasure on her face when he made her cum. He didn't have long to wait. With her guilt building together with the awareness her hubby would be returning home soon she was even more aroused than he'd thought. She began to rock her hips back and forth, the jerky movements designed to meet with his thrusts.

Her eyes closed shut, the expression on her face was one of sheer pleasure. He quickened his pace, driving deeper and harder, pinning her body back against the wall. She was grunting now, her vocal manner yet another way she would express her pleasure. It was something else he enjoyed about her. Seconds later she was cumming. He felt her body stiffen, her pussy spasm, then felt her pussy juices flowing down his fingers.

She cried out loud, begging for him to stop, her cries of pleasure, her pleas, reverberating around the kitchen. She had reached that stage of maximum sensation, where simply to touch her pussy was like receiving an electric shock, but Andy had no intentions of stopping.

He was determined to make her cum a second time. Watching her climax. feeling her body squirming, succumbing to his fingers, he was reminded of another time he had done this to her. His wife had been away on a course for work. Lin had invited him to join herself and her hubby for a meal at one of the local restaurants.

In a public restaurant and with her hubby in tow he'd no expectations anything would happen, yet once in the restaurant, sat alongside Lin at the table it had soon become clear Lin was wanting to enjoy far more than just her meal. Almost as soon as they'd sat down, as all three of them were browsing through the menu, Lin had begun playing footsie with him under the table.

For the both of them it was yet another new game, something neither had done before. Her hubby's close proximity merely added to the excitement and Andy was more than happy to respond.

Yet even that had not been enough to quench Lin's desire for sexual exhilaration and shortly after starting on their main course, she had slipped her hand beneath the table and onto his crotch where as discretely as she could, she began stroking his cock over his trousers.

The combined mix of thrill and fear was unbelievable as he'd sat there in conversation with her hubby while Lin had continued to tease his ever growing cock. To this day he'd never understood how her hubby had not noticed, yet despite his fears, the excitement had been intense.

Yet it was later in the meal the real excitement had begun. Just after ordering deserts, Andy had left the table to use the washroom. It was located down at the far end of the restaurant, out of sight lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob their table. A few minutes later as he'd come out Lin had been waiting for him by the door.

Without so much as a word, she had taken him by the hand and lead him towards a side exit. He'd followed and aware she had something new in mind his excitement grew. He'd taken just a single quick glance backward to make sure her hubby hadn't noticed. Once outside Lin had turned left and not fifteen feet from the door she had leant back against the restaurant wall and had pulled him close. With all that had been going on inside the restaurant, neither had been able to contain their excitement.

They had kissed, a full bloodied, passionate embrace. Yet even then, even aware her hubby was so close, together in the knowledge any one of the diners could choose to walk out, Lin still wanted more.

She had pulled free of his lips and pressing her mouth close to his ear had demanded he satisfy her. She'd wanted to be fucked, out in the open.

Not despite of of the risks, but because of them. As excited as Andy had been he had not been so sure he'd be able to drop his trousers to do as she'd asked. Instead, he had pushed his hand beneath her skirt and had pinned her against the restaurant wall as he'd finger fucked her to a climax, just as he was doing now. She had been no less vocal even then. She had cried out her pleasure when she had cum and after a second, long passionate kiss, they had both gone back inside and returned to their table.

Even there the excitement had continued with Andy chatting to her hubby in the knowledge, despite their lengthy absence, he'd had not the faintest idea of what had gone on.

Now here he was once more, doing the exact same thing. He was enjoying every moment and was determined to remind her of how good it could be and that what they had was far too good to give up.

Lin held on, her hands gripping hard on his shoulders as he pushed his fingers deep. This time he held them there, no longer thrusting, instead vibrating the tips of his fingers inside her pussy, stimulating her g-spot. Lin's mouth and eyes opened wide in an almost look of terror yet the strangled scream escaping her lips was one of pure, animal pleasure.

She held on for dear life, not wanting the feeling to end, her body jerking as her pussy spasmed, her juices exploding over Andy's fingers and down her thighs.

Moments later, her body still tingling she collapsed against Andy. Her heart was beating hard in her chest, her breath coming in short, sharp, heavy gasps. "You bastard Andy!" She almost growled. He withdrew his fingers from her pussy and easing her gently back against the wall, Lin watched as Andy licked his fingers clean of her juices.

It excited her to know he still enjoyed her taste.He took his time, cleaning them of every last drop before leaning forward to kiss her long and hard. Tasting her own juices on his lips, she responded more readily. A few moments laster, Andy pulled away. "You enjoyed that Lindy, didn't you? It seems to me you've been missing it as much as I have, haven't you?" "Yes!" She moaned, this time unable to hide her true feelings.

"Good!" He smiled, tracing his fingers along the side of her face. "And now it's time to finish you off. It's been far too long since I've had you!" "No Andy! We can't. Mike will be back soon." He lowered his hand and began petting her left breast, his fingers toying with the hardened nipple, still aroused from her recent climax, its shape easily defined beneath her still damp top "You know that's no excuse Lindy!" He retorted.

"You've always loved taking those risks. They excited you then, just as they excite you now. But don't worry." He added, reaching forward to scoop her up into his arms.

"We'll play pov black cock fucking with aleska diamond safe. I'll take you upstairs and Fuck you in your bedroom. That way you'll be able to watch for his return. You'll be able to see him coming up the garden path as you're bouncing up and down on my cock." With Lin held firmly in his arms, Andy turned and began making his way towards the stairs.

So far as he was concerned, the conversation was now over. He started to climb the stairs. Halfway up they stopped as Lin pressed her lips over his. She held tightly onto his neck as her tongue prodded and probed inside his mouth. For Andy, it was proof enough, his description of what he was going to do to her was turning her on.

Still wrapped up in the embrace, they kept kissing as he continued to make his way up the stairs, to her bedroom. Her bedroom door was slightly open. Andy used his foot to open it wide. He stepped inside and making his way towards the bed, he sat her down on the edge. He stepped back, wanting to take a moment to admire his prize. Looking down at her, he could detect a look of nervous apprehension, despite this, he knew without doubt, she was ready to do anything he asked.

He glanced briefly out ebony skyler nicole enjoys anal sex and gangbang the window. He had no idea how long it might be before Mike's return but for now there was no sign of him. He leant forward, his arms eitherside of her body and kissed at each breast in turn, enjoying the stiffness of her nipples against the soft texture of her top. By the time he stepped back, he noted her top was wetter still.

He smiled at her as he began undoing his trousers, flipping open his belt before dropping them down to his ankles, leaving him stood there in just his shirt and strapon blonde babe in first time double penetration experience pair of tented white briefs. He heard Lin groan and knew perfectly well the reason why. He began stroking himself, his hand sliding up and down the cotton fabric.

"Come on Lin. Get yourself ready. It's time you showed me what it is you want me to do to you." Lin sat there, her eyes level with his tented briefs, reminded of how it used to be, having that cock of his fuck her. She had heard his demand and though she knew time was short, she wanted to remind herself, how good it felt. She reached forward and pushing his hand aside, replaced it with her own, her fingers curling around both cotton and cock as she began stroking up and down the fullness of his length.

She could feel it twitch and was reminded of how that would feel buried deep inside her pussy. Gripping a little tighter, she squeezed her fingers up along his length and smiled to herself when she noted the tell tale darkening patch beginning to form on his briefs.

Oh how she loved to savour the taste of his pre-cum. She leant forward and peeling his briefs down, allowed his cock to jerk free. She took a hold of it, loving it's warmth, its texture in her hand. She drew back his foreskin to reveal his delicious, plum shaped knob, awash with the pre-cum she'd squeezed from his cock.

She leant forward and began kissing it, almost at once she flicked out her tongue, running it around its circumference, below its these hot chicks are bored tube porn, eventually tracing her tongue up towards the eye of his knob. to the pre-cum that was steadily oozing out. She adored his taste and before long she had closed her her lips around him and was gently sucking on his knob. Above her Andy groaned. He loved the way she would perform on his cock, with an expertise he assumed came only with maturity and experience.

It was instinct he began to rock gently. He was reminded of the numerous times she had done this for him. Sometimes she would simply encourage him to use her mouth like he would her pussy. She would quickly bring him to a peak and would keenly swallow every drop of his cum. At other times, she would use her fingers and lips and tongue until he was on the verge of climaxing.

Those times she liked to feel used and would insist he shoot over her face, or her breasts or maybe her pussy. It all depended on her mood, but wherever she wanted it was fine by him. Now though, as much as the thought of shooting all over her body appealed, time was short and right then, more than anything else, he wanted to fuck her. He pulled away, his cock slipping from her grip, leaving it bobbing gently up and down just out sunny leone gia portrait of a pornstar reach of her hands.

"You know how much I love you doing that Lin, but there isn't enough time. So be the naughty girl you are and get yourself ready." He took a hold of his cock. "Show me what it is you want this to do to you!" Lin smiled up at him and though again he could still detect an apprehension, he knew it was this which spurred her on. He watched as she climbed onto the bed. She crawled on her hands and knees towards the foot of the bed, where looking out of the window, she wiggled her bum in his direction.

She turned her head back, offering him one last smile before taking hold of the wooden foot board. She reached back and flipped the hem of her skirt up high, over her waist to reveal her panty clad bum. She was wearing a thong and its material was held in check between the cleft of her buttocks. She bent forward. "Come on then Andy! What are you waiting for?" Andy climbed onto the bed and shuffled his way towards her waiting pussy. Once behind her he pulled the thong aside and taking a hold of his cock and began to tease, rubbing its head up and down her wet pussy lips, paying special attention to her clit.

Lin immediately started to moan and began pushing backward, eager for him to push home, to have him bury himself deep. "Stop teasing Andy!" She cried. Andy released his grip on his cock and leant forward, his body spooning hers, his cock sliding between her legs so its shaft was rubbing against her clit.

He reached beneath her, feeling for her tits where he began petting and mauling them firmly. He pressed his mouth close to her neck. "Tell me what it is you want Lindy! I want to hear it." He demanded. Still holding onto the bed she wriggled herself backward with little success. "You bastard! You know damn well what I want." She cried. "I want to be fucked! I want that big, fat cock of yours up my cunt NOW!" It was just what Andy wanted to hear.

He was always amazed at how aroused her dirty talk would get him. He could tease her no more. As much as he wanted to, as much as he enjoyed playing these game, time was passing all too quickly. He new, if he was going to have her before her hubby returned, it would have to be now. He eased his body away from hers and taking hold of his cock, guided it steadily towards her buttery wet pussy.

He felt an initial resistance, but easing forward it was no more than slight. He immediately felt her pussy give, his entry accompanied by her groan of pleasure as the head of his cock eased inside. Mewling out loud, eager for more, Lin pushed backward, determined to receive more of his meat. "YES! OH GOD YES!" She cried out.

"Go on Andy! Do me! Get it all up me and do me good and hard!" She pleaded as she continued her efforts to push back. Andy pushed forward a second time and with more of his cock entering her willing twat and ass get pounded hardcore blowjob he reached beneath her so that once more he could play with her jiggly tits.

This time. cupping each in the palms of his hands he began mauling them roughly, experience having taught him, his rough manner was something else she liked. He moved his lips close to the back of her neck, his fingers now plucking at a set of nipples which were trying to escape from beneath the confines of her soft top.

"Feel good does it Lindy? Me being rough with these titties of yours?" "Oh God yes! Damn good! Milk them you bastard! Play with them like only you can!" He mauled them some more, pulling on them roughly, plucking at her nipples, causing her to squeal as he tugged her further back onto his cock.

She closed her eyes, finding it all too easy to recall how much she had always enjoyed their sessions. As much as she loved him, her hubby's approach to sex had always been gentle and affectionate, where Andy, almost certainly due to the very nature of their affair, was more 'animal', with a way of reducing sex to its more basic form.

It was this sordid, iniquitous nature infatuated her most and now, once more, here she was, unable to resist those same, carnal desires Andy bought out in her, she was bent over the end of her own marriage bed, being 'taken' by him. "Sure thing Lindy," he whispered, his words snapping her from her thoughts.

"Just remember, keep am eye out for Mike. I want you to let me know the moment you see him walking up that garden path, so I can time it just right. that when he's halfway up I am ready to empty these balls of mine into this hot little pussy." he laughed. "Think about it Lindy. Isn't that what you've always wanted? To be cumming all over my dick when he's THAT close?" With his words filling the bedroom an image burned deep into Lin's mind. On numerous occasions in the past they had taken risks.

They'd never been caught and as wrong as it had been, she'd enjoyed every one. Now, with Andy's description fresh in her mind, she could see it all, just as he'd described, and more.

Her hubby, beginning his passage along the path and even though she realised, Andy too would see him, she knew, despite all of the risk involved, she'd be powerless to do anything other than do as he'd asked and describe his arrival. She'd describe blow by blow, every footstep closer to the house. She'd be more than aware, were her hubby to look up at the window he might be able to see them. This thought alone had her wondering. Would his looking up cause her to stop? Or would she continue to bounce up and down upon Andy's rigid cock as he mauled at her tits.

Her body shook as the excitement of this new thought tool hold. In truth, she had no wish to hurt her hubby, yet it was almost as if a part of her were willing it to happen.

She could visualise it all, could see every detail, Andy behind her, her body rocking too and fro against his, her hubby heading up towards the house. She would cry out for Andy to hurry, letting him know he was almost halfway up the path.

And then she would see him look up. She wouldn't of course be sure if he'd be able to see her, the way the suns reflection played on the glass, but if he could, would it be only her he saw, or would he be able to see Andy behind her, his hands clawing at her tits? "Damn you feel good LIndy!" Andy told her as he gripped even sani leon bf onlain com firmly on her breasts.

"What a shame Mike's not gone for the day. I could go on fucking you for hours." His words once again had the effect of snapping her from her thoughts. Still looking out of the window, there was as yet, no sign of her hubby and she too would love nothing flirty blonde babe scarlett sage loves big cock than for her pleasure to continue for hours, yet her thoughts together with Andy's thick cock working its magic, was already edging her close to a climax.

"Oh God yes!!" She gasped. "But he could be back any moment! and I want those balls of yours emptied. Come on Andy! Fuck me. Fill my pussy with that seed of yours before he gets back!" She'd guessed Andy too had been thinking about what he'd just described, for her words seemed to have the desired effect, his pace increasing, his hands tugging firmly on her tits, using them like reins to pull her body backward onto his cock.

She heard him grunt as he pulled and thrust hard at the same time, forcing his cock especially deep. "Ohhhh yessssss! That's more like it baby!" She cried out loud.

"Shove it deeper! Fuck it all the way up me! Make Lindy cum!" Andy let go of her tits and kneeling upright, took a hold of her hips. Looking over her shoulder, out of the window, he began to rock faster, pulling on her hips, sending his cock ever deeper.

He was pounding her pussy now, her cries filling the room and probably beyond, while Andy grunted behind her like a wild animal, Lin gasped out loud as each hard thrust forced the air from her lungs and still there was no sign of her hubby. Just then, he thrust harder still, causing her mouth to open wide and emit a low, anguished growl.

He pushed his fingers into her hair and gripped hard, twisting her head to the side. She cried out with the sharp pain but his mouth pressed over hers, reduced her cries to a whimper. They kissed, their mouths melding together, their tongues prodding and probing as they continued to Fuck, the pace more leisurely. It didn;t matter to Lin the pace had slowed for there was something about kissing and fucking at the same time she loved.

And then he was pushing her away, his lips gone, his pace quickening. She turned back towards the window, her initial thoughts, her hubby might have returned. She was wrong, the coast was still clear and Lin recognised all at once, Andy was close.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She panted. "That's it baby! Harder! Deeper! Go on baby! Cum for me! Do it now! Fill me with that lovely hot spunk before he comes back!" It was more than Andy could take.

Her pleas, her cries and the warmth of her pussy gripping hold of his cock finally sent him over the edge. He reached beneath her gripping hard on her tits as he gave one final, deep thrust, burying his cock all the way to his balls, his body slumping over hers. She cried out and he held her there as he felt her pussy erupt, sending its juices cascading, all over his cock.

For some minutes the two of them lay there, Lin's body over the foot board of the bed, Andy's over hers, both panting heavily as each tried to regain their composure. Lin could hear him panting close to her ear and she knew, just as Andy did, without a word having to be said, despite the oil puss ass in ready group sex of circumstances, the game was now back on.

Their thoughts too were similar. For Lin, she was still wondering what she would have done had her hubby come back and looked up geeky teen likes to suck and fuck the window. She still had misgivings but the very thought had driven her on, making it all the more exciting. Andy's thoughts were no less exciting.

He'd imagined looking down, watching her hubby walking up the path as he hung onto her tits while he continued to fuck her from behind. He'd imagined Lin crying out loud, letting him know he was halfway there before seconds later, filling her with his seed. It didn't matter.

Their affair was back on and both of them knew, at some point, maybe not next week, maybe not the week after but at some point they would get a similar chance.