Czech mega orgy and getting fucked while my comrades watch college parties can get wild

Czech mega orgy and getting fucked while my comrades watch college parties can get wild
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One Friday evening, my husband Tony, and I found ourselves surprisingly alone for the whole weekend. I immediately decided to call a friend and get some ice. Our usual go to was busy with something and asked if he could give his friend my number to call, his friend would hook me up. I agreed and within a couple minutes my phone rang with a number I didn't recognize. I answered. "Hey, I'm Trevor. Josh have me your number and Todd me to hit you up." Came a smooth male voice.

"Yeah, this is me. Thanks for calling." I respond, butterflies starting to flutter in my stomach. Ice for punishment daughter xxx sex storys reason makes you feel freaky and I look forward to the kinky freaky sex my husband and I have when we do it. "Huh" I say into the phone, I had drifted into the fantasies I anticipated for tonight and didn't hear what the man on the phone had said.

"How much?" He repeated. I looked at my husband as he walked into the bedroom where I had been taking, I have him a sly smoke and bit my lip as I listened on the phone. Tony stood in front of me listening to me give directions to our house into the phone. The look on his face told me he knew exactly what I was doing. "Josh?" Tony asked as I clicked the phone in my hand to end the call. "Nope, Trevor.

Josh 's friend." I reply. I kissed him when I passed him on my way to the living room to wait for Trevor. Tony followed me. We say on the couch and started to roll up a blunt while we waited. By the time the blunt was rolled, there was a knock on the door. Tony got up to answer it, he opened the door and greeted our new friend.

Tony stepped aside to let Trevor inside and they both sit on the couch. Trevor is an attractive man with a medium build, a little smaller than Tony but not by much. He was slimmer, not athletic but toned, dark hair and eyes and full of tattoos. He looked over towards me and offered his hand to shake.

I shook his hand as he said "you must be Liz". I smile and nod, feeling a little shy. He and my husband start talking and he pulls a bag from his pocket.

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I watch as he talks to my husband and crushes up a couple shards on the round mirror on the coffee table. He divides the powder into three lines and leans over putting a rolled up dollar bill to his nose and sorting the first line.

He hands Tony the dollar and pushes the mirror towards him. Tony takes the bill, leans over and inhales the second line. He then hands the bill to me. I lean over and inhale the third line.

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Instantly feeling that familiar rush. "Nice" I say. Tony agrees and he continues on with his conversation with Trevor. I'm not paying attention to what they are saying, lost in my own thoughts of dirty things I want to do with my man.

I watch as Tony hands Trevor money and Trevor pours some shards onto the mirror. He slides it to Tony and Tony, still in conversation, puts out three more. I start in on the conversation as we all inhale the next round. Before we know it we'd been sitting there chatting for a while, inhaling another round every so often. Somehow sex got brought up and we all agreed that on ice, it's freakier. We started talking about different things that are out on porn sites and which sites we go to. The conversation continued on that path and I could sense Tony was seeing how far this conversation could go before Tony or I got uncomfortable.

"I once clicked on a vid of two hot chicks starting to get it on with a dude, after they start getting into it the camera zooms in on one of amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore chicks, right, the guys making out with her and playing with her tits, he goes to take off her skirt and out flops a hard dick" Trevor says with a sly smirk on his face.

He's looking from me to Tony, back and forth trying to read what we're thinking. I bite my lip and glance at my husband. He looks at me and smiles, "so you've seen that one" Trevor laughs picking up on the look exchange between Tony and I. "I sure have" I start, "and that was hot as fuck! Something about the surprise and then the guy getting into it, turns me on to be honest." Trevor raises his eyebrows, he wasn't expecting me to say that.

"Yeah, I guess while we're getting honest, I didn't turn it off. " Trevor face turned a light pink as he said this. He shifted his eyes to the table and put out another round of lines. I smiled at Tony, who remained silent. He was shocked by my confessing that to a total stranger.

"I also think it's hot to watch a mmf threesome where the guys get it on as much with each other as they do with the girl." I say, my eyes locked with my husband's. He turned a little red and glanced at Trevor. Trevor was staying at me in disbelief. He couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth either. I smiled. "I've never seen that." Trevor broke the silence sounding curious. "No?" I ask him, still smiling and looking him in the eyes. He smiles back and shakes his head no.

I pick up my phone and search for a good vid to show him. I find one and send it to the smart tv. I turn the tv on and the screen shows a couple talking to another man. Trevor pours out another round as the couple start making out in front of the guy.

We inhale the latest round as we silently watch the couple start to undress each other in front of the guy, then we watch as she slides down to pull out her bfs cock and start to suck it.

The camera moves to the second guy as he starts to rub his dick through his pants watching the man shove his dick down his girls throat. She gags a little and he pushes it in further. The watcher moans and slips his hand into his pants. The bf pulls away and nods to the watcher. The gf crawls over to the watcher and undoes his pants pulling out a nice large cock. She then starts to suck it as her bf moves closer. He bends down and pulls her skirt down so he can luck her pussy as she sucks off this stranger.

I look over at my husband watching the movie then to Trevor, they both do not blink. The bf stops with his girl and moves in beside her between the guys legs, she comes up and looks at her bf. He takes hold of the cock and starts to suck it. A slight moan escapes Tony 's lips, I look over to Trevor to see if he heard.

He hasn't, he's focused on the movie, I glance at his lap and notice a bulge start to form. I scoot closer to my husband and put my hand on his thigh rubbing him from his knee to right beside his dick.

I saw him start to bulge as well. "Maybe we should turn this off.I'm getting turned on " Trevor trailed off. "What's wrong with that?" I say "we're all adults here." Trevor looks at Tony. "I am too dude don't worry" Tony says with a slight smile. "I don't know if I'll be able to not touch it" Trevor mutters to Tony looking from Tony to his bulge and back up.

"I feel you bro, Liz.why don't you turn off the light. " Tony says. I stand up and flip the switch for the light. I go to the fridge to get a drink and Tony comes up behind sexy sofia has her tight snatch pummeled cumshot and amateur to kiss me on my neck.

He gives me a little hug and whispers "what are you trying to do" in my ear. I snickered as hr walked back to the Enema squirting babe covered in milk tube porn room. This time sitting a little closer to Trevor. I walk back into the living room to see them sitting in front of the movie trying not to touch themselves.

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I lean over to put my drink down and decide to put out another round. I do, inhale my life and pass the bill to Tony. The guys inhale theirs without taking their eyes off the movie.

I smile to myself and walk around the table to take my seat, Tony grabs me and pulls me onto his lap, I leaned to far and accidentally fell into Trevor's lap, feeling his hard dick beside my head. "Sorry "I say to him trying to sit up. "All good" he says sounding a little embarrassed. Tony helps me sit back up between them. We go back to watching the movie and I start rubbing Tony 's dick lightly over his jeans.

He lets his head roll back and closes his eyes, I steal a glance at Trevor to see him watch me instead of the movie. I start to feel a tingle between My legs knowing he's paying more attention to us than to the movie now. I unbutton Tonys jeans and pull the zipper down so I can pull his dick out. I pretend to watch the movie as I steal glances to make sure Trevor is still watching us, he is. I pull Tony's dick out and run my hand lightly up and down his hard shaft. Trevor is still watching, so I lean over and put my mouth sexy latina babe naked under the tree the top of Tony's dick.

He lets out a low moan as I take as much in my mouth as I can. I can't see Trevor now but I know he must be watching. Tony starts rubbing my back and then my ass as I suck his dick. He moves his hand to the front of my pants and put his hand inside them finding my wet pussy, and sliding a finger inside. I gasp with his dick in my mouth as I feel him start to finger me.

Tony looks up to see Trevor with his dick out, slowly massaging himself woke watching us. Tony pulls his hand out of my pants and pulls them down exposing my ass to Trevor.

He puts his hand back between My legs and starts to rub my pussy up to my ass, watching Trevor watch what he was doing to me. I felt his dick twitch in my mouth. He was so hard. When I came up for a breath he pulled my face to his and kissed me deeply. He pulled me onto his lap and took my pants all the way off. He got onto his knee, spread my legs, and leaned in licking my clit.

I moaned as I felt his tongue on my skin, sliding up been my lips and sucking my clit. After a few moments he moved his hand in and started to finger me as he licked. I couldn't help but moan out. I had moved closer to Trevor while getting my pussy ate, I leaned my head back against his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling between My legs. At first he didn't move, he watched my husband lick my pussy trying not to touch himself or me after I laid my head on his shoulder.

Tony looked up at himslightly nodded and winked. That was all the approval Trevor needed, he reached back down grabbing his dick and with the other hand pulled my shirt up to expose my breasts.

He then cupped and massaged my tits while he stroked himself and watched my husband go down on me. Tony came up for a breath and without warning wrapped his mouth around Trevor's cock. Trevor grasped at the touch of Tony's hot wet mouth on his dick. I looked over and watched as my husband took this big thick cock into his mouth and down his throat.

I started to pay with myself as I watched. Trevor moaned loudly as Tony made his way up and down his shaft, he started to rock his hips pushing his dick further down Tony's whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt, and moaning with pleasure.

"Oh that "That feels so good" Trevor moaned. I looked up at him, my head still on his shoulder, and our eyes met. He leaned in and kissed my lips.

Softly at first, then More passionately. Tony stood up,I pulled away from the kiss and opened my mouth. Tony took the cue and shoved his dick down my throat hard, making me gag and showing out to Trevor.

He reached down and grabbed Trevor's hand, pulling him to stand beside him, I grabbed Trevor's dick, massaging it while sex xxx mrati janvi story mouth got fucked. I pulled my head away and grabbed Tony's dick.

I pumped with both hands and pushed the heads of their dicks together. I rubbed their dicks together and licked at both, putting my mouth around both heads.

They both groaned in pleasure as I massaged and sucked them together. My pussy was dripping wet by now, so I started to finger myself. After a few more minutes Tony pulled away and pushed me back onto the couch, he crawled on top of me and pushed his big dick inside of me. I opened my mouth to moan only to have Trevor shove his thick cock into my mouth. Tony leans in and starts to suck Trevor with me. Trevor takes his cue and starts alternating, my mouth, Tony's mouth, mine, Tony's, back and forth.

He grabs the back of Tony's head and pushes him down onto his dick making Tony take more than planned and gag a little. I grab Tony's ass and pull him into me hard, Trevor looks to my hands and I pull Tony's cheeks apart exposing his ass, he lets out a groan vibrating Trevor's cock.

Trevor continues to watch me pull Tony's ass cheeks apart. He takes note that Tony moans every time his ass is exposed.

He pulls away from Tony's mouth and steps back, still looking at Tony's ass. He looks at me and I nod to him.

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Trevor walks around behind Tony and kneels in, sliding little thai girls anal porn xxcccxc young top of his dick up and down Tony's crack. Tony moans deeply in my ear and slows his giving me so he can feel Trevor's dick against his hole. Trevor spit point to his hand and rubbed it onto the tip of his cock, he positioned his head at Tony's hole and started to push.

Tony stopped fucking me to allow Trevor to push his cock inside of him. Slowly Trevor pushed harder until the head if his dick made its way inside. Tony let out a moan, a mixture of pressure and pain, I felt his dick twitch inside of me letting me know he liked it. Trevor stood there for a moment not moving, feeling the head of his dick clenched in the tight virgin ass off the man he'd just met.

He couldn't believe it, he had fantasized about something like this for a while but never thought it would ever happen. He pushed slightly and slid another inch of himself inside Tony, both moaning with alice bell has her moist cunt hammered new experience.

Tony started to push back accepting more cock inside of him, signaling Trevor that it was ok. Trevor pushed himself the rest of the way in, his balls brushing against Tony's, posing Tony deeper inside of me.

He stood there trying not to cum. Tony started to rock back and forth fucking both of us, posing his dick into me as Trevor's dick pulled out and pushing himself onto Trevor's dick as he pulled out of me.

He started slowly, getting used to feeling this thick cock in his ass, then sped up. Trevor was moaning loudly, enjoying his dick inside another man, he reached down to grab Tony's hips and slow him down. He pulled out and stepped back recovering from almost blowing his load.

This felt too good to go out early, he thought. Tony pulled out of me, lifted my up and laid on his back where I'd just been laying. He spread his legs and pulled me to his mouth. I knelt over his face backwards to I could watch as Trevor remounted my husband and put his fat cock to Tony's hole again.

He spit and this time rubbed it on Tony's hole, grabbed his dick and positioned it. He teased Tony's hole making him moan into my pussy as he licked. All of a sudden he pushed himself all the way inside Tony and started to fuck him. He was rocking back and forth and pushing deep inside, rubbing Tony's hard dick as he fucked his ass. He couldn't help himself and groaned out "I'm coming" before blowing his load deep inside Tony's ass. He laid on Tony and leaned over licking my pussy with Tony, occasionally touching tongues.

He then pulled out slowly and turned to walk to the bathroom. I moved and Tony stood up, "What, your done? I'm not." Tony said.

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Before Trevor could respond Tony had thrown him to the couch, face first. Tony mounted Trevor, splitting on his hand and rubbing it on his dick on one motion. He pushed Trevor's back down and lined the head up with Trevor's ass. Trevor gasped, "wait!" He muffled through the couch cushion. I sat on his back and grabbed his ass, soaking his cheeks. Tony Dipped down and pushed his head inside Trevor.

Trevor jerked and cried out. Tony pushed himself ask the way inside and held himself there feeling Trevor wiggle underneath him. Tony moaned feeling the tight ass grip his cock. Trevor stopped wiggling seemingly allowing Tony to fuck him, Tony didn't need any other hints, he rocked back and forth. In and out, massaging Trevor's prostate with his dick. After a few pumps Trevor started to pump back.

Tony took off, drilling deep inside Trevor and pulling out and slamming back in. Trevor moaned in ecstasy as my husband fucked his ass.

I got up and Trevor leaned up, I sat in front of him and pushed his head into my pussy. He took the hint and started to lick, such and finger me while I watched my husband fuck his ass.

It turned me on so much I couldn't help but cum. Tony fucked harder and deeper watching my cum drip off Trevor's lips. "Ahh I'm about to cum" he yelled, he pulled his dick from Trevor's ass, walked up and shoved it down Trevor's throat holding his head down in his dick as he let out a massive load down Trevor's throat.