Whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt

Whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt
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One weekend, when I was spending the night with Sharon, the Judge came in again. We had been asleep for about an hour, I think. The light shinning into the room, from the hallway, woke me up. When the door closed, I strained my eyes, to watch Judge Cooke. He walked over to the night stand, and turned the lamp on. Sharon had her back to me. He walked over to the far side of the bed. He looked right at me, as he woke Sharon up.

He pulled the covers down and reached over to her breast. I watched him, as he pulled the top of her gown to the side, to get his mouth on her. I watched as she moved her hand up, toward her Daddy. He stood up and told her to take her gown off. While she was lifting it up, he winked at me.

I watched as he dropped his robe on the floor. His hard cock was standing up. I watched as he stroked it. He was squeezing the head of his cock. I saw him take his finger and scoop up pre-cum off the head of his cock. He slowly put it to his lips, while looking at me.

As I watch him sucking his pre-cum off his finger, I put my fingers down my panties and started playing with myself. I liked the way my pussy felt when it was wet.

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The silkiness of my pussy lips and clit, felt so good to my fingertips. To this day, I find it so hot to watch a man tasting his own cum. After Sharon was naked, he grabbed her by the waist, and flung her toward the head of the bed. He grabbed her face and kissed her passionately.

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It was a feverish kiss, filled with taboo, wicked, lustful passion. The room was filled with this passion. I felt like I could feel and taste it. I watched as he grabbed her wrist. He pulled her hands up to the post on the bed. With the tone of authority he said " Hold on, don't let go." She grabbed both post. I watched as her hands turned white as she gripped the post with all her might. He grabbed her legs and pulled them apart.

I watched as he climbed up, between the legs of his daughter. She whimpered and he rammed his cock deep inside of her pussy. He reached around and grabbed her little ass cheeks. When he had a good hold on her, he forced his cock into her, harder and harder.

He didn't say a word. He grunted and moaned, as he fucked her. The entire bed was moving fro the strength of his thrusting. I watched as her fingers would golden showers incest family group and she would quickly grab the post again. He had made it clear what she was to do, and she did it ! Over and over he forced his cock deeply into her pussy.

Perspiration was glistening on his forehead. The door opened, I heard her brother speak to him. Without breaking stride, Judge Cooke said, " Hurry son, I am almost sunny leone xxxbf porn story. I watched as her brother moved over to the far side of the bed.

His eyes met mine, as he took off his robe and threw it across the dresser. Judge Cooke started to moan really loudly.

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He said, " Herehere, here it comes baby. " " Take Daddy's cum baby, take it deep in" He couldn't finish what he was saying. He turned his head toward me. With his eyes closed and his hands full of her ass cheeks, he arched his back and exploded in her pussy.

He shuddered for a second then pulled out of her. Before he could get off the side of the bed next to me, her brother was mounting her. The moment he felt his Daddy's cum in her he said, " OH God Dad I can feel your hot cum flowing around my cock ! " When he thrust his cock, into her pussy, full of paradise films skinny cheesie has amazing huge tits Daddy's cum, cum splattered all out of her, onto the sheets.

Judge Cooke turned quickly, he reached under my covers, catching me playing with my pussy. He smiled at me and walked around to my back. I felt him climb into my bed.

I was laying on my side. He moved up against my butt. He yanked my panties down to my knees. He pulled the cheeks of my little butt apart. I could feel him put his cock in the crack. I could feel my entire crack, being filled with his cock. His body was pressing against mine.

He reached over and pulled my gown up under my armpits. Wet blondie in hardcore act massage blowjob little titties and pussy were exposed. I felt his fingers touching my hairless pussy. I could feel his finger separating my pussy lips. He put his finger tip on my clit. He started moving his finger.

He whispered into my ear, "Watch them." " Watch her, being fucked by her brother. " He said, "Every little girl should be fucked by her daddy and brother." He then said, " When I was a young man, my father fucked all three of my sisters." " He would fuck them and then I would fuck them." " It is an incredible feeling, to feel your father hot cum flowing around your cock." While he was telling me all of this, I was watching Sharon and her brother fucking.

The heat from his cock rubbing between my butt cheeks, combined with the pleasure of him rubbing my clit, was driving me crazy. I wanted his cock in me. He knew I wanted it, most of all he knew I needed it !

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I had become addicted to the sexual stimulation I felt in their house. He knew how to groom a young girl into the world of extreme sexual desires. I would feel his hot breath against my face. His hips and cock thrusting against me. He was holding me really tightly to hold me in place. I started to squirm, trying to pull away but I didn't want to get away.

I wanted more and more, but I couldn't stand the intensity. I was pushing down on his arm, that was across me, reaching to my pussy. I felt like a wild cat, fighting to get away. He wasn't saying anything at that point. He was grunting, I could feel the heat of his body. All of a sudden, I saw bright lights, as something in me exploded then I felt it. He shoot cum up my back.

It felt hot and sticky. He just panted as I was trying to catch my breath. I became aware of Sharon and her brother. They were looking over at us. They were still fucking. Her brother started to moan. Judge Cooke whispered to me, " Watch them, watch him cumming in her little cunt !" When he said that, he pinched my clit really hard. I whimpered, as he did it. He then said, " Myra, a little girl has to learn, that sometimes a man likes to hurt the girl or woman he is fucking." As Sharon and her brother, collapsed in each others arms.

Judge Cooke reached over and turned my face toward him. He said, "Myra, you must learn that a girls little pussy, big tits chubby hardcore sex lespals sons from mama bear made for a man's pleasure." Every time you wash your pussy, dry itor touch it for any reason, remember that it is for a mans pleasure. He then called Sharon over and told her to eat my pussy. She moved over to my bed.

He reached down and pulled my legs open wide.

She moved up between my legs. Once she was between my legs, he told he to open my mouth. I did and he put the head of his cock into my mouth. He told me to suck his cum off his cock. At first, I didn't like the taste, but soon I started liking it. I could feel his cock pushing into my mouth, at the same time I felt Sharon suck on my clit.

Judge Cooke, grabbed my head. He filled his hands april reid scary cumshot by her stepbrother my hairas he pushed his cock with more force. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I felt the tip of Sharon's tongue, just in the opening of my little pussy. I wanted her to push it, deep inside of me, but she didn't. Judge Cooke pulled his cock out of my mouth, he told his son to fill my mouth.

I felt Sharon's brothers hand against my cheek, as he turned my face toward him. Judge Cooke told me to suck his cock clean.

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I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock. I wanted it. I wanted to taste his cum. After a few more minutes, Judge Cooke told Sharon to get back to bed. I wanted to scream, NO. Just as I started to say it, I felt Judge Cook flip me over and pull me to my knees. Sharon's brother started playing with my clit, as Judge Cooke licked the crack of my little butt, He then moved his tongue and licked his cum off my back.

I wanted more, but that was all I would get that night. I hope you have enjoyed this true story. Please comment, PM me or email me [email protected]