Fantasyhd blonde teen sucks and fucks for breakfast

Fantasyhd blonde teen sucks and fucks for breakfast
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The Ranch My name, my name is Garland. I am a rancher in Utah, this is my story. It had been a couple of years since I met Lynette a lady that I was now married to. I had originally met her while in town. She was new to the area and was recently divorced by a couple of years. She was two years younger then myself being thirty five and had two children.

Both of her kids were girls. Beth her oldest was twelve and the Jessica youngest was eleven. In the two years since we met and married we became a happy family. We spent a lot of time together since town was fifty six miles away. A happy family was what we were. Lynette was everything a man could possible want, a body and the looks that were unbelievable.

We had made love every chance we had with out ever growing tired of it. Lynette did everything that would make any man happy. She thought that we should have children, so during a short time she became pregnant. As soon as Lynette was pregnant our sex life went south. Everything else was the same and so on. We were all on our way to town and celebrate Beth's birthday she just turned fourteen, and Jessica's birthday was in two months and she would be thirteen.

We had a good meal and a few drinks and then headed back home. It was a hot usual summer and I decided since all chores where finished asked if any one filthy brunette bimbo takes it up the gonna come down with me to the river for a swim. No one wanted to accept Beth. So we went in and changed our clothes and I put shorts on and a shirt and Beth change and came out to get on the four wheeler.

I said wait up I have to get the small cooler for something to drink. I came back out put the cooler on the front rack and we loaded the rest of the crap we needed. We started of for the river, it was along way; about eight miles cross country or around twenty two by truck. Beth hung on as we tore across the country as she laughed as we jumped and race up and down the dales. We went down the steep bank and finally were at the river. What we call a river, to everyone else it is a big stream or creek; when it rains it is a big flooding river.

We both got off the four wheeler and unloaded all the things we brought. I turned and grabbed a beer outa the cooler and when I turned around Beth was standing there in a skimpy two piece. Beth, your mama told you not to wear that suit of hers. She said, "Garland she does not know and only will no if you say something".

Ok I said I wont say a word. Beth then says if I am not going to say a word that she wanted a beer. I don't know about that your mother will kill me if she found out that you drank a beer. I wont tell. You promise Beth? I promise she said. Ok then, I handed her a beer and she opened it turned and headed to the water. A thong I thought to my self and what an ass, I was dumb founded.

She turned and smiled and saw the look in my eyes and look of my face, I could help but stutter my words ya, as she giggled from my reaction. I had to go in the water because I was aroused, big sunny leone bur far story and fuc blood. Beth was walking around waist deep in the water; she was five foot two and I new I had to get a little more water for hiding. I called to Beth and said to come out in the deeper water girl. She cam out and the water was washing around the cups of her top; it was a little loose.

Her mother had nice arab celebrity first time no money no problem tits thirty four c cups with nice erect nipples. Beth's tits were about a 34 b cup or something. She had nice tits for her size well apportioned for her size. She came out by me and started talking and then splashed and tried dunking me. I picked her up, being she was only about ninety pounds and tossed her in.

She went under and I saw her top come off. I dove and grabbed the top and stuck it in the river bottom so it would not wash away. I emerged and came after her and pretended that I did not know her top was off and grabbed her. I picked her up and she yelled her top come off. I saw her naked breast for the first time and was I ever horned up. Wrong but it was nice.

She was embarrassed, and said that I saw her boobs. I said I thought they were nice and they looked like smaller versions of her mothers.

She said really? I said yes. Do you want another beer Beth? She said yes, with a big smile. I walked out of the river and got two beers and came back in. I went out to her and could still see her tits in the water. I handed her a beer and she said, I saw the lump in your shorts when you were walking back into the water. My face turned red and said you noticed? Yes, it a big lump. I stuttered again and said that when I saw your tits it excited me.

Beth said really. She became more comfortable and came closer, and stud next to me. She was quiet and then asked Garland, do you like me? I said yes Beth, you know I like you. No not that way, do you think I am pretty?

I said yes Beth you are beautiful. You have blonde hair green eyes and nice tits! Beth said hey and put her arm around my waist. I laughed a little and drew her close to me. I felt her breast push up against me and she then looked up and I bent my head forward and kissed her softly on the lips.

She raised her arms out of the water and put them around d my neck and kissed passionately for about five minutes. She broke and said I love you Garland. I said I love you also Beth. She could feel the hard on I had against her stomach. I kissed her again and cupped her left breast, so round and firm and she squirmed as I touch and pinched her nipple.

I said Beth, have you ever been with a man before? She replied no, where would I, there is no one around here. She jumped up and said she wanted to love her, I said you mean make love to you?

She said yes! I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the beach. We laid down on the beach and started kissing madly. We broke and then fell back into it again. I kissed her and then broke from her mouth and worked my way down her neck and then to her tits I started on her left nipple and then worked on her right and caressed them with my free hand. She laid there moaning and was she ever a site, so young and beautiful and pure.

I continued with her tits and started caressing her body all over and then kissing her all over. I let my tongue slide down her flat soft belly and started messaging her pussy through the thong covering.

She moaned and I could tell she loved the feeling, I slowly slid her thong done and what a tight thick patch of hair she had hidden under that thong front. I worked my mouth down to her pussy smelling the best smell in the world except for a brand new car and loved it. It was perfect, the smell of that musk of a clean pussy.

I lapped at it with my tongue from her tight but hole to her inflamed clit. I worked my way through the folds of her pussy and just kept licking and sucking as she moaned and became wetter and then she started calling my name and said it feels so good. I started to lightly fingered her while I fucked her with my tongue. She started shaking as I inserted my finger to the first knuckle and then she came. I kept warcraft troll x orc sucking big cock animation pov play now and tongue fucking her and she gushed.

I licked all of the cum that came out. It was beautiful. She came more than her mother did. She was beside herself and was shaking and sweaty. I looked up and said are you ok? Yes, I am fine. I loved it Garland. I start to take my shorts off and she then reached down and grabbed my cock.

My it is hard and big. I got on my knees and she bent forward and looked at it. Did you ever see a cock before Beth? No, I never saw one or felt one. Do you like it? Yes, it fells weird; it is hard but so soft. I said it is sensitive to be careful, it is like yours. Be nice.

Ok she said. The precum bubbled out, what's that? I said it is precum. What? It is what comes out when guys get excited. She played with it for a while and I said, Beth sweet kiss it baby. She looked up at me and I was so turned on by the look on her face holding my cock.

She bent forward and kissed the head of my cock and then licked it.

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I moaned and said suck it baby, suck it. As she took the head of my cock into her mouth I was in awe. It was just the best. Watching her little face at my cock and her mouth stretching around my cock I could fuck goddess flashes ass upskirt and then strips naked wait to blow the back of her head off with a blast of cum I had pent up for the past two months that her mother was knocked up. She worked her way down it and kept sucking and then I placed my hand on the back of her head and got a little carried away and started face fucking her like I did her mother.

She broke away coughing and choking and tears coming out of her and a spit streaming from her lips. I am sorry Beth, I just thought. She broke in and said that she was not her mother and could not handle it. I am sorry baby I said. I brought her close to me and we both smiled. I will need practice at that and then she kissed me. We fell back to the beach and kissed I worked on her tits with my mouth and rubbed my finger between her pussy lips and she was soaking we have a very close relationships with my stepmom. I then brought myself between her legs and lifted her but up and spread her legs farther apart.

I started rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy ass she moaned in the glory. I then positioned myself and started forcing my cock into her pussy opening. My cock was so hard it hurt as it tried bending trying to get it in her.

After I persisted with pressure her pussy slowly opened to the point I could get the head of my cock in. I worked it slowly in and out till I felt her cherry. I pushed until it tore through, she tried to come off the ground when her cherry popped. She had instant tears in her eyes as she laid there in total pain and sobbed it hurts it hurts take it out!

I said relax it will be ok in a little bit. I laid on top of her with my cock in her and pulled a little pressure off her cherry area. She calmed down and I asked if she felt a little bet? She said yes, it hurt and now it is a lot better. With that I started rocking back and forth in her tight pussy. I slowly worked my way until I bumped up against her wall and cervix. She was moaning more now and still was, I am sure in a little pain yet. I started to pump in and out faster and thesandfly rare and hot amateur fun exhibitionist masturbation. She was moaning and grunting;, both good feeling and pain in her virgin cunt.

I start not to care and started pumping in and out as hard as I could. I slammed into her cervix and could feel the head off my cock opening spreading as it her cervix. She started to get a blank stare on her face as she slid across the blanking grunting from the mad fucking she was getting.

I tried as hard as I could to get all my cock into her and I knew I was going to cum. I feel myself nearing the point of ecstasy, I pulled out and slammed into her tight pussy and felt myself go through her cervix, she cried out as I started pumping my load into her womb. I pump ed what felt like a gallon into her and collapsed onto of her. I kissed her and as my cock went limp I started to with draw from her. We laid by each other and she laid on my side and we talked for a while as I held her and ran my fingers in her hair.

She said she felt sore and it hurt. I sadi Beth it was your first time, you will get use to it like your mother did. She smiled and kissed me. Betrh then looked up and said; I love you Garland. I love you also Beth. I said we best be heading back to the house. I lost my top Beth said, I got up and dove into the water. I came back up with her top walked over to her. You knew where it was you turkey, I laughed and we dressed and picked up our things and litter and headed home on the four wheeler.

We arrived home and went into the house and both took showers and sat down to eat supper with Lynette and the other daughter Jessica. We finished supper, I went out to do chores and Beth went up stairs with Jessica. I came back in from doing chores and sat on the porch with Lynette and had iced tea in the cool night. The girls came down to say good night. Beth came over and give her mother a kiss and hug good night and then came over to me and kissed me good night and a hug, she winked as she pulled away.

Jessica came ove and gave a kis and a hug and said tomorrow that she wanted to go swimming with us, as she winked at me. I looked at Beth and she just smiled. All right you two off to bed. Lynnette snapped and she leaned up against me and relaxed.

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All I could think of was swimming with the girls!!! To be continued?