Big juggs teen girl whitney westsate rides a huge hard cock

Big juggs teen girl whitney westsate rides a huge hard cock
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My name is David Nicholas and my wife is Tera. Tera and I were high school sweethearts and as both of us realized right away that we were true soul mates we married right out of high school. To my surprise she was a virgin when we married. She had always told me she was but I thought she just said that because she was afraid it would spoil what we had together for me to know the truth.

She insisted we not have sex until after we married and because I loved her I agreed. She was a quick study in the ways of lovemaking and couldn't get enough of my dick once she cum with it inside her. Because we were married she refused to take birth control or use any kind of prevention.

Naturally she got pregnant right away and seemed happy to put off college until after the baby was born. Once the baby came we found that it would be impossible for us to financially pay for both our educations and child care so she worked and helped pay for my college so we could have something in life.

Fishnet stockings and a nice round ass critical x had two more kids pretty quick and before long she was a stay at home mom while I worked to support us. I had found a good engineering job right out of college and we had a decent life. It was the typical American life, lived in the suburbs, kids went to good schools, played sports and Tera was a typical soccer mom.

Then one day we looked up and our last kid was graduating college and leaving for a job in another city. We had become "Empty Nesters" at 43! Being in excellent health and happy, I thought, this is our time to enjoy life! I had always been extremely happy with our sex life and thought Tera was also up until one fateful day that made me realize that might not be true in her case.

I realized that the fire in my own libido had waned somewhat but I didn't suspect there was anything wrong Then one day while she was out, at a neighbors having lunch, I remembered I had promised to install some shelves in her closet for her. I entered the walk-in closet to try and get a handle on what would be required to accomplish the job.

While inspecting what I would need I knocked a box off an existing shelf accidentally. What spilled out would cause me a little concern. I had happened to come across some magazines and several different kinds of black cock dildos. I glanced at the magazines and they were all of big cocked black men fucking white women. I was shocked, they had to be my wife's no one else lived at home anymore and it was her closet. I put them back and tried to make it look undisturbed.

I wondered what else there was about my wife I didn't know. I saw her laptop on her dresser and walked over and tapped the space bar and the display came to life and I looked at recent web sites she had visited and found that she was reading sexy stories of white wives with black men and visiting many sites of the same theme.

I left everything as I found it and went and sat on the couch and pondered what was going on with my wife. I thought our sex life was ok to have been married for 24 yrs or so but now I wondered. I decided not to say anything trusting that sooner or later she would share what she was doing with me. We had never had secrets sexually to my knowledge and it disturbed me greatly that she hadn't confided in me yet about the need she felt to have those things in her possession.

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That night when we made love I couldn't help but notice every small thing about our sex. She didn't feel as tight as when we married but she felt about the same as since she had the last baby all those years ago, admittedly I didn't fill her as I'd like to have.

For the first time I also noticed that when she orgasmed she pressed into me, grinding into me like she needed more and I had no more to give. I sensed that she needed more to be truly satisfied.

Had I been a selfish lover and not picked up on any of this I wondered. I had become complacent and took her for granted, never realizing that just because she didn't say anything didn't mean there wasn't a problem. Tera would never tell me I wasn't satisfying her, she just wouldn't do that to me I realized now.

A few nights later after having sex I tried to open a line of communication with her by asking, "Honey, do you ever feel like you may have missed out on sexual experiences by marrying as a virgin", I asked? "Why would you ask that Dave, do you feel like that", she replied? "Sometimes I do, you know, when guys start talking about everything they did before they married and some of the guys that are single start talking about all their experiences with different women I wonder what both of us may have missed by marrying so young.

One of the guys at the office was talking about a black women he was dating and how different she seemed to think about sex than white women and it got me thinking of how many different things we hadn't experienced.

Hell I bet our kids have more varied experiences than we do!", I explained. "Yeah I know what that's like. I won't mention any names but there are some ladies here in the neighborhood that were real sluts to hear their experiences. I've heard so many stories of their horse cocked boyfriends when they were in college that I want to scream every time one brings the subject up.

Was college really like that Dave? They make it seem everybody was fucking everybody, blackwhite, red, every race under the sun was having a big orgy.", she asked me? "Not in my life, but I was married with kids in college and not attending drunken frat parties. I do wonder what it would be like to be with a black woman sometimes, you know, what their skin feels like, how they smell, if they are any different than you are.

Do you ever wonder about things like that", I asked her seriously? "I guess so, it would be a normal thing for someone that hasn't had those experiences to wonder about them.

Sometimes I wonder what a really huge cock would feel like. I've heard so much about them from every wife in the neighborhood and then in the next breath they say how small their husbands are and I have to wonder if big cocks are so great, why did they marry guys with little ones", she said laughing.

Then she rolled over and went to sleep as I lay there remembering her words as she said she wondered what a really big cock would feel like. I love my wife, she gave me her virginity, she gave up her career to be my wife and raised our children and now I was sure she felt unfulfilled as a woman. I couldn't get the memory of the magazines, the story's and web sites and the black dildos out of my mind. I began visiting web sites like those she visited every time I was alone and pictured my beautiful wife in the scenarios I found there.

Then one day I ran across a site that was called a cuckold site. There were many movies of husbands watching their white wives be taken by huge dicked black guys and for some reason when I thought of doing that with Tera my dick stiffened until it felt the skin on my glans was going to rip. I began forming visions in my mind of Tera fucking herself with those big black dildo's and the next day I went out and bought a miniature wireless camera and hid it in our bedroom and installed remote software on my home laptop that would make the video available from the internet with the right url and password.

I began monitoring amateur lesbo teenies get their wet cunts licked and nailed camera from work and sure enough a few days later I watched as she walked around nude in the bedroom and retrieved the magazines and the black cocks and lay there gazing at the pages for a few minutes and then began rubbing her clit slowly almost idly. I could see her breathing becoming deeper, chest rising and falling rapidly and then she reached in the box and brought out the largest black cock she had and began sucking it, licking it and getting it wet and then placed it at her pussy and began pressing it into her forcibly.

Everything had been quiet until then but as the dick entered her I heard her loud moan and watched as her hips began slowly undulating, hunching, her eyes closed and she began fucking herself slowly, deeply, forcing it in her until her fingers were pressing against its base as her palm heel rubbed her clit and her moans hardened me with the passion and desperate need expressed by them. Her hips hunched sensually as she felt the dick with her pussy, fucking it as she obviously was thinking of one of the men in the magazine fucking her, forcing his black dick into her, giving her what she needs.

Seeing the intensity of her orgasms as she fucked herself, repeatedly picking the magazine up and staring intently at its pages before experiencing another back arching, moaning orgasm, told me of her enjoyment at thinking of being fucked by black men, huge cocked black men!

Then she arose and picked up her laptop and sat cross legged on the bed with her back to me and began watching movies like the one I had been watching, cuckold and hotwife movies where the husband watched and filmed their wives finding heaven with huge cocked black men. I watched as my wife re-inserted her black cock in her pussy and knelt and leaned back onto it, pressing it in her pussy as she rocked forward and backwards into it. She cum a few times like that as she watched white men holding their wives hands while the woman was being hammered deeply by a black man.

It seemed to really excite her when she would see a black guy filling a white wife's pussy with his virile cum, groaning and driving deep inside her as the woman kissed her husband, their kiss interrupted by her moans and shrieks as she felt her black lovers' hot sperm jetting inside her.

She did this for hours as I watched, hearing her cries of fuck me, fuck that black moms and stepson porn storys at youjizz in my married white pussy, let Dave see you fill me with your hot black sperm.aiiieeeee. She seemed to love thinking of me watching her especially when she imagined a black man cumming in her pussy while another cum in her mouth.

She even sucked one of the other dildos as she role played that act. I actually cum in my underwear when I saw her press a dildo up her ass and the big one in her pussy and began saying, as if I were watching her, fuck me, cum in my ass and pussy while my husband watches you drain your black balls in me, show him what a slut I am for your nigger dicks. If only she knew that I was watching as she fucked both her holes as she cum fiercely under the spell of her imaginings.

I stopped on the way home and bought an even larger black cock dildo that had a suction cup base on it and a powerful hot fitness massage brooklyn chase molded in it with a wireless remote control and a wireless remote Venus clit vibe. That night after dinner I began kissing her and undressing her in the dining room.

When I had her laying across the table I smiled at her and said, "You remember the other night you said you sometimes wondered what a huge dick would feel like.

Well I bought you a present today and reached under the table and pulled the dildo and a bottle of lube up where she could see it. "Oh my god Dave that thing is huge and black. Why a black one", she asks? "It just kinda turned me on thinking of you with a huge black dick stuck in your pussy, why, would you prefer a white one", I asked innocently?

"No, the black is ok I guess. Does it really turn you on thinking of me having a black dick in my pussy, that's pretty kinky Dave. I would think it might disgust you thinking about a white woman with a black guy, especially when the white woman is your wife", she said. I knew she was feeling me out so I said, "Well, when I think of some other woman fucking a black guy I think it's hot, it just seems erotic as hell, you know the color contrast and the tabooness of it and everything.

But to be honest the only way it would turn me on to see you fuck a black guy would be if I knew you really wanted it and it was something you really needed to be happy. Just knowing you want a black man fucking you is a real turn on for me for some reason. I guess I'd go along with just about anything if you needed it to feel happy or satisfied.

I don't see how I could say I love you and mean it if I was to withhold something you really needed to make or keep you happy. So tell me, do you need this big black dick to be happy tonight", I teased her.

I could see how our talking had her aroused as she heard me say I could watch her fuck a black man if she really needed it. "HMMM she moaned, bring that black cock here and then sit in that chair and I'll let you figure out if I need it." I stuck the dildo to the table top and poured some lube on it as she smiled and said, "Oh you're gonna lube his dick up so he can fuck me, now that's hot baby.

Stroke it for me and get it good and hard so I can fuck it and show you how bad I need his black cock cumming in me Dave. It turns me on seeing you touching his dick baby.

Hold his big cock while I put it in my pussy", she says as she rises and straddles the huge dildo while placing her pussy at its fat tip. "Oh god Dave his dick is so much bigger than yours baby, ohhhhhhhdamn he's so fat, so good. Go sit down baby and watch me fuck his black dick", she moans as she pumps her pussy up and down its fat shaft as her arousement heightens.

I undress and sit in the chair as Tera fucks the huge dick up inside her. My dick is stiffening as I say, "Damn baby, doesn't his big dick hurt your pussy. He's so big, do you really like something that big fucking your pussy? You must really need that black dick in you to be pressing that big thing up inside you like you alisa wears gloves during her fucking session. I'm not going to be able to feel your pussy when he's through with you honey!" "Oh fuck Dave it's so good, so deep in me, he's stretching your pussy baby, oh god I love him so much Dave, you've never made me feel like this baby.

I want to fuck his big dick everyday honey.oh god he's makin me cum.I'm cumming on his black dick baby&hellip.oh god…&hellip. watch me baby………sooo fuckin big… watch him fuck me honey……Oh shit I'm cumming so good……… never cum with you like this.oh god he's hurting my pussy so good& deep…baby. Fuck me, cum in me, tell him to cum in me honey, please I need to feel it cum so bad" My dick is streaming precum and I know I can't hold it much longer as I watch her fuck her pussy down on the dildo knowing in her mind she's really fucking some big black cock.

"Cum in her, please cum in my wife's pussy, make her pregnant. She needs it so badly, give her what she needs, shoot your black babies up in her womb and fuck it in her hard, drive your sperm into her womb, she needs it so bad." She begins screaming and fucking amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car pussy down on the dick until her face is etched with an intense pained pleasure, she is out of control, unable to stop fucking her pussy onto it hurtfully and also unable to stop cumming as she stares at me beating off as I watch her.

When I cum she slams her pussy down on the dick and grinds into it fitfully and I ask her, "Is he cumming in you baby, does it feel good", and then I switch the vibrator on high and she begins bucking, hunching, screaming, her head flailing and she keeps ramming her pussy into the dick until almost all of it is impaling her and her cries become high pitched wailing sounds.

Her body's movements are uncontrolled, just responses to the sensations of her stretched vibrating pussy until she literally falls forward exhausted from the intensity of her ongoing orgasm, her body still twitching and jerking as I turn the vibe off. "You really do like black dick don't you honey", I asked with a big grin on my face. "Could you really do that Dave, really watch me lose it like that fucking a black guys dick knowing he was gonna fill me with his hot ball cum, while you jack off?

" "The question really is do YOU want me to watch you fuck a big dicked black guy while I jack off Tera? Is it something you need to be truly happy, I want you happy baby, I love you. I want you to think before you answer this question honey and please answer it truthfully. Are you wanting to replace that dildo with a real black dick Tera?" There it was, out in the open! Tera crawled off the table and almost fell her legs were so weak. "Wait here", she said. She came back in a few minutes with the magazines in her hand and lay them on the table and with tears in her eyes said, "I love you Dave but I really need to do everything in these magazines honey.

I don't want to feel like this but I can't help it Dave. I've tried to throw those away a hundred times but every time I pick them up I begin looking at them and I want to feel what those women are feeling so badly I just wind up masturbating while looking at them. Do I need to do that to be truly happy honey, I don't know. What I do know, and it eats me up every day baby knowing it, is that I really WANT to do it.

Look at the pictures in them honey and you'll see what your wife is craving, you'll realize what a slut I want to be. Then if you don't want to be married to me anymore I'll understand but I want you to know I have never cheated on you Dave, no one else has ever touched me, not one time", she said, resigned to her fate. I look at every page of them and when I came to the page where 5 black guys were gangbanging a white woman, I paused and asked her, "How much does the thought of this turn you on honey", I asked as I showed her the pictures.

My dick was pulsing with my own excitement at thinking of her doing that and knowing her answer was going to be that it turned her on a lot. She looked like she knew her answer was going to be the end of our marriage but she replied honestly, "A lot Dave, I cum almost every time I see it. I'd love to just lay and have a bunch of black guys just take turns fucking the shit out of me and filling me with their cum. I wish I didn't want all that but I do and I'm not going to lie to you and I won't cheat on you even if you can't understand it.

I guess I'm really a slut deep inside me Dave." "The good thing is that I do understand honey. The bad thing, I guess it's bad by society's view, is that I get really hard thinking of watching you do all these things. Can you do them and still love me Tera. I mean how will you feel with a huge black cock throbbing in your pussy, feeling him spurting his hot cum deeper inside you than it's humanly possible for me to.

Won't it make you love him, love what he is giving you as you realize I can never make you feel the same", I asked seriously? "Can you watch me do all that knowing that I'd be loving having a black guy in my pussy maybe many black guys fucking me and all of them cumming in me and on me and still love me Dave, still want me as your wife?" "Of course I could, I could never stop loving you Tera.

How could I if I wanted it too and I knew it was just sex to you, but can you keep it just sex? I understand why you would want to experience everything that you do because it turns me on as much as it does big tit latina fucking pussy with sextoy when I think of watching you experiencing it.

I just wish you had told me when you first became aware of your desires and needs. If you had we could have explored your need to cum on a bunch of hard black dicks together.

I believe I can live with anything you wish to do sexually unless you cheat to do it, and you obviously don't want to cheat or we wouldn't be having this conversation. If this is something you really wish to do and we will share the experience, I guess the only question is do you pick the guys or me or both of us and when do we start", I say smiling at her. I just want you to know that I never want you to do anything without me there, this has to be an us thing not a you thing.

"I couldn't do anything without you there Dave, I wouldn't, I need us to do this together so I can know I'm not losing your love. I love you Dave and I really want you to pick them as long as you promise to pick the longest, fattest, blackest dicks you can find for my pussy. Then she sits there staring at me as she realizes everything I have just said makes it possible for her to live her fantasies.

You're really going to help me do this aren't you? You know I'm going to love having them fuck me don't you. I can almost cum just thinking of my pussy being stretched and full like Brazzers exxtra blowing on some other guys dice scene starring bridgette b nina sure it will be. Doesn't it bother you at all that your wife wants to feel black men cumming in her pussy, ass and yes even my mouth?

You are aware, that your 7 inch cock is the only cock to ever be in me. How is it going to make you feel to see another man, especially a black man making me cum better than I possibly ever have with you? Dave I know I am going to love it, I mean really love their black dicks in me and I'm equally sure I will be screaming and cumming my ass off if their dicks hurt and fill me like I imagine they will.

I just have to know that you can handle seeing that. You know you'll never be able to make me feel like they can with their larger cocks. Even worse is the fact that I believe it's because they're black that really gets me so excited and how can you compete with that honey, it just scares me knowing how excited I get when I think of you watching black men fuck me.", she says.

"Are you going to swallow their cum and let them take you up the ass", I ask? "You're gina devine get a facial to get me hot aren't you, yes I want all my holes filled with cum at the same time.

Did you like watching me fuck that big dick, and by the way that was mean turning that vibe on like that when you knew I was already going crazy. Is it a remote?" "Yeah you liked that didn't you? You liked the way that dick filled you, stretched your pussy didn't you honey. Is that what you crave honey to have your pussy stretched till it hurts", I teased her? "Hmmm I'd love to find a real dick like it, god it's so fat it just drove me nuts. Yes, baby, I want to feel my pussy stretched till it hurts, feel his cock throbbing inside me.

I love thinking of being that full and then feeling his cum scald me deeply…mmmmmmm I did like this dildo a lot, and you didn't help by pretending you were really watching me get fucked, damn that was so intense.

I bet I completely lose it when I fuck a real black guy with you seeing me. Are you really sure you want me to do this, damn I know I'm gonna cum like I have never cum in my life.

Hell I can almost cum talking to you about it I've craved it so long". "We need to sit down and talk Tera. Now that the kids are all gone we can do just about anything we wish sexually as long as we can both live with it and we keep it hidden from people that know us. This is all taking me kind of sudden and I really think we need to be open and honest about our needs and desires and decide just what we want to do going forward.

I mean, hell I never dreamed you needed more sexually, and not in my wildest dreams could anyone have convinced me my wife wanted to feel black cocks fucking her.

I have to admit that even saying it right now causes my dick to begin hardening and I feel myself becoming aroused by the vision of it, how crazy is that?" "I guess hearing all the things the other wives kept saying really got me wondering if big cocks really felt that different than smaller ones. I got to looking at big cock sites and watching the amateur homemade videos that were free on them and the women in them seemed to be driven crazy by what they were feeling.

Never having seen another cock but yours I was really turned on by what I watched. My god Dave there were cocks 13 inches long and fat as wine bottles. I began masturbating ever day watching the videos.

But even then I wasn't really thinking seriously about actually fucking anybody, it was just fantasy, something to liven up my sex life, which you benefitted from indirectly." "Why didn't you tell me you needed more honey", I asked her? "It's not something a woman can just do Dave. How do you tell someone you love you need to feel a bigger cock than he has knowing he can't provide it. I could never hurt you that way Dave. I could never take the chance it would destroy our relationship if not our marriage.

Besides it really wasn't that big a deal to me until.Oh god I'm getting wet just remembering it again.I hate it that I can't control the way I respond to my thoughts Dave. Anyway, one day I was going to run to the store and pick up a few things for dinner and the truck was parked behind my car so I just drove it.

When I got there the front lot was full so I thought I'd just park around back. I pulled up alongside this car and was getting my purse and keys and everything when I glanced out the window and in the car next to me there was this white napali sex with sister in law about my age sucking this black guys' dick." "You mean right there in public", I asked as my cock began pulsing harder.

"Yes, I couldn't remove my gaze from his dick. My god it was huge and she seemed crazed just to be sucking him. He had to be over a foot long and his dick head was twice the size of yours and his shaft tapered out from behind his head and got really thick.

Her hand wouldn't begin to wrap it. It was like watching one of those video's only it was happening just feet from me. I got so hot watching I was playing with my clit and didn't even realize it until my legs spread and I began fingering myself." "Didn't they stop when you pulled up beside them", I asked as I felt my own excitement growing as she related the experience.

"No, he held her mouth down on his dick when she first heard me pull in and pornstar sex kitten gets her ass hole banged with hard prick let her stop and then she just didn't seem to care and kept sucking and licking at his dick until she seemed frantic and said something to him and she began pulling his pants down around his ankles and he sexy blondes get nailed in a threesome down with his head against the drivers door and she straddled him angelina will do anything to be famous began pressing her pussy down on his dick while I sat there seeing everything from behind her.

It was then as her head lowered I saw him staring at me and our gazes locked and I felt this thrill run through me as I realized he knew what I was doing and he smiled at me.

Then teen blonde serving fat pecker for breakfast ex girlfriend girlfriend pointed at her ass and then his head and then at me like he was saying he was fucking her while thinking about me and I began cumming hard." "You mean you could see his dick going in her pussy and knowing he was thinking about fucking you made you cum right there in the suv." I asked, now really excited as I listened.

"Yes, she was moaning and her ass was rolling and hunching and I was watching his huge dick penetrating her deeper and deeper as she rammed her pussy down onto his cock. Her pussy was gaped so wide it was grotesque looking and his dick was soaked with her juices. Every time he lunged up into her pussy she screamed and pressed her pussy into his wild thrusts and I knew he was hurting her bad but she was begging him not to stop.

Seeing that sort of thing in a video is one thing but to have a woman my age slamming her pussy down on a black guys dick, he couldn't have been over eighteen or nineteen, just two or three feet from my face literally had me wanting to go over there with them.

I must have watched them for a half hour and at one point I got that big flashlight from under the seat and had it in my pussy, fucking myself with it as in my mind it was his black dick fucking me.

I've never seen a woman craving a dick like she was his. She was a beautiful woman too, it wasn't like she had to be fucking a black guy. I could see her cum gleaming all over his dick it was coated so thickly.

She fucked it continuously until excited, she sat up and began grinding her clit against his body while hunching down onto his cock roughly while begging him to cum.

Her hips hunched so fast they moved in a blur, faster than I would think possible for a woman to fuck a man's dick until her thighs spread widely, hips thrust into his dick forcefully and she'd cum hard while moaning her love of his dick.

Her entire body shook and trembled as her hips undulated her pussy onto his cock. Her head flailed around wildly like she was trying to rid her mind of the pained pleasure she felt.

She had his entire dick in her and was grinding into it even though I know it had to be stretching her painfully." "Do you think she knew you were watching her", I asked, as precum oozed from my tip as I slowly stroked my cock as I imagined my wife wanting to fuck that black cock so badly.

"I know she did because he had her turn around and fuck him and she was looking right into my eyes as I watched her face registering the pained pleasure of his dick stretching her womb.

She was literally lost, unable to care who was watching her as she kept hunching into his dick and cumming. I wanted to feel what she was feeling so bad, to know what could possibly be that good that a white woman would give up her reputation and possibly her marriage just to experience the pleasure she was finding on his black cock". "She was married", I asked?

"Yeah, I saw the rings on her finger as she was bracing herself with her hands on the door and that was when I looked up and saw a man sitting in a car on the other side of the one they were in. He appeared to be jacking off as he watched me and them.

When he saw me looking at him he looked down and seemed to be adjusting himself, then he opened his door and got out and began walking around back of his car.

I thought he was coming to my car and I began looking for my keys to leave but then he opened the rear door of the car they were in and got in and leaned over the seat and kissed the woman passionately as her hips began moving excitedly as they kissed. That was when I realized he was her husband and she was getting hotter as he kissed her while she was cumming on the black guys cock" "Oh shit, now that's hot.

He was watching his wife take that black dick and it excited her knowing he was there with her seeing it." My hand was stroking quickly now. "Does that excite you Dave? Tell me what you're thinking right now, please, I really need to know", she begged me!

"I'm thinking how I bet I'd be cumming if it was me watching you fuck a black dick that big and seeing you lost to its feel as you cum repeatedly on it. I'm thinking how close we'd feel if we kissed while you were feeling a black cock fill your womb with loads of black ball seed. It makes me hot knowing how much pleasure you'd receive from that Tera", I confessed. "Are you really serious Dave, you're not just saying that because you know I want to fuck a black guy are you?

Would it really turn you on and you'd want me to do it with you there and you'd kiss me while I did it", she asked almost incredulously? "Look at my dick Tera, does that look like I'm mad thinking about you wanting to be fucked like that woman was and feeling what she all sex stories ebony audixstory com. If I touch my dick right now I'm gonna cum before you finish explaining why you came to crave black cock so bad." "I love you so much Dave, do you know how happy it makes me knowing I don't have to hide this from you.

Even if we never do anything at least I know now that I can talk to you about all my needs without fearing I'll lose you. I watched as the woman, began moaning and hunching excitedly, actually saw her eyes roll back in her head as she cried, "Oh god he's cumming&hellip.he's cumming in my pussy baby&hellip.oh god it's so hot& much cum…& deep!" I could see it expressed on her face how much she loved feeling his dick swelling and pumping her full of his cum.

I don't know why but when she huge boobs milf and hot teen babe ffm threesome session stepmom and blowjob at her husband and moaned, "OH god honey you've never made me feel like this, he's cumming so much, its so hot, god I don't ever want him to stop fucking me", Telling him to his face how much better the black guys dick was than his and how she loved him cumming in her while he watched, I began cumming so hard thinking of me doing that with you that when it finally subsided I was left weak and exhausted.

I had to leave then because when I looked again the woman was kneeling in the seat kissing her husband and the black fervid nympho blows dick in pov and gets slim crack fucked was behind her putting his dick in her asshole while she moaned and squirmed as her and her husband kissed.

I couldn't take any more without going over there and cheating on you and I just couldn't do that Dave. I couldn't believe he had just cum in her pussy and his dick was still rock hard. I wanted to fuck him so badly.

It scared me knowing what I might do if I kayla quinn stop peeking come here and anal fuck me, because every cell of my body craved his dick.

I started the car and when he heard it start he rolled the window down and motioned for me to do the same. I did but I was scared to death he was going to tell me to stay and fuck him and if he did I really can't say if I would have or not. But instead I watched as he retrieved a card from his dash and handed it to me and said, "Call me sometime and you can go for a ride too.

The woman turned to look at me then and smiled and said, "If you want to you should do it baby, you'll never regret it. I can't get enough of this dick now, but you know that don't you.oh god honey he's got it in my ass.oh fuck its so big.oh baby it feels so good, I know I'm gonna cum with his dick in my asshole.big black cock up my ass.aaiiieeeeEEEE!" "Did you call him", I asked, not really wanting to hear her answer because I was sure she had.

"I couldn't get those memories out of my head Dave. Every time I sat down and relaxed I began remembering the sight of that woman's excited arousal as she sucked his dick and how she had to fuck him right there in public she craved delightful and erotic love melons mashing hardcore and blowjob so badly. For days I spent the better part of the day playing with my pussy thinking of what I had witnessed. The memory of how excited her husband had looked as he watched her totally lose it from the feel of her pussy being opened and filled so extremely had me envisioning me there in the car with him and you in the back seat watching us and I knew I wanted that so badly." "Dave, I did call him, his name is Ron Humper, yeah I know, I thought it was false too but he swears that's his real name.

I didn't call him planning on meeting him, and I didn't, I want you to know that. And I wouldn't tell him my name and I blocked my caller ID info too. Its just that every time I lay and fucked my pussy with my black dildo I wanted him so badly, wanted to feel him in me like he was with her. I needed to connect with him in some way. It was like we had shared such an intimate experience that trainer drills his gorgeous student schoolgirl and hardcore behind the store and I needed to know he felt some kind of sexual connection also.

"So did you fuck yourself while you talked to him? Did he say he wanted your pussy Tera", I quizzed her? It excited me that she needed to connect with him and actually became aroused enough to call him. It was so untypical of her. She had always been the reserved one, the one that heard about everything but never participated.

She always put me and the kids before herself. To know that she had actually called him was very telling of the arousal she felt and the sexual courage it had instilled in her. "Can I just say that yes, I fucked myself and cum while we talked and let it go at that Dave", she asked? "Hell no, I want to hear every detail of how hot he had you and what you said to him", I said smiling wickedly. "You would you perv. I didn't realize how perverse you really are until today". "You brought it out of me Tera and you know you love it, now tell me what you said", I said again.

"Just let me say that before I cum, then she blushed almost maroon, I was telling him how badly I needed to feel him cumming in my married pussy. He told me how he wished he could have been fucking me instead of the woman in the car, oh my god I'm getting so worked up, I knew I would if I talked about this.

He kept saying how he wanted to feel my pussy milking his cum from his black dick while you watched me screaming how good it felt to have his balls filling me with his black babies.

He said he wanted my husband to stare at my face while he pounded his entire black cock in my pussy and hear me beg him not to stop while I fucked my pussy back into his cock. He told me how he craved to feel my mouth sucking his hot cum from his balls while you watched me swallow it, how he would fuck my face like it was a pussy and I just kept getting hotter and hotter like I am now." "What did he say that made you cum, that one thing that had you cumming thinking of doing it", I asked as my dick jerked and strained.

"Oh I don't know, just everything", she said looking down at the floor and again blushing deeply". "I thought we were going to be honest Tera, now tell me", I said seriously. "She looked at me almost crying and half moaned, "Oh god Dave he said he was going to have you watch him fuck me until I was lost to the feel of his big cock fucking me.

Once I was moaning how much I loved his dick he said he'd have me tell you how good his dick is and how much better he's fucking me than you ever did. Then, after I told him I had never let you fuck my asshole he said he was gonna make me beg him to fuck my asshole in front of you and have me tell you when I felt him cumming in my ass. He said every time I cum on his dick he was going to have me tell you how much I love him, He said every time I cum with his dick up my ass he was going to ask you if I cum like that when you fuck my ass, if I fucked your white cock like I was fucking his big black cock with my tight asshole?

He wants you to see me fucking his dick with my asshole with me astraddle and atop him while he just sits and lets me do all the work. He said you needed to know that I'd do anything to please him and his black dick. He'd let you know how good my tight asshole felt on his nigger dick, what a slut your wife was for nigger cock.

That was it, I was screaming yes, yes, I want you to do that and I was cumming like I'd never cum in my life and swearing that I was going to get you to let me fuck him. Of course once I was calmed down I knew how ridiculous it was to think I could ever approach you about actually doing something like that. But now.oh god how can I even ask you to let him.I you really.oh god I need it so bad Dave.would you.could you.I mean I could call.oh damn I'm so hot baby.will you fuck me, please.", she was begging me to let her call him and the thought that I might let her fuck him had her seething with her craving need for his dick.

I knew I was not who she really wanted to fuck, I was just available. I suggested, "Why don't you call him and see if he can get on Skype with you and you can watch him beat off while you use your new dildo.

I'd really like to see the dick you crave so badly and that will let me see how it's really going to affect me hearing you two talk and everything." Tera looked at me like she couldn't believe what I had just said, "You mean you want me to let him see me fuck myself with that big dildo while I can see his big cock and talk to him while I do it, fuck that's making me even hotter Dave.

Are you serious", she asked with lust in her eyes and her thighs squeezing her hand between them. "Yeah I am. Call him and ask him if he has a Skype account and if he does give him this account name. Its one I made a while back to use with people I didn't trust that asked me to Skype. While you do that I will get your other present that I planned to give you another time. I went and got the wireless remote controlled Venus butterfly, the new and improved version, that the girl working at Adam and Eve said would have a nun cumming her ass off.

When I got back Tera was sitting in front of the laptop with Skype open holding her pussy and squeezing her thighs repeatedly as her clit was obviously pulsing wildly at the thought of her doing this with my knowledge. "Here, put this on", I said as I handed her the clit stimulator. "What is it and how do I put it on", she asked as she held it up by its straps looking at it.

I had to smile at the relative innocence of my wife and her ignorance of so much sexually. It's no wonder she's turned on by big black dicks she's so inexperienced in all things sexual in nature except for fucking I think and even that experience is relatively small considering all the options available to people today.

For some reason I know that all that is about to change forever. Both of our educations are about to be expanded and I find myself hoping our love survives it. That worry is compounded a thousand times over as I look at the image that suddenly appears on the screen.

"Hold your foot up I say as I slide the straps over one and then the other and begin sliding the vibe up her thighs. "Stand up and place it right where the body is over your clit and tighten the straps", I instruct her. She does as I say while Ron Humper watches on his computer. "Looks like someone is going to be having fun soon", he comments. "Tera is looking down and asks, "How do I turn it on", as she adjusts it. "You don't, I do", I reply grinning at her devilishly.

"Oh my god another remote", she says with obvious anticipation of me using it. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable on the bed honey", I ask her, remembering her play as I watched on the camera.

You're really serious about this aren't you, you're not just kidding me", she says as she picks up the black cock I bought her and lays on the bed with her back against the headboard. I position a small table at the foot of the bed giving Ron a view of the complete bed as I adjust the lighting to give the best possible transmission. The view of him appears to be high definition it's so perfect. She motions for me to come to her and whispers in my ear, "Are we going to tell him our real names?" "Only first names, nothing else yet, ok", I reply in her ear.

"Ron this is my husband Dave and I'm Tera. I told him about the other day at the store and about our phone call and he wants to see what has me craving your dick so badly. I didn't mention this the other day but Dave is the only guy I've ever fucked in my life. If we meet you'll be the second and also the biggest to ever enter me", Tera said to him. "Damn Tera you're even more beautiful nude. Are you sure you want me to fuck your crazy teen amateur alina west small tits petite wife Dave?

You know I'm going to try and Make her fall in love with my cock if she fucks me. Aren't you afraid she'll fall in love with my big black cock and want me to fuck her all the time? Well Ron, actually I'm sure she will love you fucking her with that meaty dick. And just being honest, for some strange reason I believe I will too. At least I hope we do. As to her wanting to fuck you all the time once she experiences your dick, well, I'm sure she will and hopefully we'll want you to be inside her often if everything goes as we hope.

I really appreciate you even considering allowing me to fuck Tera. I gotta tell you both upfront that I don't plan on breaking anybody's marriage up, I'm just in this to make friends and fuck white women. You both need to be sure you know what you're getting into because once you accept that you both wish to proceed the sights and sounds of Tera 's pleasure will remain with you forever.

Be sure you know what you're doing and all you want is Tera to have a good fucking. Its all about the lady with me but I have to say right now that it really pumps my dick up knowing a white man is watching me subjugate his wife with my black dick. There is a part of me that likes to humiliate a husband because it's been my experience it turns a woman on.

I don't understand it myself but I'm sure from our phone call the lezdom sluts get their whips out for some hot action day that Tera gets off on it. "That sounds racist to me Ron, are you racist", I ask him? He laughs and says, "You'll understand once you've done this a few times that it's the tabooness and racism that makes this so special to us.

I'm only nineteen but I've done this with white couples a lot and I try to learn dad tricked daughter sucking cock each experience. It's also caused me to think about racism and its causes a lot. For many years whites were considered superior to the sexy milf nina elle gets ruined by gym buddy pornstars and hardcore people brought from foreign countries to be here.

I mean after all blacks were running around half naked eating each other in a lot of cases. White's saw them as savages. It didn't matter that they were half naked because of the climate and lived as their cultures had dictated for centuries just as white people lived as their own cultures dictated." "The end result was that for a hundred years it was ingrained whites were superior. It didn't matter that when given the same opportunities and educations Blacks excelled.

For a Black man to sex a white woman was a death sentence for years, you don't ingrain a more taboo act than that and for a white woman to be caught with a black man was to subject her to ridicule and often exile.

No matter how far we navigate from racism it's ingrained in us all in some degree even if just subconciously. It's in our genes. We're not conscious of it until we're in a situation where we're being consumed by the most powerful forces within a human being, sexual arousement, the most base and primitive of our emotions.

Then our subconscious taboos sani leon bf onlain com anxiety's along with primitive forces surface, especially a woman's craving to be with an Alpha male, that's a common trait throughout all cultures, it's a human trait that assured survival of the species for centuries." "Seeing a huge cock awakens those primitive urges within a woman and they can become overpowering in their urge for her to mate with the owner of it.

When in its presence she is controlled by her need to have it impregnate her womb, to have him spew his seed and promulgate the species. She also rebukes other weaker males to assure her offspring of having the strongest chance of survival. She will then mate the Alpha male while her old lover watches helplessly as he breeds her with his more powerful sperm." "What we do sexually is as nature intended and in this case the white man brought it upon himself when he bred the biggest, strongest blacks in order to have the strongest field hands.

Even the plantation owners' wives and daughters succumbed as nature intended to the primitive needs ingrained in all women. Even though a woman may consciously choose to wed a man for reasons of love, wealth or many other factors, she can never stop her primitive needs from causing her to fill with desire at the sight of a large cock as Tera is doing right now gazing at my black dick". "You feel it don't you Dave, you feel inferior as you look at my dick and you know Tera is feeling her primitive need to fuck my Alpha cock, to have it spew my seed in her while fully implanted in her body.

I'm not bragging just citing the truth. Tell your husband how badly you want me to cum in your pussy Tera, just be honest and tell him what you're feeling right now" "He's right honey, I want him in me right now more than I've ever wanted anything in my life. My pussy keeps clenching and feels so empty as I look at his dick. Look how much bigger he is than you Dave, can you understand why I need to feel him inside me baby. I'm so hot I could cum just looking at it!" I have to admit that I'm mesmerized by his dick also.

It's even bigger than Tera described it and my own seems tiny in comparison. He looks menacing, his girth is tremendous and he has to be a foot or better long. "I do understand Tera and I want you to have him in you, want you to have the pleasure we all three know he can afford you." I too feel under the same spell that Tera is subject too. I no longer want to see her using the dildo I want to see him fucking my wife's small pussy, stretching it and making her love him.

He seems intelligent, well read and I like him. I also know that Tera is going to fuck him tonight. "Ron, I have to admit that you're right about everything you sameera reddy nude porn suck including feeling inferior to your cock.

I want you to know that I love Tera with my whole being but for some reason I feel an excitement like I've never known as I look at your dick and imagine Tera pressing her pussy down on you. You understand that for obvious reasons we need you to be discreet and tight lipped.

Will you respect our privacy Ron and never mention our names or anything that we could be identified by." I asked him? "Dave, I gotta be honest here. Tera is beautiful and has the body of a twenty year old. Just knowing she has been faithful to you all the years you've been married tells what a good woman and wife she's been to you. I know I'm young and that bothers you I'm sure but I'm going to say this and I mean it with all my heart and soul.

I feel honored that your wife and you decided to pick me to be the second man to enjoy her pussy in her entire life. To me that's a trust, a sacred trust that I will respect always.

I have to also say that I don't want this to be a one-time thing. I hope Tera and yourself enjoy what I give her and want me to join you regularly from now until you may decide you don't wish my company any more for whatever your reasons. I'm as excited to be with your wife as she seems to be with having me. Can you give me any idea of when we can meet to do this pleasurable naughty deed", he asks anxiously. Tera has been sitting holding her pussy rocking forward and back waiting impatiently to fuck her pussy with her dildo as we talk.

I look at her and say, "When is a good time for us to meet him honey"? I can tell she's excited at me agreeing to meet him and she pulls her thighs to her chest and sits there squeezing them to her chest rocking as she says, "This weekend I guess honey you have to work every day this week.

This will be the longest week of my life, I'm glad you bought these toys to keep me busy". "Ron hears her reply and says, "This weekend is good for me Dave, want to give me a call Friday and confirm the time and place", he offers, before I surprise them both with my own reply. "Oh, I'm sorry I thought you two wanted to fuck real bad. I thought maybe we'd drive over tonight and pick Ron up and bring him here, but if you to want to wait till the weekend I guess.", they both simultaneously said, "No, tonight is fine if that's what you want", and then they both looked at their computer screens and laughed at their outbursts.

Tera looked at me with concern expressed on her face and asked, "Are you sure Dave, tonight, you want me to fuck his dick tonight here in our bed at our house", she asked trying to hold back her excitement.

"Well, unless you'd prefer to fuck that rubber dick I think it's a fine idea. Don't tell me you're gonna chicken out now", I say teasingly. She crawls off the bed and stands and for a few seconds she forgets about Ron's dick and looks me in the eyes and says, "David Nicholas I love you and I don't care if his dick or any other dick you want to fuck me drives me totally insane with pleasure I will always love you and want to remain your wife.

You will never know how much this means to me, it's the best way you could ever have said "I love you" to me". I laugh and say, "Actually I just want to hear you screaming your ass off while he forces that humongous cock in your small pussy. But there are conditions to my generosity. You get his address and I'll be back in a minute.

Did you know the fair is at the fairgrounds this week", I ask her as I'm walking away? "Yeah why", she asks curiously? "You'll see", is all I give her. I return dressed in sweat pants and a tee shirt with her thigh length mesh cotton jacket that has just enough transparency in its weave that it will be apparent she is nude beneath it and a thick blanket, inside is wrapped two beach towels and the new dildo.

"What are you doing", she asks with a sheepish look on her face. "Be quiet and put this on and let's go. I know you're as anxious to get to that big black dick as I am to get you there", I say smiling.

"You're serious aren't you, you want me to wear this and nothing more to go meet him. You know what's gonna happen Dave if I go nude under this, don't you", she says as she forester ofice xxx sex stories story her arms into the jacket and puts her hands in the pockets and holds it together.

It doesn't have any buttons just a sash around the waist. She smiles as she thinks about what she knows is going to happen in the suv and says, "You're really evil Dave and I think I like that about you more and more, let's go get me fucked baby", she says lustfully as a shudder wracks reverse gangbang session with ravishing fillies brunette big tits body as she realizes she just asked her husband to take her to be fucked by a young huge cocked black guy.

I open the back of the suv and fold the seats down cock sucking and pleasing while being outside Tera standing beside the passenger door in nothing but the see through jacket knowing she's wondering if anyone sees her. I also know it is making her pussy wet standing there with the cool air on her thighs and pussy reminding her she is naked beneath the jacket.

I spread the blanket and place the towels on top of it as I think of how soaked I know they will be shortly as my dick stiffens with the thought of her cumming her ass watch how this big pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade. Then I unlock the doors and allow her to get in.

It's about a half hour drive to Ron's place, mostly interstate highway and as we drive I tell her how excited I am to know I'm going to see her hunching her pussy up to his black dick knowing he's tearing her apart with his fat cock and she's loving every hot hard black inch of him. I watch her out of the corner of my eyes and see her head lean back against the headrest and see her slide down in the seat a little as I talk. I remember Ron's words and begin saying things about how I know she is going to tell me how much better he fucks her than I do.

Her chest is lifting and falling rapidly and I notice she isn't holding the jacket closed anymore and it is draping open exposing her breasts and frontal area of her body as her fingers push beneath the clit stimulator to roll her clit and she moans softly and often as I continue speaking.

Her eyes are closed and her head lays against the head rest turned in my direction as she lives in her mind what she knows is coming soon in reality. I keep talking as I pull alongside a semi-truck and ride alongside the drivers' door where he can get a good look at my wife playing with herself.

I tell her once we pick Ron up they can fuck in the back of the suv as I ride down the highway letting the truckers watch him fuck her with his huge black cock. She reaches down alongside the seat and lifts the lever and lays the seat back almost prone and begins lifting her pussy as she fingers herself, hips undulating sensually as she moans, "Oh fuck that's hot Dave, will you really let people see him fucking your wife baby.

Fuck that makes me need to cum thinking about it." "Open your eyes honey", I say as I know she's close to cumming. She opens her eyes and looks up directly at the driver watching her finger herself and moans and cums as she can't stop looking at him.

Their gazes lock for a few seconds before his gaze lowers to stare at her gouging fingers as she digs deep in her pussy while seeing his excited desire and knowing he wants to fuck her. I pull the remote to the clit stimulator from my pocket and begin to pulse her as she tenses even stronger as the vibration has her cumming so hard her body lifts and shakes violently.

The driver blows his air horn and Tera knows he's reveling in her wonderful plight and letting her know it. In her mind she's thinking how she will feel with Rons' dick buried in her fully and staring into a truckers eyes knowing he sees her with a black man between her thighs fucking her senseless.

Her mind seems to melt and even though she hates it she knows she wants to experience those feelings. Tears form in her mind as she realizes she wants to feel a slut for once in her life. Just as she thinks she will survive her insane tensing Dave unleashes the full fury of the vibe on her tormented clit and her thighs clamp and lock and her entire body writhes as electric like voltages seem to explode from every nerve ending in her body.

Her moans turn to high pitched wails and the trucker veers almost hitting them and she knows he just cum watching her. Dave dials down the vibe and pulls in front of the trucker and the driver blinks his lights and pulls around him as he speeds on down the road.

"You ok honey", I ask? "Oh shit that was hot. I can't believe you let him watch me and what's worse that I loved you doing it. I could see how bad that guy wanted to fuck me and it made me so damn hot. Can you believe I was actually wishing Ron was fucking me as he watched me. Does it bother you knowing I enjoy being a slut honey.

I mean that was definitely not what you signed on for when you married me" "Yeah it bothers the hell slut grabbed by the tits and black hammered of me Tera, it bothered me so much then that I might have cum my sweats.

It bothers me the same way it bothers you babe. I guess we missed out on so much that everything seems to affect us in so hot a manner we love it all. I am gonna let people on the road watch you and Ron fuck naked in the back, do you want me to", I ask? "I know I should tell you no but damn it made me so hot seeing that guy watching me play with my pussy.

I know I'm gonna be cumming the whole time someone is watching me. I think about how I felt watching that woman fuck him and knowing someone feels that hot watching me is just fucking thrilling.

I haven't felt this alive in years honey and I haven't even met Ron yet. You have really made me happy Dave. I love it that I can express my sluttiest desires and feelings and you don't judge me or even better, reject me.

I love the way you allow my fantasy's to flourish and help them become alive and real. No one could ever have a better husband than you baby. From now on when you want me to experience something new like letting people watch Ron fuck me, just do it, surprise me, I don't think Sexy sofia has her tight snatch pummeled cumshot and amateur could ever say no to anything you want me to do." "Does it turn you on knowing a nineteen year old guy wants your pussy Tera, wants to fuck you as often as you'll let him.

I mean he has to have a lot of stamina and will want to fuck you for hours. We're almost there baby, are you excited and ready", I ask her. "You will never know how it excites me knowing he wants to put his young dick in my older pussy.

Yeah I'm excited, I mean I've never fucked anybody but you and now a boy with a dick like he has wants to put that dick in my pussy after having kids and everything. Yeah I'm ready, I think I have been ready for years and just didn't realize it.

Are you ready and willing Dave, we can still turn around and go home if you're not sure", she says to me. "We're here honey, why don't you go get him, he said he lives alone and would be waiting at the door." I can tell the thought of meeting him almost nude has her excited and she glances around furtively to see if anyone is out and then opens the door and smiles at me and says nervously, "If I'm not back pretty quick I might not be coming back so you better come on in", she says as a hard shudder wracks her body and she walks away.

I watch her walk to the door thinking how beautiful and sexy she is and how lucky Ron is to have her want his dick. She is a changed woman from the one I was married to a few weeks ago and I believe I love this woman more than the old one. I see the door open and Ron stands there gawking as she allows the front of the jacket to hang open displaying her breasts and shaved pussy leaving no doubt she is nude. He suddenly regains consciousness when she says something to him and he quickly shuts the door and puts his arm around her waist and walks her to the car.

Tera starts to open the front door but I reach across and slide the side door open and say, you two will be more comfortable in the back I believe.

As Tera walks by Ron he stops her and kisses her, a slow passionate kiss that lasts long enough for his hands to roam her nude body and her hand to grip his stiffening manhood. Long enough that my own dick is throbbing by the time it ends. He too has wore sweat pants and his dick is plainly visible beneath them.

Tera crawls into the back and lays down and says, "You have to be naked to be back here with me Ron", her voice tinged with nervous arousement and anticipation of what she knows is about to happen.

I watch as he quickly strips and lays down and takes my wife in his muscular arms and begins kissing her as her hands grasp his cock, unable to restrain herself as she moans loudly, "Oh my god you're so much bigger than Dave." She sits up and says, "Turn the light on back here Dave and stop for a minute please", she says with an excited urgency in her voice. And then to Ron, "Lay down and let Dave see that whole thing". I pull over and stop and turn the light on and turn and my jaw drops open as I see his dick standing straight up.

"My god Tera, do you really want to try and get that in you", I ask incredulously. His cock is as round as a large juice bottle and appears to be inches longer than the twelve inches I had imagined. He is stiff as lumber as it stands upright pulsing visibly. The look in my wife's eyes tell me she will die trying to stuff his man busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors up her Milf pussy.

I actually feel fear he will hurt her but I know it is useless to try and prevent it now that she has felt it in her grasp. Ron says softly, "Dave I'm gonna put all the dick you just saw inside your wife and then I'm gonna cum in her and she's gonna love it like she's never loved your small white cock.

Are you ok with that cause if not you better get her mouth off my nigger dick right now before she can't stop." I knew he was telling the truth forester ofice xxx sex stories story the excitement I felt commanded me to say, "I don't want her to stop Ron. I want you to fuck her, fuck my wife hard Ron, fuck her like the slut she wants to be for you, just have her tell me she bill bailey screwing peta jensens shaved pussy bubblebutt fingering to be your slut." "Baby tell your husband you're gonna be my fuck slut from now on, tell him your pussy is mine." Oh god Dave you know I want to be his fuck toy baby, and my pussy has to be his honey cause I won't be able to feel your voyeur guy fucks both her gf ava taylor and stepmom lisa ann after he fucks me.

Mmmmmm his dick tastes so good baby.unggg.ungghhh.yeah, choke me with this big black dick.unghhh.mmmmm.damn I can't get it all in my mouth fuckin big and black.

I wish you weren't driving honey so you could hold this dick up for me while I try and get it in my pussy." Her moans are filled with frustration and desperation as she tries to impale herself with his fat dick.

I hear her craving need expressed in her voice and I know she is driven to have him inside her pussy, my wife's pussy. I hear a loud slap on her ass and hear Ron order her, "Fuck that black dick slut, make it go, work your husbands pussy down that dick like he wants you to. You know you need Dave to see my sensual solo in lace gloves and stockings cumming on my cock so fuck it hard like you mean it bitch", he continues.

Her moans turn to cries as her hands spread her pussy, pulls at her flesh while forcing her pussy down onto his fat tip. Soon I hear her deep moan and she cries, "Oh god it's in me&hellip.oh shit Ron you feel even bigger inside me&hellip.god Dave I love it…oh fuck it feels so fucking big and hot", then she begins ramming her pussy down onto his dick as she craves to have him in her fully.

She has never fucked me like she is his cock. Even when he calls her a bitch and humiliates her it only excites and drives her to slam her pussy down onto his upright dick harder. She screams how his dick hurts her more than when I took her virginity, then moans how much she loves its thick hot feel.

I adjust the mirror where I can see her beautiful white ass atop his monstrous black cock. His tip is embedded in her and her pussy is already straining to accept just that smallest part of him. I can see her juices on his dick as she lifts and rams back down onto his cock repeatedly, her need expressed in the urgency of her forceful hunching. My dick throbs hearing my wife's moans and sharp cries as he hunches up into her hard. He grabs her by her hair and says, "Tell Dave how bad you want my dick in your married pussy bitch", as he fucks up into her hard.

Her voice quavers as she says, Oh god baby I need Ron in me so bad, his dick is so big he's hurting my pussy, it burns, he's stretching me so good baby.god I love much dick.hard black wonderful dick .aiieeeeEEEEE OH GOD I"M C.CC.CUMMING! I am soaking my sweats with my precum as I listen to her pleas and entreaties for him to make his dick go deep inside her.

Her craving need excites me as I think of how badly she needs a black man to fill her pussy like I will never be capable of doing. I feel a certain sadness knowing her orgasm was caused by her need, her craving to have another mans dick filling the pussy that until seconds ago was only mine. I watch as she begins fucking his dick with a determination I have never felt her express upon my own dick. Her moans are becoming filled with love for what he is giving her as her body opens to his horse like girth.

I hear her express her love for him and my heart sinks but my dick jerks hard and stiffens as I hear those words. I know Tera and her words tell of her utter subjugation to his black cock. I know her dreams and fantasy's are becoming more alive and real with every inch of his black cock that enters her. "Oh damn Dave, he's filling me baby, god I'm so full baby, watch me Dave, watch me cum, oh fuck its so damn much better than your dick!

I can't stop fucking it baby, fuck its so hot, oh my god its throbbing.need it to cum.aiiieeeeee.arggghhhhh Oh NEVER.UGHH.BEEN. UNGHHH.FUCKED.AIEEEEEE.SO.G.G.GOODDDD.BIG FUCKIN DICK!" Ron has a good nine inches of his dick buried in my wife's pussy as I watch her hips moving sensually as she fucks his dick ever deeper into her hunching, rolling pussy.

I hear the pain expressed in her moans, the sharp intake of breath when she feels him enter her deeper and the resulting moan as she keeps pressing down onto his dick not wanting to lose the additional pleasure as he goes deeper. Her juices are running down her thighs as she cums repeatedly and his dick glistens with the pleasure she anoints his black dick with.

I gaze at her perfect ass and the sight of his blackness buried deep in her pussy as he's surrounded and engulfed in her whiteness drives home the fact of her blackening. I want to cum so badly and keep squeezing my dick as my gaze darts to the mirror each time I hear her moan loudly.

"Oh god Ron, you're hurting me honey.oh god it hurts so bad.cervix.oh won't go baby, you're to big.oh god.and I hear her sobbing.ohhhhhh.too big honey.oh god please.OH FUCK!.oh god its going deeper.ohhhhhh yeah.oh god I'm cumming.fuck me honey.oh damn its so far in me.ohhhhhfuckme.fuckme.oh shit fuck your black babies in me there.fuck yeah right there.cum.oh god yes!", and her hips begin hunching in a fast blur, ramming her pussy forcefully down until she feels her womb stretching painfully.

"Oh god he's in my womb Dave.oh fuck I need this.oh damn you never made me feel like this Dave.oh god I've finally got a man's dick in me.cum in me good so fucking good.deep.oh fuck I love nigger dick.I've needed this so long Ron.thank you.thank you baby.make me pregnant honey.fill me up with your sons and daughters.oh god I never want to lose you", she begged, pleaded and I knew she was lost to him.

I could only have her at his facesitting fuck face interracial juicy pussy tube porn I was sure now. Once his youthful hard dick defeats her cervix he easily pounds his fat dick through her uterine passage and lodges his glans fully within the grasp of her womb.

She is his, he is in her fully and I can see that the pleasure she feels has her crazed, unable to think of love, family or anything that minutes before had been her world.

His dick is her everything, her love, her world. Nothing matters but the insanity he is driving into her mind with each forceful downward thrust of her hips and they come rapidly repeatedly as she cums and cums. Her thighs are open widely straight out to her sides as she grinds into his swollen glans, hurtfully stretching herself so deeply she knows she has found the heaven she has dreamed of since the birth of her last child when Dave began feeling too small to sate her.

Her pussy is 1fuckdatecom chikan groped train asian 1 tube porn around Ron's huge girth so tightly she feels every vein, every throb of his heart against her wet walls and her internal nerve endings are mashed, rubbed until they stream a constant chorus of insanity into her mind and roiling waves of craven pleasure coursing through her body.

Ron grins as Tera fucks his black dick uncontrollably. He knows she is his now. For the first time in her life she is being womb fucked and her mind cannot handle the overwhelming pleasure his fat dick provides her. He is going to claim his prize as he says, "Dave your wife is my slut now buddy, you will never be able to please her again. Watch how she fucks me Dave, this is your beautiful wife that can't get enough of my black dick and I'm telling you I will fuck her whenever I need her.

Tera tell your husband you'll fuck me whenever I ask for your pussy." "Oh god yes, yes, I'll fuck you every day baby. I told you I'd love his big cock Dave and you said you wanted me to fuck his black cock so yeah sweetie my pussy belongs to Ron now.

I'm his black cock slut, you know you can't satisfy me now, only big dicked black men can baby.oh god I'm cumming again.fuck me Ron.fuck me hard.hurt me like only you can honey and cum in me god I need your cum." I pull up beside a box truck and see a middle aged blonde woman driving, her husband asleep beside her in the cab and I ride beside her.

She glances down at me and smiles a warm friendly smile until she sees Tera fucking Ron frenziedly in the back. I pretend not to see her staring as I look straight ahead. It excites me seeing her excitement registering on her face as she keeps glancing over at her husband.

Then I see her reach and do something at the dash and then she slides down in the seat. She is driving a steady seventy and I figure she put on the cruise control and is now removing her panties. She gazes at her husband less and less frequently as her face takes on a serious look and her tongue keeps sliding over her lips wetting them and I know she must be breathing heavily drying her lips rapidly. I watch her head lay back and know her hand is rubbing her clit roughly and then stopping so as not to lose the feelings caused by her watching Tera fuck Ron's black dick.

Tera begins taking long strokes, lifting from his dick till only his tip is engulfed inside her and then driving forcefully back down and moaning her love of the feeling his fat dick gives her as it opens her pussy widely repeatedly. When Ron's cock is fully exposed to her gaze I see her eyes open as if in awe and I see her mouth the words, Oh my god, and her head lays back, eyes closing for a second and her mouth opens and I know she's tensing, cumming.

I see her body shake hard then shudder as she resumes watching Tera and Ron. I say, "You just made a woman cum honey". Tera raises her head and gazes up at the woman with glazed eyes and I see her hips moving, undulating and I hear her breathing deepen and soon she's fucking Ron smoothly, hips turning down into his dick as I listen to his cock making slurping sounds as she fucks him. I hear Ron whispering to her and she says, "If you want me to I will honey, I'll do anything you ask me to." Then she turns around facing the front of the truck and Ron pulls himself up until he's kneeling behind her and she walks on her knees up between the seats and says, "Ron wants me to suck your dick while she watches Dave", and she pulls my cock out and begins sucking it as Ron begins fucking her powerfully doggy style letting the woman see the full extent of his strokes as he fucks my wife's face into my dick.

I don't last but a couple of minutes when Tera's moans, as she's feeling Ron fucking her forcefully, have me shooting with my entire dick in her mouth. She is so excited from Ron fucking her she swallows every drop and then laughs and says, "God Dave I had your whole dick in my mouth and I can't even get the tip of Ron's all the way in there. He's been fucking me every since we left his house and you don't last three minutes till you cum. I'm glad I have him to fuck me now, I really enjoy fucking now!

Then Ron rams his whole dick in her forcefully and she screams and begins cumming, pressing her pussy back into his dick as he jack-hammers her deeply. "See Dave, this is how a real man fucks a woman and she cums on his dick to show him how much she loves his fucking her.aaiiieeeeEEEEEE.YES!.fuck me Dave how he needs to fuck my pussy to make me happy.arrghhhhh.yeahhhh.unghhh.I feel his glans swelling in my womb Dave.that's where I need a man to cum.will you do that for me Dave.will you fuck your dick deep in my womb sunny leone had fuke storys cum.aieeeeeEEEaarrghhh!

I see the woman in the truck cum again, hard and it lasts a long time familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom she keeps watching Ron rape my wife's pussy with his gargantuan black dick. All she can do is guide the truck as she is gripped in the throes of her orgasm.

I think to myself how she will be doing the same thing Tera was with the magazines and web sites and black dildos until she finds a way to experience what she saw just as my wife had. I know she is addicted to black cock now as surely as my wife was when she watched Ron fuck that other woman, not physically but mentally and that will lead to the same result it did for Tera and me. I drove to the fairgrounds and parked near the rides area where there was a lot of people yelling and screaming and people walking through the parking lot constantly.

I watch as Ron and my wife lay on the blanket, him atop her as she lay face down and his thighs astraddle hers as he fucks her smoothly but deeply and her moans are constant. My dick is hard again as I watch her hips lifting, pressing her pussy back into his hunching while moaning deeply each time he thrusts forward into her womb. I can feel her pleasure and see her serene happiness expressed on her face as I watch his thin hips working his dick expertly deep inside her.

His black ass hunches as she presses up to receive his thrusts, opening herself to his hurtful entry as I watch as she dreamed of. Seeing my beautiful wife sensually moving, feeling his dick, squeezing him with her pussy as I hear the love expressed in her voice is so damned erotic I have to stroke my dick as I watch. "Fuck her roughly Ron, let her feel all your dick, you know she needs it, know she'll love you for it" "Yeah but she'll get loud Dave, trust me she will", he explained.

Look around you Dave, people are yelling everywhere we're alongside the rides at the fair. Just then the roller coaster went speeding by overhead to a chorus of blood curdling screams and he smiled as his hips began fucking his dick into her forcefully.

This is what she has been wanting me to see, him subjugating her with his dick, making her love fucking black men. He has wanted it too, wanted me to watch as he addicts her to black cock while I hear her begging for his dick. Ron wants to make her feel pleasure in ways he knows I can never duplicate as I watch my wife succumbing to the ordeal his dick presents to her.

I want it too, I want to see him punish her for loving his dick so much, to pound her into submission in the way she craves it. I know what my wife needs and I promised her she'd receive it. He does punish her pussy and she screams her love of it, loud, wailing, painful screams that result from her cumming so intensely. She feels insanity in her mind and a dick that satan must have presented Ron to subjugate white women with in her body.

I feel a jealousy well inside me as I watch my wife sliding into a depraved place where only her and his dick are allowed. The look imprinted on my wife's face tells of her complete submission to the pleasure his dick instills in her.

She is lost to her inner fires, consumed totally by the inferno he stokes with each deep plunge of his gargantuan cock. Seeing her thus has my cock pounding, begging to give up my balls need to see this transpire. Two teenage girls come walking by the suv and Tera is screaming her love of Ron's dick as he fucks her forcefully deep. They stop and light a cigarette while watching me stroke my dick and Tera cumming and bucking into his black dick. They are pretending not to notice as they small talk while leaning against the next car over but their constant squeezing of their thighs tells of sn xxxx hf earch some porn arousal.

Ron sees them and begins long stroking Tera's pussy, allowing the girls to see the length and breadth of his cock and both girls choke on their cigarette smoke and stand there openly staring as he fucks her through two hard orgasms girls thourse sex bule film have her screaming her love of black dick. They know we see them and they both stick their hands in their shorts and begin tossing off until they both cum violently for a long while until they seem to get weak in the knees and reluctantly leave talking excitedly.

I see them a few rows up and one of the girls grabs the other and presses her up against a car and begins kissing her and grabbing her pussy. At first the the girl resists but soon her hips are hunching and undulating and I can tell she has lost the battle and I watch as they enter a car and begin undressing in the back seat and soon I see feet in the air waving and then after a bit the legs tense and straighten and I see them sit up and then extreme smoking fetish and mom catches ally playfellow with dirty panties permission to legs in the air jerking and waving excitedly until they too tense and tighten and her body jerks hard but this girl doesn't relent and eats her through at least two more strong orgasms.

They return once more and smoke another cigarette as Ron sits astraddle my wife's thigh, the other held up in the air as he power fucks her pussy giving her many orgasms that have her screaming her love of his dick, once saying she wishes he was her husband, humiliating but exciting me as it tells of the extent, of her pleasure as he rapes her deeply.

The girls have lost their shyness and one knocks on the window and asks me if I'd like them to suck me while I watch and ask if it's my wife he's fucking. I feel ashamed but I answer yes it is and they both kneel and begin sucking at my dick taking turns licking and sucking as they get excited again watching Tera cumming her ass off.

They have a better view in the door and they take turns watching and sucking until I can no longer prevent it and I grab the smaller girls head and push my dick into her throat and cum. She swallows not only my cum but my dick as she milks it with her throat muscles causing me to cry out loudly as my balls empty in her gullet. "Damn girl you suck dick like a champ, how old are you anyway", I ask. "Thirteen, but my brother taught me to suck dick when I was eleven. Thanks for giving me your cum, most guys think I'm too young and we both love to suck dicks don't we Janet." Yes Kim, god do you have to tell everybody your life story.

Why didn't you say you were eighteen so he might fuck tattooed cheerleader kissed by horny lesbian couples babe sometime, jeez, you're so dumb sometimes.

Come on its time to go." Kim reached in her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. It appeared to be a phone number and the name Kim beside it and Janet and a phone number below that one. I smiled and put it in my pocket, you never know I think, that was a helluva blow job. I sat in the passenger seat watching Ron move between Tera's thighs and begin fucking her missionary as her ankles lay over his thighs and her hips undulate beneath him and I know she is in heaven as he slowly grinds his dick deep in her womb as his body mashes and rubs her clit.

I watch her face, see her arousement as it gradually overwhelms her mind and her body twitches, jerks and her hips begin rolling, lifting into his hurtful deep thrusting. I see my wife place her hands on either side of his face and gazing directly into his eyes says, "I love you Ron, love the way you make me feel.

Ever since your first kiss I've felt alive, awakened.

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I love the way your dick feels throbbing inside me like now, pressing deep in my womb. Dave has never and will never be able to give me what I need now, you own my pussy, I know that, he knows it and you know it. I will slut my body and even my heart to you but I will never leave Dave. Now fuck me hard, try and make me change my mind Ron", and my wife kisses him with a passion borne of love for what he begins fucking forcefully into her body. Suddenly there is a knock on the window behind me and I turn to see an older black man standing there watching Ron and Tera fuck sensually.

I roll the window down and he says, "Damn, dat boy tearin dat pussy up ain't he. Got a good dick on im. That yore woman goin crazy on dat black dick son", he asks, his gaze never leaving the two of them. Ron turns and says, "Yeah this is his wife and my slut. I'm makin her a black cock slut while he watches" "Dat right son, you lettin him turn yore wife out to black dick. I might like to help out a little if it's ok" "Come on in here ole man and get your dick sucked by my slut.

Get on your hands and knees Tera and give this black man some good head." The man climbs in and opens his pants and lets his dick hang in front of Tera's face as he kneels there.

Tera can't believe what Ron is doing and she starts to protest but Ron grabs her by her hair and presses her mouth to the man's dick. "Suck him", I said, slut! Tera smelled the scent of the mans' balls and his sweaty body and it repulsed and drew her to his dick simultaneously as she saw his blackness jerking in front of her face. Ron rams his dick back in her pussy and she moans and I watch as Ron sluts my beautiful wife to this old black man.

I think of stopping it but then I see Tera's mouth open and engulf his glans and she begins sucking at him cravenly as if she needs to taste his cum in order to survive. The man's dick doesn't seem to want to harden for her and I can tell she's getting frustrated as she moans, "Oh god I need it to cum and it won't work, what's wrong", she said almost in tears.

"Dave, give the old guy a reach around so your wife can have his black ball juice, you know she needs it, don't you baby", he suggests and asks? "Oh god Dave do it baby, jack his cum into my mouth while I suck it, god I need it so bad." I am appalled that she can even suggest such a thing, but when I look in her eyes I see a silent pleading there and know a part of her really needs his old cock to cum for her.

What the hell I think, who will ever know anyway. I move behind the guy and reach around and grasp his cock. Its a familiar feel except its heavy and as big soft as my dick is hard. I squeeze it and feel an inner surge as he says, "Damn boy she got her husband gonna pump my cum in his wife's mouth.

Yeah, pump that black dick white boy and I'm gonna give your slut a mouthful of nigga cum to eat" I feel him hardening, his inner core swelling and I can't believe how it grows longer, thicker as I pump it excitedly as I hear my wife's mouth sucking at his glans while moaning her pleasure.

Squeeze his balls honey, make them give up his babies to my mouth. I can't believe her words are exciting me and I reach my other hand around to lightly clasp his huge nutsack and gently squeeze as I feel his huge balls sliding around beneath my fingertips. Damn I think, if these are full he's gonna drown my wife. I pump his dick faster, squeezing harder and I want him to cum in Tera's mouth as badly as she does. My hand brushes her mouth with each stroke and I know she plans on sucking his cum from his tip as it spews hotly from the balls in my hand.

I hear her grunts with each forceful thrust of Ron's cock into her womb. I feel the guys balls begin to twitch, jerk and I pump quickly while moaning, "Here it comes baby, suck it, suck his black dick juice from his balls honey." I feel his large load of cum race through my hand and hear his loud groan and feel his asscheeks clench alongside my face and know he is flooding my wife's throat as he hunches hard into her mouth.

My dick jerks strongly with this knowledge but instead of stroking it I stroke his cock fast, squeezing it hard as I entice another long ribbon of cum to spew into her greedy mouth choking her, gagging her as he holds her to his erupting cock. I hear her choking as another hot spewing races through my pumping fist and I feel his slimy jism coating my hand allgirlmassage samantha rone scissors female friendly and pussy licking its coughed from her mouth as she swallows quickly and often.

His cock becomes coated and my fist slides quickly, easily along his slick dark dick. When his cock quits spewing large loads of his man cum I grasp him at his base and squeeze his dick as I milk the last of his ball juice into my wife's eagerly sucking mouth.

I squeeze his balls and milk his dick as she moans and then cums hard, shoulders dropping to the floor as she begs Ron to cum in her, pleads free entrance czech open air sex party authentic swingers his black babies to impregnate her white womb.

Her screams can be heard over the cries from the roller coaster as he gifts her that which she has dreamed of for months if not for her entire life. She rises, head thrown back as her hips hunch insanely as she holds her pussy to his spewing dick. I see a large blob of white cum sliding down her chin and three long ribbons of white cum stretching almost to the floor as Ron permeates her womb with his cum from her other end.

"Oh god its so friggin hot.fuck.don't stop.aiiieeeee.oh shit I feel it all inside me.oh god it won't stop.arrghhhhh so much cum.yes.YES!.Oh my god.doit!.hurts.oh big.ohhhhhhnoooooo.god you're rippin me! Don't stop.please don't stop!" The old man tosses his cock back in his pants, does them up and crawls out of the Suv while muttering to himself, "Damn white folk fucked up fo sure, but dose two can get me off any ole time dey wants.

Boy done fucked dat mans wife up fo real now". The whole situation has the effect of incensing Tera's sanity as her husband pumps a black mans cum into her mouth as she eagerly sucks at his spewing black dick. Knowing Dave does this for her has her mind overwhelmed with the carnality of his actions. Feeling Ron's black dick fucking her while she sucks another black dick has her wanting more, wanting to experience more black dicks.

Even the old mans dick was thicker, longer and more exciting than Dave's and his balls held immense amounts of hot cum for her not the few small oozings that bubbled from her husbands cock. She could have drowned in his lava like eruptions and it made her feel more womanly with his slick emissions sliding down her throat and spewing from around his black dick than she ever had in all the years of her marriage. "You love being my slut don't you Tera.

I bet you're craving more black cock right now aren't you slut. Maybe we should take a walk and see if we can find you some hot hard black dick to fuck here at the fairgrounds tonight.", Ron says, grinning as he knows his words excite her and she just needs for him to make her do it. "Lets take a walk Dave, Tera wants to find some more black cock don't you slut", he teases her. "You sure you want to walk around dressed like that honey", I ask her hoping she says she doesn't want to.

Ron places her hand on his still semi-erect dick and any reservations she had flow from her instantly and she says, "Oh damn Dave, I just have to know if all black cocks get me this hot baby, we won't go far will we Ron?" "Only far enough to feed your pussy what it hungers for baby", settling the matter for good. Ron slips into his clothes and Tera put on her jacket and we leave the suv. Tera feels so slutty as the night air cools the liquids running down her thighs and coating her entire genital area.

Her pussy is gaped open so far she feels the coolness of the night kissing her internally making her yearn to be full again. Ron has deepened the hunger she had before today and she glances around anxiously hoping to see a black guy to fuck her. It excites her thinking of taking another stranger back to the suv and draining his black balls while Dave sees her slutting herself to him and cumming profusely on his black stranger cock. Her clit is swollen taut and visible and the air caresses it and deepens the need she feels.

"Dave go see if that kid wants to fuck your wife", Ron says indicating a black boy of about sixteen standing reading something in the dim light. Tera sees his reluctance to approaching the boy and says, "Go my girlfriend hot solo with big dildo baby, you know you want to see him fuck me and cum in me.

Think about a young boy ramming his dick in my pussy making me scream my love of his dick", she says, pushing all my right buttons. I did want that but none of this is what I had planned, her walking around nude outside looking for people to fuck her, strangers at that. Well at least he's young and won't have a gigantic cock I think as I talk to him and he eagerly agrees when he glances and sees my beautiful wife standing there nude for all practical purposes.

We're standing back in the parking lot between rows of cars and as soon as he's standing in front of her Tera drops to her knees and opens xxx story 2019 dise gril pants and pulls them down and allows his young dick to bob up in her face. Mmmmmm I hear her moan and look at the cock stiffening at her face. His shaft leila gang bang french bukkake around two inches in diameter but his glans is huge and getting larger every second as she strokes his cock.

She begins sucking him right there as people are walking by just 50 feet away from us. His glans swells so huge she can't keep it all in her mouth and she has to lick and suck around it excitedly. Seeing it is useless to try and suck him she stands and leans against a car and presses her pussy back towards him and begs, "Fuck me, put it in me please.

I want you to hurt me, fuck me hard, make me scream as my husband watches you." His glans is grotesque in size and shape but he's less than ten inches in length. He has a muscular physique and he steps behind her, bends slightly and begins forcing into my wife right there in public.

"Oh my god you're thick.ohhhhhh.fuck me.oh god it feels so good Dave.fuck me hard.make me cum.aieeeeeeeee" He fucks her with a vengeance, each upwards thrust of his hips lifts her from the ground and soon he has her pinned to the car as he ravages her pussy fully with his swollen grotesque cockhead.

I watch my wife crying, sobbing, begging this young boy to fuck her forever as she cums almost with every strong ramming of his dick. "Fuck me.oh god its so fucking good.hurts.oh shit you hurt me so fuckin deep and good.she sobs as her hips lift and her hands reach back pulling at her asscheeks as she opens her pussy to his hardest thrusts.

Seeing her like this, nude, holding her asscheeks so a young boy can drive his black dick deeper even though he's already ripping her pussy makes me realize the depths of her depravity. What is worse is that I know I have succumbed with her, that I am as addicted now to her cumming on black cocks as she is.

Ron bends her and has her suck his tip as his own arousement begins to intensify at her actions with the young kid. He doesn't try to hold back and he times his thrusts into her mouth with those of the boys so that they both ram hard into her from different ends of her body, pinning her between their cocks as she chokes and grunts as Ron's dick enters her throat, her mouth distended, jaws open as far as possible around his fat girth.

She hears them both moaning and increasing the speed of their assault on her body and realizes they are about to cum and begins screaming around Ron's cock and hunching back into the boys cock as she cums intensely as they both shoot into her hotly.

She feels like they have shot molten rock into her and they explode in her middle to create a wildfire within her that has her entire body shaking, trembling as they erupt like volcanoes repeatedly, lava like sperm spewing inside her as her mind melts. She sees people watching them and that should cause fear within her but instead it creates a furor of desire that has her sucking at Ron and pressing into her young black lovers fat cockhead. When I cum on her face her head shakes with excitement and her moans sound as if she's dying impaled by them.

They pull from her and even though she knows people are watching her she grabs their cocks and begins cleaning them, licking, sucking at their dicks and balls like a woman possessed until the boy stammers and as he realizes people are watching. Then she stands and laughs and begins walking back to the suv leaving my cock hanging with sperm dripping from it, not even worthy of a tongue swipe to clean it for me.

I see her ass glistening with the result of their ardor and she has Ron's cum all over her face from it spewing from her nose, mouth and down her throat. She seems so happy and free as she skips and laughs her jacket billowing exposing her nude fortyish body to the world. She mofos hot pov scene with janice griffith me and kisses me, smearing cum over my face and lips, not on purpose just uncaring as she looks me in my eyes and says, I love you so much Dave, thank you for this night, I must have cum a thousand times and every one amazing and una flaquita bien buena webacm more videos on sexycamsorg because you love me.

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I promise you Dave that even though we both know you could never satisfy me now I am going to find a woman, a black woman for you to fuck and find pleasure with.

Hmmm maybe we'll find a black couple would you like that", she asked almost gaily? I smiled, how could I have ever doubted her love for me I wondered now. For the first time since we picked Ron up she seemed to be my wife again as we walked with my arm around her waist. But once back at the suv she was back in Ron's arms kissing and pulling at his cock hungrily. Insatiable, I think as she begins rubbing her pussy along his fat dick atop his body until her gaped pussy snags his tip and she presses spex taxi amateur bended and fucked ballsdeep into her slimy pussy moaning her pleasure as he again opens her widely as she works her entire body hot chick abella danger enjoys huge cock of doctor his as he sinks deeper and deeper inside her until she's again lost to the feel of his dick stretching her womb as he throbs, his young heart causing his glans to reverberate against her most intimate of places as her mind enters the domain of his cock, a place only she and he are allowed to enter as I become irrelevant to their pleasure.

I watch them for awhile amazed at the capacity my wife has for fucking black cocks. She's right I realize as I watch Ron work his fat black cock in her pussy, pressing, prodding, thrusting deep and then gently rolling his hips in circles as her pussy opens to his gyrating blackness within her, It is sheer folly to think I could ever sate her now I see him withdraw his dick completely, see her pussy gaped and open even more widely than my glans is thick.

Then I watch as his black dick disappears within her white body filling her completely as her moans express so much love for his dick it torments my mind hearing them.

I think of how he must feel inside her, her vaginal muscles stretched, distended until they no longer function to squeeze because of the fat girth that holds them open but her reactions have them trying as her mind absorbs the sensations of the nerves lying there being caressed so strongly. Then as he presses deeper her cervix relents and opens widely, and she feels that tight ring as he forces through it, an inch of tortured pleasure that has every beat of his heart radiating along her vaginal walls until they become like drum beats within her, multiplied by the tightness at her cervical opening.

I think of how her mind by then is aflame, overwhelmed by the flood of emotions and sensations of knowing a black man is responsible for the pleasure her body is experiencing. When she finally begins to regain the sanity she feels slipping away he forces into her uterus, opening her terraced walls as they squeeze him, stretching to fit his girth as they milk his blackness and she knows he is just a hard thrust away from her most intimate of womanly places.

Her emotions are exploited as she experiences the most primitive of cravings embedded in every woman's psyche, the need for him to be embedded fully in her womb when he unleashes her fulfillment as a woman. Her hips hunch, legs pull him into her body, hold her pussy to his hardest, deepest thrusts until she knows the tabooness of having a black man impregnating her white womb as she begs for his babies, uncaring of social consequences or marital obligations as the only love she knows is a physical one, the love of his black Alpha cock.

The ride home and the marital bed next.