Petite teen gets anal training in threesome

Petite teen gets anal training in threesome
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I was in my appartment browsing the internet classifieds one night, not looking for anything in particular, when I cam across some personal ads. I am not usually one to pick up people online, but my boy friend, Sven and I had been talking about bringing another girl to our bed for some added fun to our already steamy sex life.

We had talked of how it would have to be someone from the internet, so as to hot sunnyleone sex full movis make an existing friendship awkward. I came across an ad for a S/W/F 22 yo looking for a night of kink with any total stranger. (right up our alley!) I checked out her stats and ratings and found her to be perfect.

She didn't have a picture posted, and that almost put me off, but I looked at her profile anyway. She seemed to be attractive. five feet, 5 finches tall. Natural blond hair, but tweaked to multicolored braids, pierced eyebrow, lip, ears and tongue. Into BDSM, 3somes, and couples. Sounded like my kinda chicky. I continued reading to find that she was slim build, with 34 b cups. Kind of a rough tomboy type (YES!!!

I thought to myself). I wrote down her info and signed out of my computer. I anxiously waited for my Sven to get home from work to tell him what I had found. I showed him the paper with the girl's info on it and asked him if he wanted me to call her.

He nearly said "DUH!" but held back. He knew that I had my aprehensions about having a 3some, so he decided to be respectful and let me take my time to muster up the courage to contact her. I signed back in to my computer and opened a new email. Her email address was also hinting at her atonements.

[email protected] Ok, I thought, here it goes. I typed in our info and told her what we were looking for. I described us as quiet, private people that wanted to experiment as well. I gave her a phone number to reach us at and told her how far we were from her location. I signed my name and sent it thru the microcosm of space and technology. We celebrated our find with a night of beautiful fucking. His cock felt glorious in my wet pussy! He filled me completly, I was (and still am) his.

He thrust slowly in and out of me so I could feel every inch of his hardness. I thrust up to meet his downstroke and when our pelvises bumped, the fireworks went off! I writhed faster and faster underneath him. I ground my pussy on the base of his cock till my orgasm surmounted. I reached my peak, and gently rocked on him as my waves splashed over me.

Thai girl athena take turns sucking dick continued to ride him and forced myslef to keep cumming for him. this sent him to new heights! He rolled his head back, and groaned out his pleasure. I felt him jerk inside me and knew that he was filling me with his warm, sweet cum. We lay panting in eachother's arms still clutching one another tightly, while the tingles that we gave eachother subsided.

We each wispered "I love you", and fell asleep with him still hard inside me. A few days later, I opened my email and saw that the girl had contacted hot masseuse dominates over the poor client. She said she was nervous about making the first call, so she left me a number to reach her. I wrote down the number and signed off. I went to my phone and dialed the number she had sent me.

On the other end, a sultry voice answered the phone with a shy "hello?". My pussy was instantly wet. I ran to my room with the cordless phone and grabbed a small dildo out of my nightstand. I sat on my bed and while she described herself to me, I plugged in a hands free speaker and proceeded to get off on the visual of the body she described to me. I was peaking my waves, when Sven walked in the room to see me on the phone, on the bed, shoving a vibrator in and out of my wet box.

He had no idea what to think! He walked over and took the dildo from me, and replaced it with his fingers. he rubbed my clit with his other hand as I continued to try to hide my pleasure from the girl on the phone. I thought I heard her steifle a giggle, when I asked her about when and where to meet. I let her talk and explaine to me, while Sven fucked my pussy with his fingers. I was dripping all over him and the bed, god how I wanted to cum so bad! He held his fingers deep and wrigled them back and forth over my g-spot, and soon I felt the heat rise up from them.

The wave rode thru me like lightening! I came so hard, I squirted all over his hand and our sheets.

Gonna have to do laundry before this adventure! If only she knew how nervous we were about meeting her. "You never know what you're gonna get with the internet these days." I said to her, but you can trust us, we are not psycos. "just dress casual, and we can meet wherever you like" We spent a few more minutes on the phone talking about where we lived and found out that we were only a short distance apart!

Luckily, she was a frequent visitor to our town and knew the perfect place to meet. It happened to be a local gathering place that we were regulars at. The type of place where they know how you take your coffee when they see you walk in the door, where a friendly hug is worth as much as a firm hand shake. We had agreed to meet three days later at the small cafe. Meanwhile, Sven and I gathered the things we would need for this endeavor. We had a lot of fun experimenting with some of the new toys that I had decided to purchase.

We made sure to let eachother know when too much was too much. We decided on mild Sex girl xxx 18 and 90 for our entertainment. ****************************************************************************************** It huge tits latina anal fucked in backyard a gathering place of friendly faces, where every one who passes by has a hello to the strangers sipping coffee and reading the papers.

The days in between the phone hot masseuse blair licks and fingers ginas sweet teen pussy and the meeting were the longest days of our lives.

We spent hours trying to figure out how to make this girl feel at ease with us. Not to mention the hours of creating scenarios out of our own sex lives to be performed on the night to come. She had called us the day before to ask how soon we would be taking her back to our place. I laughed and told her that it would be up to her to decide. We weren't out to force her to do anything she wasn't ready for.

So the day finally came and we got ourselves casually sexy to head out to meet our profile girl. I decided on a low cut sheer blouse whith a midrift tank top underneath, along with a flowing skirt that matched, I wore no panties underneath. God I loved how that filmy material flew across my ass! Sven wore his usual kahki cargo pants and a black tee. he shaved the stubble from his face and shaped his goatee to perfection. He put his hair into a ponytail revealing the shaved neckline.

We both anointed ourselves with our favorite scents and we were off! When we got to the cafe, we sat at a table outside and watched for our prize. We spotted a headful of multicolor braids and flowing blue UFO pants with tassels and chains hanging off them. Oh my god! She was perfect! the braids fell down to her waist, She had on a bright green belly shirt with a Care Bear on it, and from the looks of it, it was about two sizes too small for her.

Making her breasts protrude out and giving the Care Bear on the front a bulbous head. I reached under the table and grabbed Sven's leg, "Oh That's gotta be her!" I said. Sure enough, she started to head our way. I waved her over to us, and she shyly came and sat down. I had copped a feel of Svens cock while my hand was on his leg, and I could already feel his reatcion to this strange female.

She wasn't just attractive, she was ADORABLE! A little goddess in a baby tee and raver pants! God what I couldn't wait to do to her!

As it turned out she had gone to the same school with Sven, she recognized him form her year book as being a grade below her in school! Small wonders! She told him that she had hought he looked familiar when she came walking over to us. She gave us both a sweetly seductive half grin, and told us her name was Ash.

She imediately asked when she'd be able to come over. We didn't hold back, we told her we could leave right then if she wanted to, and guess what! Boy was she ready!! We stopped at the store on the way back to pick up a couple bottles of wine. We chilled them in ice buckets and sat around my living room on the comfy beanbag chairs that my mom had given me that were her's from the '70's.

We each drank our wine as we sat in the beanbag circle, we pulled them close so that we were in a little triangle in the middle of the room.

Putting our glasses down, we joined hands in a seance sort of fashion and allowed the energies to flow through us. I slowly felt the tingle begin in my shoulders, and felt the rush of heat flow into my soul. I wondered if the others could feel it like I did, or if they felt something else. I simply waited for the moment to end before I revealed my experiences.

The tingle became a heat rush, that rush flowed and seemed to stop in the nether reigion of my loins.

The red kundalini had me ready to go! I was the first to open my eyes, then Sven, then Ash. We looked at eachother and knew that we had felt the same rush of red energy. I responded to this by leaning into the triangle bringing them with me by thier shoulders. I brought our heads together in the middle and turned our faces so as to engage in a 3 way kiss. Not just any kiss. We let what we felt flow through our lips into the room to surround us in everything that was purely lust.

When the kiss ended we began to feel eachother out and I took the initiative to remove Ash's shirt revealing perfect breasts about the size of softballs.

Still secured in a neon purple lace bra, her mounds rounded over the top just barely exposing a bit of areola, sweet and pink. I reached around her back to unclasp the restraint holding back those beautiful tits. They were even better looking when they settled against her chest.

Her breathing quickened slightly with anticipation. I reached out and cupped one of them in my hand and squeezed lightly, drawing a breath from her hot mouth. Sven rached over and took the other tit into his hand and bent over to lightly lick the cute pink nipple that stuck out as if to say "you know you want to" I followed suit with the one I had and soon we had her head spinning with the sensual nipple sucking.

I reached out with my other big tits milf gets wet on webcam and let cute teen bathroom and sexy sensual art imitating life glide down the front of Sven's pants. I grabbed hold of his already-aroused cock and squeezed. He shuddered and kissed me hard. Before long, there were clothes all over the room, and the smell of lust was apparent. I bent down and took a deep wiff of Ash's smooth shaved pussy, oh how sweeeet!!!

I grabbed Sven's ponytail and pulled his face to her wetness and let him inhale the sweet aroma. We looked at eachother, nodded, and proceeded to lick her warm juices as they started to well up from within her depths. Together, we each shoved a finger into her pussy, and flicked her swollen clit with our tongues.

Suddenly, her muscles clenched our fingers as we continued our oral assault, we felt warm liquid drip into our hands, and knew that we'd made her cum for the first time tonight. When we came back to our senses, we kissed her together and helped her to her feet. We led her to my bedroom, and there was when she got her big surprise.

The walls were lined with Royal Blue velvet, the carpet was a Deep purple. In the center of the room was a hook in the celing with a harness swing attached, the harness could be removed and ropes or chains used in its place. There were also hooks in the floor below that, and hooks scattered here and there hidden in the carpet.

One wall had shelves on it that contained an extensive collection of clips, clamps, harnesses, paddles, crops, and whips. I had an upside-down-v-shaped padded ottoman off to the side with hooks at both ends, it also had wheels so it could be moved around the room to be used with the hooks around it.

In the corner, there was a king-size four-poster bed with a black rought iron canopy and a mirror overlooking the bed, that could also be used for interesting tie ups.

The sheets were of pure satin and matched the color scheme of the rest of the room. Next to that, a dresser with 4 large drawers containg an array of different dildoes, vibrators, plugs, chains, rope, blindfolds, hand cuffs, and gags. She stared in awe at all the attachments and toys disbursed about the room. She turned to me and grabbed my shoulders, planting a wet french kiss on me with no warning.

she was apparently greatful for the opportunity to service us in our greatest fantasy. It's not every day you score a 10 with chicks on the internet, believe me, I've had my share of not-so-honorable one night stands.

Sven came up behind her while she had her tongue imbedded in my throat and cupped her perky tits, I reached around her and squeezed us into a sandwich hug. We became relentless with the petting, sucking, licking, biting, and lust. I took a pink nipple into my mouth and drew it in, pulling soflty on her tender flesh.

I reached out and took hold of Sven's hard cock and stroked it a few times before pushing him out of the way and taking over Ash's makeout session. I reached behind her and took hold of her round, smooth ass cheeks. I squeeszed and lifted her gently onto her tiptoes. I ran my hands sofly up the sides of her slim figure and raised her arms above her head.

This is when Sven stepped back in and fastened her hands to the hook in the celing with a pair of cuffs he fetched when I was getting a better feel of our new toy. While he finished strapping her to the hooks in the celing and using a pair of ankle shackles, cuffing her also to the floor, I went to the built in stereo in my headboard and started playing some etherial trance music to complete the atmosphere.

When I returned to the center of the room, Sven had Ash in a frenzy as he pinched and sucked her nipples to full attention. How hard they were! How cute they looked sticking out so far from the darker pink of her areola. My Goddess what a sight!!! I took this moment to come from behind and reach out to stroke her shaved pussy. How smooth she was! As if she had known she was going to get some action this night. I could feel how wet she was as I let my fingers lightly dip into her hot box.

I put my finger to Sven's muth and let him lick it off. "She's so ready!" I exclaimed. Ash could do nothing but hope that she had done the right thing.

Because though she was into this sort of play, till now, it had only been a secret fantasy. We were about to make them all come true, and then some!

I went over to the hidden drawer in the frame of the massive bed and pulled out a 3 foot spreader bar. I returned and secured it to the shackles on her ankles. She was now helpless to stop us. I undid the hooks on the floor and had Sven helped me fit her into the harness swing. Once settled, we kissed her pussy together and made out with her wetness swapping her juices from my tongue to his and then scooped up more.

I sneeked in and took a small suck on her sensitive nub. She attempted to buck wildly in the suspended swing. I looked up at her angelic face and saw what she was feeling. Her head hung back, limp, and her eyes were half rolled back into her head. She was swooning with emense pleasure and had no idea what else was in store for her. I went back to sucking on her swollen clit, wanting to get a forced orgasm form her. It didn't take long with my sucking and Sven now licking her asshole, before she was thrashing like crazy against her restraints!

She started moaning, low in her throat, getting a little louder with each flick of our tongues. I suddenly shoved two fingers intoer her wet honey pot and clamped down on her throbbing clit.

Sven had to pull his face away from her ass because her cheeks clenched as her body tightened with the first wave of many orgasms to come. Her panting and sweating had both of us heated for more. I went to the dresser and opened the top drawer and produced a 4" rubber dildo gag, and a set of silver nipple clips.

This one in particular had a 7" dildo father and daughter blood xnxx protruded outward for the pleasure of being sat on by another horny individual, or severe gagging cases, if used the other way.

It even had a little switch to activate a mini vibe in the middle so that both gave a little added bonus pleasure. I secured it into Ash's mouth and set it on low. I watched as her lips quivered around the rubber cock. I then secured the clips tightly around each of hr pretty pink, swlloen nipples. She arched her back with the sudden sting, but soon relaxed as the pain gave way to tinlging pleasure. How helpless she had become in a matter of minutes! I stopped staring at my handiwork, and turned to take Sven in to my arms and kiss him sunny leone xxx fucking vidio. Rubbing my shaved triangle patch against his aroused cock, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my own small tits agains his furry chest.

I stroked his long pony tail and twisted it around my fist. I pulled back on it, forcing him to lean as far backwards as he could go. I supported his back as I made him arch over and make a naked bridge in the middle of the floor.

I secured his hands and feet to hooks that were near by. His erection stuck strait up from his body. How glorious they both looked, so horny, so helpless, and at my comand for the moment. I couldn't resist stepping up to Sven's face and shoving my own wet pussy in it. He responded by licking into me with his hot tongue. I knelt down with my ass towards him so he could have easier acces to what I had to offer.

He did a great job for being upside down. His mouth was so hot on my wetness that I had a hard time keeping balance.

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He had me reeling with the movements of his mouth muscle. I felt my juices begin to flow, and the tingle started deep in my belly. I let the wave ride until my knees wobbled and I had to stand up. I looked at Sven's swollen cock and decided that Ash was going to watch as I sucked him off.

I lowered my face to his throbbing cock and licked the tip slightly. His erection jumped at my light touch. I then grabbed the base with one hand and cupped his balls in the other. I lowered my mouth over his prodruding cock and slid my tongue all the way down, till I had him burried to the hilt in my throat.

Not long enough to gag me, but long enough to settle comfortably between my tonsils. I had long ago developed a breathing pattern that allowed my to be able to deep throat without gagging.

I used my lips to pull at the skin three scenes in one story the base of his shaft.

I liked the underside of him pulsing cock and I could ear a moan escape his throat. He was in a slightly uncomfortable possition, and I wasn't sure how long he could hold himself in the bridge, but I was determined to get him off before he gave out. I squeezed the base of his hardness, and sucked with all my strength. I felt him throb in my throat, and nearly gagged on him.

I pulled on his balls with my other hand, and he shook with pleasure. I let my saliva run down over my hand as I began to stroke and suck in earnest. Faster and faster my mouth went, silently begging him to gratfy me with the sweet nectar that I love so much. Soon, I could feel the strain of the possition he was in, as his legs started shaking. He groaned loudly as my hand and mouth did the work.

I felt his cock throb once again, and swelled. Sure sign that the warm cum was soon to be in my eager mouth. His legs buckled, and he let out a loud "aaghhhhaaaa"! That was when I felt the first shot of his swet cum enter my mouth. I countinued to suck and stroke, though slower now, as not to rush his waves.

I squeezed the base one more time, and then sucked the tip, milking him of evey last drop he had to offer. He crumbled to the floor, straining in his locks, panting hard. I put my hand on his chest and felt his heart race with post cum adrenalin.

Helping Sven to his feet, we then took Ash out of the swing, and unhooked her arms from monster black pole for a kinky slag cumshot facial celing. I took out a black velour blanket and spresd it over the soft carpet.

We laid her sown on her back and hooked her spread eagle to the hooks hidden in the carpet. She still had the dildo gag on low buzzing softly in her mouth, I whispered to Sven to go suck the other end of the gag while I got another taste of Ash's sweet honey.

He complied and bent down and took all 7" of the rubber gag dick in his mouth! He began to slowly suck up and down on it as if it were a real one. I envied that rubber fallice. I wished for just a moment that I had a penis just so I could feel that taste your ass juice riley nixon hardcore anal and hairy pussy mouth stroke me up and down.

(**giggles**) I lapped at Ash's pussy for what seemed like hours. I still hadn't gotten to cum, and the two of them had been satified at least once. But it had yet to end there. When the sweet nectar began to flow from this goddess we had found, I dove in with my tongue as deep as it would go, and shoved two fingers in her, and clamped down on her hard clit yet again to feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. I sucked up all her juices as they poured forth in turrents.

I could just barely hear her moan her absolute pleasure through the rubber cock. I looked over and noticed that Sven's cock had woken up and looked ready for round two. He was still sucking the other side of the girl's gag, his cock springing in motion to his sucking movements. I called Sven to get behind me while I continued to fuck Ash with my mouth.

I told him to take me from behind, and not to worry, that there would be more than two rounds tonight! With that, he got behind me and found my wet pussy ready for him. He parted my lips and thrust tenderly into my pussy. I shuddered at the chill his entry gave me. I eased back to get my juices flowing over his cock, making for a smoother ride.

I rocked my ass back and forth while still tongue fucking our little toy, who by now was on her way to another huge orgasm. She kept her eyes closed as she twisted against her shackles.

The muffled moaning was louder than before, almost a scream behind the rubber cock in her mouth. Seeing this gave me an idea. I pulled off of Sven's cock and swung my legs around so that I was now possitioned over the 7" gag dick. I called Sven over to get behind me once again. I explained that I wanted him to not only fuck me with his own cock, I wanted him to double fuck me with the gag dick too. I am not usually one for DP, and I really don't like anal, but for some reason tonight was differnt.

Tonight had a magic all it's own, that may never be repeated. I lowered my pussy onto the rubber cock that vibrated still in the bound girl's mouth. Sven then lubed my ass with the bottle I had brought over earlier and rubbed his cock to lube that up before placing it at the entrance to my near- virgin ass.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax as I felt the pressure of the rubber cock resisting with the pressure of Sven's entry. I felt his hardness push slowly into my asshole. My tight sphincter not willing to be violated in such a mannor, but I was determined. I slowly rocked back and forth on the rubber dick, as Sven pushed his cock into my ass a little at a time.

He had just a couple inches in when I noticed how full I started to feel. Amazing! I had handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob add more lube to my ass to make his full entry a little smoother. He continued to slowly pump so as not to drive all 81/2" of his throbbing cock into my asshole all at once.

Finally I felt him buried to the hilt against my ass cheeks. the sensation was mindblowing. Ash, the pretty little thing, under me, and my wet pussy being fucked on the mouth by a double ended gag dildo, and then Sven's beautiful cock buried deep in my hot ass, as his balls gently slapped off her chin.

The pleasure/pain of being double fucked had me moaning and nearly in tears. Sven grabbed my hips and started to rock a little faster. My ass, having accomodated to his size, was now as horny as my wet pussy.

the pressure I felt of the two cocks rubbing together inside amateur latina drilled by nasty pawn man, had my head spinning! I was humping hard on Ash's face and Sven behind me pounding my ass with his magnificent meat.

I could hang no longer! Wave after wave of tingle swept over my heated body. I was swimming in oblivion! My pussy and clit clenched and throbbed as my orgazm reached it's peak. My cum oozed out over the rubber cock and seeped into the gag and into Ash's hot little mouth.

Sven tightened behind me as all my inner muscles contracted around his throbbing cock. I could feel his erection get fuller in my ass as he neared his own wave of pleasure. He took my hips once again and humped with all his might.

Soon, he stopped, jerked a couple times and then let out the most intense shot of cum up my ass as he loudly groaned his pleasure to the goddess of sexuality. We collapsed in a heap on the floor, a tangled mess of sweat, cum and skin. I kissed Sven tenderly, then we both came around and showed Ash our gratitude buy kiving her a double kiss.

Our tongues mingled together as our breathing slowed to normal. I unhooked all restraints and walked over to the fridge in the corner. I pulled out a bottle of water for each of us and passed british big tits milf and daddy fuck innocent teen around.

Wiping the last bit of dripping sweat from my brow, I mentioned to them that we might want to freshen up a little. I directed all of us to the large master bathroom. Ash's eyes popped when she saw the gigantic shower with easily enough room for 5 or 6 people. It was round, in the center of the large room, knee deep with an old fashioned curtain ring around the top, suspended tightly from the celing.

What no one knew, was that in the vanity drawer, I had hooks and harnesses there too, for some good "clean" bathrom fun. I pulled out three oversized bath towels, and started the water for our shower. I had a shelf built into a small wall in the shower that housed an array of sponges, loufas, puffs, soaps, washes, and shampoos. I reached for a melon scented scrub and lathered up a loufa. I gently started scrubbing ash's ass cheeks with the rough loufa.

She wiggled that cute little ass, urging me to keep going. I scrubbed a little harder to add a little roughness to the heavenly scrubbing.

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Sven picked up a terry cloth and lathered that up as well. He came over and started to rub down the front of Ash's lithe body. Oh how sprite-like she was! And how her skin glistened in the steady fall of the shower. Suddenly, they both grabbed me, and Sven handcuffed me to the shower bar. I hand't even seen him grab the cuffs! I was in for it. It was apparently my turn to succum to their whims. Hell, why not, I didn't want to control the whole night. I let them feel me and soap me up.

I was slick wiht lather and the shower smelled of sweet mellons, and wet pussy. They cleansed me up and down, not failing to touch every sensitive area on my body. I felt fingers in my pussy, ass, and soft smooth hands gently squeezing and pinching my nipples. The water was splashing in my face and I couldn't see who was touching me where.

I panted and struggled against my restraints. I needed to cum and soon! I could feel my juices mingle with the warm shower water. I felt a soft mouth on my pussy, and knew instantly that it was Ash that had started familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom like my pussy. GOD what a mouth she had! I felt hands spreading my ass cheeks, and then a soft cloth gently rubbing away the soreness of the fucking it had received just moments before.

this made my clit throb and my juices flow faster. I then felt three tiny fingers probe into my wet folds. How heavenly her little fingers felt inside me. I felt Sven cup my tits.

He took a sensitive nipple into his mouth and sucked hard! I let out a little cry, and winced as he sucked profusely, making my nipple stick far out from the tit it was attached to. I sighed with the pleasure I was receiving from the two of them. My ultimate fantasy was happening, all made possible by a darling contraption called the internet. I could feel my pulse quicken, as I took the assault on my nipples and tits, as well as the 3-finger fucking that Ash continued to give me.

She seemed determined to bring me the same pleasure that had been shown to her earlier in the evening. I wrestled back and forth with lust as I started to moan out in agony.

I needed to cum! I felt her withdraw her fingers, and then felt Sven's goatee on my shaved pussy as he kissed me there, and licked my clit quickly. His tongue was replaced by his once again hard cock! "Ready to go so soon"?

I asked coyly.

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With my hands still shackled to the overhead curtan ring, injured granny is healed by young dick lifted my legs and drew them aound his waist.I felt him enter me swiftly, as the lather from the cleaning, and the water now mixed with our lust.

I felt Ash begin to play with his balls, and rub my clit as he fucked me hanging from the shower rod. "slap, slap, slap" was the sound coming form my bathroom, as he fucked my hard in the steamy shower. As he fucked me to a cumming frensy, how I longed to grab his ponytail and pull his face to mine for a gratifying kiss! I cried out in extasy as my waves of pleasure began. As my orgasm died down, and my convulsing muscles started to relax, I felt him throb inside and knew that he was cumming again.

I held still to feel his pulsing cock spew forth the cream I loved so much. As his cum filled me, I felt Ash's mouth on our joining, as she began to clean away the cum that dribbled out. She licked his cock as he pulled out of me, and then planted that sweet mouth on my hot throbbing pussy to suck out the cum that he had left there.

When she felt that I was cleansed, she pulled that sweet mouth away, and came up and kissed me, letting me taste our juices in her mouth.

"mmmmm" I couldn't help but moan! How sweet our blended love tasted coming from her lips! I felt the water start to run a little cooler, and then my restraints were being removed. I colapsed with my arms around Sven's strong shoulders.

He set me down carefully and shut off the water. He grabbed our towels, and handed them to Ash and I. What a night so far! I couldn't wait to get to the really fun stuff! We dried off, and left the bathroom. I went to the living room to collect the bottles of wine we had left there. I brought them to the bedroom, and climbed on the bed where Sven and Ash were hardcore casting kinky nicole finds a good match each other.

I caught an aura of jealousy, just for a second, not long at all, really. But long enough for me to get some kinky revenge for them starting without me! I noticed she still wore the nipple clips I placed on her earlier. I grabbed the chain and gently tugged, pulling her away from Sven's attentions. I took her to the other side of the room and explained to her, the possition she had succumed to by letting us fill her ad.

I let her by the chain over the the inverted v-shaped ottoman.

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It stood about knee high and had hooks on all four corners, as well as a hook at one end, in order to secure the silver collar she still wore around her neck. I had her straddle the ottoman, kneeling on the carpet I bound her by the ankles to the hooks.

I rolled the ottoman to the center of the room, and held her hands above her head. I called Sven over to help me attach her hands to the ropes hanging from the hook in the celing. With this done, she once again looked helpless.

I went to the dresser and procured a blindfold. Sven opened his mouth in protest, but I quickly showed him who was in charge here, by flinging the elastic form the blindflod across his bare ass.

I pointed to the ottoman, intending for him to climb on it as well. I placed the blindfold over Ash's pretty blue eyes and heard her whimper with defeat. I possitioned Sven so his cock was mere inches away from the girls' hole. I had them rais just a little so I could place a vibrating pad under them. I fastened Sven to the ottoman and put a blindfold on him as well. I strung his hands up with hers, so that now, her pert c cups were barely grazing the hairs on his chest.

I looped a cock ring around Sven's rising cock, and made sure it was in the right place. I pulled a couple small butt plugs from the dresser and made each lean inward a little so I could insert them into each asshole. I led another rope from the celing to the clip chain that still kept Ash's nipples super erect. I lifted them gently, applying the slightest pressure.

She struggled in her restraints as I pushed Sven just a little closer. His hard cock resting on, but not entering into the folds of her honey pot. I left them this way, and pulled out my digital camera to remember this moment of submission. It was my dream come true! I had them so that whenever either moved, they teased the other into a can't cum frenzy. After I snapped a few shots with my camera, I went to the shelves that housed my whips, crops and paddles.

I selected a triple briaded suede crop. the three braids of soft suede were heaven to the touch, and sightly painful to the sensitive areas. I took this over to the ottoman, and waved it along the seated pair. I touched them lightly on their arms, legs, asses, tits, and even dangled it gently over Sven's nestled cock.

It twitched wildly and sent a shudder of excitement through Ash. Both blindfolded, they knew not where I would dangle the crop next. I was tingly with anticipation myself. I teased them profusely, making Sven's cock jump into Ash's love button several times before she started moaning that she was close to cumming. I slid her back, and let Svens raging hard on bounce and smack his belly.

Ash's whimper of disappointment gave me the idea to show her my satisfaction by smacking her with a little more effort. I concentrated on her most sensitive areas. Often flipping the crop and tickling her with the handle. I rubbed her clit and asshole with it and watched her squirm with frustration.

Oh I was loving this! All the while, Sven was wavering back and forth, his hard cock springing out from his strong body. He was in a whirl of sensation. I lightly ran the crop over his bulging erection and watched as opaque fluid oozed from his mushroom head.

I bent over and licked it off, savoring the sweetness of his pre-cum. I nearly swooned with wanting to get fucked so bad!

I held back though, denying myself the pleasure would make my orgasm the best cum ever! I got a little more daring.

I picked up a notch by adjusting the rope that bound Ash's tits to the celing. I losened it and lowered her so that her mouth was just barely touching the tip of Sven's oozing cock. His hard on stood right up and pressed against her soft lips and stayed there. If she tried to go lower, her tits would feel the wrath. I then tied a silk ribbon around Sven's balls. I attached the other end to one of the hooks at the bottom of the ottoman. If he tried to rise to fit in her mouth, his balls would be yanked hard.

I watched as the two of hem struggled not to give into temptation. He wanted to feel her mouth around his cock so bad! I walked around behind Ash, and gave her a moderate whack on her asscheeks with the braided crop. this caused her to jump, and when she did, she bent slightly forward tweeking her bound nipples, not being able to help her mouth slide down Sven's throbbing meat, just a tiny bit.

Sven, with his hands tied behimd him, and his feet shackled to the ottoman, struggled in his resistance to thrust up into her wet mouth. He shook with ferverent want. suddenly, he could hold out no longer. With a manly growl, he ignored the pain, (or loved it) and thrust once, hard directly into her hot mouth.

His cock slid about half way in and he held it there, bearing with the pain of the silk ribbon pulling on his balls. I sat back and watched this glorious sight for a few more minutes. They finally could take the self inflicted pain no longer and relaxed against the restraints. I got up and set the crop aside. I undid the tit clip, and rubbed the feeling back into Ash's super-sensitized nipples. I cupped one beautiful perky tit and popped a pink, swollen nipple into my mouth.

I reached up and pulled Sven's face to her other nipple allowing him to suck on the soft flesh. His cock was aching to cum again, I could tell. The veins in his rigid member were so swollen, I could swear the cum would ooze out from them rather than the hole at the tip. It twiched with every light touch I made to it.

I looked at Ash, so bound and helpless. I asked her if she'd like to taste Sven's sweet cum. She nodded and licked her lips. I told her I would let her know when I needed her to be ready. He pussy was still only inches away from the swollen tip of the hard cock I was about to suck on. I rubbed her swollen clit as I plunged my mouth down onto the hardest cock ever! She let out a squeal, and Sven arched aback, yanking his balls as his ringed cock jerked in my mouth and warmed it with the cum that had been waiting to explode.

I sucked hard, draining him of all the sweet liquid he had to offer. I took my mouth away from his still raging hard on, and shoving two fingers into her wet pussy, I french kissed her and tongued Sven's cum into her hot mouth. She shivered and moaned her pleasure as our tongues shared the cum and savored the taste.

I finger fucked her to a cumming franzy. I held on as she bucked against my hand and held on with her tongue to my mouth. Her juices flowed over my hand, and her writhing and moaning took over the room. Sven's cock still raged hard, due to the ring that still kept the blood from rushing back. I raise my cum covered hand to Sven's mouth, and let him lick her juices clean. I finished the kiss with Ash by tonguing all the cum into her mouth and pulling away.

I grabbed the still hard cock and untied the ribbon from his swollen balls. I removed the blindfolds and shackles, and helped them to the floor. I removed their ass plugs, and allowed them to rest a moment. I left Sven's cock ring in place, as it would keep him hard even after cumming like he just had. I led us all to the bed, and I laid down and instructed them to pleasure me.

Sven took this opportunity to shackle me to the four poster bed and when I looked up into the full sized mirror in the canopy, I could see my own helplessness big cook with tait pussy became wet upon the sight. Boy, they wasted no time with this at all! Extremely horny petite teen bitch lola fae 1st double penetration was bound and gagged in a matter of minutes.

Then the crop whipping began. My naked flesh exposed to their will. I felt the sting of the suede crop along my inner thighs, and on my tits, I felt a new whipping sensation. One of them had grabbed the vynil riding crop with the small spiked mace ball on the tip. I felt it bite into the tender flech above my breasts. I winced as the ball bit into my tender nipples a couple times. The sensation of the vynil and the suede had me squirming and aching to cum.

That's when I heard a soft humming sound. I couldn't see what it was, but I felt my ass being pushed up a little and another set of hands pulled my asscheeks apart. I shuddered at the dripping of the cool lubricant on my ass. I then felt the humming object being pushed up against my puckered asshole.

I could tell which of my vibrators they were using on me. I knew all of my toys very well. This one was 7 inches long 2 inches wide, and it was not made for ass play, not in my book anyway, but I allowed myself to relax nonetheless, and let out a breath. Feeling the tip if the vibrating rubber dick being slowly inserted into my asshole, I wriggle a bit to loosen up and allow for better entry. Well lubed, the rubber cock slid in nicely. Filling my ass, I could feel the vibrations through the membranes of my wet pussy.

I shuddered at the fullness. I lowered my ass to the bed and let the rythm take me to new levels of extasy. I could feel little sparks igniting in my clit as my ass vibrated and tickled the insides of my fuck tunnel. How I wanted to feel Sven's hard cock in my pussy too! I was gagged and couldn't beg, so I thrust my ass off hte bed a few times to try to hint to them I needed a good fucking. I felt the sting of the mace ball on my clit instead. then a finger rubbed it until I thought I'd scream.

Tears fell from under the blindfold. I was greatful to them for this pleasure! The need to cum was outstanding, but the denial of it was turning me on to no end! I was stuck in an orgasmic paradox! I moaned into the gag and squealed as loud as I could.

Then all became quiet. I listened carefully to catch any sound around me, but the only thing I could hear was the motor of the vibrator in my ass. Suddenly, I felt my tits being pulled on, as they attached the nipple clip to them and hoisted my nipples on a rope, up to the canopy. the blindfold was removed, and I was allowed to see myself in the large mirror above me.

Such work ! I'd never thought of being turned on by seeing myself so helpless. My tits had been lifted to form peaks that were topped off with my swollen nipples.

Which now they each took one into their mouth and sucked profusely. My pussy was on fire! I rocked my head back and forth, I thrust my pussy up and down, wanting to cum so bad! I looked Sven in the eyes and gave him a pleading look. He smiled and pinched my clit with his fingernails, and I winced and shuddered with the painful pleasure that went through my body.

Oh how I longed to feel his cock vibrating in my pussy! I looked around the room to see Where Ash had gone, I didn't see her as she came up behind me with the largest of my stap-on collection around her waist!

SHE was gonna fuck me then! OH how sweet! Sven cam over and whispered the question in my ear about it being ok to fuck her in the ass while she fucked me with the strap on, he removed the gag and I answered with "as long as I get a turn after"! With that, Ash got between my legs and adjusted herself euro lesbians turning up the heat in the kitchen the entrance of my soaking wet pussy.

She put her knees up under my ass, raising me of the bed just a little. How supurb she felt! The belt she chose for the fucking, allowed a smaller dildo with a clit tickler to be attached to the other side for the wearer to be fucked lightly, and gently stimulated as well. With each gentle thrust she gave me, she herself got probed and stimulated. Our juices began to flow together, and Sven got behind the girl and dripped lube on her ass.

He rubbed his fingers in her ass crack, and inserted a finger into her puckered hole. She moaned and bent over to kiss me, allowing him better access to her tight asshole. He licked her pussy and felt the rubber cock that fucked her as she began to pick up her pace. She began to fuck me a little faster, going a little deeper each time. This in rythm with the vibrator deep in my own ass, was sending me over the edge of oblivion! I was so close to cumming!

My hands bound above girls anal fuckine big dildo head, I couldn't stimulate my own clit. It began to burn and throb with the need to cum! OH GOD! I was panting and thrashing my head back and forth.

I could see Sven behind Ash, holding her hips and thrusting them back and forth as his raging cock inched its way up her asshole.

Each of his thrusts into her ass, made her thrusts into my wet pussy that much stronger! I was in a frenzy! My juices were running down my asscrack, making the large vibrator in my ass slide slightly out. I bucked against the bed, securing it in it's place, not wanting to lose any sensation I was getting form this ultimate experience.

Spy cam caught mom with stranger in living room suddenly felt my head tingle, then my vision went white! My pussy clenched the fake cock that was fucking me, and squeezed it nearly all the way out! This in turn shoved the mini vibe on the other side to fully lock into the girls sweet box, and she let out a cry, as she rocked her orgazm right there, and let her juices flow all over me. the tightening of her ass as she came, caused Sven to pull out of her ass and push her to the bed next to me as he finished by jerking his warm cum all over both of us!

We opened our mouths and hoped to catch it as it sprayed over our heated bodies. We wiggled as the warm liquid hit our skin and cooled instantly. I rolled my head over to kiss Ash's cum spattered face. She licked a drop of cum away from my face and then french kissed me, as we both subsided form our orgasmic peaks.

Sven slowly stroked his spasming a melhor foda que uma mulher pode as the last of his delicious cum oozed out.

As Ash removed the vibrator from my ass, he collapsed on top of both of us, breathing heavily. Ash undid my arm restraints, and I wrapped both of them, cum covered and all, into my arms. We rested there a while, before I got the urge to have my turn at the chain fuck. With no restriants this time, though leaving the tit clips on my swollen nipples, I put on the strap-on belt, minus the smaller vibe. I wanted to feel Sven's still raging cock! The ring on his erection, kept him hard. I was amazed with how many times he'd been able to cum!

I possitioned Ash on all fours, and turned the belt into a double fucker. I attached both rubber cocks so that one fucked her wet pussy while the other slid in and out of her tight asshole. Sven wriggled his ass in my face, I picked up a medium sized ass plug and held it up to him, he nodded to me and I lubed him up.

I slowly inserted the plug into his ass, making sure to be gentle, until the whole 7 inches was planted deeply into his sphincter, the indentation at the base making it so the plug would stay put. Rough threesome xxx some of these pigs just dont get it asked him if it tickled his prostate, he answered with a happy moan as I stroked his cock. My ass had already been filled twice this night, so I'd had my fill of that.

My ass remained empty this round. I took my possition behid Ash and aligned the rubber cocks to her ass and pussy, I dripped more lube in her crack and gently pushed inward. She opened up to me as a flower to a bee.

The smell of our sex was pungent, and we were all out for one more cum. As I finished entering Ash's holes, Sven began thrusting his hard cock into my pussy.

The sensation of fucking the girl and being fucked was enough to nearly make me cum instantly, but I held off. I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible! I felt Sven rub my asshole with his thumb, and I rocked back a little, leting him know that what he was doing was turning me on even more.

He didn't fuck me with his thumb, but lightly teased my ass. He hot babe cory having a sensual affiar with milf sierra lesbian and nicole would lightly enter and then back off, rubbing more lube onto my abused asshole.

The stimulations drove me wild! I began to fuck the mom and san xxx orjinal out of the tiny girl under me, and Sven had to fuck me faster just to keep up! I told Sven to remove the cock ring, and fuck me as hard as he could.

I didn't even have to thrust into Ash! His cock was doing it for me! Ash closed her eyes and rolled her head back and forth, gripping the sheets, she arched her back, and thrust up towards the double fucking I was giving her in earnest! She let out a throaty moan, that escalated into a high-pitched squeal. Her orgazm was incredible! I could feel her pussy throb against mine through the soft material of the belt.

I held on to her hips and fucked her holes as hard as I could.

I felt my own juices begin to flow, as Sven fucked me like lightening! He hit my g-spot over and over again, bringing back the tingling of my oncoming orgasm. As Ash's cum flowed from her, and subsided, my own orgasm began. I thrust deeply into both her holes, and let out my own moan of pleasure! I clenched my muscles around Sven's throbbing cock, and he knew he'd hit his mark.

Ash went limp under me, and I climbed off, letting Sven stay lodged in my cumming pussy. I moved my way up so that we were now fucking right over her adorable face. I removed the tstrap-on, and let Sven fuck me as my cum leaked out and dripped onto her pretty mouth.

My spasming muscles made me squirt what seemed like buckets over her limp body. My cum ran down the side of her neck and onto the pillow. she moved her mouth around, trying to catch it all as it fell from me. I panted and bucked, waiting for Sven to announce his moment.

We didnt have to wait long! I felt the throb of his shaft against the still clenching walls of my pussy, he froze, and I was greeted with the warmth of his cum as it filled me deeply. He came so much, it mingled with mine, and dripped out onto the tired girl below us. As his orgasm peaked, he began to thurst into me agian, causing our cum to drip out and onto Ash's pretty face.

She reached up with tired arms and drew us to her as Sven's orgasm dies down and he panted his relief. We curled up into each other, and fell asleep.

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A wid, panting, cum covered evening was had by all!