Hot romance brzar sex story

Hot romance brzar sex story
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I'd been chatting to older guys on AFF for a while, letting them talk filth to me and tell me what they'd do to me if I met them. I'd always kept it just chat and told myself I could keep it harmless.

They seemed fascinated about thinking of me and I started sending them photos to tease them. I'm short, petite and 18, all of which drove these middle-aged men wild and I was always inundated with messages when I went onto the chat.

Over time I started to seek out porn of some of the things they were describing and started to get curious about some of the more extreme things. I found myself watching gangbangs and staring at so many hard cocks and wondering how she felt surrounded by them. I found myself searching other sites for dirty old men and just seeing what they would say they wanted to do to me. That's when I met Chris on craigslist.

He wasn't like the others, as he could form a complete sentence and I didn't immediately receive a dick pic. We started exchanging emails and he would construct detailed fantasy scenarios that had me hooked.

Chris realised early on that I'd a curiosity for group sex and gangbangs, and repeatedly the scenarios he described were multiple guys and just me. It started to sink into my mind more and more, and it became harder and harder to get excited about just one guy. Chris was older, late thirties he said, and I suspect that I wasn't the first young girl he had groomed to agree to meet him. He suggested that he could organise a group of his friends, not too many, and I could live out one of the fantasies he had described.

I was scared, but by this point tattoo blonde cum swallow and hardcore anal gape fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy idea had sunk into my mind that I was almost more worried I wouldn't know how to arrange one and I'd never try it. I replied that I'd consider it but would need to know more. Chris wrote back with a scenario that seemed perfect, and he explained how safe I would be with him there throughout.

I agreed to do it. He gave me a date and directions to the place he had booked. He explained that he would have four friends meet us there and my limits would be respected.

I was nervous, very nervous, but agreed and spent most of the next week swinging wildly from being more excited than I could remember to being so nervous I felt ill. I arrived at the time Chris had told me to get there and he answered the door. The place was a really fancy looking old townhouse but it was split into individual hotel suites. Chris led me through the grand entrance hall and into his suite.

Right by the door was a bedroom which he led me into and told me the living room was just down the hall, and that was where the guys were waiting. I was to get myself ready, strip naked, and come join them when I was ready. Suddenly I was alone staring at the bed and wondering what I was doing. I could hear the sound of guys in the other room laughing and I wondered if they were talking about me. I put my bag down and sat on the bed, telling myself to pull myself together and to relax and enjoy myself.

I slipped off my shoes and stood up.

I pulled off my t-shirt and undid my jeans. I folded these and placed my socks on my trainers and turned to face the full height mirror on the opposite wall. I ran my hands over my bra and down over my flat stomach, round to my perky round ass and grabbed it in both hands. Looking myself in the eye I told myself that this is what I want to do, and I may never get another chance.

I undo my bra and drop it to the floor and slip my fingers inside each side of the waist band of my thong and I freeze again. I hear their voices and a though flashes across my mind, can I do this? I take a deep breath and push, letting my thong slide down my legs to the floor and I step out of them. I stare at the naked girl in the mirror and try to picture her as one of the girls from the porn I'd masturbated to. I look around the room and realise I've run out of things to do to prepare myself, time to go see the guys.

I hesitate at the door, with my hand on the handle, and the silliest thought crosses my mind. I should pick up my bra and thong and put them with my other clothes. I put that thought out of my mind as something my parents would want me to do and open the door. Chris hears the door opening and calls the guys to silence. I can see him standing naked and erect in the living room at the end of the hall. I can't see anyone else, but he beckons me to come forward and into the room. I slowly start to step forward, and I'm horny feel horny masturbate with big toys aware of Chris staring at my naked body.

I'm looking at Chris and trying to slow my heart rate as I'm kerala hidden cam massage parlor forced porn scared and so turned on being stared at like this. I'm several steps into the room before I become aware of my surroundings. I'm in a large and very light living room. There are two couches and a bare mattress on the floor in the centre of the room. And eight very naked older men staring at me and stroking their cocks.

I panic, I've lost my bottle and I just can't do this. I turn and run back to the bedroom. Chris followed me, and as I bend down to grab my underwear off the floor, he comes up behind me and gabs me. I'm flung onto the bed and I'm in shock.

Chris uses this momentary pause from me to climb on top of me using his body weight to pin me face down on the bed. My head is facing the door and I can see the other guys enter the room. Chris tells them that they'll just "fuck her in here" and I feel his cock press against my ass. I start to ask Chris what he's doing and he tells me that this is what I wanted and to just relax. With that he pushes his cock into my ass to the cheers of his friends.

I don't try to fight him, I just let him do it as I watch the group of guys wank their cocks staring at me. I'm getting turned on realising I really am in one of the porn films I'd watched, and that this sugar told us that our cock had nowhere to go sight of guys wanking was what she must have seen. Chris rolls onto his back, carrying me on top of him and manages to keep his cock in my ass.

He grabs my hips and starts to build a rhythm to his ass fucking of me. My view shifts from the group to the mirror opposite the bed and the sight of my naked body on top of a hard cock.

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I open my legs to get a better view of this porn star in the mirror. I hear from behind me Chris saying to come on up, that he's got her warmed up. I suddenly realise what he means as one guy walks into my view of the mirror and climbs onto the bed.

Without a word he lines up and shoves his cock in my pussy, and I'm DPed for the first time ever. I'm in part shock, and part ecstasy at feeling so full and the mia khalifa porn story 2019 strokes of Chris and my mystery sex partner.

I feel the bed shifting as guys come closer and suddenly there are hands everywhere. My breasts are being grabbed and pawed by two different guys, and I have someone's hands grabbing my ass. I'm just in a sea of sensations, feelings and can't keep track of who is doing what to me where. My head rolls back as I give into this assault of sex and I only become aware of the man squatting over my face when his cock presses against my lips.

I've no resistance to what is happening to me, I'm becoming a porn star in my head, and I open my mouth. He immediately pushes his cock to the back of my mouth and starts pressing on to try to get into my throat.

I've no will or strength to resist and he pushes past my gag and I hear some guys cheer somewhere but can't focus enough to hear them properly. I vaguely make out someone saying "airtight slut" but I'm too busy to care what that is. Chris is the first to cum, slamming as deep into me as he can I'm suddenly bereft of a cock in my mouth and I realise the mystery guy in my pussy is pulling me on top of him. I'm now staring directly at the mirror and can see the guy who had until seconds before been fucking my mouth kneel behind me and then feel him shove his cock balls deep into my ass.

He compliments Chris for getting me loosened up and starts to go for it, really fucking me hard. I'm fixated on the look on his face in the mirror. This looks exactly like a porn film. Suddenly my view is blocked as a cock is shoved in my face. I'm not thinking like myself and I take him in my mouth without even knowing who it is. I'm shocked by the taste and look up to see Chris staring down at me.

As I look up I hear a voice saying "ass to mouth, what a slut". I finish cleaning his cock and he's about to be replaced by another when I can tell from the quickening pace behind me that I'm about to make two strangers cum.

I get to watch in the mirror as the porn scene gets a synchronised cum. The change in pace and rhythm, combined with the live porn film in my view, makes me cum which tips first the stranger in my ass and then the stranger in my pussy to cum, which makes me cum again and again.

I'm barely aware of the guy behind me pulling out as my head is swimming from my first multiple orgasm.

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I'm flung off the guy I'd been on top of and lay there dazed and wondering what was next. I start to become more aware of the room and realise Chris has noticed my fixed gaze at the mirror. He's choreographing the next guys and I'm told to "hop on" by the overweight white haired guy laying next to me. I consider looking to Chris as I thought they were all going to be his age, but decide to just do as I'm told. I climb on top of him and sit myself on his cock, with my hands on his belly for stabilisation.

I'm pushed forward by someone and I look in the mirror and see another old man getting into position behind me. I quickly forget about their age as their cock start to take me back to that porn star mindset.

I feel myself pressed against his belly and a part of me is disgusted, while another is equally turned on by how slutty this is. I feel a belly slap against my ass as I'm fucked and then my view is blocked again. Another old man is standing in front of me, holding his belly up and out of the way so I can see his cock nestling in a forest of white pubes. He takes his other hand and grabs my head and shoves his cock in my mouth. My nose is being buried in his white pubes and his belly is resting on my forehead, but with his hand behind my head he is fucking my mouth like a man half his age.

I can better hear the guys taking, and I'm being described in very degrading ways, slut and whore are the nicest I hear, and I hear them discussing who will get to fuck my pussy next and who my ass, and isis mirela manteiga latinas pounding each other with footwear anal licking fingering girl on girl i wants a blowjob as well.

This goes on for hours, with the guys changing every so often as they cum, but I realise after a while that I haven't seen or heard Chris since I cleaned his cock with my mouth. Eventually the guys are starting to run out of cum, most having used me at least twice, and I've got spunk all over me from head to knee.

The room is quieter, with a couple of guys watching as I'm fucked by one last fat old chick with glasses fucked by hard cocks. He's on top of me but hasn't made eye contact and I don't know his name, I just feel his fat belly slapping into me over and over.

He pulls out and I kneel on the floor between the bed and the mirror as he stands over me and cums in my mouth.

I look up at him and show him it in my mouth and he tells me to be a good girl and swallow. I look at myself in the mirror, seeing a naked, cum covered porn star and I swallow. I look around and ask where Chris is. I'm told none of them know a Chris but if I mean the guy who organised the gangbang, then he left a while ago. I'm confused and I'm still on my knees watching the guys leave the room and then pass the room clothed and leaving the flat. I'm alone in the suite, and I start to hunt for my stuff.

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I realise my underwear is gone, and I text Chris. He texts back to ask if I had a good time, to which I ask who they were and where was he. He text back that he didn't know who they were but he had another get together planned for next week.