Attractive petite nympho gets her tight muff and tiny anus reamed

Attractive petite nympho gets her tight muff and tiny anus reamed
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She walked out of the store and he followed behind her as silent as a ghost, as she walked to her car and reached into her purse for her keys. As she dropped her guard he struck, quickly raising the gag to her mouth and grabbing her as she fell to unconsciousness.

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He carried her back to his awaiting van just two rows over and gently laid her in the back seat and drove home. All the way he would look back at his prize, smiling to himself at what he had caught.

He pulled up to his house and backed in, with his van blacked out, and put the garage door up. His prize started to stir and he grabbed the rag and reapplied.

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He was running low on his magic substance, after this one he would need more…He laid her on the bed and looked her over. She was short, a little shorter than he normally went for, and she had short blonde hair, small breasts but was thin. He liked what he saw and slowly removing her clothes before tying her up. ------------------------------------------------------------- She woke up on her side, and her head ached, but her head slowly cleared.

She tried to move her arms but felt resistance. She looked around and saw her hands were bound. She began panicking and looked around franticly for why she was tied up. As she looked around she noticed all her clothes were missing, and then saw him. And, Standing in the corner of the room looking at her. The room was dark; spare for a single bare bulb about 5 feet to her left (her back as she was lying on her left side). He walked over and looked down at her "ah, such a pretty kitty…the things I'm going story oral sex samantha saint do to you…" Her eyes became wide as she looked up at him "Please, don't.

Just let me go, I won't say anything to anyone about this! I swear!" She talked too much, he thought and walked to a bench off to the side, covered in darkness and walked back with a ball gag, slowly putting it on her. She struggled, trying to stop him but without the use of her hands she was defenseless and gave in to it.

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He leaned over and rubbed his finger over her breasts, eliciting a moan from his captive. She didn't want to but it felt so good to her. He smiled at her and slowly caressed her small breasts "Do you like this?" he asked her She couldn't help it, she moaned a loud and nodded, she didn't like this but it felt so good to her.

He smiled at his captive and slowly rubbed down her body.

As he got to her legs she tried to keep them shut, so he couldn't do anything to her. He smacked her ass and she gasped, her eyes opening wide. She tried to tell him don't but the gag made her speech just mutters. "Listen to me, or it will get worse." He said to her She didn't want to so she kept her legs shut.

He looked down at her with a frown before slapping her ass again. Her eyes grew wide again and moaned, not knowing what came over her-it just felt so good and she couldn't help it.

She kept her legs closed, for some reason she didn't want him to stop.

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He looked at her, realizing what had happened and smacked her ass harder eliciting another loud moan from her. He started rubbing her legs and she moaned more slowly letting him move her legs open without her realizing. He reached down and grabbed two lengths of cord and tied her legs. She was now fully bound to the bed. He looked at her vagina, with a few hairs that were visible, she must have shaved recently…he lowered his hand to her, and stroked her labia and she moaned loudly through her gag, and he retracted his finger "Oh you dirty girl, you like that?" he asked her in a deep voice She nodded at him, her eyes half closed.

"If I take the gag off, will you scream?" She shook her head; she wanted the gag gone so she could moan freely. She didn't care if he raped her she wanted this so badly. He looked at her and smiled "Ill take it off if you're a good kitty" She looked at teen pretty bitch plays with her juicy slit and sighed, she tried to look down at what he was doing but couldn't see.

She felt him slowly push a finger into her vagina and she moaned, as her eyes rolled back into her head. The feeling was amazing. Her boyfriend never touched her like this.

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"Don't moan, or it will cost you, kitty" She hesitated, did she really want to see what he would do if she moaned. She felt that finger slide out then push back in ever slightly and she stifled the building moan. He pulled his finger out so fast it pulled the breath from her lungs and before she could brace herself he pushed his finger back in so quickly she had no choice but to moan loudly.

He looked at her and shook his head.

"I warned you, kitty, now you will pay" He pulled his finger out and moved up her body, rubbing her breasts hard, and she moaned loudly and uncontrollably, the feeling was amazing to her. He moved his hand back down her body and to her vagina again and pushed two fingers inside her. Her eyes grew wide and a loud moan slipped past the gag. Her madison ivy big tits model bang blonde cock raced at the feeling.

Why was he doing this? Why not just rape her already? ------------------------------------------------ He moved his fingers in and out of her vagina slowly and firmly, and slowly applied pressure to her clit, and looked up at his captive, her eyes growing wider with each pass, he knew she was getting close to what he wanted-but didn't want to give it to her yet.

He pulled his fingers out of her quickly, taking her breath again. She looked in his direction, wondering why he stopped that, it felt so amazing to her. He walked around the table to her head and removed the gag from her mouth. "Will you do as I say if I keep this off kitty?" he asked her "Yes…" she said quietly He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head near his pants, and she knew what he wanted, opening her mouth slowly.

As she did he let go of her hair. "That isn't what I want, kitty" He walked to the headboard and slowly untied her left arm, but not the right, then walked back around to where he was facing her vagina. He took his pants and shirt off and tossed them to the side.

She was breathing heavily, expecting the worst. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and huge dildo in their hands trying first lezzs sex pantyhose and lesbians almost dislocated her right shoulder. He got in between her legs and slowly pushed his penis into her. She moaned, but was worried. She wasn't on the pill and he wasn't using a condom. He started pushing in and out of her and she instantly forgot about the problems this may cause-all she wanted was this pleasure.

She grabbed his back with her free arm, scratching and clawing at it, trying to find something to hold to.

She dug her nails into his back, almost drawing blood and he responded by lowering his head and biting her collar, making her moan louder than ever. He started moving quicker in and out of her vagina, making her cry out, and she bit him back on the chest, finally getting a moan from her attacker-turned-lover. He sped up his thrusts and she couldn't do anything but meet them and moan.

It felt so amazing, she never wanted it to end for her. As it became all too amazing her attacker reached his climax and came inside her. He looked at her. "im not done with you" he said as he smiled at her. He pulled himself out and wiped his cum from her entrance, and lowered his face to her vagina. "oh god doooooo oh my god!" she screamed as he began to lick her slowly.

She had never been eaten out before, the thought had scared her but it felt amazing to her-she couldn't believe she never let anyone do this to her. The feeling was intense and sent waves of pleasure crashing through her body.

It only intensified as he found her clit and began sucking on it, flicking his tounge and diving into her. All she could think was she never wanted it to end. She began moaning loudly and began grinding herself into his face, before finally orgasming. The feeling was intense and she cried out loudly-not wanting it to end. As it did she began panting heavily, and saw the man stand up and walk off into the darkness.

He came back with a cloth and draped it over her face.

She soon fell into a deep sleep. ---------------------------------------- She woke up with a start next to her car. She didn't know what to think, but there was a note lying next to her. It read "watch out for me again, Kitty"