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Milf aux gros seins sodomisee par son mec dans lamaisondusex tube porn
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Hot Wife 4 This story is true, it took place over an 18 month period, only the names have been changed the rest is the way the encounter occurred, and I have the tapes to refer to for accuracy.

This is a recount of one of my wife's affairs with her boy friend and some of his friends. It was Saturday, around 3 PM. Joyce was ironing and I was attempting to fix a toaster when the door bell rang. "I'll get it" I opened the door and there was John and a black dude and they were both very drunk.

"Hi Al" "Hi John", "Who's your friend"? "James say hello to Al". "Hi Al, we brought our own drink". They came in and sat in the living room, "Where's Joyce"? John asked. "She is ironing down stairs". It was apparent they wanted to see her and I went up stairs to turn on the cameras so I wouldn't miss any of the action.

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They waited for a few minutes and then headed for the basement. Joyce saw John first and walked towards him for a kiss.

She put her arms around his neck and stuck her tongue in his mouth. His hands grasped the waistband or the stretch pants she was wearing and down they came and he was messaging her clit. The kiss ended and john said. That's when she saw James. He was standing there smiling. "Who are you"? "Joyce this thin teen ride huge dildo James" "Hi James, nice to meet you".

She was already breathing heavy from the clit message John was giving her and both me took her to the couch where John kept up the message while James removed a tit from her sweater and started sucking her nipple.

Now she was thrusting her hips up and down and breathing very heavy. There was a burning in her crotch and she knew if he kept messaging the clit she was going to cum for them. Sure enough two minutes later she had her first orgasm. The men smiled at her and John said, "I hope you've got a few more of those for sexy girl gets her wet cunt drilled "You know I do" Al yelled from the kitchen "would anyone like a drink"?

Joyce asked the men "Do you want a drink"? "No but I could do with a whole lot of pussy", replied James smiling. "Joyce looked at John, "well"? "Joyce honey James and I thought a gang bang would be a great way to kill Saturday". "You think you may want to join us"?

Joyce thought about it for a solid minute as he put her tits back in her bra and pulled he wet panties up. "Well considering I have the pussy and it seems you need one for a gang bang I think I can work it into my schedule". "I did think a gang bang had more then two cocks participating"?

"It should and will, but I wanted to be sure you were ok with it". "James has two friends who live about 20 minutes away and he can go pick them up at around 4:30". "I'm not sure Al will be OK with this, one cock fine, two is iffy but four". "We should ask Al". "Joyce wait, why not give him a few drinks and he'll fall asleep". "He's OK with me and James will leave and can arrange not to be back till six or so".

"Ok but you go with him so I have some time to fix myself up". They left and she looked at Al. "What do you think"? "Well I'm not thrilled about it as we only know John and you could get fucked blind. "I was sort of counting on that" "OK, go for it, but don't bitch about being sore or stretched out. "How many times do you think I'll get done"? "My guess would be at least 12, and that a lot of fucking and Cumming". "That sounds real good to me babe".

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Al was upstairs when there was a knock on the front door, she ran and opened it, there were four large men and nina and sean find themselves years later could plainly see all had bulges. She had on a robe and invited everyone in. Once they were inside and the door closed, she removed her robe showing a white thong, white bra, white stocking and white heels. "Do you like the look guys"?

From the bulges in there pants she was sure she had created the desired effect. John looked at her, "Joyce can we go upstairs now"? "Sure lets get this party started". Once in the room they wasted no time removing her bra they had her on the bed three pillows under her head. John was rubbing her clit through the material of her panties and she had a rather large wet spot.

Each tit was being sucked by a different guy. She felt the burning in her pussy and realized they were going to jerk her off first. The wave of a mighty orgasm was building and it burst upon her, she screamed and pussy juice squirted out on John and anyone else who was close by. Before her breathing came back to normal John got between her legs and pushed his cock in. Joyce moaned with delight as she knew he would be putting it in deep and that was exactly what she wanted.

He was pumping slowly and deeply, just the way she liked it. The heat was building between her legs and she was getting ready as she started pushing her hips up to meet his downward thrusts.

"Oh I'm cummmming" she let loose and screamed with delight.

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She dug her finger into his shoulder and shook for a couple of seconds, just then she felt his cock twitch inside her and bam a torrent of cum started to flood her, spurt after spurt gushed out of him. He collapsed on her, slowly there breathing returned to normal. John rolled off and she saw James get between her legs. James started to rub the head of his cock on her clit and wet pussy lips, a slight push and she felt the head slip in.

"Cum certainly is a good lubricant she said looking up at him". James smiled and kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper. His cock didn't look any bigger then Johns but as he pushed in she realized it was and the feeling was wonderful. He kept up a slow movement up and down for a while as she felt the burning between her legs take hold of her.

She was pushing her ass up to meet every downward thrust. "It's coming again she yelled" seconds later she had her second screaming orgasm. She held him tightly and he just kept pumping. He breathing was returning to normal as his pace started to increase. Joyce cooed in his ear, "Cum for me baby, blow that load" it only took seconds and he went as deep as he could and blasted her pussy with a large load, she felt the cock twitch as it spurted load after load in her waiting pussy.

He sex stories desi village bhabhi sex off and yet another cock was placed at her pussy entrance.

Joyce looked up smiled and said, "What's your name"? "Tyrell". Then he pushed his cock head into her now very wet pussy. Is it possible this cock is fatter then the last one she thought, well it really feels good in there, but I think it's stretching me a bit?

Tyrell kept pushing deep in her and she moaned with pure pleasure this cock feels wonderful I hope he goes slow. He kept pushing and yet another orgasm was building between her legs. "Harder baby, push harder, deeper please deeper" she could not hold back and she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. She was gushing and her sloppy wet pussy was milking the cock when she felt him stiffen and cum started to flow.

It continued to gush for what seemed like twenty seconds. He put his mouth on her mouth pushed his tongue deep and they kissed. He just smiled, "Thank you Joyce", "My pleasure Tyrell". He rolled off and as he cock came out of her they heard a plop, she was gushing.

She was getting tired as she had here legs up in the air for almost an hour, but her pussy felt great. She saw the next guy get between he legs, "Hi Joyce, my name is Albert". "Hi Albert". "Albert honey once you've got your cock in I'd like to put my legs down a bit, OK"? "Sure Joyce that will be fine".

Alberts cock went in and as he pushed down she thought this cock is huge, I know it's bigger then the last three and by a considerable amount. He went slowly and he wet sloppy pussy stretched to accommodate the cock. She grunted with pleasure and a slight discomfort as he was not yet all the way in and she didn't think she could take any more.

"Don't push any deeper honey; just stay there for a screw with hot luscious teen slut hardcore and blowjob. Her pussy was milking his cock and the burning between her legs was building.

She heard John saying, "Come on Joyce take it all". Staring up into Albert face she asked, "Honey I really want to take it but I'm not sure"? "Whatever you want Joyce". "It really feels wonderful, let go for it, slowly, OK". She stretch her legs out wide, and he pushed it all the way in.

My god it's in my cervix she thought. Almost instantly the fire between her legs was burning, he was moving the giant rod slowly and her pussy was milking it like she was possessed.

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"OhOh, Oh was all she could utter as she had an orgasm like never before, she literally was seeing stars. He stiffened push in balls deep and it felt like a fire hose had been turned on in her pussy. Her eyes shot open she pulled him close, stuck her tongue his throat and kept moaning, and shaking for several minutes. Her breathing was still heavy and his cock was still hard, Joyce looked up at him and said.

"Want to blow another load"? "I'd love to, you up for it"? "You bet I am, now that I've got it in there no sense wasting it". Albert pumped her for a solid ten minutes and all she did was grunt and moan, she was building to another extreme climax. She pulled him down to her to her mouth "Baby blow another load in me, please". That was all the encouragement he need as he started pounding her hard she lifted her ass off the bed to get more of his cock in and she felt him let go with another torrent of cum, that seems to trigger the most violent orgasm she had ever had.

It took five minutes for her breathing to get back to normal. Albert rolled off and lay next to her as his breathing slowed. She was aware there were three men sitting on the bed with her and they had hard cocks but she needed time to recuperate.

Her pussy was actually flowing and John scooped a handful of cum and said "Open wide". She did and she was rewarded with a mouthful of warm cum. She swallowed and joked, "Got cum"? To which Tyrell placed another mouthful at her lips and she swallowed again. "I've got to go to the bathroom, help me up and we have a very close relationships with my stepmom me my panties please".

As she stood up pulling on the panties she got a good look at Alberts cock. "My god Al how big is he"? "Joyce you have had a 12" cock fuck you". "MY god that whole thing was inside me, wasn't it". "Yes any complaints"? "No complaints at all just a question"? "Will I be getting it again tonight"?

"Oh yeah you will for sure". Once outside the bedroom she headed for Al. "Hi honey, what did you think"? "I never thought the thing would go all the way in you". "Well let me tell you it's an experience for sure". She stood in the room watching the monitor of the room the guys were in. Here ears perked up at the conversation we overheard.

Didn't I tell you she would take the whole thing? Yeah but I would have never believed it. That is one tight hot pussy. Well as of this minute it not so tight they all laughed. John does she suck as good as she fucks? Better. Great I can't wait for her to wrap her lips around my cock and suck it dry. She'll be happy too. They stood watching the monitor when ass buggered asian night prowler ass to mouth asian woman wiggled her ass and said oh and put her hand down her panties.

She came out with a handful of cum which she put in her mouth and swallowed. "Joyce you'd better get back in there and get to work".

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"Your right honey there is a lot of cum to get". "I hope I can get the big cock to fuck to fuck me again" Al smiled "I'm sure if you ask nicely" "I'll see you later".