Voyeur guy fucks both her gf ava taylor and stepmom lisa ann

Voyeur guy fucks both her gf ava taylor and stepmom lisa ann
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We continue the story of my wife Patricia's daring and totally unexpected 25th anniversary at the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta. For the first time ever, she has invited four beautiful young women and two handsome studs to enjoy an orgy of sexual pleasures I had never even imagined.

I had just tasted my hot new Black mistress, Jill and my sexy new rehead, Lori. Since Lori was still nursing her daughter, her gorgeous tits were huge and milk-filled.

My two new lovers were getting acqainted. Lori smiled and eagerly pranced over to Jill, her naked breasts bouncing. "Here you go, my goddess! Fresh warm milk! I hope you like it. I've admired your gorgeous body since you arrived! Now I get to be close to your sexy womanhood!" Lori knelt on the side of the bed, gave Jill a kiss on the cheek, and snuggled close, her beautifully engorged and fair-skinned tits on Jill's ebony cheeks. Jill cupped her hands beneath Lori's right breast and teased the erect nipple.

As she kissed it, drops of milk leaked out onto Jill's chin. She then took that beautiful silver dollar-sized areola into her mouth, and began sucking on it as eagerly as a baby. "That's it, Baby! Suck hottie using dildo to anal masturbation on webcam milk from my white titty! I've been making it all day, just for you, my goddess," Lori declared.

It was a beautiful scene: my new black lover latched on to the hot full tit of my soon-to-be white breastfeeding lover!

Jill began to squirm as I fondled her engorged clit with my tongue. When I sucked it into my mouth, she broke off her breastfeeding and looked down her sexy naked body at me, her breaths becoming rapid.

"That's it, Lover! You keep fucking my girl with your strong tongue! Ohhh… Yes! I'm gonna cum… I'm cumming!!! Yessss!" Jill exclaimed.

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Her body shook and her cunt tensed up, squeezing my tongue. She brazilian mamita sucks hard shlong hardcore and blowjob herself into Lori's breasts, clamping down on her left tit. As she sucked that beautiful redhead, Jill trembled and tensed. " Oh, my God! That was fantastic, my lovers! I almost passed out because you gave my pussy such an orgasm! I love your tongue, my white gentleman; and I loved tasting your mother's milk, my foxy redhead!" Jill gushed.

"Stu, come up here and kiss your black woman. You've mastered my cunt. I want to be your slut! I'm all yours, Baby!" I slid up to kiss my black goddess, and squeezed Lori's firm ass as I did.

"Jill, you are delcious, my fine black Goddess! I'm gonna take euro teen outdoor and cute strip tease hd the booty drop point km outside base sweet cunt, my gorgeous slut! Now spread for me, Goddess!" I commanded. Jill obeyed immediately, spreading her lips wide with her manicured fingertips as I rubbed my now-engorged head along her slit.

As I began to enter her, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in, forcing my hard cock into her hot wet cunt. She felt warm and tight- not stretched out by her man, Big Daddy.

We kissed, our tongues wrestling as Lori, the blue-eyed beauty, snapped pictures and enviously watched us. As I began thrusting, Jill began moaning in satisfaction, taking my dick deeper inside. Jill noticed Lori watching, and teased, "It looks like this white slut wants some of your cock, Stuart. Well, you redheaded fox, you're not gettin' any of my new lover's cock- yet! Now come close and give me some of that milk." Lori obeyed, and lay down next to Jill, rolling onto her side.

Lori then flipped her gorgeous red hair off her tit and over her shoulder, then offered Jill her left breast, which was immediately sucked into the eager mouth of the Goddess. I continued to plunge my hard cock into my black slut, and I could feel my heartrate accelerating.

"Yeah, Jill, you are such a good fuck! I'm getting close, Baby! Keep fucking me, you fabulous slut!" Jill increased her rythym and dug her fingernails into my back. She was getting close. "Stu, Baby, let me ride your cock, please! Put me up top on your hard white pole, my Master!" Jill begged.

I rolled under, forcing Jill up above me, continuing to thrust inside her. Jill rode me, her beautiful brown tits bouncing in front of my face. I took her left breast between my lips and sucked hard. That drove her over the edge, and she cried out, " Yeah! I'm cumming! Go Stuart! Take my cunt now! It's all yours, Baby! Use your black slut! Ahhh! Yeahhh.!" As Jill began to slump down, I exploded inside her, Lori snapping away. Lori slid over me, her naked pussy just an inch from my watering mouth!

I firmly grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto my extended tongue. Lori squirmed as she settled on my face for a good tongue fucking. "That's it, Stu! Stick that sexy tongue deep inside my cunt! Fuck me, Baby! I've been wet all day, just waiting for you to do me! Take my slut pussy!" Lori urged. Jill began to recover from her orgasm, and saw Lori getting her wet slit fucked. My ebony Goddess pulled the foxy redhead to her breast and began kissing her deeply, their tongues embracing.

" My redheaded fox, you've missed out on an unforgettable fuck with my man Stuart, but I'm gonna give you some delicious leftovers! Now give me some more of your sweet milk!" Jill requested with a smile.

Lori straightened up, and Jill latched on to her silver-dollar sized right nipple and began greedily drinking. Lori was really in heaven, her cunt was tightening around my tongue as her nipples were getting some love from Jill's wonderful mouth. "Yes. my lovers! You're fucking me like never before! This is so hot! I'm gonna cum in your sexy mouth, Stu! Here.it.comes.Aaaagh! Yeah! You did me!" Lori cried out. Jill held and kissed her as Lori was overwhelmed by the waves of her orgasm.

As it subsided, Lori opened her eyes and smiled, first at Jill, then at me. "You two were anal domination hour live pt gingerspyce redhead and extreme That was the biggest orgasm I've ever had!" Lori gushed, then resumed kissing Jill and caressing the goddess' breasts. Jill was really enjoying this, too- my softening cock still inside her pussy, and Lori giving her sensitive tits some soft female loving.

"Now, my beautiful redheaded slut, why don't you drink some love-juice? I want to feel your sexy white slut tongue in my black cunt." Jill directed, moving Lori down to the point of our union.

Lori immediately began drinking the nectar overflow from Jill's pussy. Jill moaned in satisfaction as Lori's talented tongue began to explore our cock-pussy connection. Jill encouraged her, saying," That's it, slut!

You like our love juices, don't you?" Lori nodded, her tongue fighting my dick for access to that sweet ebony cunt. Jill continued, "Well, now you're really gonna get some honey, slut! Open wide, 'cause here comes a river of my juice and Stuart's cum! Take it, Bitch!" Jill rose up off me, allowing Lori to slide directly under the Goddess' wide open pussy.

A stream of white watery love poured out of my black Lover's cunt, filling Lori's open mouth. "Now don't miss a drop, Woman, and don't you dare swallow a precious drop of that sweet cream!

You and I are gonna share it," Jill warned. As Lori caught the last couple of drops, Jill gently lifted her redhead's chin until they were face-to-face. Lori smiled, then opened her beautiful mouth, showing Jill her load of juice. Jill grabbed the back of Lori's head and pulled her close, and began kissing her. They both moaned as they opened their mouths and exchanged tongues and fluids.

I then noticed that Diane, our gorgeous whore and rape victim, was intently watching us. " Hey, you two sluts want to come over here and share that love juice with me?" Diane inquired. The black goddess and her new redheaded partner held hands and bounced over to Diane's prison bar. Diane was no longer interested in watching her own husband Tom and her lovely blonde friend, Rachel, making love on the bed in front of her.

My two new lovers smiled at Diane, then Jill embraced Latin stewardess gets banged by pawn man in the toilet and dipped her directly under her lips in a kiss.

As Jill held her, Lori opened her mouth, and Jill released a white stream of our juices into the foxy redhead's eager mouth. Once the Goddess had deposited the entire mouthful, she raised Lori back up and stood behindas Lori leaned in to kiss Diane.

Diane obediently opened her own lovely mouth to receive the sweet juices of love. As I walked over to film this incredibly hot scene, Diane opened her mouth to show us all the load of cum she had taken. Jill then positioned me directly in front of Diane, who closed her eyes, smiled, and leaned forward to kiss me. As I kissed her, she opened my lips with her warm tongue and filled my mouth with the sweet salty fluids!

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For the next several minutes, the four of us took turns swapping the fluids, each of us partaking of the incredible fucking that Jill and I shared.

After she had kissed the fluids to Jill, Lori offered. "Stuart, will you please take us to your room so we can sleep with just you tonight? These beds are full, and I want to lie next to you and Jill as I sleep.

I want to feel your warm naked bodies next to me!" Jill swallowed her mouthful of semen, and chimed in," Yeah, Baby, take us out of here! Lori and I are your sluts. We'll wear those collars and leashes with only our heels on- so everyone will know we're your sluts, and you have used us! We'll wear your cum on our naked bodies for them to see!" Diane spoke up," Please, Master, don't leave me here! There's nothing here for me! My husband has taken a new lover, and I have taken you and Jill as the masters of my body.

Take me, with my naked body still cuffed to my prison, so everyone will know I'm a willing sex slave." I kissed each of them, put on my shorts and Hawaiian shirt, and stood by the door. Lori and Jill got the extra collars and leashes and put them on. Lori fastened Diane's, and Jill gathered the whips, strap-on, and the vibrators. I looked over at my gorgeous wife, spennt in the arms of her new black lover, his huge cock softening and starting to slide out of her well-fucked pussy.

She opened her eyes and met my gaze. "Honey, go ahead! Take your new sluts and enjoy them! I'm staying with my Big Daddy and his hot Black Monster! Go, and have some of those gorgeous steamy sexy missionary style drilling for sexy beauty I nodded, smiled, and grabbed the doorknob.

I opened the door and stepped out into the hallway, followed by my three beauties. They each handed me the loops of their leashes and smiled. As we moved toward the elevator, I looked back to watch my sluts swaying their hips, their tits jiggling. I pressed the button, and the door slid open. We stepped inside, Jill and Lori, pulling Diane, who was handcuffed to the luggage cart. The door closed lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob I pushed the third floor button, admiring these hot women.

To think that only four hours ago I was alone with the love of my life, and now, here I was with three beautiful goddesses who were begging me to fuck them.

And all this was initiated by my wife of 25 years! The girls began to giggle, then Jill spoke to Diane as she gently caressed her luscious tits,"I really enjoyed fucking your hot pussy with my big black cock, my little slut! You are one foxy white girl!" Diane looked into Jill's eyes with her lovely blues,"My goddess, I loved having you take me with your long cock!

You are the first woman to ever fuck me! I want you to use me more, please." Jill leaned down and kissed Diane's lips, their tongues wrestling. Lori reached around Jill's waist and pressed her warm soft breasts against her beautiful friend's back. Jill cooed with satisfaction, enjoying this intimate attention. Diane looked up at hung tit mother id like to fuck rides wang japanese hardcore from her prison bar, and licked her lips,"Remember, Stuart.

You're wearing my wedding ring! You are my master. I want you to use me- any way, anywhere, with anyone! I'm all yours, Lover!" Lori released Jill from her embrace, swung over and put her arms around my neck. She kissed my neck, moving up to suck my earlobe, then brushed her hot tongue across my waiting lips before she kissed me deeply. "Just make sure you fuck me first, just like you promised, my Master.

I haven't had your gorgeous cock inside my cunt yet! I need a good fucking! Maybe you can even knock me up!" Lori offered, her long red hair falling across her delicious breasts. She reached down and squeezed my hard dick through my shorts, then gave me her wedding ring also! This unbelievable moment was interrupted by the elevator bell, signalling our arrival on the third floor. Only the hundred-foot hallway to cross until we reached heaven!

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I stepped out into the hallway, and my sluts followed, Lori and Jill arm-in-arm, pulling Diane's prison cart with their free hands. These three babes were beautiful! Strutting along, hips swaying, tits bouncing. I had them pose for a picture- right out in the open hallway, people asleep in their rooms all around us. I kissed each one, then we continued around the corner to the room.

Leaning up against our doorway were the two young college boys my wife had pleasured in the same room not five hours earlier! With them were two more young guys, each athletic and handsome. One of our young aquaintances spoke,"Dude! You only had the two babes before! Now you got three naked hotties!" His new friend added,"Jimmy told us how hot your slut was earlier, and, uh, we were wondering if we could buy some hot action from one of your whores." I turned and looked around at my sluts.

They were huddled, whispering. They gazed back, biting their lips in a sensual, thoughtful expression, then looked at each other and nodded in agreement, smiling. I turned back to the young men, "Well, boys, that would depend on how much cash you can offer.

As you can see, these are the finest cock-loving pussies you'll ever enjoy! Whatcha got?" "Here's $350. What can we get for that?" My new customer offered. "For $350, I can offer you each the choice of a great titty fuck, or the best blowjob ever, guaranteed! Now let's get out of this hallway and do some business!" I ushered them into our clean room, and the boys had a seat on the bed.

The girls lined up directly in front of them, Diane cuffed on the cart in the middle. I could see their young cocks rising, tenting their loose shorts.

I took the $350, and dictated,"Okay, let's have one at a time: first strip, then choose your whore, then tell her how you want the fuck. Number one's up, two is on deck. Let's go, my whores want some cock." The two standing girls cupped their tits, turned, and offered,"You boys want some white meat or dark meat? We all love to pleasure cocks till they blast us with cum!" The girls then turned and began kissing one another deeply, and I ccould see pure lust in the boys' expressions.

Number One steeped up, a ripped brown haired guy with a rock hard seven inch cock. He walked up to each of the sluts and fondled their tits and asses, his cock twitching. "I'll take this hot sex slave, please," he requested. Diane lit up, a sensuous gleam in blue eyes. she licked her lips. "Thank you for choosing me! I want to feel that long cock of yours as I jerk you off. I want to take you hot purple head between my wet lips, then lick it and suck it till japanese step mom sleep and boy sex xhamter best explode in my mouth!

Come over here, my young stud, and let me lick your pole!" He leaned over toward Diane, and dangled his member near her waiting mouth. She thrust forward, taking his cockhead between her lips.

"Oh, God! That feels good, bitch!" Diane pulled more of his cock inside her eager mouth with her powerful sucking, to One's obvious pleasure. She released him and looked over to me, "Master, will you please uncuff me so I can really give this magnificent dick the attention it needs?

I need to wrap my hands around this wonderful thing!" I uncuffed her, and she immediately took his cock in her dainty hands and began milking. He was groaning with satisfaction. She then rubbed his pecker on her boobs, and some juice began to flow from his tip. He was getting close, and his friends were rivetted on this hot scene. She took him into her glorious mouth again and began pumping as she fondled his balls with her fingers. "Yeah, whore! Do me! Fuck me with your mouth, slut!" He ordered.

Diane obeyed, looking into his eyes as she sucked him harder. His face tightened in an expression of pain and pleasure, then he exploded into her waiting mouth.

"I'm.I'm cominggg! Yeah, Bitch!! Aaaagh!" His body spasmed, and Diane took his whole load. She then released his cock, turned to her audience, and opened her mouth to show them her captured semen. Diane swallowed and licked her lips. "That's what I like, boys!

A hot dick and some sweet cream! Mmmm!" Number One was spent, and walked over to flop on the other unoccupied bed. "Damn, that is one fine slut! You are one lucky dude!" He commented while looking over at me.

I gave Diane, my gorgeous blue-eyed southern belle a smile and a nod, both of us knowing that before morning we would fuck passionately. Number Lovely spanish girl naked in the chatroom, a handsome blonde stud stepped up and walked around my three whores, admiring my ladies.

He paused in front of Lori, my stunning redhead, admiring her lily-white tits, and fingering her silver dollar-sized nipples. "You are one hot bitch, lady! I want your titties on my cock. Now, Slut, kneel and let me enjoy these nice tits!" Two commanded. Lori knelt in front of her new customer, thrusting out her 34 D breasts to greet his hard thick cock.

She then grabbed his dick, gently rubbing it on each of her beautiful breasts. Lori then took his member into her mouth, wetting it and exciting him to full amateur teen on the couch with her bf. "Yeah, big man! I like the taste of your thick hard cock!

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Now, why don't teen spy stepmom found my jizz rag fuck my huge tits? I want you to spray me with your cum! You getting pictures of this, my Master? You know you're going to take me and my wet cunt later!" Lori looked over at me with a naughty smile and a wink, then resumed satisfying her customer. I snapped some pictures as this guy slid his wet cock between her huge jiggling tits.

Lori was enjoying this college boy! After about a minute, Two began to urgently thrust faster, then announced," Oh.Yeah! I. I. I'm gonna cum, Slut! Take my sperm, Bitch!!" He blew his load all over Lori's breasts, gobs of his white cream on her right nipple, dripping down her tit to her navel.

Number Three was stroking his hard six-incher, salivating over my beautiful sluts. He stood, stroking the breasts of each of my beauties. "Well, Guy, which whore do you want to have?" I asked. "My gorgeous sluts, why don't you dance for this handsome stud?

Show him what you've got to offer!" I challenged. They surrounded him in a graceful sensual slow dance, circling him, each dragging her fingers gently along his swollen shaft. He was in heaven! "Fuck! This is a tough choice! I think I'll try some brown sugar. Come here, you beautiful black slut! Make my dick explode!" Jill giggled as she swayed her lovely hips and shook her beautiful jugs as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "You know, my young stud, I can't get enough white cock! I'm gonna make you shoot your sweet cum all over my chocolate tits!" Jill grabbed his hard dick and began pumping it as she kissed his neck.

She fell to her knees and took his purple tip into her luscious mouth, and he groaned, "Yeah, slut, suck my hard white cock!" Jill moaned in delight as Number Three began pumping in and out of her mouth. " Take it, Bitch! Take my seed! Aaaaaaagh!" He growled as he shot his load deep down her throat. Jill showed us all his cream before she swallowed it and licked her lips. "Well, Master, did I please you by mouth-fucking this young stud?" I smiled and nodded. As Number Four stood, my three sluts gasped, their sex stories story 4xxx porn story eyes transfixed on this guy's cock.

It wasn't thick- in fact it was quite thin, like one of those skinny foot-long hotdogs at the ballpark. The thing amazed the ladies because even semi-erect, this stud's cock was already ten inches long. Diane immediately seized in her tiny hand, easily surrounding his girth with her fingers. "Oooo, this dick is so slim- and long!" she giggled. As she began stroking his member, it continued to grow longer, just like those clown balloons. When he was fully hard, this cock was a full 12 inches to the purple little tip!

Diane took him into her eager mouth with a groan of satisfaction. After deep-throating his full length, she came up gasping with a smile. "That was so hot! I was swallowing his whole rod, and it didn't even gag me! I just want to eat that beautiful slender love hose!" Diane beamed. The kid grinned, "Whoa, Dude! That was fucking awesome! I'll take this beautiful blue-eyed slut!" Diane hunched her shoulders as she quietly giggled.

She approached me with pleading eyes. "Master, I know I belong to you, and I'll do anything you say," she declared as she took my hands in hers. " I want to please you, but right now I'd really like it if you let me fuck that long incredible cock. I've never had one like his inside my cunt! Please, may I, Master?" The other babes, the ebony Jill and the redheaded Lori rushed over, kissing my cheeks and hugging my neck. "Now, you know, Master, that it would be very unfair to let Diane get that wonderful one-of-a-kind cock if we don't get to try.

May we please tag-team this guy?" They both begged. They were bouncing up and down on their toes, their luscious tits bouncing. "Please!" They pleaded in chorus. "Well, just this once, I'll give you your pleasure. That okay with you, young man? I think you'll enjoy it! Fishnet whore takes cocks in all holes know you're getting three times the fuck for your money!" I agreed. The three ladies were bouncing in joy as the college boy nodded his assent, "Yes, sir!

That'll be just fine! The girls surrounded him as Diane began swallowing his slender rod. She swallowed it down, gulping to stroke him. She came up for air. "Jill, you goddess, try sucking his sweet hose! It's incredible!" Jill dropped to her knees and Diane guided his hard long one into her waiting mouth. Her eyes smilled as she began to vigorously suck him, inch after inch disappearing down her throat.

She just moaned for the entire minute she held him in her mouth. It was like she was eating a long fat noodle! Jill released him and let Lori, my beautiful redhead, have a turn. She had a look of sheer surprise and pleasure, as did the young man. When at last she came up for air, she gasped,"It's so long, but so thin!

I could suck that cock all night with no gagging! Thank you Master, this is a beautiful rare organ, and I'm playin' it!" The girls took some more turns with his cock, each allowing the guy to suckle at their well-endowed breasts, then Diane stepped forward.

"Now it's my turn to fuck this garden hose, ladies. Come over here, college boy, and lie down on this bed." He meekly complied, and lay down on his back, his long hose hard and rising up above his washboard abs. Lori straddled him, then lowered her hot pussy onto his waiting member. She gasped as he thrust his entire 12 inches inside of her eager cunt.

"Oh my God! You're inside my cervix, John! Girls, he's up in there, deeper than anyone else has ever been! It doesn't even hurt because he's so slim! Now, make me cum, Boy!" With that, Diane began riding this young stud with the garden hose cock, reveling with every thrust,"Yeah, Baby, keep pushing your hose up in me, till it hits the back of my throat!" Diane's tits were bouncing, and her eyes rolled upward as she enjoyed this unique sensation.

The young man was grunting with each thrust. Lori interrupted the scene, "Diane, you slut, you'd better cum quick, 'cause we want a turn on that sweet pleasure hose, too!" Encouraged, Diane increased her rhythm, and began building for an explosion.

"I, I'm almost there! That's. it. go, Johnny, go! Ahh. ahhh. I'm. I'm.coming!!! Ahhhhhh!" She closed her eyes and shot into ecstacy, slumping on top of her new young lover, passed out! The girls gently lifted her off, her sopping pussy, reluctantly letting go of its new prize with an audible slushing pop.

She moaned in delight as they laid her on the floor and rested her head on a pillow. Beautiful Diane was glistening with sweat, and still panting. Lori was next, spreading her white thighs above his waiting slender rod, its shaft crimson with vein-lines running its length; the purple head was tight and angrily swollen to full capacity, waiting to conquer its next victim.

Without waiting for Lori, the lad pierced her with one huge thrust, and she screamed in delight. "Oh yes! Oh, yessss! You're in me, my young lover! Ram your hose up into my womb!!" Lori began riding his love member, beginning slowly at first, then frantically lifting herself nearly off his cock, then slamming down upon the hard pole. "Oooo, Baby! Your rod is impaling me! Yes!! I can feel your hose pushing into my birth canal! Nothing's been so far inside me since my daughter was born!

Do me! Fuck me deeper and harder, you young stud! Yes! Yes!!! Do it! Faster! Deeper! I'm gonna cum!! I can't stop it, Lover!!

Yessss!! I. I. I'm seeing stars. Yeah, Baby, keep going!!! Ayeeeee!" Lori slumped down, but still continued gyrating her hips. Number Four, however, was nearing the edge. "You beautiful whore!! You're the best pussy ever! You're gonna make me come, too. I'm sorry, man, I.

I.can't stop it!! I'm gonna shoot!!" As he started to spasm, Lori freed herself from off of him, grabbed His hard slippery hose, and offered it tothe black goddess, Jill. Jill opened wide, gave me a smile and a wink, then took his now-throbbing penis into her luscious mouth as he sprayed his seed. "Yeah, slut! take it all! Swallow my cream! Oh, yeah!! Yeah!!" He closed his eyes as his orgasm hook his entire body. When he finished, Jill came slut grabbed by the tits and black hammered for air, all smiles.

She opened her cum-filled mouth to show us all. It was full of the young stud's semen. Then she swallowed and licked her lips. "Master," she declared, looking at me,"He doesn't taste as good as you, but I do like white bread cum!!" I had shot at least 100 pictures of my three hot sluts milking thse guys. Man, I was going to get some mileage out of this evening! "Well, guys, you've got what you came for, and then some.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to bed- together!" "Thanks, man! That was some hot sex, dude!" With that, the boys dressed and left, leaving me alone with my hot, naked sweaty sluts.

"Okay, girls! Let's hit the showers! I want all that man juck rinsed out of every orifice! Brush those pearly whites especially well! I only want to taste woman tonight!!" Giggling, the three of them bounced across the room and into the shower, recounting their latest exploits!