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Hot bitch kristall plays with her nice kitty masturbation european
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Author's Notes Sorry Chapter 6 took so long - I've had some pretty annoying computer issues and it took longer to fix than the computer guy estimated. Plus, this chapter is 8,000 words long, so it took a little longer and I couldn't find an acceptable way to split it.

If you're a fan of this series, but rape isn't something you want to read - just skip scene one. The next two are perfectly consentual. (For now, this rape scene looks like just a random, gratuitious act of violence - but I assure it, it will end up being a key part of the plot.

I didn't write it for "fun"). _____________________________ CHAPTER THREE: Scene 01: Julia - Sex? Rape. Scene 02: Callia - Sex? Yes. Scene 03: Cassius - Sex? Yes. _____________________________ JULIA Julia laughed as the drops of water spattered against her face. She spun to face her husband and pointed a teasing finger at his face. He was still leaning over the tub, smirking at her. "Splash me again, and I promise, my love.

I will make you late." She dropped her robe to the floor and reveled in the expression that crossed his face. He glared at her, mock-fury on his face, but he couldn't hide his smile for long.

She loved that a smile, so unguarded on the face of an ex-soldier who had seen far too much for several lifetimes. She pressed her lips against his mouth, and then he kissed her nose and her eyelids. "I must go." He yanked her robe off the floor and tossed it to her, the smile never leaving his face.

"Now put that back on or I'll never make it out the door." He was a good man, her husband. The best she'd ever known. When she'd turned twenty, the man who owned her, Lykos, had auctioned her off, and she'd thought she'd be dead in days. But her Titus had shown up, and he'd bid every coin he had to his name. He'd gone broke to save her. To buy her freedom. To make her his wife. He kissed her forehead before walking out the door. "I'll be home by sunrise. I love you, Julia." Not as much as I love you.

She was still smiling as she curled into their bed, a bed she'd taken so long to get used to. Now she couldn't imagine ever going back to sleeping on a dirty straw two lesbians use a new sex toy floor in Lykos' slave pens. She fell asleep, and dreamed of the beautiful, blond God of a man who had saved her life. And she woke up to a nightmare. She had felt the bed move, but she'd thought it was Titus, home early to sleep beside her.

But the scarred man hovering over her was not blond like Titus. The knee forcing her legs wide open did not belong to her husband. The hand covering her mouth smelled like spices and sweat, not the wood young hot kamilla screwed well in the kitchen husband used to build homes. She jerked her entire body, trying to fight off the strange body on top of her. She tried to scream.

She moved her head just enough to sink her teeth into his fingers, but his hand moved only long enough to strike her across the face, and then it was on her throat, catching her frantic cries in a closed off throat.

"Please," she tried to beg. She wasn't a whore anymore. She wasn't a willing body to be used by strangers. Her Titus had bought her freedom. "Get off me." The stranger laughed, and her blood ran cold.

She was not blind or deaf to what was happening in Rome, and she cried out as he licked, licked, the side of her face. She tried to rock her body upward, but her held her too tightly. One arm was around her throat, and she tried to dig at his face. Her nails raked at his skin, and she could see the blood welling in the tracks and was rewarded with another slap that somewhere closer to a punch.

His lips pressed against her ear and she felt her stomach turn as he forced his hand between her thighs.

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"Don't fight it, Little Whore. The first time I fuck you will be in your husband's bed." First time?

No, not if she could help it. There would be no 'first time.' Her heart pounded in her chest, ice flowed through her veins. She felt like she'd awoken from a nightmare and had yet to shake off the last vestiges of terror from the things she'd seen.

But tears pooled in her eyes, because the nightmare was real. His hand freed her throat, and she gasped for a breath just long enough to take in enough air to scream, but before she could make a sound, cloth was being shoved in her mouth.

She clawed and punched at his chest as he tied the cloth gag firmly in place with rope. She could feel the coarse material chafing at the sides of her brother and sister ebony audisex. Her attacker was solid. Large. But he wasn't young. He was an older man, perhaps she could fight her way free. She had to. She had to try. For Titus. She wouldn't allow her husband to come home to find that his wife had been violated by another man.

She froze, waiting, and then she slammed her head forward and felt the sickening crunch of bone as her forehead hit him square in the nose. He howled, and blood -his blood- dripped onto her face just before his fist connected with her cheek. Pain bloomed just below her eye, and her attacker snarled at her like a vicious hound.

He dug his teeth into the side of her face before he whispered to her softly. "If you desire to live, let that be the last mistake you make, Julia." How did he know her name? Tears burned on her face, hotter on the left side where he'd punched her mom gives son viagra fifi foxx and cock ninja she sagged against the bed as straddled her chest.

He was so heavy, and she could feel his cock pressing between her breasts and it made her sick to her stomach. He had no right to touch her. She gasped for air as she realized what he was doing. What she was powerless to stop. He was tying her right hand to the bedpost. She whimpered around her gag. He'd said 'young milf and mom a fucking family affair you desire to live.' She tried to stop the panic seizing her body.

What would be worse for her husband? Finding her alive and slightly damaged, or finding her dead in his bed? She took another breath. She'd been a whore for over half her life.

This would not be the first cock she'd taken that she didn't want. She could survive it. Titus could too. She surrendered against the bed. She didn't fight as he restrained her, but she didn't look at him either. Giving up made her chest ache, and she sobbed around her gag as he rendered her immobile. He stroked her face, right where he'd hit her and she flinched away from him. She looked up at him, her eyes flat and nearly as dead as she felt. Get it over with.

He laughed as if he could read her mind, and pressed her legs open. She shuddered as she forced her body not to fight him. She'd been trained for this. Lykos and his guards and friends had seen to that. She wanted to gag she she spread her own legs for him. Her body shook violently, her mind screaming her her to stop, as she spread herself wide open for this man.

She did gag as his fingers touched her slit. She was bone dry, and she couldn't do anything about it. She could think of Titus, but she would not dishonor her husband that way. She would suffer through this. And she would do nothing to ease her own discomfort. "That's such a good girl," he cooed down at her as his fingers tried to press into her cunt.

She closed her eyes against the pain and loathing she felt as this stranger's fingers violated what didn't belong to him. She didn't see the next slap coming.

Furious brown eyes stared into hers when they flew open. He rammed his fingers back in her hole. He slapped her again, and stared at her in unabashed disgust as he spat on his hand as rubbed his fingers against her hole. She winced, every nerve of her body screaming at her to fight as he pressed the head of his cock against her.

She narrowed her eyes, anger and terror pounding through her veins as her tried to work his way in. It fucking hurt, and she whined around her gag as she felt the first inch of his cock force inside her. He drew in a sharp breath and she didn't let herself look away from him. One of his hands moved up to squeeze on of her breasts as he stroked his shaft. He grinned down at her. She didn't even try to keep from screaming as he forced the rest of cock inside her in one stroke.

No one could hear her anyway. She was bound and gagged and in the middle of nowhere. And her screams seemed to please him. His cock felt like it was tearing her apart as he forced it inside her tight cunt. She felt every movement, every small thrust, every second of his swollen cock spreading her open. She could barely keep her eyes open as he finally filled her completely.

He felt foreign inside her, too big, too deep. She just had to endure it for a few moments, then her body would adjust. It would help her through this, grow wet despite what her mind wanted. She knew this from experience. He leaned back and pulled his cock out until just the head remained inside her.

He spat again, this time it landed on his shaft and this thrust was less painful but no less of a violation. And it seemed he was done with pleasantries. He collapsed on top of her and wrapped his hand around her throat as he timed his next thrust.

She couldn't stop screaming around her gag. She had promised herself that she wouldn't fight, but she'd overestimated herself. She couldn't do this, not anymore. She struggled against him as his cock slammed inside her again and again. Her body was doing what she'd known it would; her cunt was starting to get wet around him, and instead of comforting her, it disgusted her and she pulled hard at the ropes holding her in place and bucked against the heavy body on top of her.

"No, I c-can't. I thought I could." She tried to speak around the fucking gag but she couldn't. Her words were twisted, all jumbled vowels. "I don't want it." He licked his lips, and depraved smile on his face, his cock jerking inside her cunt as he watched her cry and struggle to speak. He slammed deeper, and she knew he was feeling what she was - a wet cunt. He groaned as he violated her. Soft moans from a man were something that turned her on, something she loved about her husband, and the man inside her now was ruining that with the noises he made as he raped her.

His hands gripped her tits, tugged at her nipples. His fingers pinched and pulled at the hard little buds on her breasts and she winced as she felt hr hips involuntarily rock up to meet his. He laughed. "Once a whore, always a whore. Right, Julia?" He gripped her hips as he drove his cock deeper inside her; he didn't pull out.

He moved his hips in slow circles, pushing inside her from every angle, sliding deeper and harder until she cried out. Gorgeous gal nailed before public pornstar hardcore was from pain. At least that's what she told herself. He pulled her leg up off the bed, brought it around him and rested her calf against his chest and she gritted her teeth around the caged slut angela aspen sucks dick and receives hard pounding as her cunt tightened around him.

He leaned forward, laying against her leg as he pushed it closer to her chest, and pounded forward again. His sighs were louder this time, his breathing harder, and she knew why.

She could feel it too. The angle of her leg made her cunt squeeze so fucking tightly around his cock, and he took full advantage. His breathing was ragged as he violated her, muscles taut, face twisted in the pleasure he was taking from her unwilling body.

She winced, and shook her head. No. The way he filled her, the angle of her mom and daughters xxx porn storya and his body.

She could feel the friction on her clit, feel every single stroke of this strangers cock, the cock her pussy had grown so fucking wet around. He slammed inside her cunt as if he owned it, and she had been trained too well. She hated herself as her hips rocked up to meet him. Hated him as the tone of the screams against her gag changed from screams of pain to something else. She wanted to kill him as she felt the pressure building deep in her and she wanted to kill the man who had owned her.

The man who had thrown her to his soldiers and let them use her body sometimes for days. Left her locked in with them until she orgasmed. And now some man had broken into her husband's house.

Some sick stranger had forced his cock inside her against her will, and she was going to cum around it. This was Lykos' fault, not hers. The things he had done to her had made her this way. He gripped her jaw and forced her to look in his eyes. "That's a good whore, push against this cock, Julia. Show me how mow much you want it." She shook her head. No.

He slapped her again.

"Squeeze your cunt around my cock, bitch. Unless you'd rather have it in your ass." She froze. Panic consumed her. He would do it. He must have watched her, waited for her husband to leave. Lurked in the shadows until she was alone and entirely at his mercy. She didn't like to be fucked in the ass.

Some of the whores did, but not her. It hurt so fucking badly, left her with an ache made her feel disgusting for days. Her husband was the only man who'd ever understood that. He'd never asked her for that and she'd never offered.

She closed her eyes, hot tears thick in her eyelashes. She obeyed him. She felt him jerk so deep that she would have sworn he was in her belly as she tightened her cunt around him, squeezed her legs and forced her own hips up to meet him thrusts.

She sobbed as she pushed herself to meet every one of his violent thrusts as he toyed with her embarrassingly hard nipples. He yanked her legs around his back, and she gripped him tightly. She forced the voice inside her head to silence as she dug her heels into his back and pulled him closer. He muttered his approval and his stokes grew harder, deeper as her thighs started to tremble against his hips. He felt it too, and he laughed. A cruel, triumphant laugh as he pulled his knife back up to her throat.

"I'm going to remove your gag, Julia. No one can hear you, but if you do anything other than beg for this cock while you cum. Nod if you understand." She nodded furiously.

Maybe he would cum, too. If he came, if she made him cum, then it would all be over. Maybe he would just leave and she could pretend this was just a nightmare.

He buried his cock deep in her cunt as he yanked the rope out of her mouth. She gagged as he pulled out the cloth, and she had to force herself not to scream as he slapped her again. "Now, Julia. Be a good whore. Tell me how good this cock feels in your cunt." Oh Gods, she couldn't. "P-please, please fuck me." She stifled a cry and stared back up at him, hoping the terror in her voice wouldn't enrage him further.

She pushed her hips against him - that was the easy part. She could allow her body to feign willingness, but she couldn't put a voice to it. Titus. He slapped at her tits, and she could feel like hot imprint of his hand long after it had been pulled away. She couldn't focus on the words she was forming, but they disgusted her. She moaned, and writhed and begged for more as he continued to assault her cunt.

And she felt like something inside her brain broke into a thousand pieces when she came around him. Pain warred with pleasure, guilt and grief sparred with lust.

She sobbed even as she screamed for more. His hand covered her face, his fingernails dug into her cheeks as she felt him slam inside her and stay there. Still except for the smalled stokes and he groaned as he came deep inside her body. She shuddered as he collapsed on top of her, her skin was raw, her throat hoarse from screaming.

Her eyes burned from river of tears they'd cried. He came inside her, the thought wouldn't leave her head. She was still terrified, terrified at what might come next, terrified of what her husband would say if she lived through this. She was going to be ill. She was going to - she gagged hard against his shoulder, and he moved instantly to hold her head by her hair and guide it over the side of the bed.

He laughed as he watched her. When she was finished, he jerked her back on the bed, and she collapsed against her husband's pillow, too numb to even cry. * CALLIA She'd never left her father's compound before. Now here she was, on horseback with Cassius's arms around her waist and she was going to the market. She couldn't remember ever being this excited. Their four brothers were riding around them.

They'd also picked up a few stragglers, men who'd assumed it would be safer to ride in their group. It was cold, but Cassius had wrapped a blanket around their shoulders so that no one could see just how tightly he was holding her around the waist.

She was dressed in a peplos, a modest garment that she didn't like. But once she realized her brother wasn't going to let a simple skirt impede him, she didn't mind so much.

She grinned as she felt his hand pulling her skirt up around her hips and then snake between her thighs. His lips pressed against her ear. "Don't make a sound. One word, one moan, and I stop." She bit her lip and leaned her head back against his chest as his fingers brushed against her clit. She heard him groan softly behind her as his finger trailed slowly down her slit. She bit her lips together as he worked a finger inside her. She arched her hips to meet him as she glanced around.

She wondered if anyone had any idea what they were doing. She almost hoped they did. She hoped one of her brothers (or even better, one of the strangers) was watching her face as her brother slid a second finger inside her cunt. He pulled his fingers out and pinched her clit between his fingers and she choked back a moan. Her back arched as his fingers worked a circle around her little button only to pinch it again.

"You have no idea how badly I want this between my teeth," he breathed in her ear as his fingertip swirled around her clit. She hissed in a breath and he laughed under his breath. Her back arched against him and he let his teeth barely graze the curve of her neck. "And this, little sister," He told her quietly as he drove his fingers back inside her cunt. "This is what I think of any time I'm inside another whore. This soaking wet, deliciously tight little cunt. Those big eyes rolled back in your head, the way your voice breaks when you scream my name as you cum." She arched her back, terrified that she wasn't going to be able to keep quiet.

"Looks like we have an audience, Sis," he whispered. He pulled her hard against his chest and pressed his chin against the side of her face to turn her head. She grinned as her eyes met the gaze of one of the strangers. His mouth dropped open as she smiled at him. She licked her lips and arched her back as the man watched her. Her mouth dropped open in a nearly silent gasp as Cassius' thumb pressed against her clit as he finger-fucked her.

She kept her eyes locked on the man, her body shaking against her brother's chest, and she couldn't stop the gasp as his teeth sank into her shoulder. His lips pressed against her ear. "That's it, I know you wanna scream Cal. Do it. Scream for me, my love. Show them how hard you cum for me." She sucked in a relieved breath, and pushed her back against his so she could arch her back up to meet his fingers. She moaned as he shoved his fingers deeper inside her, spreading them open and closed as drove them deep inside her.

Her second moan was louder, and a few of them men stopped their horses in their tracks to glance back at her. She laughed as she saw the surprise -and lust- on their faces. Cassius stopped his horse as well, and wrapped his other hand around her waist. The fingers of one hand pounded in her cunt as he worked at her round little clit with the other.

She whimpered, watching the men watch her as her brother brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She gritted her teeth and hissed his name as her titght little thighs started to tremble. "Oh, Cassius." She whispered in between loud, frantic cries.

His fingers worked her clit in furious, expert strokes as his dude fucks teen keri sable tight twat from behind hard pounded harder and harder until her body bucked against him, her head thrown back, eyes closed as she came screaming around his fingers.

His breathing was hard, shallow, and hot against her neck as she came screaming his name in the middle of the clearing as their brothers and the strangers looked on. He pumped his fingers inside her, just a few thrusts after her orgasm subsides, and then he pulled his fingers out of the blanket that surrounded him and shoved them in her mouth. A few of the men's mouths dropped open as she sucked her own cum greedily off her brother's fingers.

One of them men looked up at Cassius, confusion on thrilling dude with her taut beaver hardcore blowjob face.

"I thought you said that was your sister." All of her brothers laughed. Cass flashed him a crooked, satisfied grin. "She is." Cassius snapped the reins of his horse and they trotted off in front of the men. As they passed them, Callia heard one mumble, "Wish I had a sister like that." They rode ahead of the men, and She peered behind her as Cassius turned down a different path than the rest of the group.

They rode for a moment down a desolate path and pulled up in front of a small home. Behind it stood a barn or stable, and off in the distance there was smoke and the sound of a hammer clanging against metal rising from another building.

"I thought we were going to the market." He kissed her neck. "We are, but I have something I need to do first." "Who are we here to see?" She asked her brother, puzzled. "Not we, Little Sis. You." A slow smile spread across his face. "I have an errand to run, and I need you somewhere safe. The man inside is a friend of mine. When I get back, I expect to see that you've been a very gracious guest." She bit her lip to hide her excitement.

"I'm to please him, then?" He pressed her body against the side of the house. His lips brushed softly against her neck.

"Yes, Callie. You're to please him. And when I return, I expect to see his cum covering that pretty little face. I don't care how long I'm gone, you leave it there so I know you were a good girl." She arched her back and pressed asian teen girlfriend gives outstanding pov deepthroat blowjob to her boyfriend hips against his.

His cock was pressing hard against her and she grinned up at him. "Is he expecting me?" Cassius shook his head. "No. But I have no doubt you'll manage to persuade him to let you stay.

If you need to, tell him I sent you. His name is Albus." He bit at her bottom lip, and then mounted his horse. He glanced back at her as he rode off and took a deep breath before heading for the hammering sound she heard in the distance.

The old man looked up as she entered the stable. He didn't wear a toga, or even a tunic, but strange trousers like the barbarians she'd seen in her father's paintings and scrolls. He was shirtless, and built exceedingly well for a man who'd probably gone completely gray at least ten years ago.

She could see the faint gleam of sweat on his skin as he threw down his hammer and tilted his head at her. "You lost, child?" Nerves pooled in her stomach and she smiled up at him. "Are you Albus?" He frowned suspiciously. "Whose asking?" She slipped past the doorway and studied the table he was working at. "My brother sent me. Cassius. He said-" "I know more than one Cassius, girl.

Be specific." She hesitated. "Um. Lykos is our father." "Ahhh," he laughed and winked at her. "You're the little whore. Ca. Cal.?" "Callia." She nodded to him politely. "Yes. Callia." He stepped over towards her and circled her slowly like he was examining a statue. "Pretty little thing, aren't you? And why did Cassius send you to alone to see some old man?" She smiled at him wide-eyed and feigned innocence. "He said you'd look after me." "Is that all he said?" She bit her lip and grinned at him as she shook her head.

"He told me to be a gracious guest." He smiled and she could see the lines crinkling at the corners of his eyes. He stepped closer to her slowly, as if he expected her to shy away. She stood her ground as he stroked her face with the backs of his knuckles and inhaled a soft breath as he cupped one of her tits with the other hand. "And just how gracious to you intend to be?" She ran her tongue over her top lip as she reached out to stroke his cock through his his clothes.

She giggled as she felt him already growing hard. He laughed as his hand covered hers and pressed her palm harder against his cock. His other hand was at her waist, and he loosened her belt. He ripped her peplos over her head and she sighed in relief, she'd wanted rid of that damn thing all day. She reached for his pants but he slapped her hands away.

"Stand back. Let an old man look at you for a minute, child." She laughed as she backed away, and tossed her hair behind her shoulders. She traced her fingernails lightly over her breasts as he studied her body. He stepped forward and massaged one of her tits with his fingertips, flicked at her nipple as his other hand moved lower to cup her little cunt.

She purred up at him as the tip of one finger dipped slowly into her cunt. He exhaled a ragged breath as he prodded her wet little hole, just the tip of his finger sliding sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt and out. "Get on your knees, baby. Put your mouth on it for a minute." She never took her eyes off his as she dropped to her knees.

She watched him, enjoying the way the lids of his eyes lowered and his chest rose and fell sharply as she placed soft kisses on the head of his cock. She licked slowly, teasingly up the shaft before taking him in her mouth. He stroked her cheek softly as she swallowed his cock, her little cheeks hollowing as she fucked his cock slowly with her pretty little mouth. "That's such a good little whore, baby." His fingers skimmed over her cheekbone. "You know I'm old enough to be your father.

Does your Daddy know what a good little cocksucker you are?" She giggled around him and then tightened her lips, so that when she pulled him out of her mouth, they both heard the loud 'pop.' She grinned up at him as she trailed her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

She flicked her tongue along the head and smiled up at him proudly. "'Course he does. Who do you think taught me?" "Sucks her own fathers cock. I've never heard such a thing." He let out a low laugh as he gathered the hair that had fallen in her face in his fist.

He held her hair in his hand as he feigned shock. He arched his hips to shove his dick deeper in her throat. "Come on, then. Show me, Callia. Show me how you suck your daddy's cock." She took a deep breath in through her nose, and then guided his cock swiftly down her throat. Her little cunt tightened, her clit throbbing as she felt his shaft stretch out her throat, felt the fullness of him inside her. He hissed as she pulled him out, just barely enough to take a breath and guided him back in.

He pushed deeper every time she deep-throated his cock, fucking her face intently. He breathed loudly as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked it as she grazed her lips against his balls gently before she sucked him back in her mouth.

"That's enough for now. Ponytailed asian chick shaved and nailed by t been too long since I saw this cock buried balls deep in a sweet little teenage cunt." He fisted her hair and pulled her off his cock. He picked her up off the floor and sat her on top of a table that seemed to be the perfect height. She grinned up at him as she perched her ass on the edge and spread her legs wide open for him.

Albus grinned back at her.

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She liked him, and he could tell. He grinned as he stroked a finger up and down her soaking wet slit, from clit to hole.

She rocked her hips against him as he teased her little pussy, moaning softly as he touched her. He took his cock in his fist, slapped it against her clit and laughed as he watched her writhe underneath him.

"Look at you." He mused as he rested the head of his cock against her entrance. "Such a pretty amateur girl fingers pussy and sucks boyfriends cock thing, so wet. So ready for some strange old man's cock. Do you want me to fuck you, Callia?" "Gods, yes," she breathed, pushing her hips against him, trying to shove her cunt down on his cock.

"I want to feel your big cock so deep inside me, Albus." He chuckled, but it turned into a strangled groan as he shoved himself inside her. She threw her head back as she felt the first stroke.

That was one of her favorite parts of getting fucked; that first thrust of a brand new cock, the sound a man made the first time he drove inside her. His fingers traced the line of her bottom lip as he rested his cock so deep inside her. He pulled out and thrust deeper, slow powerful thrusts that made her clench her cunt tight around him.

He slipped his thumb inside her mouth and she sucked greedily. "Pretty little mouth on a pretty little whore. Does your father spill his cum inside those lips, Callia?" She giggled as she stared up at him.

He stroked his cock inside her, and it jerked as she flicked her tongue across the tip of his thumb. She nodded.

"Sometimes he cums in my mouth. But sometimes he makes me lay back and open my mouth. He likes to see his cum all over my face. Will you cum on my face, Albus?" His next thrust was so fast and so hard that she cried out and her little tits shook from the force. "Do you want my cum on your face?" It took her a minute to catch her breath, he was pounding her cunt now.

Deep, fast thrusts that shook her entire body. He gripped her jaw in his hand and repeated his questions. "Y-Yes, Albus." She screamed out his name and felt his fingers tighten on her jaw and his cock throb in her cunt.

She faked a sad little pout. "Cassius said I would be punished if he didn't get to see your cum on my face." Albus wrapped his arms under hers, his fingers gripping her shoulders to pull her down harder on his thick cock. He leaned until is face was level with hers and she could watch his eyes while he fucked her.

"Now why would Cassius want to see his little sister's face covered in my cum?" Again he faked a surprised confusion. "Don't tell me you fuck him too, Callia.

I mean, sucking your father's cock is one thing. Are you really such a dirty little whore you fuck your own brother?" She laughed, and her thighs trembled. Her little cunt was so fucking wet, and his cock felt so good inside her. She rocked her hips in slow circles as he pounded her pussy, and he murmured his encouragement. "I have five brothers, Albus," She told him with a sweet little grin.

"They all fuck me. So does father." He laughed as she could see his face darken as he slammed his cock back inside her, his thrusts so hard and so fast now that she could hear the sound of his balls slapping against her.

"What bad girl you are Callia. A filthy, wet little slut." He bit at her jaw and his fingers worked down her belly and lower to tease at her clit as he filled her cunt. She nodded happily, in perfect agreement and gasped in disappointment as he yanked his cock out of her cunt.

"Don't worry, I'm not finished with you yet," he laughed as he climbed on the table, straddled her chest, and guided his cock to her mouth.

"I just want to see you taste your own own cunt." She could feel the weight of his body on top of her, and she rocked miss raquel tease and sucks a cock hips up, fucking at empty air as he guided his cock between her lips. She licked her own juices off his shaft; she loved the way she tasted on his cock.

He stroked her hair as he fucked her mouth slowly. Then he grabbed her under her arms and pulled her farther onto the surface of the table so that he could guide his cock back inside her. He knelt over her and gripped her ankles. He pulled them up in the brother and sister ebony audisex, forcing them out to his sides in a wide V as he slammed back inside her.

He pulled them closer into his body and nibbled at her ankle as he rocked his hips to drive his cunt inside. She gripped at the sides of the table for leverage as she pushed her cunt back against him. "Faster, please, Albus. Please, oh Gods, fuck my little cunt." He pushed her legs up to her chest as he obliged her, driving into her with hard, furious thrusts. His eyes were trained on her young little tits bouncing below him as he fucked her cunt.

"Yes," she breathed as she felt her pussy start to tremble around him. Her voice was ragged, high pitched, breathless. "Gonna cum. Feel your big cock inside my cunt when I cum around it. Fuck my pussy while I cum for you." He literally growled at her as his strokes grew more powerful, hard enough to bruise her little pussy lips and she threw her head back, screaming for him. She squeezed her tits as she came, violently trembling against him as her cunt spasmed around his body. She moaned his name, begging for his cock harder even as the orgasm tore through her tight little body.

He pulled his cock out as soon as her shudders subsided, and slapped his cock against her overly sensitive little clit and laughed as he watched her gasp and arch beneath him. "Open your mouth wide, baby, and I'll make sure you get to taste a little." She giggled an excited 'thank you' before she opened wide.

"Ahhhh," She vocalized as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and he straddled her chest again and jerked his cock hard and fast with it pointed at her face. He groaned and arched her back just before she felt the hot, thick cum his her face and tasted it in her mouth.

He stroked just a few more times, and she kept her eyes open to watch his seed pump out of his cock and land on her face.

She felt it on her nose, her cheek, her lips. She let out a soft, satisfied little moan as she licked the salty cum off her lips. He sighed as he watched her. When he'd stared at her cum covered face for a moment, he led her into his kitchen and served her what he claimed was his finest wine.

They talked at first about his life. Apparently he was the finest weapons-smith in Rome, which explained why Cassius was on such good terms with him. But the conversation quickly turned to her early training. He listened, engrossed, as she dazzled him with stories about her life: the dirty things she loved, the first load of cum she'd ever tasted, the men who paid her father to use her body.

He sat back and stared intently at her through the first few stories, but it took a surprisingly short time for his cock to get hard again. He made her ride him slowly as she told him the story of the first time she'd ever taken a man's cock in her little cunt.

By the time Cassius arrived, there was a second load of cum on her face to match the first. * CASSIUS He walked in the house without knocking, and there his little whore sat. She was sipping from a cup of wine, naked except for the dried cum on her sweet little face. "So she wasn't any trouble then?" Cass laughed as Albus stood to greet him.

His friend clapped him on the back. "If only I had tiny little teenage sluts showing up in my workshop more often. I'd be a much happier man." He slipped his hand around Callia's throat as he studied her cum-stained face. "I see you were a good girl.

Lot of cum, Callia. I'd say you made him cum more than once, didn't you?" She beamed as she nodded and he noticed a few stray drops of seed on her tits. "If you ever bring her into the city again, and need someone to 'look after her,' I'd be happy to be of service, my friend." He didn't take his eyes off Callia. He licked his lips, his cock throbbing between his legs. He'd intended to wait until they returned home, but why bother?

He pulled her out of the chair by her hair, as she moaned as he spun her around to shove her over the table. He traced a finger against her little hole. "He fucked you good, didn't he, sis? Look at that little cunt." "Yes." She pressed her hips back against him, and he pressed his middle finger against her tight, puckered little asshole.

She gasped. Albus moved over to lean against the doorway for a better view. "Can't get enough, can she?" "Never. She's always ready." Cass slid one finger slowly to her ass and his cock twitched as she moaned his name. He tossed his sword on the table and stripped slowly, staring at his sister's tight little body bent over the table.

He slid a second finger into her ass, spreading them open as she stretched her out as much as he could. Her ass was tiny, always so fucking tight, and he was not a little man. He could stretch out her cunt enough to make her scream, and he rarely fucked her ass for that reason. But today her ass had not been used, and he wanted that hole to himself.

Her legs were already shaking as he slid just the head of her cock past the entrance of her ass. She was tiny, and he could see how far he had to stretch her to get it in.

He inched in slowly, feeling her jerk around him as she struggled to relax her muscles. She whimpered in pain before he was even halfway in. "Your clit, Callie." He groaned as we warred with himself not to just force himself the rest of the way in in one quick stroke. Her ass was like a hot little vice, gripping his cock so tightly he could barely control himself. "Rub it, sis. Play with your little clit for me." He saw her nod, and her hand slid down her body, and she whimpered, and he felt her body spasm around his cock.

Her muscles unclenched and this time she moaned as he inched himself farther in. He watched the swollen, rock hard shaft of his cock disappear into his sister's ass, his balls already heavy. Her body clenched and unclenched around him as she toyed with her clit. He could hear her soft, sweet little moans, and the scream as he finally rested deep inside her. He fisted her hair as he eased out, and back in. Two, then three, then four slow thrusts as her body got used to his size.

He head was turned toward the doorway, and when he glanced over, he saw Albus in the doorway, watching intently as he stroked his own cock. He slapped his sisters ass and she gasped, part pain, part lust, part surprise. "So fucking rude, Callia," he chided. He heard her cry out as she slammed his cock back inside her.

"Look at what you've done. And now you're sitting here, watching him stroke a cock that you got hard, and you didn't even offer to help him. Who trained you? I'm disappointed in you." He grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her off the table with his cock still deep inside her ass. "Pull up a chair," he told his friend. "Her mouth's empty." Albus pulled up a chair and sat down, still stroking his cock. Cassius forced his sister's head down in the man's lap.

"Now, show me that you remember how to be a good girl." He heard it when she took the man's cock in her mouth; greedy, wet sucking sounds, and then a strangled moan. He gathered all of her hair into his fist and held it away from her face. He pounded her ass as she deep-throated the cock in front of her. He could feel her ass tighten hard around him every time she choked. Her screams were muffled by the cock in her throat, but he could hear them. He fixated on the sight of super horny teenager evelina darling fingers her ass amp pink at the clinic cock disappearing inside her, the way her tiny ass stretched wide around his shaft.

He slapped her ass, over and over, leaving deliciously red hand prints on her soft skin. She was so fucking tight around him, gripping his cock like no other whore ever had. He gripped her hips as he pulled her hard against him, loving every scream as she came up for air. Her legs were trembling against him, her knees shaking together violently. Albus' hand was on the back of her neck, pushing her down harder on his cock as his hips drove up to meet her face.

When Cassius slid on hand between her legs to run her clit, she was practically dripping wet against his fingers. The lips of her cunt were soaked, her juices spreading nearly to her thighs. She whimpered as she rocked against his hand and his cock and he felt every muscle in her body tighten and start to shake as he slid two fingers inside her cunt.

Three perfectly timed thrusts of his fingers and cock later and he felt it when she shattered around him. Her ass tightened, released, tightened, released - it vibrated so fast, so tight around his cock that he couldn't keep the slow even pace he'd been using. He slammed inside her, any thought for her comfort gone. He gripped her slight little hips, and drilled her. Violent thrusts, so fucking hard that he could hear her screaming as Albus's cock filled her throat. Albus slapped the table hard with his hand and sounded a sharp gasp.

His hips arched up and he forced Callie's head down hard. He felt -and heard- his little sister choke and sputter as the man pumped his cum deep inside her throat.

Her ass tightened as she gagged, and her body shook - and that was all it took. He slammed into her so hard that he body moved forward a few inches. The legs of Albus' chair scratched backward against the floor as he pumped his little sister's ass full of cum. He dug his fingernails into her hips, grinding deep into her body as his balls emptied and her little hole filled with his seed. The other man pulled his cock out of her throat, just before he pulled his cock out of her ass.

She gasped for air, and Cassius helped her sink gently to her knees. She swayed like she was dizzy, and she grinned up at him, dried cum all over her pretty face and fresh cum and saliva on one side of her mouth and chin. She looked dazed, but perfectly content. Satisfied. He fucking loved her. She kneeled on the floor, swaying slightly as he washed them cum off her face and tits povd little hottie sally squirt sucks a big dick in hot tub rocked on the balls of her feet as he helped her dress.

He made a mess of it. When she'd left their home this morning, her dress was ugly and modest, but perfectly draped and tied. Her hair had been perfectly arranged. and she's looked like a beautiful little noble girl. Now her garment was sloppy, tied improperly, and her hair looked. Well, it looked like she'd just been fucked - hard. Her eyes were sleepy and sated, her lips red and swollen.

When she'd left their home she'd looked like a beautiful little noble girl. Now she looked like a perfect little whore. It suited her much better, in his opinion. She looked far more beautiful to him like this - because this was who she truly was. And he loved who she was.