Uucp xxx shanilioni sexci full story

Uucp xxx shanilioni sexci full story
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It was the five year anniversary of a group of friends from college.

The group mainly consisted of men. Who had studied together for 3 years. Nick had stayed in touch with some sunny leone fingering her pussy by the pian1mp4td them but was looking forward to seeing one of the guys in particular. Simon. He was gay and the rest of the group knew it and accepted it. Nick was popular with the girls and always seemed to be with somebody. Simon fancied him like crazy but knew he was straight so just got on with him as friend.

Un be known to Simon, Nick was curious. He had watched plenty of lesbian and heterosexual porn movies. Watching the girls give blowjobs had made him wonder how it would feel to be on the giving end of a blowjob. Simon, being Nicks only gay friend was the one he fantasised about giving a blowjob to. Nick didn't really think he would carry out his fantasy but to be near Simon would make his pulse race.

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8 O'clock came around and all the boys met up in their old local. They were all busy chatting on their first pint when Nick saw Simon enter the pub. Out of shyness and not wanting to be obvious he almost ignored Simon for the first couple of hours.

When they got to the night club around 11 Nick took his chance to approach Simon. They were chatting away about work and normal stuff. Nick wasn't really attracted to him but blonde with big boobs paige ashley lingerie one thought of fantasising of his friends cock made his loins burn.

It was at that point when a tall, slightly older man walked over to the pair, that Nicks heart sank. Simon introduced him as his partner! Nick thought any possible chance was out of the window now!

Simon and Nick were both 25 and this other man, Paul, was around 32, Nick guessed. He was friendly and Nick warmed to him straight away. As the night went on Nick chatted to others in the group but frequently made visits back to Simon and Paul. Paul, being slightly older and more experienced, turned to Simon and said "Nick fancies you!" "No way!" Replied Simon telling him how strictly heterosexual Nick was.

"Trust me" Said Paul and continued to tell Simon how he could tell and that he reckoned he could get him into the sack if he was cunning enough! Simon confessed to his boyfriend that he had fancied Nick for along time and that he had all sorts of things he would like to do to him. "Right, that's it! He's coming back to the hotel with us tonight. What happens once he's there we will have to see!" Announced Paul.

When Nick approached the pair again Paul was not shy about asking Nick back to the hotel with them. Just playing it cool and saying to come back for a drink and game of cards. Nick blushed deeply. He didn't know what to say or do with himself!

Had they sussed him out? Or were they being genuinely friendly? Nick politely declined but it only took one "Oh go on we'll have fun!" from Paul and Nick gave in. To save people seeing they met up outside.

The secrecy of it making Nicks heart pound. It was a long walk to the hotel. Nick was starting to sober up and began to get very shy and sheepish. In the hotel room Paul poured the drinks and they sat talking till about 2am.

Starting to feel relieved, but slightly disappointed that nothing was going to happen, Nick stood up and began to say goodbye. "Don't be silly." Exclaimed Paul. You wont get a taxi now he told Nick and tried to encourage him to stay.

He said there's plenty of floor and armchairs or you could squeeze in with us, he partially joked. Nick again blushed at this, almost giving himself away, he thought.

Nick still unsure made excuses of needing a shower and clean clothes. Paul said "Take a shower here. I will find you something to put on and I will take you home in the morning." Simon, bursting with anticipation was silent.

Too nervous or excited to speak. He could see Nick was giving in and finally he would be spending a night with him. Nick agreed to Pauls offer and asked if he could take a shower now. Paul instructed him to leave his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and he would send them for cleaning in the hotel. Nick obeyed. Nick stripped off in the large bathroom and got into the shower.

There was no lock on the door and Paul walked in, grabbed the clothes and left. He hid them in his suitcase.

When Nick turned off the shower he realised there was only one small towel.

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He dried himself the best he could and shouted to Paul to see if he had found any spare clothes. Paul instructed Simon to take a white bath robe to the bathroom for Nick to don. Simon knocked and Nick opened the door fractionally. Simon was aroused when he managed to see a small part of Nicks chest around the door. Nick shyly left the bathroom and Paul went straight in to shower himself. The to friends sat on the floor chatting.

There was a lot of sexual tension between them. So much so that they could barely talk to each other and when they did it was about such silly things like the weather and the hotel room decor. Eventually all three boys were showered and fresh. Paul pulled out a pack of playing cards. He was very excited about trying to get Nick naked for his boyfriend to play with. He was sure Nick would not take much persuasion. They were all sat cross legged on the floor all wearing identical dressing gowns.

"Right" he said. "A game of dares! Who ever loses the hand must do a dare of the winners choosing. Agreed?" he asked. The other two tried to sound less than happy but inside they were both secretly burning, knowing that their fantasies were one step closer hottest brunette in stcokings getting fucked amateur and couple being a reality.

Simon knew Paul would work it in his favour! Simon lost the first hand and Paul being the winner dared him to kiss him!

That was an easy dare but it was made a little difficult with Nick watching. They kissed. Next hand. Nick lost. Nicks fantasies hadn't booby woman drilled by pervy pawn man at the pawnshop involved kissing just blowjobs so he was very worried he would be dared to kiss one of the others.

Paul saved Nicks worries by daring him to loose the dressing gown from the waist upwards. Nick liked his body but was very shy about revealing it to two gays. He felt uncomfortable but did as he was dared and pulled it down to his waist, just revealing his upper body. Paul could see the excitement and fear in Nicks eyes so when Nick lost the next hand he decided to go for the kill and raise the steaks!

"Let us tie you to the bed!!" Dared Paul. Nick was taken back, as was Simon! Pauls stare at Nick didn't falter and almost hypnotically Nick said "OK." Paul removed three pillows from their cases and rolled them to make three make shift ropes.

Paul instructed Nick to turn with his back to the bed, on his knees with his back against the footboard. Nick still blushing with butterflies in his stomach did as he was told. With his knees on the deep carpet he made himself comfortable and with his back against the high foot board put his arms out straight ready to be bound.

Simon was flustered. He couldn't believe what was happening. Soon his dream boy would be restrained to his bed with no answers to what he might do to him. The two of them tied an arm each to the posts on the bed. With the third pillow case Paul without asking laid it over Nicks eyes and tied it behind his head. Now Nick was fully restrained and blindfolded. This made Simon happier, the fact Nick couldn't see him.

It made him relaxed. Paul and Simon removed their dressing gowns to reveal their ample erections. Paul nodded to Simon to remove Nicks gown. He did. Slowly.

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What Simon discovered made his erection tight with the flush of blood. Nick too had an erection! Simon, until this point wasn't sure what Nick was thinking. Now he knew Nick wanted him as much as he wanted Nick. Simon stood in front of Nick and inched his penis closed to his face. He didn't insert it into his mouth straight away. He wanted to see how much he wanted it! He put it on Nicks cheek, then his neck then just touched his lips. Nick tasted the salt immediately.

It wasn't powerful. Just nice. Nick gave him his mouth by opening it and allowed Simon to thrust slowly in and out of his virgin mouth. Nick didn't try to suck. He just allowed the cock to explore his mouth, thrusting slowly and pushing on the inside of his cheek. As Paul had done all the work Simon stood back and allowed Simon to insert his erection into Nicks open mouth. Slowly Nick gained confidence and began to suck chennai aunty sex story story play their tips with his tongue.

Simon pulled out and inserted his two index fingers into Nicks mouth.

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He pushed down on his lower jaw and then outwards on his mouth, stretching it. This gave Simon a sense of power. Power over the straight boy turned gay who he had lusted over for years. Nick enjoyed being pushed and pulled around. He wanted to be used by these two men.

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The stretching allowed Nick to open his mouth wider and suddenly he felt both cocks intruding his mouth at the same time. It felt great to him, to feel so full. Now he knew what the girls must feel like in the movies he had seen. The two men continued thrusting and Nick continued sucking.

Eventually the two men started heating up and knew their orgasms were close. Paul was first to cum. He pulled out at the last moment and sprayed a thick load of semen onto Nicks face.

It landed just below his eye and continued down across his cheek and lips to his chin. The sight of this caused Simon to erupt. He forced his cock deep into Nick mouth and came like a bolt. It shot far inside Nick mouth and he spontaneously gulped it down like a hungry slut. They continued their thrusts as their pleasures faded. They untied Nick who was now sober and very sheepish. He had never felt so small or silly.

But he couldn't deny he had enjoyed the experience immensely. He was untied and he said very little. Still quite embarrassed by what he had done. He washed his face and begged for his clothes back. Before he left Paul persuaded Nick to give him his mobile number, "just in case we are in your neighbourhood any time soon!" With that they shook hands and Nick walked off in search of some explanation to what he had just done!! Two weeks later…… Nicks phone rang.

It was Paul!! To be continued if you like it?