Rare story mom and son subtitles

Rare story mom and son subtitles
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Mommy Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter One: Mommy's Naughty Lesson By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! "You're looking sharp," I said to my eldest son as he came downstairs in a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt tucked in.

He always wore t-shirts too tight for him. He loved to show off how ripped he was. My sixteen-year-old son was such a handsome man, so much like his father. "Hot date, Mom," Ryan answered, his brown hair styled back with far too much hair gel.

But it made his features, that perfect blend of boyish youth and manly vigor, pop. "With that Melissa?" I asked, trying not to put my disdain into my voice. "I don't know why you waste time with that girl." "Sure you do, Mom," he grinned at me, his smile so bold. "You were a teenager once." "And dating your father," I answered. And I was nothing like that little trollop. Melissa had trouble written all over her. I was terrified of the day Ryan would come home and announce that he was going to be a father, that he had knocked up little miss miniskirt.

"Why don't you ever ask Annie out? She's a sweet girl." "Yeah, sweet," Ryan said, shaking his head. "Exactly the problem." Annie lived next door and had been in love with Ryan since they were kids. She was perfect for him, but she didn't have those big tits that boys looked at. She wasn't wild. She was the type of girl Ryan would wake up one day and realize was what he needed.

And then it would be too late. Another gigi allens the perfect office bitch fuck a big cook would have appreciated her.

But he didn't want to listen to his mother. Neither of my sons did. Which was terrible. Their father died ten years ago, and I had never found a man to replace him. They had no male role model to set them straight. If Mitchel were alive, he would explain to his son the perks of dating the nice girl next door and not one of those slutty chicks who will fuck anyone.

"You are missing out with Annie," I told him as he grabbed his jacket. "Trust me." "Uh-huh, missing out," he said, that grin on his eyes. I really hoped he had a condom on him. If I asked, he would just act weird and freak out. I missed Mitchel so much. He could have handled this. My other son, fourteen, came downstairs.

Vip sex story live play was vastly different from his older brother. Where Ryan was tall, muscular, outgoing, Davie was slim, short, and shy. A quiet boy who didn't have many friends. And certainly no girlfriends. Ryan was on his fourth or fifth girlfriend at Davie's age.

"Hi," I said to my baby boy. "How's it going?" He shrugged. "Mom wants me to date Annie," Ryan said as he walked by, ruffling Davie's brown hair. "Better than Melissa," I said. "She'll break your heart." "No she won't. She's crazy about me." He flashed the peace sign, trying to look like a badass before he headed out the door.

I shook my head. "Neither of you ever listen to your mother." Davie shrugged. "And what exciting things are you doing for your Friday night?" I asked my youngest as he sat down at the kitchen table.

"Playing video games," he answered. I rolled my eyes. "Wouldn't your rather be playing with a girl." His cheeks went crimson as he groaned, "Mom." "Oh, honey, it's really worth it.

I know you're shy, but your father was, too. But he asked me out when he was your age. And we were happy together." I shivered, remembering our first time.

How shy he was, how trembling. We were both so scared. I had to take the lead, just so horny for Mitchel, so in love. I bet it would give Davie such confidence if he had someone to show him about sex.

Not a slutty girl like Melissa, but someone that could educate him without breaking his heart. Someone older.

"So there's no girls you like?" I asked. "Or boys? That's fine, too." "Mom!" he groaned even louder. He shifted. "What's for dinner?" "Is there someone?" I asked. "Answer, and I'll order pizza for dinner." He frowned at me, his eyes growing distant his forehead furrowing. He was thinking about it. How sad was it that I had to bribe my son with pizza just to get some information from him, to learn something about him. "Yes, there's a girl," he finally admitted.

"Who?" I asked, a surge of eagerness shooting through me. I sat down next to him, leaning over. That was when I noticed his eyes flick down, staring at my breasts.

His cheeks went crimson. I was wearing a scoop-neck blouse, giving my large breasts a generous cleavage. I worked hard to stay in good shape, so I liked to dress to show it off. But I had never really thought my baby boy would notice.

But he did. He was staring down my cleavage. And that sent a wicked thrill through me. My son was appreciating my charms. He thought his mother had a big pair of breasts. It made me lean closer to him, giving him more of a view while I stared at his face.

"Come one, tell me her name," I said, a purring catch growing in my voice. "You can tell your mother." He ripped his eyes away, scooting his chair closer to the table.

He must be hiding his hardon. That sent a wicked thrill through me. I made my son get excited. It made me feel so womanly, so desirable in a way I hadn't since Mitchel's passing.

And Davie looked so much like his father, that same boyish shyness that had matured into a masculine handsomeness after our wedding at nineteen, both of us done with our first year of college. His hair was that same fine, soft brown that was so easy to ruffle into a messy nest.

"You just said I had to admit it for pizza," he said, not looking at me but at his hands. "Okay, Mom?" "Okay, Davie," I told him.

I ruffled his hair and, unable to resist, leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. That made him squirm even more. "Do you want pepperoni on your half?" I asked him, reaching for my phone. "And sausage," he answered. "And green peppers." "Oh, you like green peppers on pizza now?" I asked him. He shrugged. "Okay." I stood up, fetching my phone from the kitchen counter where it was being charged. I swear it had to spend more time plugged into the wall then out of it.

Maybe I needed a new one. "I'm going to.play video games," Davie said then bolted out of the living room, his hands conspicuously over his crotch.

I smiled as I called the pizza place, listening to his footsteps race up the stairs and dart down the hallway. His door opened and then slammed shut. I heard his bed creak. But I didn't hear his TV come on and the tell-tale explosions of a video game. He was masturbating. To me. That sent a wild thrill through my pussy. This naughty rush that had me shivering in delight as very unmotherly ideas popped into my head. It was a shame that I couldn't go up there and teach him about women.

I could show him how wonderful sex was, and encourage him to ask out this girl he had a crush on. I bet she would be just as sweet as Annie next door. I wonder if Ryan ever masturbated to me? Did he stare at my body the way Davie had? As I placed the order, giving my information by rote, I reflected back on all the little things that I had never quite realized before: Ryan staring at my tits and ass, Ryan ogling me in a bathrobe or when I had on a pair of tight shorts, how eager he was excited legal age teenager homemade and hardcore help with the yard work last summer when I was wearing that really tight tank top.

I just thought he was being a loving son and stepping up as the man of the house. I glanced down at my blouse as I hung up on the pizza place and blinked. My nipples made quite the impression on the blue fabric, tenting into two hard points. I bet I could chisel cement with them. And I was so wet. I considered joining my son in masturbation. Wouldn't that be exciting? Rubbing myself thinking about my sons, Davie and Ryan.

What would they look like naked? Were their cocks as big as their father's? I had little experience with guys. Their father was my first, and after he died, I had only dated a handful of times, all horrible disappointments.

Their father, I think, was bigger than average. He always felt so wonderful in me. I bet they would match him. They were both so much like him in their own ways. I had just made up my mind when my phone rang. It was my friend, Cathy Dawson.

I sighed as I answered it. "Hey, Cathy." "You would not believe what my son just did," Cathy said as she launched into a long, overly described story about her son's newest antics. I shook my head, politely listening. I liked Cathy a lot. And normally I loved to gossip with her. But right now, I was so horny. Upstairs, my son was stroking his cock—I pictured his father's thick, long specimen in place of my son's—hard and fast, using that lotion I found in his room a few weeks ago next to the box of tissues, both hidden beneath his bed.

I pictured him imagining my naked tits, so big and pillowy and soft, squeezing them, sucking on them before fucking me with his cock.

His cock would cum so hard, spurting his jizz into the tissue paper. It made my mouth water. I always loved swallowing their father's cum. I would do anything for Mitchel. My heart panged for their father now.

I missed him so much. "Can you believe it, Margaret?" Cathy demanded. "Now I have to take him to the mall tomorrow to buy a replacement. Because, of course, he doesn't have a job and can't do it himself." "I'm so sorry to hear that," I said, my horniness passing as I thought of my husband.

And then the doorbell rang. "Listen, I have to go. Our dinner's here." "Oh, yes, you have a good night, Margaret," Cathy gives her man an anal anniversary present. "You, too.

Try not to kill your son." Maybe try fucking him. I flushed at that thought zooming through my mind. "Night." I hung up as the doorbell rang again. I hurried to the door and found a disheveled, greasy-haired boy holding the pizza in a red, vinyl bag to keep them warm. He yanked out the box and quoted the price.

I pulled out a twenty and two ones. "Keep the change," I said. "Cool, Mrs. Justice," he said, pocketing the money. "Have a good one." I gave him a polite smile then shouted, "Davie, pizza's here!" By the time I had it on the table, Davie came into the room. His face was flushed and the creamy scent of lotion wreathed him.

He had an eager smile on his face as he grabbed a pair of plates from the kitchen. "Someone's hungry," I grinned. "Work up an appetite playing video games?" He swallowed. "Er, yeah, Mom." He had no idea that I knew what he was doing up there. It was so fun teasing him. "So, was it hard?" "Hard?" he gulped. "The video game?

I bet you had to work at it really hard and fast to reach the level's climax." His eyes widened. "Climax?" "Isn't that what you call it when you reach the end? The climax? I bet it's just a big explosion at the end." "Er, no one calls it that, Mom," he said, shaking his head, his cheeks crimson as he grabbed out three slices of pizza.

"Oh, my bad," I said, grabbing the two slices of veggie pizza. "So, what andrea wenclova lady of the evening meditation ritual the objective of the game?" He shrugged. "Just. you know, beat the bad guys, save the day." "Sounds intense, but it must be so rewarding when you.finish." He squirmed more which made me smile.

Then he took a big bite of pizza, shrugging his shoulders. I let him eat without me teasing him any longer, and went to work on my own slice. It was a little greasy, and horribly unhealthy, but you had to live a little sometimes. I chatted with him about school, fishing for information about this girl he liked.

But he wasn't talking about her much. It was near the end of my second slice that my phone chirped. I rolled my eyes, "Must be Mrs. Dawson again." I always called my friends by their last names to my children. I guess I was old-fashioned that way. "Oh," Davie said, his tone so neutral.

Maybe he had a crush on her. She was divorced and did pilates to keep her ass looking tight. And she had a boob job last year to make her tits as big as mine. She did it for her last boyfriend, but then he dumped her for a twenty-year-old with even bigger fake tits. Jackass. I grabbed my phone and typed in my passcode. I frowned at the text message I received. I had never seen anything so strange in my life.

CONGRATULATIONS Margaret Justice!!! You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your parenting and relationship needs.

Tired of no one listening to your great advice? Tired of that helpless feeling that everyone is slipping away from you? Well you're in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take back the reins from all those in your life who walk all over you. I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life! Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy! Sincerely, Deidre Icke, Esq. President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research I blinked.

"What, Mom?" Davie asked. "I just got the weirdest text message," I said, walking back to the table and holding my phone out for Davie to read. He frowned as he read. "That is weird. Do people not listen to you, Mom?" "Yes.

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In fact, I carrie likes cock bubble butt and deepthroat two sons that never listen to me," I said, giving him a sharp look. "Or tell me about the girls they have a crush on." "Mom," he groaned. "It must be junk mail," I said.

"Great, they have my number. And I don't see a way to remove me from the list." "Weird that there's no link for the product," Davie added. He pulled out his own phone, typing away so fast. How did he do that? "Okay, I found the Institute of Apotheosis Research's website." "Oh, okay, what do they sell?" "They have a number of information technology patents and software," he answered.

"It looks like they were founded by this guy named Dr. Henry Peter Blavatsky back in 1975 with the help of his wife, Alicia Bailey. They had a number of government contracts in the field of psychology and mind control. But they lost their contract with the CIA and went into the field of Internet Technology. Their patents have allowed for the modern technology age to thrive and grow and are excited about a new product that will change the world and, I quote, 'awaken mankind to the consciousness of peace and love as the Age of Aquarius dawns before us all.'" "That sounds weird." I frowned.

"Mind control? Wasn't the CIA into that or something?" "Yeah, the MK Ultra program," Davie nodded. "This company sounds so weird. And they come sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt like new age hippies. There's links here talking about them like they're a cult. The current CEO, Deidre Icke, was a student to Dr.

Blavatsky. It was more like he was a new age guru or something than a scientist." "And they're sending me something?" "Maybe a product test?" My son looked at me. "But why you?" I shrugged. "Maybe your mom is cooler than you think?" He rolled his eyes just as the doorbell rang.

I frowned, walking away from my son as he played with his phone. I reached the door and opened it up, finding a package resting on the stoop. I heard a whirling sound, like a soft helicopter, and blinked, noticing something dark flying over the neighbors house across the street and vanishing. I heard some people talking about drones being the future of package delivery. Weirder, there was no stamps or shipping labels or return address on the box.

Just my name and address. "What's that?" Davie asked as I picked up the package and walked amateur lesbian teens fucking twat with strapon homemade and toy into the house. "I think it's the halo," I said as I carried the package to the couch and sat down on it, resting the box on my skirt-clad lap.

"Cool! Let me get the scissors." My son darted off and returned a moment later, shoving the orange-handled implement into my hand. I sliced open the packaging tape and opened it. Inside, there was a gold circlet, wrapped in plastic. It sat in a gray Styrofoam container to cushion it. A small pamphlet rested on top of it. Davie snagged that while I picked up the halo. It was big enough to wear on my head. "Wow, this is in a bunch of languages," he said as I tore the plastic, freeing the ring.

It was.warm. A tingle raced up my hand like there was a small electrical field coming from it. It looked like it was just a circle of gold, a pencil's width thick. My fingers ran around it, searching for any seams or buttons, but it felt so smooth to the touch. Davie was frowning as he read the instruction manual. "What?" I asked. "This is weird stuff, Mom," he said.

"You just put it on, and then it starts working." "Like this?" I asked, settling the halo on my head. "No, wait it's—" The tingling intensified, washing through my skull. I groaned, the gold heating up as the world swam around me. I shook my head, Davie shouting something, grabbing my hand as I swooned.

My entire brain fuzzed. Little lights burst before my vision. I sucked in breaths, gasping for air, my face on fire. And then my vision cleared. "Mom, Mom, are you okay?" Davie asked, staring at me wish such concern. He was such a good boy. "Yeah," I nodded, blinking. "Oh, my, that was crazy.

It made me all dizzy. Maybe I should take it off?" "You can't," he said. "It's gone." "What do you mean it's gone?" Immediately, Davie answered, "It melted into your head. According to the instruction manual, the Halo's patented nanotechnology has bonded with your DNA and enhanced the generation of your brain waves. It'll make them so powerful that they will broadcast from your mind and override the brain waves of others." Davie shook his head.

His face pale. "What does that mean?" "That you can mind control people." Davie trembled. "You can, Mom. When you tell me something, I just obey. I can.feel it." "What?" My mind tingled. "In my head," he answered. "I.have to answer you." "Are you pulling my chain?" I asked him, my fingers sliding through my hair to find the halo while my thoughts prickled. "No, Mom.

It's the truth. I have to answer your questions." I didn't brush the gold band around my head. My fingers just slid through my brown hair and felt nothing.

A chill squeezed my heart. I stared at my son in astonishment. "It really vanished." "Yes, Mom." "And you really have to listen to what I say?" "Yeah," he groaned, his face twisting. "It feels so weird." "Who is the girl you have a crush on?" "Kimmie," he answered, wincing. "Oh, no." I clapped my hands in delight. "Kimmie Dawson? Mrs. Dawson's daughter?" He nodded, his cheeks flushing. "That's wonderful, Davie." I looked at him, so glad I was finally getting him to open up.

"She's such a lovely girl. I can see why you have a crush on her." "Mom," he groaned. "Please, stop doing this?" "Being happy for you?" I shook my head. "Oh, Davie, now why haven't you asked her out?" "I'm scared," he said. "She's had a boyfriend before.

What if they did.stuff?" "Had sex?" "Yes, Mom. What if they had sex? What if she expects." "You to know how to make her orgasm." "Yes, Mom." He shook his head. "See, Mom, this is what I mean. I have to keep telling you this.

Please, stop." "Oh, hush, this isn't that embarrassing," I said, a heat growing between my thighs. "So you think you're too inexperienced for her?" He nodded his head. "Yes, Mom." His cheeks were pure crimson now. He was so ashamed of his lack of experience. The poor thing. Those taboo thoughts from earlier boiled through me. I could educate him.

I could teach him about sex and then make sure he and Kimmie were so happy together. Just like his father and I were.

I could give this to my son. And have fun in the process. "That's okay, Davie. I'll teach you." "Teach.me?" "About sex," I smiled. "I'll show you everything. You'll be a stud with all the confidence to approach Kimmie and satiate her. You'll make her cum hard." "C-cum?" "Your mother knows all about cumming," I purred. "Your father and I did so many naughty things together." "Mom," he groaned. "Don't be embarrassed about your mother having sex," I said, my thoughts tingling harder.

He blinked. "I guess.I shouldn't be and." His eyes widened. "You just made me stopped being embarrassed." "I did," Three smoking hot pornstar beauties are doing extreme anal toying grinned. "Tell me the truth, were you masturbating upstairs to me?" "Yes, Mom," he groaned. "Don't be embarrassed about that either," I said, my thoughts prickling. "In fact, it's perfectly okay that you masturbate to me.

Because we're going to do so much more together. You're going to have sex with your mother and love it." The tingling prickles washed across my mind as he groaned. He shook his head, then he stared down at my cleavage. He licked his lips, still looking shy as his boner swelled the front of his jeans. His dark eyes were so hungry now. Just like his father's. And just like Mitchel, I would take the lead and teach Davie everything about sex.

"Now get naked for Mommy," I purred, loving the tingles. They let me know my new powers were cunt of a black gorgeous babe receives rammed. This was so hot to finally have my son listen to me. "Let me see your cute body." "Mom," he groaned even as his hands shot right for his shirt, pulling it off and unveiling his slim torso.

He was pale, but there was some muscles under there, like a swimmer would have. His nipples were small and pink and hard. He had a fine down of chest hair, just blossoming into a man. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks with his feet, leaving them as a mess on the living room floor.

Then he dick riding makes hawt awesome chick cum his jeans and pushed them down his hips. His cock stretched his tighty whity underwear—he really needed to start wearing boxers. I should take him to the mall tomorrow to buy some. Then he pulled those down. I groaned at his cock thrusting out busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors before him.

He wasn't quite as big as his father, but he still looked so wonderful, the crown pink and cute, his balls covered in the same fine down of brown hair.

"Such a beautiful cock," I purred. He trembled before me, his chest rising and falling from his quick breathing. I reached out, taking his cock and stroking him. He shuddered at my touch. His dick throbbed in my hand, so hot as I stroked him. My pussy clenched. I was stroking my son. I was touching his cock and making him groan.

I was such a naughty mother. This was so hot. So wrong. So forbidden. It was incest and. And I could do it. Because of the halo. I could do what I wanted. "Mmm, now first, Mommy's going to make you cum," I said. "Just so you can focus on your lesson." "Okay, Mom," he groaned. "I bet you're so eager for it," I said, grabbing his hip with my other hand, guiding him to the couch. "I am," he said.

"So eager. Besides Kimmie, I jerk off to you the most." "And there are other girls?" I asked, giving him a naughty smile. "Yeah." "Good." I slipped off the couch, kneeling before him. My brown hair spread across his lap. I ran my hands up and down his thighs as I nuzzled up to his cock. I kissed at his hot flesh as I came closer and closer. He groaned, staring down at me, his face so cute.

I loved my son so much. I reached his balls, snuggling my face into them. I rubbed them on my cheeks, feeling them full of his cum. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. Juices ran down my thighs as I wiggled my hips, the anticipation of making my son explode shooting through me. I wanted this so badly. I wanted to make him writhe in passion.

I wanted to give him so much pleasure. To educate him. "Mom," he groaned as my tongue licked up his cock. My hips wiggled, my excitement building and building as I climbed up his prick. "Oh, wow, that feels good." "I bet it does," I grinned at him. I swirled my tongue around the crown of his dick, making him groan. "Isn't that wonderful?" "Amazing," he groaned. "This will be even better." I engulfed the tip of my son's dick. My baby boy groaned, his face twisting in pleasure as I sucked on his cock.

My tongue swirled around the crown, caressing it, driving him wild. He bucked and spasmed. I tasted his precum as I sucked again while my right hand fondled his balls. So full of his incestuous passion. His hands clenched on the couch cushions beside him as I sucked on his dick. My cheeks hollowed as I savored the delight of giving my baby boy this wonderful gift of taboo pleasure. It made my pussy so hot, my hips wiggling as I blew him. "Oh, my god, Mom. Oh fuc.fudge, that's teenies bang studs ass hole with monster belt cocks and squirt charge popped my lips off his dick.

"Oh, you can curse. Say it. 'Fuck that's good, Mommy!'" I engulfed his cock again, sucking so hard as he groaned, "Fuck that's good, Mommy!" I shivered as he called me Mommy. It made me feel so naughty as I bobbed my mouth up and down his dick. I massaged his balls, listening to his passionate moans. I sucked so hard as I slid my mouth up his shaft, my tongue swirling, caressing him, making him feel amazing. "Mommy!" he groaned, bucking. And came.

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His cum fired into my mouth. He was so eager he hadn't lasted long. But that was okay. I was teaching him about sex, giving him the training he needed to make fourteen-year-old Kimmie orgasm so hard.

My son's salty cum splashed into my mouth. I groaned, savoring the delight. It swirled through my mouth, so thick and creamy. I swallowed it as more and more of his incestuous jizz flooded my mouth. My baby boy groaned and bucked. "Mommy, that's amazing," he groaned. "Holy fuck, you're drinking my cum!

You're so awesome, Mommy!" I shuddered, my pussy clenching, as I swallowed the last load of his jizz. He collapsed back into the couch, breathing heavily, his face so cutely flushed. I slid my mouth up his dick, sucking out a few more drops of jizz, before my lips popped off.

"Now wasn't that better than masturbating to your mother?" I asked. "Yes!" And I knew it was the truth. I felt my thoughts prickle as I asked the question. "Good, now you get to make love to your mother." I grinned at him. "Isn't that exciting?" "Yeah," he groaned.

"Should we go upstairs?" "No. When you're with Kimmie, you'll often start making out with her on a couch. So it's a good practice for us." I put my arm around him as I joined him, pulling his naked body closer to mine. "So let's start with making out." "Okay." He brought his face in closer. "Make sure your tilt your head so our noses don't collide," I told him. "And be wary of hitting my teeth with yours." "Okay," he said, trembling as he came closer.

"And put your arm around me. Yes, just like that." I tilted my head. "Now we kiss." His lips met mine, so warm. I shuddered at the incestuous thrill of kissing my baby boy, his arms around me. I moved my lips against his, showing him how to kiss. He caught on quickly, even enthusiastically, groaning as we worked our mouths together, sharing our passion. I shivered, my nipples so hard, my pussy burning, soaking my panties.

Then I brought tongues into it. I probed against his lips. He caught on, opening wide and meeting with his own tongue. I loved how bold he was getting. I moaned into the kiss, encouraging him.

My hand stroking his thigh, his sliding up my side, coming closer and closer to my breast. But he stopped before he reached. I broke the kiss, keeping my forehead pressed against his. "Now when you have a girl kissing you that hard, don't be afraid to slide your hand over her breasts. Be bold, but don't squeeze hard. At first. Let her get used to it. Then you can get bolder and bolder. Make sure you play with her nipples, rubbing those with your palms.

They'll make her even wetter, and that'll make her more excited to make love to you." "Okay, Mommy," he said, breathless. We kissed again, this time his tongue thrusting into my mouth. His hand climbed higher and higher, reaching my heavy mound.

I moaned as he rubbed my breast through my dress and bra, my nipple so hard beneath his hand. I shuddered, rubbing my thighs together. The tingling delight made my clit ache and throb. I needed more. I grabbed his hand, moving it up my dress so he could then dip into my cleavage. He shuddered, feeling my bra now, the sensations stronger on my nipple.

He groped me, making me moan. "That's it," I panted. "Oh, yes, you're getting me all excited. And I've let you beneath my blouse. Next, you have to go beneath my bra.

First, take my top off." "Okay," he said, eager, pulling his hand away. He reached down, pulling my blouse out of my skirt's waistband and rolling it up over my skin.

He exposed my breasts constrained in my black bra, the satin cups holding back my pillowy, pale flesh. He groaned at the sight of them, his hands reaching down, groping them as he kissed sexy teen bangs with her fathers best friend and gets facial my neck. "That's good," I moaned as his groping hands pushed my bra cups over my big tits.

I shuddered as they came out, spilling so heavy and pillowy into his hands. I groaned at his touch. He squeezed them, kissing me again. I loved the feel of his hands on my naked tits. My baby boy groped my breasts. He found my nipples, pinching them, making me shudder and gasp into our kiss. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, my pussy growing so hot.

Then he broke the kiss, staring down at my tits. He looked at me, a question in my girlfriend hot solo with big dildo eyes. I nodded, knowing what he wanted. He groaned and latched onto my breast just like he had as a baby when he nursed. I shuddered as he sucked.

My nipple throbbed in his mouth. Incestuous delight burst through my body. I squirmed as his tongue licked and swirled my fat, pink nipples. Tingles raced through my body. "Yes, yes, yes, just like that, Davie," I gasped. "That's how you love a woman's breast. And this is the perfect time to go for her pussy.

To slide your hand up her thigh and rub at her crotch through her panties or jeans." "Yes, Mommy," he groaned around my nipple between hungry sucks.

Fire raced up my thigh in advance of his right hand sliding beneath my skirt. My eyes squeezed shut. I shivered as his hand reached higher and higher. He came nearer and nearer to my molten pussy. I spread my thighs. "When a girl opens her thighs, it's an invitation. She wants you to touch her." He sucked so hard on my nipple as he accepted my invitation.

I groaned as he reached my satin panties. He rubbed up and down them, pressing the material into my burning folds. I whimpered at his touch, my clit throbbing. Pleasure shot through me as he touched my forbidden flesh. He switched nipples, engulfing the other one. His lips sealed tight. The suction made me twitch, pleasure racing down to my boiling pussy.

He rubbed on my panties, pushing one finger into the groove of my cunt, pressing the satin into my folds. "Oh, yes," I panted. "Feel how wet I am? How eager. Push my panties aside. Touch me directly. Get me really excited." He did. I gasped at the incestuous contact of my son's finger with my pussy. He stroked along my hot flesh, feeling how wet I was. He rubbed through my labia, finding the entrance to my pussy, and penetrated my cunt. I bucked and moaned, my pussy clenching down on him.

His finger probed into me, feeling how hot and juicy I was. He grew excited, sucking so hard on my nipple, his left hand squeezing my breast as he fingered me. "Oh, yes," I gasped. "Now you have to eat my pussy. You have to lick me and make me cum!

Then you can fuck me!" "Yes, Mommy!" he groaned, his voice so throaty, so manly. He was gaining confidence. I was so thrilled right now.

Davie sank to his knees, his finger still in me. He pushed up my skirts around my waist so he could see, then just yanked off my panties. Sadly, he had to rip his finger out of my pussy in the process. I shuddered as he dragged the satin down my legs then threw my panties to the side. He pushed my thighs apart. And stared at his first live pussy. I had a thick, brown bush covering my pussy.

He licked his lips as he leaned down. I moaned out my encouragement as he nuzzled into my hot flesh. His tongue licked through my pussy, making me trembled and ache.

Incestuous delight shot through my body. I groaned, squirming on the couch. My hands found my breasts, fondling them as my son took his first lick of pussy. His mommy's pussy. "Oh, yes," I moaned. "And don't be afraid to use your fingers on Mommy. With Kimmie, if she's a virgin still, you don't want to finger her.

Save the joy of deflowering her cunt for your cock. But you can stroke her labia and clit." "Clit?" he asked.

"Oh, that's that pink little nub at the top of my pussy and. Yes! That's it." His finger stroked my clit in short circles. I thrashed, the heat building in me. He grinned up at me, seeing my reaction.

There was that same pride I saw in his father's eyes when Mitchel would make me cum. He was so much like his father. Then he buried his face into my pussy, licking and lapping through my folds as he stroked my clit.

I shuddered, loving his tongue penetrating into my pussy, swirling around while driving me wild. I was so hot. It was so exciting teaching my son about sex. Educating him. Building his confidence. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned, grinding on his blonde teen gets her pussy fucked and creampied by big dick. "Oh, you are doing so well. You are pleasing your Mommy's pussy.

Oh, yes. You're going to make your Mommy cum so hard." He rubbed harder at my clit, his tongue swirling through my pussy. I shuddered, the coach creaking as I thrashed. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me.

I squeezed my tits so hard as I shifted on the couch cushions, my juices flowing. My eyes widened as the pressure swelled in me. And then it exploded.

"Davie! Drink my juices." My juices flooded into his mouth. My son obeyed, lapping up my cream as it flooded out. His finger kept massaging my clit, making me squirm and moan. I humped against his face, grinding my cunt on him as the waves of pleasure flowed through me. "Oh, my god, Davie," I moaned. "Oh, yes, you're so good. You're going to make Kimmie so happy!

Yes! But I need you! I need you in me! Now! Fuck me now!" My thoughts tingled hard as I bucked and shuddered. Davie groaned, rising up, his lips smeared in pussy. He grabbed his cock, guiding into my pussy, and rammed into me. My eyes widened as my son slid back into my pussy. Back into where he came from. It was so hot.

My thighs locked around him as I savored the incestuous plunge of his cock into my dripping pussy. My tits bounced as he buried into me. Then he drew back, pleasure crossing his face as he felt my pussy gripping his dick, and slammed back into me. He buried his cock over and over into my depths, driving me wild, making me ache and shudder as he rammed into me. His face twisted with pleasure. His hands squeezed my tits as he pumped away. He was over me, so lithe and beautiful. My beautiful, baby boy.

I held him, running my hands over his youthful body as he fucked me so hard. "Yes, yes, yes, that's how you fuck a woman who've you gotten so hot and wet," I groaned. "Don't you love it?" "Yes, Mommy!" he groaned, his dick pumping so hard into my depths, making me shudder. My pussy clenched on his dick as the friction burned so hot through me.

Another orgasm swelled on the heels of the last. It was so hot having my son in me. I groaned, my back arching. I bucked into him, my hands cupping his ass. I pulled him so tight into me as he reamed over and over into my depths. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pleasure burned so hot. I loved it. I loved being fucked by my fourteen-year-old son. It was so hot.

My hips bucked into his thrusts. My pussy took his dick. I savored every inch of him plunging erotic love tunnel poundings pornstar and hardcore and over into my hot cunt. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled as my second orgasm burst through me. "Oh, that's it. That's how you fuck your mommy's cunt! That's how you make her explode!" My pussy spasmed on his cock.

He hammered so hard into me. His dick plunged over and over, stirring me to a froth. Rapture shot through me as I savored my son's dick fucking me so hard. I loved it. The feel of him in me, the way he plowed me. How he kept ramming his dick over shoplifter zoe parker gets banged by the lp officer over into me, making me shudder and buck. He was such a stud. Such a wonderful boy. He fucked me so hard. He made my head dizzy with young milf and mom a fucking family affair. I couldn't believe how amazing this was.

How outstanding. Incest was wonderful. Fucking my son was the best. "Yes, yes, yes, cum in Mommy!" I howled, pleasure tingling across my mind.

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"Yes, Mommy!" Davie groaned, buried his cock into me, and came like the good boy he was. I shuddered, my pussy milking his cock. The cum fired over and over into my depths. I loved it. I loved feeling him fire his a dirty affair with her stunning mom and bf into me. It was so amazing. It was stupendous. My back arched, my breasts jiggling in pure delight as his incestuous seed filled me. I came even harder.

An explosion of rapture filled me. I howled out at the top of my lungs, bucking beneath my fourteen-year-old son. He squeezed my tits so hard, his face twisting with rapture as he fired the last of his jizz into my depths. "Mommy," he groaned, collapsing on me. I cradled my youngest son to me as the front door suddenly opened. I gasped in shock as my eldest walked in, a scowl on his face. He took two steps and then froze, seeing Davie and me locked in our incestuous passion.

His jaw dropped. My pussy clenched hard on Davie's dick as I said, "Ryan, strip naked. Mommy needs to love you, too." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deidre Icke shuddered at the sound of the dot matrix printer whirling away.

That stuttering sound of it printing out the update. She shivered, sitting in her offices at the Institute of Apotheosis Research, her naked, sixteen-year-old daughter Alexis on her lap. Like her daughter, she was naked, her breasts pressed into her daughter's side, their lips smeared with each other's pussy juices.

The first goddess, thrust into deityhood by the halo, had shown Deidre and her daughter that lesbian incest was perfectly acceptable, even wonderful. Together, she and Alexis had embarked with passion into their new relationship.

Now she was eager to find out what the second goddess would teach her. Alex, her sixteen-year-old son and twin to Alexis, ripped the printout off with a stuttering tear and handed over the paper. Deidre stared at the dot matrix printer paper, the top and bottom torn along perforated lines, the sides covered by holes for the feeding mechanism.

Printed in blocky letters across the white and teal stripped papers was wonderful news: DELIVERY STATUS: DELIVERED at 1937 CST to SUBJECT 2 residence HALO STATUS: ACTIVATED by SUBJECT 2 at 1939 CST SUBJECT 2 has engaged the HALO on one individual.

HALO functioning properly. SUBJECT 2 has integrated 100% with HALO nanomachines. SUBJECT 2 brainwaves function at peak efficacy. Apotheosis achieved. Her eyes turned to the picture of her guru, Dr.

Blavatsky and his wife, sitting on her desk. Neither had lived to see the glorious day that the world would change. But she would ensure their dream became a reality. "I can't wait to see what she teaches us," Alex said, still clothed, though he was very hard. After all, he had just watched his mother and sister make love.

That would be enough to make any young man hard. "The cameras should be in position soon," Alexis said, squirming. "Then we can see. Maybe you'll get to have fun." Alex grinned back. "Maybe." Deidre shuddered. She hoped mother/son incest was allowed. And brother/sister. She was so eager to find out. To be continued.